One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Pepe deal could be Mesut Ozil

So it is finally done, a proper top quality signing that excites the fans and adds significant strength to the team.

The signing of Nicolas Pepe is huge for many reasons and not just because of his undoubted talent and what he can personally bring to Arsenal as an individual player.

Mesut Ozil has many critics and defenders and one of the things his defenders point to as a reason for his under performances is that he is no longer surrounded by top quality players.

Well, I am not sure that charge can be levelled anymore. In front of the German will be three top-class forwards in Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe.

Behind him could be Ceballos and Torreira and if some of the rumours are true he may well have Zaha popping up somewhere as well.

The bottom line is that it can no longer be used as an excuse that the German playmaker is no longer surrounded by top talent.

Therefore we have to hope that we will see a very different Mesut Ozil than we have in recent seasons.

He undoubtedly has the sort of player commensurate with his skill level alongside him that his defenders have been calling for, players that would very much welcome his sublime passing.

So, if there is one player that should benefit hugely from the signing of Pepe it is Ozil.

If he does not, then his defenders will have a tricky time explaining that one away.


  1. Pepe himself has said that the three players he is most looking forward to playing with are Ozil – Lacs – Abau…so it seems he has brains as well as footballing abilities.

    I am certain that those with similar thoughts as Pepe will not have to defend Ozil, it will be those who have tried to force him out that will find it hard to explain their thinking!!!

    What a wonderful signing for all concerned, now let’s get Tierney!!

    1. A team Ken for the upcoming season which I saw online

      Auba Laca Pepe
      Ceballos Torreira
      Please God Help Us
      I also saw the bit about ozil ,strange how quality players want to play with other quality players (no mention of iwobi ).

      1. Dan, the players you have put down, look immense in their abilities…awesome in fact!!!

        Now, if we put Bellerin and Tierney at RB/LB, then Holding, Chambers, with Cahill as back up…with our younger players on the bench to be introduced, once we have destroyed our opponents…say in the 70th minute, to ensure they get the experience they need to make us a formidable tea once again.

        Quality attracts quality they say, the proof is in the pudding and I bet Tierney is itching to get into this squad.

        I’ve just realised that the front three’s initials make up Phil’s favourite word…PAL!!!

        1. Yes Ken someone else mentioned PAL on here yesterday ,think it was kenyafan ,that will be right up Phils street .
          I agree with you if we can get Tierney in and get Bellerin firing that’s all positions sorted in my book except them two CB positions which worries me . Holding yes ,but we are not sure how that injury will have affected him and apart from him I don’t have much confidence in any of the other lot .hopefully we can get one in before the season starts .
          I also have feeling that Emery is going to be playing xhaka
          In this team which again worries me .
          All I wanna see is football that will get me out my seat again ,let’s hope Emery can make that happen this season .

          1. ?xhaka worries me as well Dan whether Emery runs out of patience with the costly mistakes is a wait and see game.Again I really wonder what Emery sees in this guy to consistently play him.

        2. Ken, don’t think we need Cahill, Three reasons, Former Chelsea player, Slow, Can’t play out from the back. Tierney, brilliant full back along with Rugani. The more I read about him, the more I want him. Until Saliba arives I’d partner him with Sokratis. Leno
          Bellerin Sokratis Rugani Tierney
          Torreira Cabellous
          Pepe Laccazette Aubameyang

          1. Una will probably go with Xhaka instead of Torriera, can’t understand why but he likes him, probably captain

          2. Kenny, I’m with you on Cahill. I would be pleased with Rugani especially on loan with an option to buy and Umtiti is not out of the question.
            As far as Ozil is concerned, although I like others have been rightly critical, he has something to prove, is apparently injury free and will be behind a potent attacking force. In games where Arsenal want to take it to the opposition, I see Ceballos in the midfield as well playing the Cazorla role, something Arsenal has missed in recent seasons.

      2. Dan I love the back four. I actually believe that’s exactly what we need. Nice one.can’t stop laughing

      3. DAN KIT

        You seariously made me laugh out of the blues with the “please God help us” defence tag

      4. Dan kit ” Please God help us”! Summed up beautifully for the absent defence. Oh, the defenders have NAMES, God knows, just NO ability! However, I do not choose to overlook, as some other Gooners do, the fact that having talented forward players does NOT even begin to compensate for the clowns at the back.

  2. I am sooooo looking forward to this season.. Auba, Laca, Pepe & Ozil ??

    I agree with you, Ken – about Tierney. This window hasn’t disappointed & if we end up getting him… be the icing on the cake!!

    1. Sue, yes a “cake” full of gaping holes at its back, in case you have failed to notice. “Icing” is not much use if the back of the “cake” is crumbling with decay, wouldn’t you agree! Even though Tierneey would shore up JUST one quarter of the defence!

  3. If Holding & Bellerin come back and hit the ground running along with Teirney our team could be very interesting;


    Bellerin Holding Sokratis Teirney

    Torreira Cabellos

    Pepe Laca Auba

      1. Aswell as using the youngsters behind the front 3 in Nelson, Willok and Nketiah.

        Xhaka, Guendouzi, AMN, Mhiki, Iwobi are also in there for the attacking wise and midfield roles though I would love a big strong midfielder like Vieria/Diaby type and sell Xhaka and Elneny for the funds for it.

        Defensively we are weak as 3 of the players above are injured, Koss wants to leave and probably will, along with Monreal if we sign Teirney. Mustafi isn’t what we need and Mavraponas hasnt been fit for nearly a whole year after he did so well in the run of the season before.

        Still 6 days to go and I would like to think we will soon sign Tierney and a CB and off load the rest how ever.

  4. It’s definitely a good signing for us as it will provide better width and I’m astounded that that it came out of nowhere really. That being said, we shouldn’t get carried away thinking it’s been a great window for us, it’s decent for sure. We just need to be realistic.
    Form the mess emery inherited it would take at least 4 windows to sort it out, this is the 3rd, so I’m not looking into it just yet to say it’s our best window, only the season playing out will decide that but the club have made an effort to address problem areas where we can improve and gain mor points from.
    The kadeira rumour could hold some substance, although he has had his injury problems, he is a very good cdm and having him around in difficult away games where we have struggled could be key while we blood more youngsters like guen, Willock and co. If it happens I can see why.
    Rugani on loan and Tierney would make it a very decent window, we would just have to wait to see how it plays out, hopefully closing the gap by 10+ points would mean this would be classed as a massive win for the club

  5. Are people still deluding themselves about this dead-beat guy? The Ozil myth is the deadest concept.
    All kinds of excuses have been made for him from the day he joined Arsenal. Same old regurgitated wishful thinking;

    “This starting season is the season Ozil will prove everyone wrong”.

    “Now he has got this player and that player watch him go this coming season”.

    “Now he has had some EPL experience, watch him take the league by storm”.

    “Now that Th Ox, Walcott, Welbeck are back from injury, ozil is going to show the haters, critics etc what he is made of”

    “Now that he has Sanchez, he is going to take the league by storm this coming season.”

    “This summer Ozil did not have any world cup commitments, he has had a full summer to rest and recuperate, he is going to show all the haters”

    “After all this Germany / Ozil / Erdogan / racism scapegoat saga, watch Ozil prove them wrong this season”

    “Now that Ozil has Laca and Auba, this is what he has bern waiting for. He is going to break records this coming season”.

    “Now that Wenger has been sacked it what Ozil needed. He now has a new manager ( Emery). Watch him light up the league”.

    “Now that Ozil has Pepe, Auba and Laca, he is salivating. Records are going to tumble”.

    Same old wishful thinking from his Fan-club. They hype him up before each season begins but by game 10 of the season the are looking for someone or something to blame for why Princess Ozil is not performing. ?

    1. Exactly. I’m still waiting for Ozil to finally become the player he was always hyped up to be. Said it after UEL final, and it remains true. I hate seeing him in our shirt. Here for the money. Pepe, Auba, Laca need players that will help them devastate on the counter, like Ceballos. Ozil did none of that last season. Two assists is embarrassing.

    2. Well maybe y’all should blame Emery for telling him to be chasing ball all over the pitch and forget being a cam.

      1. So because he is a cam he shouldn’t track back? Auba tracked back and still got a bucket load of goals.

    3. Ah! What joy to read the voice of reason and an ability not to be self fooled, like so many OZIL EXCUSE MAKERS DO ALL THE TIME. Well said! Ozil is a clear weakness, though to me his wages, harmful to our ability to offload him though they are, are merely a secondary matter to the fact of his constant LAZINESS! Why a small percent of Gooners refuse to see this is a huge puzzle. The triumph of hope over visible reality, I presume.

      1. Yet it seems Jon that most posting there preferred teams seem all to include a certain Mesut Ozil.So perhaps you are not quite so in the majority that you continually spout off that you are. And you never seem able to answer this very simple question-If Ozil is as lazy as you continually suggest,why did Emery continually pick him?And this from a Manager that you seem to give your support to.Surely Ozil is as lazy as you say,the manager should be sacked for gross negligence?To me that’s simple.No doubt you will not come back with any credible answer AGAIN.

        1. Phil I have many times answered the very questions you put but since you clearly don’t read my posts unless they are specifically to you, I will gladly answer then again now. PERHAPS YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED HE FACT THAT UINTIL THIS SUMMERS SIGNINGS OUR OWN CHALLEGERS WiTHIN THE SQUAD FOR OZILS CENTRAL POSITION WERE HARDLY DAVID sILVAS , ERIKSENS AND KDB. WERE THEY? Your and my own personal “favourite ” the beknighted Iwobi was the most often alternative , so hardly a “gem” of a rival you will agree , presumably! SECONDLY ,WE ARE OWNED BY SCROOGE WHO IS NEVER GOING TO DO A Man City or old style Abramovitch with incoming players , so UE HAS to be a pragmatist. Simply put, ineffectiveness and laziness but with a once in blue moon good game is much preferable to hard working dross. That does not seem like a huge UE endorsement of OZIL to me , though it seems to be to you Phil. I think that most odd! YOU WOULD RATHER SUPPORT A PROVEN IDLER THAN A NEW MANAGER WHO HAS LITTLE CHOICE , GIVEN THE VIABLE ALTERNATIVES TO OZIL RIGHT NOW,(AT LEAST UNTIL THIS SUMMERS NEW SIGNINGS. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IF OZIL is first pick once all the newbies are up to Prem speed and fitness. I doubt it very much!

          1. But yet again Jon you have not answered the question, merely skirted around the issue.There were plenty of attacking options Emery “ could” have used instead of Ozil.Iwobi being one.Mykitarian being another.Playing a system to allow your workhorses.Do not suggest Emery had no options.He did,If as you suggest Emery did not you are clearly wrong.
            You don’t do stats.You say they are misleading.But you can not argue with facts.And the clear fact is that when our Four best attacking players,which to remind you were Lacazette,Aubamayang,Ramsey and Ozil,were all played in the same team Arsenal won five games out of five.There is no hiding from that fact.Yet Emery had both Ozil and Ramsey out of the side in most EPL games up until Xmas.Ozil was injured at times we know.But Ramsey was DROPPED to play in Carabao and Europa Cup matches.When they were played together the fa t is Five wins out of Five tells it’s own story.
            Emery was foolish not to admit his mistake earlier.The 22 game unbeaten run papered over the deficiencies in the team that we all knew were there.How we scrapped some of those results during that run was pure and utter luck.But this manager thought he knew best and when the bad results and patchy form finally arrived he had no option other than to play Ozil and Ramsey and the turn around over the New Year was obvious.
            Don’t get me wrong.Ozil’s performances were not without criticism and at times this was fully deserved.But Lazy?I will never ever accept this.He put in shifts and worked as hard as most,in a role that was alien to him,Ozil Just is not that type of player.That is not the fault of the player any more than it was of Cech being asked to re-invent himself as a ball playing goalkeeper.It just was not in them both to adjust their playing styles.That is a fact and it is clearly proven.
            So again it comes back to Emery.For a manager who insists on workrate why did he continue select Ozil?It is because he knew Arsenal were a better team with Ozil playing than without him.That is a fact.It is proven.There is no othe4 argument other than why did Emery take so long to realise this.
            In regards to myself reading your posts-I read every single one.As I’m sure do most on this site.But I will not agree with you on the Ozil assusation you state and never will.

        2. In your post below this one of yours(with no reply option attached) you bizarrely say that I think Mkhi is one of “the workhorses”. Phil, you would do well to actually READ my many posts before posting nonsensical lies like this. I have consistently linked Mkhi with OZIL as TWO IDLERS. Ozil is the far more talented and Mkhi is even more useless than OZIL TO THE TEAM. Yoiu say you read all my poists yet still say i think Mkhi is a workhorse(as you link him with iwobi in this respect. I can’t stand Mkhi and want him out EVEN more than OZIL, so now that is clear, even to YOU! And I DID answer your UE playing Ozil point BUT YOU JUST WONT ACCEPT MY ANSWER! Well, I can’t help that! I repeat it again, hoping you will THIS TIME READ IT PROPERLY. MY VIEW IS THAT UE IS FULLY AWARE THERE IS NO REAL ALTERNATIVE AMONG THE OTHER DROSS AND LAZY IDLERS LIKE MKHI TO PLAYING OZIL. I will be VERY surprised, now that Caballos is here, if OZIL is chosen so often. Injuries apart, I much doubt it!

          1. Well Jon it cost you £100 as I recall when you bizarrely and ultimately wrongly told anyone and everyone that Ozil would not be at the Club at the start of this season.Take your own advice that you are forever giving to people on this site-STOP GAMBLING.Its a MUGS GAME.You have proved yourself correct.Well done

  6. Last season with two of the best strikers in the Premier league in front of him. Ozil had TWO ASSISTS in the league.Arsenal scored 73 league goals and Ozil made two. The man is a fraud

    1. Exactly . BS excuses made for a player who has natural talent but little else.

      In wonder what the next lot of excuses for him will be when he once again doesn’t show or goes missing during a match of any magnitude?

      1. OH, you mean ALL those many years ago. Odd how some fans choose to live in the past and never observe the things that change and stay changed . For the worse too! You would rather tale notice of what happened years ago than what happened in more recent seasons. Odd, I’d say!!!

    2. Wow. Donaldo. You are one lean,mean dude. Brutal and uncompromising. I am in stitches after reading your (rather terse) comments.
      Oh my goodness. Ozil has it all to do with guys like you breathing down his neck. Poor guy!

    3. It should be agreed that he did have injury problems last season; although in most games he played he failed to impress.

  7. Ozil playing with Pepe/Auba/Laca only looks good in your head. He won’t do anything impactful if he has another horrible season. Emery will hopefully be looking to move on from him and have Ceballos take his place. More energy, good at linking play. Ozil had last season to prove himself and came up very short. You can’t only play well against Leceister and then stroll through the rest of the season.

  8. Not much of an Ozil fan myself (overrated and overpaid) but seems to me that since his decent 15/16 season where he got those 19 assists his diminishing returns have coincided with the narrowing of our attack.

    I’ll give him his due… last season whilst he was truly shit (2 assists ffs!!) , he did actually increase his work rate after being benched, still not exactly the most effective player on the pitch but at least he was moving his lazy arse which was an improvement.

    This season he has no excuses, he knows what the manager expects work rate wise, he is surrounded by talent and we have some actual width back to the team….. Time to put up or ship out and let one of the youngsters take the opportunity to shine instead.

  9. Well then, all I can say PAL, is thank goodness our new world class and record signing sees Ozil so differently to some on here.
    Ozil playing with Abua, Lacs and Pepe looks good in Pepe’s head and that’s what counts.

    Ever thought why that might be???

    Perhaps because he’s a professional footballer who recognises another class act?

    Could it be that he understands what Ozil is thinking to do with the ball and will react?

    Maybe he knows he needs to get into a position where he benefits from Ozil’s vision?

    He obviously understands, surely, that you don’t have to run around like a headless chicken in order to show that 100% is being given?

    That is why he is so looking forward to playing alongside Ozil…as he has said very clearly and with great enthusiasm…so rock on tommy and let the good times roll!!!

    Next season will give Ozil the perfect opportunity to have this type of player to perform with, something he has missed since Sanchez left the club, a thinking footballer.

    Pepe can’t wait and neither can I!!! How lovely to see everyone’s optimism and faith in Pepe’s wish to play with Ozil, you know the guy who we just signed for £72,000,000,
    I would hope his thoughts carry some weight, so take the blinkers off, listen to the professionals and be happy.

    Whatever happens, by the end of next season, one viewpoint or the other will have to eat humble pie…let’s wait and see and it would be interesting if Admin could keep this post with all the comments in order to re-visit and discuss again.

    1. And I don’t think we’re finished yet Ken, more to come before the window closes. Can’t wait for the season to start now.

      1. Kenny, just hope your right regarding new signings.

        VAR will help as well, wonder what riley thinks about that one?

    2. Or perhaps Ken, you might care to more be aware of the fact that Pepe is a raw and very young foreign player who has not seen Ozil regularly as we fans do each game and that his opinion, whether as a pro or not, carries far less weight than the “plain majority” who rail against his laziness and ineffectiveness. Just my opinion but I SUGGEST FAR MORE SHARE MINE THAN SHARE YOURS. Why you should think a young player who cannot possibly have watched most recent Ozil games and is more likely to go on long ago reputation , knows more than we “plain majority” who watch every game Ozil plays is very odd, to my mind! PERHAPS YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED HOW NO INCOMING PLAYERS ANYWHERE, EVER SAY A SINGLE WORD AGAINST THEIR SOON TO BE TEAMMATES EITHER. HOW COULD THEY BE EXPECTED TOO! YOU SEEN TO ME TO TAKE FAR TOO MUCH NOTICE OF PLAYERS COMMENTS IN GENERAL, ESP FOR A MAN OF YOUR WORLDLY WISDOM AND YEARS AS A GOONER.

      1. Ken On one point I am firmly with you; namely that it will be good to revisit this Ozil debate in the light of this coming season when, presumably, Ozil will have had opportunity to play with Pepe and the existing forwards and we can then see which viewpoint on him carries more weight. I can scarcely wait,in one way, as I am confident that mine and that of the “plain majority” will be vindicated, though that is not proper reason to be happy, as it will mean the outing of a former hero, and who remains one to the “plain MINORITY”

      2. And yet Jon, we have paid £72,000,000 for this young, raw, foreign player…a club record.
        It seems that UE must have told him about Ozil then, as part of the reason why he should join The Arsenal…as you have no faith in Pepe’s ability to judge for himself.
        Ozil was the first naane that he mentioned, but you know differently it seems.

        I’m positve he has had the same opportunites to watch Ozil as have those unlucky fans of The Arsenal who don’t have season tickets, especially as he probably has the state of the art media, not just match of the day highlights!!!

        Plus, of course, he would have done his homework on the team mates he was joining and, surely Jon, you would agree that actually playing a game gives you more insight into players strengths and weaknesses than just watching a game?

        He was directly asked what players he was looking forward to play alongside and he replied “ozil, the world cup winner” at the beginning of the statement…it’s there for you to read Jon, in black and white.

        Now you and others can go on and on lambasting Ozil, accusing him of laziness, bleeding the club dry etc etc, but as you now realise, he will be with the club next season and, no matter how much you wriggle and shout, Pepe stated very clearly that his three favourite players who he was looking forward to play alongside, began with Ozil.

        No mention of the rest of the squad, he simply answered a direct question with a direct answer!!!

        You accuse me of taking to much notice of what professional footballers say…well Jon, you seem to ignore everything they say…because none of them agree with your views!!!

        Majority views? I suggest you go back and count the for and against posts on here as individuals (not number of postings by an individual) and this plain majority of “justarsenal” bloggers are more equal than you give credit for.

        As always, I’m prepared to back up my own views and don’t feel the need to allure to others for support.

        The stats that you sometimes use and sometimes decry obviously mean nothing to UE and Pepe regarding Ozil and, by the way, the other “dross players” you so frequently refer to. He’s joined us in spite of all your negativity.

        By the way, you didn’t answer me about the support you witnessed for Ozil in those two games you attended last season…I wonder what you thought about that scenario?

  10. Another attack on Ozil!
    So Pepe will make Ozil (and Arsenal) great again.

    The arrival of Pepe does not mean Bama can now play a one two in the box.
    It does not suddenly mean our welsh midfielder, Gwen Doozy, will make the “correct” pass when running out from defence.
    It certainly won’t stop Mustaphi from passing to the opposition instead of his own team.
    It will not prevent Torriera having the ball stolen from him by much bigger opposition midfielders.
    It will certainly not decrease the turning circle of our Great Greek CB, or increase the recovery speed of Mr Chambers.
    This season VAR might just highlight even more the amazing SUMO wrestling skills of our CB’s.
    Is this article taking the Mick (Please, will someone take Mkhitaryan).

    Yes the arrival of the skillful Pepe will solve all of Ozil’s problems.

    1. LOL!

      It is funny to hear those against great football attack Ozil for not tracking back to essentially support a poor back line. Basically, there are bunch of “fans” who need the a talented attacking general to be focused on defensive duties. That is what has undermined Ozil in part.

      The larger problem for Ozil is the lack of quality finishing after he can created…

      So the arrival of Pepe will help Ozil to create as it means a potent finisher is added to Auba and Laca.

      However, the defense will leak goals big time. Not only is playing from the rear going to upset the utilization of the front three, it will also lead to mistakes by the defensive player leading to turnover and goals for the enemy.

  11. Ozil place will eventually be taken by a more energetic playmaker and I see iwobi doin that.

    Iwobi ceballos and Toreirra will boss that midfield.

    1. You must have had something put in your cornflakes PAL.Iwobi will not be atvthe Club this time next year.Why is it the Club have been buying midfielders and attackers when we all know it’s the defence that needed re-Building?Its simply because no matter how bad our defenders are they will somehow get us through a season.Iwobi will not.And I take it you watched ACON?I didn’t.I would not waste my time.But I made a point of following the press reports and it was no surprise he was slaughtered for his performances.In a third rate tournament.
      Why are you wishing Iwobi on Arsenal?Dont you like us?

  12. my biggest wish for the upcoming season is that ozil repeats the form of his life like when he was playing for madrid. he never quite matched that form once he came here. he was close enough for one season, but that is not good enough.i do hope that i am proved wrong about him being washed up and lazy, i really do .on the other hand, if he is still as pathetic next season as he has been for the past few then i wonder what excuses his fans on here will come up with . but lets not get ahead of ourselves. i would give anything to be coming on here raving about ozils latest game. sadly, i feel, this is never going to happen.i do not see him being a world beater anymore.

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