“One of the biggest differences to me is …” Pundit compares leading Arsenal and Man Utd stars

Darren Bent has discussed the key difference between Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Cristiano Ronaldo after both stars led their clubs differently on Thursday night.

Ronaldo was in blistering form and scored twice to help United to a 3-2 win against the Gunners.

Meanwhile, Auba was one of the worst outfield players in the game and he was anonymous for much of it.

Bent spoke about the impact of both players after the fixture and says Ronaldo has the desire and is hungrier than Auba.

He said on TalkSport: “When you look at Aubameyang and you look at Ronaldo, one of the biggest differences to me is the hunger and the desire.

“I look at Ronaldo and he is absolutely starving hungry to score goals.”

“One’s 37,” Bent added. “How old is Aubameyang, 33? I understand that.

“He’s not the greatest because of his hunger, it’s because of his ability. You can be hungry to score goals.

“But I look at Aubameyang sometimes and he’s not in the box, there’s times when he’s getting beaten by the defenders.

“Listen, his biggest attribute is his pace. So there are times when Arsenal are struggling in games, what do you have to do?

“You have to clip it over the top, just roll it down the channel and let him use his pace and get Arsenal up the pitch. It’s like he doesn’t even do that sometimes.

“As the ball went wide, he’s not in the box. At times, there have been occasions where he has carried Arsenal on his back – pre-contract.

“The cup final, the start of the following season, he carried Arsenal on his back and he was fantastic.

“That player is not the same player that you see today.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Auba has steadily been declining over the last two seasons, and it is sad to see that happen.

Arsenal has been in pleasant form defensively and midfield this season, but we lack the attackers that will do damage up front.

Our captain’s loss of form is one reason we have to invest in a new forward in the summer.

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  1. Gunnerdev says:

    Its not good when we see our great player decline. Abua ozil etc. Its knowing when to move on and find a soloution. Yes the abilty is still there but if the end product is gone then we need to find someone else that can produce. We have spent to long hoping players find for again after injury, new contracts ect.

  2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    So let me get this straight, one of the main reason why Bent and others believe Auba has struggled for goals is due to his supposed unwillingness and/or lack of desire to make tactically-prescribed runs…now if that were the case, which it’s clearly not, the suggestion would be that our manager has developed a highly-structured game-plan where these particular types of runs are considered a major strategical component, but Auba continually refuses to do so, even though he clearly realizes this would be in his best interest, and yet our manager, in his infinite wisdom, ignores the seemingly constant tactical insubordination of the player in question and still selects him on a regular basis….that’s rich

    OR the overtly negative and scared tactics of our present manager are completely counter-intuitive to the skillset of our most prolific player, but instead of adapting our tactics whatsoever to suit Auba’s proven footballing attributes, our manager simply continues to deploy him up top, even with the obvious incongruencies between player and tactics, as he believes that this particular player still represents our best chance to score…not to mention, his presence still draws the most attention from defenders, so purely by osmosis he might open up some opportunities for others, in advantageous positions…this is what I call chicken-sh** nonsensical football

    1. Dan kit says:

      Wise words per ….
      A forward who was unbelievable before our new manager got his slimy hands ons .
      Not the first player I might add and won’t be the last ….

      1. JustArsene says:

        2nd that

        1. Phil says:

          Third that

          1. Kstyx says:

            Fourth that

            1. Splendid says:

              Fifth that.

  3. RFrancis says:

    Bent is comparing Apples to Oranges…bogus logic!

    CR7 does not press; Auba, on the other hand, is required to press, track runners from box-to-box, lead counter attacks and still remain fresh and ready (for the entire 90 minutes) to clinically take and finish all scoring chances. Someone needs to tell rookie-manager, Arteta, the 32-year-old striker is not superman….Giving Arteta some credit for once, he was probably fooled by Auba’s Black Panther mask.

    Darren Bent should leave the TV broadcasting business and run for politics.

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