One of the biggest fears that Premier League clubs have about the 2020/2021 season

Premier League teams are preparing to play the whole of next season without their fans as the coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going away soon.

The pandemic has disrupted the world of sports at the start of this year and it looks set to continue until a vaccine is found.

The government has banned fans from going to the stadiums to watch their teams play for now, but clubs believe that ban could be in place for the whole of next season reckons the Mirror.

This would cause a significant strain on the finances of the football clubs as most teams rely on matchday revenue and TV rights to keep themselves in business.

TV right buyers like Sky Sports are already looking to ask the Premier League for a rebate if this campaign is finished behind closed doors.

The only sensible option for when fans can be allowed back into the Stadiums would be when a vaccine is eventually found for the coronavirus, however, that could never come.

Teams like Arsenal have already asked their players to accept cuts to their wages and as income streams continue to dry up due to the coronavirus outbreak, other teams would likely take measures to cut down on their expenditure to save themselves from going out of business.

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