“One of the greatest to play the game” Arsenal pays tribute to Maradona

Argentinean football legend, Diego Armando Maradona is dead.

The former Napoli ace was arguably the best player of his generation with many regarding him as the best of all time.

He never played in the Premier League but the Gunners joined the footballing world to celebrate the absolute legend that he was.

The club posted on their Twitter page an image of the soccer icon which he took alongside Thierry Henry and Robert Pires, and they captioned it: “One of the greatest to play the game. An inspiration across the world. A huge loss to the football family. RIP, Diego” adding a love emoji.

Maradona’s talents saw him play for top teams like Barcelona and Napoli and it was at the Italian side that he truly proved his worth, but his many off-field troubles also started there.

He made 259 appearances for Napoli, scoring 115 times for the Naples side. He also won two league titles, Coppa Italia and the UEFA Cup with the Italians.

But his troubles started there when he started doing drugs, and that would affect his health for the rest of his life.

Nevertheless, he dies as an iconic figure in the world of football and generations to come will continue to hear about him.

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  1. Some say, a fantastic player.
    Some say, a cheating drug addict.
    Loved as a god in Argentina and at Napoli.
    More or less hated by England supporters.
    Loved by Scotland supporters🤣
    (BTW I’m Irish so I don’t give a 💩)
    But what a player, Maradona R.I.P.

  2. What a talent he was, another legend gone! I could watch his skill and goals all day, there will never be another like him! Rest in peace Legend 🙏

  3. He was one of the basic reasons I started loving football when I was a kid watching him play and dominate in the 1986 World Cup. I fell in love with football and my favourite International team is Argentina. His 2 goals against England in the quarter finals, specially the solo run for the second goal, his 2 goals against Belgium in the semi finals and his pass for the winner against Germany in the finals was a treat to watch, pure poetry in motion. There has been no one like him before and there will be nobody like him in the future. He epitomises creativity and passion in football, an inspiration to millions of downtrodden, a rags to riches story and above all a individual with a never say no spirit and a heart of a lion. The difference between him and Pele was that Pele was surrounded by players with exceptional abilities whereas Maradona had players in the Argentina team who were relatively unknown, he won the World Cup almost single handedly. uest in peace Diego Armando Maradona, there will be no one like you.

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