One transfer battle that Arsenal fans should hope Tottenham win

Arsenal transfer gossip is ramping up and here at Just Arsenal we do not cover all it for a variety of reasons, the main one being that most of the gossip is simply rubbish but we do like to bring you the weird, wonderful and credible when appropriate and occasionally those that we hope does not happen and that is certainly the case with AC Milan playmaker, Suso.

According to the media we are are in competition with Tottenham for the services of the former Liverpool flop and I have to be frank and ask why?

Suso has had a good season for AC Milan but in all fairness, it was his first good season in a long time and while seven goals and 10 assists is not that bad a return from 34 games, it is hardly earth-shattering either.

My problem with Suso is that I have always found him to be average, not rubbish but not a game changer either and we already have too many players like that, we need a player that can make a significant difference and from what I have seen of Suso, he is not that player.

Then there is his release clause, reported to be £33 Million.

Do we really want to spend that amount of money on a player that has already failed miserably in English football?

Yes, he was young, only 17 when he joined the Reds and so some allowance must be made for that but ask yourself this, if he is that good and worth £33 Million, then why has he only ever made four appearances for the Spain national squad?

Like I say, he is not rubbish, he does a job and would be a decent squad player but not for the amount of money he would cost and we don’t want squad players, we want match winners, game changers, leaders and so on and the 25-year-old just does not fit that profile for me.

If Tottenham wants Suso, let them spend the money on him, Arsenal can do better and sign a player that is proven in the Premier League, a Ryan Fraser as an example.


  1. I read somewhere that AC Milan, wanted Mustafi, if it is just a swap between the 2 players, i’ll take that!

    1. Mustafi is worth at least 20 millions, whereas Suso’s valuation should be below that

      Apart from Piatek, I don’t find other Milan players are interesting. If we have to trade Mustafi with one of their players, I expect Rogmanoli in return

      However, had Mustafi had better CB coaches, I believe he might be able to avoid silly mistakes. Decision must be made on Ozil, Mustafi and Mkhitaryan in this summer, if we don’t want to lose them for nothing like Ramsey

      1. Well, there are good players there. Donna/Paquetá/Rodríguez are good, Caldara/Calhanoglu/ Castillejo are better than what we have. But thats fantasy football to consider just any swap

        1. We trashed them in 2018 with 5 – 1 on the aggregate, when Giroud, Welbeck, Wilshere and Walcott played in EL

          Donnaruma was overrated at that time, whereas Rodriguez, Suso and Calhanoglu could not do much against Xhaka, Mustafi, Koscielny and Monreal

  2. That old saying,speculate to accumulate needs to be conveyd to the Yank or sell the club to someone who will.The manager will have to be a miracle worker if we are to catch up with the top 2 with the budget available.Wishing and hoping is the name of the gam.

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