One world class manager that Arsenal can cross off their wish list

Arsenal will miss out on Max Allegri after he rejects the chance to return to management until next June.

Any plans Arsenal had to make former Juventus manager, Max Allegri their next manager has to be delayed by at least seven months.

Allegri has been one of Arsenal’s top targets to become their new manager permanently, however, the Italian has ruled out a return to management soon.

The Gunners are desperate to get a new permanent manager before they suffer more disaster this season.

Arsenal hasn’t won any of their last nine games despite having two managers in that time.

Their latest 2-1 home loss to Brighton has seen them drop down to 10th on the league table and they are desperate to get a solid manager who can turn them into Champions League spot challengers.

Allegri has just left Juventus after 5 years of dominance in the Italian top flight, but he insists that he is not in a hurry to take up his next managerial role.

Allegri told ESPN: “In June. I don’t know if you can call it a sabbatical or not.

“Giovanni [Branchini – Allegri’s agent] and I immediately came to that decision. As soon as the relationship with Juventus came to an end the decision was to take a year out.

“I had 18 years as a player and I’ve been in coaching for 16. I stopped this year after 34. I’m happy.

“I have a chance to reflect, go and talk to people, do things in my private life that I’m passionate about like going to the theatre, some art exhibitions, reading books.

“Next year will be an important year. Important for the choice I end up making and the need to be prepared for it.

“After a year out and five years at Juventus, I don’t want to go back into the game and do badly. That would do my head in.

“I am taking (English) lessons here in Milan. I manage to speak quite well. I find the listening part a bit more difficult.

“If I’m talking to someone who helps me out by speaking a little slower then I understand. I watch films [in English] and if I read something in English I understand it fine.”

This was always on the cards and at least we know now that it will not be the Italian taking up the reins at the Emirates.

Hopefully, the club has others in mind that can help get us out of the mess we now find ourselves in.


  1. Headline should be another world-class manager Arsenal can cross from the!…anyways who cares about world class manager we are going to find a cheap, low salary, midtable manager. I told u all we r de new Newcastle united. I won’t be surprised if we sign some sacked mid table manager.

  2. I’ve been saying that for the past 2 weeks or so, the man was never interested in the job. There was never a chance we were getting him. I laughed each time people kept calling his name on here.
    BTW, if you’re expecting a top manager, you’re only riding on horse in the clouds.
    Now that Bodgers renewed his contract, Arsenal ain’t Interested no more, the list is a list most would be disappointed with, Artera, Eddie How’s, Patrick Viera, and Marcelino.
    Arsenal wants Poch but
    Poch ain’t interested in managing us, he’s waiting on the Utd job and is hoping to replace OGS.
    Arsenal really are going through one of its toughest times

    1. If Allegri wants to come to England, then Arsenal is the only “big” club available. The only other job at a top club I can see coming available before next season is the Utd job. So he is a viable option.

      I would love to see Allardyce until the end of season, and Simeone in the summer.

      1. Is he in any way in a haste to get a job in England?
        You still don’t get it, he’s not interested in any job until next season. By then he’ll probably get more offers.
        Do you think Arsenal will wait for him?

      2. Allardyce!!! Are you for real? How desperate have we become while you are at it why not throw Tony Pulis in there as well. Simeone is never going to come as he is Wenger of Ath Madrid. Not every club is stupid n unthankful like Arsenal they keep the people the people who made them what they are.

        1. Well we did give Wenger at least an extra 8 years past his sell-by-date. Isn’t that more than thankful, and respectful for what he had done? Also consider how damaging that was as well.

          In regards to Allardyce, name me a better, more realistic option then? This is until the end of season, not beyond. Given the situation we’re in, I would argue he’s the perfect fit. Right now, Arsenal are 100% heading for relegation. Remember that we’re extremely lucky to even have as many points as we currently do. We should already be in the relegation zone, if teams could only take half the golden opportunities we keep gifting them. Our defending is some of the worst I have seen, from ANY team! We have no structure whatsoever. Allardyce is the master at saving clubs from relegation. He is a defensive manager, that will focus on the basics, which is exactly what we need right now.

          Where we are right now, we’re not getting anyone better, more suited to the role than him.

        2. Wake up! Big Sam is the best relegation battle emergency manager in the PL. We are in a relegation battle and we need to get a few draws and stop the rot. We are not going to land an experienced, good manager and we can not leave Freddie in charge. So which manager do we want to stave off relegation until we can hope to land a halfway decent manager?

  3. People who think Simeone, the best-paid manager in the world who cannot speak any English and is tied to a club where the entire setup is made to suit his style, would leave that to come to the current state of Arsenal should not post on any forum. That is just beyond stupid.
    Also FYI, Simeone’s Atletico has 2nd best defence in La Liga, but 14th (!!) best attack.

    Allardyce would actually not be the worst of options for the remainder of the season.

    By the way, during those ‘8 extra years’ we won 3 FA cups and qualified for the CL 6 out of 8 years which earned us enough money to buy the like of Aubameyang or Pepe. If you think any manager would have done more, you’re dreaming.

    1. Should people that claim Wenger left the club in a good state, or/and that he was only ever quality for Arsenal also be allowed to post any forum? Because with Simeone, and Allardyce we’re taking about opinions, with Wenger, we’re dealing with facts.

      You talk about the money won for CL qualification, but no mention of the hundreds of millions lost on letting players contracts run down, and keeping players forever, whilst devaluing them through their consistently poor performances?

      The fact Simeone has the 2nd best defence in the league (even more impressive considering Godin left in the summer), is exactly why we need him. Not sure if you’ve been watching Arsenal over the last decade, but it’s our defending which is the consistent problem, not the attack. The worst thing we could now, or in the summer, is to appoint an attacking manager/head coach.

      1. Thirdmanjw its obvious ur hatred for Wenger is making u a big clown here for real, Wenger left 18 months ago yet u v used every opportunity to troll our greatest ever manager its just a pity, any coach that comes now and achieve what Wenger achieved in that 8 years will even be worshipped by the fans as it stands now,now u want us to hire big Sam as a desperate move to avoid relegation, this is exactly what u guys wanted and u got it,

        1. Sorry you feel that way Uchman, but when it comes to Wenger, I prefer facts over opinions. Horrendous defending, 14 years straight no league title or even a challenge. 9 years straight of doing nothing in Europe. 9 years straight without even winning anything. Those are shocking statistics for a big club, under just one manager.

          Wenger and Gazidis left such a huge mess that it will take years to sort out, not just a year or two. That time has now been extended because of Emery’s failure, but consider he did inherit the worst Arsenal squad in over 30 years.

          I don’t hate Wenger, I just don’t respect him, and I’m not scared about talking the truth about his reign. I refuse to cherry pick. He is a legend, and has given me probably the best moments in football I will ever enjoy…but it certainly wasn’t all good though.

  4. Basic common sense dictates that whoever comes in must improve the defence which has been neglected the last 15yrs owing to Wengers penchant for attack at the expense of defence.
    Freddie also said he would send out a team of attacking soccer minded guys.
    Alas the gunners were unable to win.
    I dare say get the wolves boss or blades manager.
    These guys know football is not all about attack. Defence has a part.
    There must be a balance

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