Only 20m Euros for this prolific striker? Go for it Arsene! (plus video)

It is hardly a secret that Arsenal need at least one striker this summer as a replacement for the injured Danny Welbeck, and one that has been mentioned many many times is the Eredivise top scorer this season, Vincent Janssen.

He is a prime candidate for the future having scored 27 goals for AZ Alkmaar this season, at just 22 years of age. Not only that but he has scored three times for Holland in his first 5 games, that tells me he has very high potential…

But it seems that our rivals Tottenham have made the first bid for Janssen, but it seems they offered just a paltry 14m euros, which is way below valuation. “The difference between the offer and the price we demand was too big,” said AZ technical director Max Huiberts.

“I’ve read a lot of speculation and been telephoned by other clubs but no-one else has made any concrete offer.”

I am gobsmacked that Arsenal haven’t snapped him up at 20m euros, especially now that the Vardy snub has been confirmed. He is young, strong, brave, and has an excellent eye for goal, and I will guarantee he will be ten times better than Theo Walcott at a fraction of his wages.

I seriously hope that Wenger is confident of getting a superstriker instead, or he could regret letting Janssen go to one of our rivals this cheaply.

Check out his goals for last season, some excellent stuff there…..



  1. To be honest, even if we are going for someone like Lukaku or Aubameyang, we should still invest the 20m to buy Janssen. We need a winger anyway and Wenger likes to put strikers on the wing to learn defensive work. And he would be great cover when we get our inevitable injuries….

  2. I won’t hold brief for Wenger if he doesn’t sign a striker before the new season.. The fans want a striker, the world knows we need another striker. Even Arsenal players want a striker. I dare say Giroud wants another striker to compete with…. ..Wenger and the scout can keep hunting for a striker but they must provide result.. ..

  3. He’s a very good striker,and would be an upgrade on anything we currently have (apart from sanchez)……Also he’s young enough to have a lot of great years at the top..get him while he’s still available..

  4. If we are not getting Abumeyang, I think we should go for the duo of Icardi and Janssen or Lacazette and Janssen. Either of the pair will be good investment for now and the future.

  5. We need two quality attacking options … Seems man utd can go for Rodriguez man city for nolito and with better attacking options already than us … But only our dimwitted frog says it’s not possible to find strikers … Quality strikers don’t want to come to arsenal coz they know all about his misplaced favouritsm so Walcott giroud Ramsey might all be considered above them regardless….guys a joker … Draxler gotze Rodriguez aubemayang higuain lewondiwski ..are all available for a price … If we go into coming season without 2 such options I hope that even the ardent wenger lovers on this site will realize he is no longer interested in actually winning stuff for fans but just delivering a reliable income stream for his paymasters … Wexit will be the only option!!!!

  6. I really like this guy and i hope we get him With the Arsenal we got he will get them in in big numbers I am sure of that Just get him Arsenal

  7. I have not seen him play.
    I have looked at the video, the problem with highlights is that they are just that, they do not show the missed opportunities, poor games etc. He will be on a lot of top clubs radar, most top clubs want a really good young striker with potential but none have snapped him up, only an offer of £14€ from Tottenham. It makes me think he is not as good enough.

  8. It’s remarkable that Jansenn is only 22 years old and at only €20 million that is a bargain and a half.
    This is normally the kind of player that Wenger would have signed at a drop of a hat, which goes to show that Wenger is either slacking or that the old dog is trying to learn new tricks by (chasing his own shadow’s) signing 29 year olds instead.
    Personally, I can’t see how signing this player would be a gamble or a risk and for me, Janssen is a win win situation in every department…. So what is Wenger waiting for? ?

    1. And another thing,
      Wenger suggest’s that signing more than 3 player’s would unbalance the team ? but isn’t that a load bull? when injuries have been unbalancing our team for many many year’s now? ? His excuses alone warrant a statue outside the Emirates! ?

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