Jack Wilshere can expect a few calls from Arsenal players after this Best XI

There may be a few Arsenal players, both past and present, who will be wanting a little word with our England international star Jack Wilshere after this. The 23-year old who has been with the club since he was nine years old was asked to name the best 11 players that he has played with and only three of his current team mates at Arsenal made the cut.

The video on the Arsenal YouTube channel features the player looking like he has just been woken up after a three day drinking binge and it does not look as though there will be a career in presenting waiting for him when he hangs up his boots, although I suppose the likes of Michael Owen and Alan Shearer have managed it so why not?

Anyway, the three players currently with the Gunners that Jack picked are; the star of last season Alexis Sanchez, our Spanish midfield magician Santi Cazorla; and our French centre back Laurent Koscielny. So no room for Ramsey, Ozil, Rosicky, Coquelin and the rest.

As well as possibly cheesing a few of his colleagues off, Wilshere has risked the wrath of some Arsenal fans by going for some players that we have never forgiven for leaving, with Ashley Cole his left back choice, Samir Nasri in right midfield and Cesc Fabregas in the middle. Here is the complete team in a 4-4-2 formation:

Sagna, Terry, Koscielny, Cole
Nasri, Fabregas, Gerrard, Cazorla
Alexis, Rooney

Wilshere said of Joe Hart, “I’ve played with him a number of times for England. He’s very commanding, covers the box well and great to have in goal.”

On Sagna, “This was a tough one as I’ve played with lots of good right backs. He was the right-back when I broke into the team and he was always helpful to me. We’re still good friends and we still stay in contact.”

And of Cole he said, “He was the best left-back in the world when he was playing regularly. I’ve played with him for England and against him and he’s always tough to play against.”

And John Terry, “He was great for me as captain when I broke into the England team. He’s been there and done it. What a great leader.”

While he said this about Koscielny, “I’ve played with him for a number of years and watched him grow into a world-class centre-back. When he arrived people wasn’t sure about him in his first season but he’s proved them all wrong. Now, he’s all class.”

On Fabregas Jack said, “He was a role model for me in my younger days at Arsenal. He was the player all the young players looked up to as he got into the team at 16 and everybody wanted to do that. When I got into the team he was my captain and he was very helpful.”

On Gerrard, “He captained me a number of times when I was growing up.”

He said of super Santi, “This one doesn’t need much explaining. Everyone knows what he can do. He can play on his left or his right foot and he can create things. He’s like a little magician. This one was an easy decision.”

And nasty Nasri, “When I played with him in my first season at Arsenal he was different class, scoring loads of goals. That season he scored 15 goals from midfield and got over 10 assists. He was different class.”

Then on Alexis, “I’ve only played with him 20 times. As a midfielder he’s always giving you an option. He’ll run in behind, come short. it’s a dream come true.”

And finally on the England captain, “I’ve been to a World Cup with him. He’s a great character and a great person to have around the group. His football speaks for itself. He’s been going for over 10 years for England… he still does it.”

At least he didn´t pick that little boy in Manchester I suppose, but do you agree with his pick and if not, why not?

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  1. Nice to see the praises coming out for jack! I Would really like to see him excell for arsenal in this coming season! Coyg!

  2. So let me get this right, he is going to “Cheese off” a few people by declaring a starting 11, of people he admires in the game/Have given him advice … Was this article written out of boredom, I can’t see anyone being that fickle. On another note i really do hope, we get to see Wilshere injury free and performing, to the level he has been over the last couple of weeks.

    1. I think Wilshere will get a fair shot early on in the season.
      It’s been made public that Sanchez will get a rest after playing so many games and following up with the Copa America. Wilshere’s late sub appearances this season he showed his ability to penetrate and be a willing runner in behind off of combinations.
      I may be thumbed down from this as a lot of fans obviously want to see three forwards up front, but if Santi, Ozil and Wilshere can provide the moves they’ve shown capable of in the past we could be in for a real treat early on 🙂

  3. Noticed this…….

    Jack praises Nasri for 15 goals and 10 assists from midfield. Poldi was on pace to do FAR MORE than that his first season until Wenger decided it was a good idea to bench him even thought he was 2nd on the team in goals and the league leader in assists. Facts are stubborn things.

    1. I am still amazed when people give a thumbs down to PURE FACTS. FYI: Reality is NOT optional.

    2. That season it was:
      Pod Santi Theo

      Then if I remember correctly, teams quickly learned if you mark Santi HARD it stifled absolutely all our creativity and our defence was far from stable (especially on the left.. shudder, vietnamish flashbacks of Andre Santos.) Our midfield was hardly scary and though Arteta and Ramsey performed admirably, they were often outclassed.
      The stroke of genius that season was after a few howlers Podolski was dropped, Rosicky moved centrally and Santi out wide. Opting for the two creatives we shifted to a more lopsided 4-4-2 when we had the ball and Theo’s output increased substantially as did we as a team. Though in the grand scheme of things now it’s pretty underwhelming, at the time we were looking up at fourth with Tottenham looking out of reach with 12-15 pts ahead (I forget the number) our run as a result of this change was outstanding.

      Podolski’s defensive output is non-existent, so I think prior to his being dropped it was unfortunate we had possibly the worst defender we’ve ever had behind him. (Squillaci included!) I’m not trying to slate Podolski, and I do agree with you, his output in the first-season was extremely important to us reaching fourth, not to mention scored important CL goals. It’s just unfortunate that he has a limited skillset which is brutal in some games, non-existent in others. If he was on 40-50k a week and content with a squad role I’d be all for keeping him on as an impact player when we’re having loads of possession and struggling to score. But he’s on 90k… And would be playing behind Sanchez…
      When people (DAVID!!!!) add up his entire investment as a club and put it down to a ‘waste’ I get slightly offended as he’s played an important role for us. It’s just unfortunate for him that our squad has surpassed him.
      But the idea of Wenger to ‘bench him’ was justified by our following results…

  4. Meh, i’d be surprised if anybody actually got offended. Was he supposed to list the whole Arsenal team? Lmfao. My favorite player still playing is Ibrahimovic does that make me some kind of traitor? smh

  5. Are you saying that you would have preferred that he mentioned all Arsenal players as his best 11? LOL

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