Only the Arsenal fans can get rid of Wenger!

Fans accept Fourth Place? by Zino

My fellow Arsenal fans

I’m a fan from Malawi Africa – I watch probably every game on TV – been doing so for 20 years

I just want to say, had I been living in London I would probably be a season ticket holder. However the way things are going this season I wouldn’t be happy paying so much to watch this rubbish. I’m actually watching Swansea v Arsenal as I write this.

I blame the fans to a certain extent – We have come to accept 4th place. We should be challenging this season but we can’t even beat Anderlect, Hull, Swansea – Swansea is above us in the league???

We sit and criticize and blame wenger – but not turning against him? It’s been tooooo long of the same old same old. He is at fault for everything it’s time for a change for the better or worse – arsenal needs to change. This is Wenger FC not arsenal football club.

“Sack Wenger” banners should be out and we should make the board aware that we are not happy. The fans are the stakeholders of the company and need to voice their concern.

We all know we are not going improve under Wenger we just stuck in 4th place and everyone has accepted this and it’s become boring, tiring, frustrating.

Only the fans can get rid of Wenger. Unless the players turn on him – but let’s be honest that will never happen because wenger built these players careers – they owe him.

From Zino


  1. Players, wages, ticket prices, substitutions, set pieces, formations. All of those topics of discussion needs to be put on hold until we sack Arsene Wenger. That needs to be our priority

  2. Currently there is only 1 WORLD CLASS personnel at Arsenal = Alexis Sanchez!!!

    The rest + or – Average

    – Average manager
    -Below average assistants
    -Average midfielders
    -Below average defenders
    -Average goal keeper
    -Average strikers
    -Average director
    -Average board and CEO

    How my beautiful club has fallen. Wenger, his assistant, director, and his two lazy captains out. Carry Flamini and the other below average players with you!!!

    As for me win or loose, this club has no manager, no captain or any worthy leader anymore.

    1. @007 I disagree we have the makings of a great team we just need 3 top players Natural A/L/W,
      D/M AND A C/D but most of all we need new blood in management.

      1. With due respect to your comment Tas, but name atleast even half of our 1st team players who could make it the Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Chelsea or even city team based on this seasons form and not games played in the past or the players names.

        The sad part is our players don’t even look motivated or willing to fight for the jersey anymore. Even players like Carzola and Ramsey with there 1 season wonders feel they can walk around the pitch and not give there all in games.

        We just have to accept no matter how much it hurts that our team is currently average at best and a revamp would perform miracles.

        1. again i disagree, barca has been buying our bench warmers for years, our current problem is to do with management not buying the necessary players that we need,
          AW has become a stubborn and bitter man, when ever anyone tells him that he should be doing something he dose the opposite to prove a point.

    2. 007 agree with your assessment except for your rating on Wenger….BELOW AVERAGE at best…. and for those AKB thumbing down, Yes Le Prof was top of the line many years ago, but that is long gone, how he managed these last 2 games says it all.

  3. Yawn…yet people want Wenger to move up and still remain at Arsenal as financial director etc after management? Wenger still has PLENTY to offer Arsenal, now and in the future. Considering what he achieved during our the Emirates construction on a shoe string budget, you would be fools to want to sack him! Really ignorant and short sighted. Look at the bigger picture and stop acting like spoilt little brats. Wenger WILL see the end of his contract whether you like it or not.

      1. Who needs enemies when you have so called ‘friends’ like you. Might as well be on a Spud forum I will probably get better treatment. It is sad that we cannot have different opinions without being chastised by fellow fans. I always seem to be the only one brave enough to come onto this forum when Arsenal are not doing well and still stand by Wenger and the team. Yet, when we are doing well, like when we won the F.A cup, where were you!?

    1. @ Big Gun

      I can’t believe you still dare to show your plastic face on these forums hehehe. The regular posters here know all about your Anti-Wenger articles before. For those who don’t, this clown used to dismiss all the AKBs excuse about the stadium, small budget etc etc in his comments and articles. However, he changed back to an AKB after Ar$ene signed Mesut Ozil and he has been throwing roses at his feet ever since.

      I find it bloody ironic and puke worthy at how you now bring up the stadium construction etc and have the audacity to call people ‘spoilt little brats’ when you were once an anti-wenger YOURSELF and used to dismiss those claims!

      Pathetic mate. Just PATHETIC!

      1. Not at all. I feel my opinion on these matters is justified and I’m not worried about what any of you think. I was too harsh previously on Wenger etc and took a step back and realized that at that time, there were reasons as to why we couldn’t sign world class players and reasons why we lost a lot of players. I accepted that my opinion was wrong, because as soon as we did have money available, what did Wenger do? He went out and spent it on world class players and as of yet still continues to do so – and this is something we were all begging for him to do for a long time. Our team improved and our recent trophies are testament to this and this is why my stance changed because Wenger and the board actually delivered on their promise. If anything, I am honest and I still think we should give Wenger more time (as he rightfully deserves) before wanting to axe him.

        1. Whatever helps you sleep at night. All of a sudden after the Ozil signing, Ar$ene became a God to you and you became indoctrinated.

          All the financial figures (that you took the time to research) which proves that Arsenal had money to spend, the socialist wage structure, the tactical ineptness of the manager, the signing of rubbish players at high salaries and panic-buys, not strengthening key positions etc etc etc all became false to you. What a joke! **Breaking news** Guess what, he failed to strengthen AGAIN this season and went off to Rome on deadline day to officiate a charity match as it was evidently more important!

          Your god Ar$ene can’t even beat Mourinho ONCE in 11 games, mind you.

          Like I said, whatever helps you sleep at night. The regular posters know you for what you really are.

          1. Are you saying signing Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers, Ospina without losing our best players is failing to strengthen? G-Force, I suggest you leave your PC alone for a bit, take your meds and go for a long walk and while you are getting some fresh air, think about what you and all the other sheep on this forum are saying. You are wanting to fire Wenger on the spot in the most humiliating and hostile way possible – by holding up banners at games etc etc. without even taking into consideration that Wenger has made Arsenal what it is today and half of these fans on this forum wouldn’t even be supporting this club, if it wasn’t for him. Wenger does not deserve to be treated like Moyes or any other 1-2 year manager who accomplished nothing for their club. I am not saying Wenger is still the man for the job, in fact I am in agreement with most of you that his time is coming to an end, but it is the way in which the club handles his departure which is key, because Wenger can still be a valuable asset to this club in other departments and to throw that away would be a grave mistake. Grow up please and start looking at this from an objective and sensible perspective. By the way I sleep great at night thanks for caring.

            1. Yes clown, it is failing to strengthen. Debuchy for Sagna, Ospina for Fabianski – these are REPLACEMENTS. Guess what, players do get injured you know but Ar$ene thinks that would never happen given Arsenals track record. Can’t even rotate players.

              Then you loan out Jenkinson and right now the clown has to play Monreal at CB out of position – as he does with every one else!! So yeah once again, no strength in depth which you have preached about before you fickle-mindedly switched back to worshipping your false god.

              The best thing for you is to accept Amnesty and return to reality from your indoctrination. We used to share the same views and supported each other; that is until you resort to calling people ‘fickle’ and ‘spoilt brats’ when you have been both yourself. In light of our past, it is fair to extend my hand to you and pull you back from your fall. Grab it mate, before it is too late.

              1. Debuchy – Upgrade on Sagna. Chambers – replacement for Vermalaen. Bellerin in for Jenkinson and in my opinion an upgrade. Ospina – Upgrade on Fabianski. Sanchez – ? Just one hell of a buy and next to Hazard the best player in the BPL at the moment. So essentially we did strengthen, why you are arguing with that is beyond me.

                As I said before, Wenger has a chance to further bolster his defense in Jan and until then I will support him and give him the benefit of the doubt. If he doesn’t then I will whole heartedly agree with you and everyone else on here at the moment. We need a new DM and another CB, that much is obvious but give Wenger some time to deliver on that. Wanting to fire him now just because of a few bad games is simply ridiculous.

                1. You are seriously funny. When Arsenal needed DMs and CBs, your a$$hol Arsene refused to bring them in because everybody was talking about it, what an arrogance?!
                  Please, its stupid to defend him, you are sounding like a baby

                2. Sanchez is a great buy and no one doubts that. His work rate is second to none and the goals, just wow. To be honest, it reminds me of the time RVP was in top form carrying the club and saving Ar$ene’s blushes.

                  Anyways, yes there is no strength in depth – everyone from football pundits, ex-professional players, fans etc can see that there are deficiencies especially in the defence, which has not been addressed except you. So I don’t think I need to say more on that. You even said “Wenger has a chance to further bolster his defense in Jan”, which means that there is no strength in the defence so you kinda defeat your own argument.

                  We all know what happened in Jan last year, the false god signed an injured player (Kallstrom) to replace an injured player. Pure magic.

                  I sincerely hope that you come back to reality mate.

                3. @Big Gun
                  It’s not a few bad games that Wenger has had but a miserable decade in which we won the FA cup only because Man City and Chelsea were knocked out by other teams. In my view the club should come first! If Wenger really cared about the club rather than his own ego he would have stepped aside before now and saved the club going into the steep decline it is now experiencing.

                4. Dude either u are a spurs fan or you are so delusional nothing and no one will help you. Some of us began supporting Arsenal with Wenger and due to him but his stubbornness and naievity are wats causing us to call for his head, we know the past but the present matters most we are laughing stock due to his inflexibility and unwillingness to take counsel from others

              2. @Gforce… You lot are so funny, why should you expect everyone to follow whatever the majority think is right. Everyone has their own opinion, you guys can just about say anything negative about every player apart from one, you can say any thing negative about Wenger etc.. But once someone else has a different opinion or does not agree with you it’s is war…why should we be yes men, just because the majority on this site are in agreement with each other does not mean everyone has got to follow..smh

                1. @ GOONSTER

                  You have got it all wrong. Nobody is asking anyone to follow whatever the majority think is right.

                  Big Gun had expressed anti-wenger sentiments in the past via articles and comments (FACT!) and I am just reaching out to him again. How is that asking him to follow whatever the majority think is right, when he himself used to feel that way????

                  In plain and simple terms, we used to share the SAME opinions…smh.

                2. Good point, while Arsenal are struggling and Wenger is in bad light, so many people are hopping onto this bandwagon of hate. Yet when we do well, like when we won the F.A cup, not a f*cking word from these people. It’s almost like they are waiting in the shadows hoping and praying Arsene will make a mistake so they can pounce. What people are not getting, is that WE ALL KNOW ARSENE IS NOT CUT OUT ANYMORE FOR THIS JOB, but it is the way in which fans are wanting to handle the situation which is totally irrational and simply not practical – because like I said Arsene deserves more than a bunch of hooligans shouting for his head. He deserves diplomatic and respectful way out as he has been our manager for 20 years and done wonders for this club. Makes me extremely sad that fans can forget all the amazing years of football he brought us, all the trophies to just throw it all away because they are having their PMS. Thank God the people who have made this club what it is today (A SUCCESS) have no business with these types of moronic fans who are wanting to sack Wenger right now.

              3. @GFORCE buahahahahaha……we said mate!…. But nah!…. Leave him to fall…… We don’t need no more surviving AKBs

                1. There is still hope for him. I can’t give up on him just yet…not after what we have been through together against the AKBs back in those days before he turned.

  4. proudly NON-AKB through and through……. I will always put my club 1st….. I don’t dwell on past glories…. I care only about the present and the fate of the future …. I don’t put the board 1st, i put the best interest of the fans 1st ….. I wnat arsenal to go forward, i’m not a fan of regress or a promise to go forward ….. I’m not a fan of favouritism, i’m a fan of equal rights to all players and fans ……. I’m not a fan of Laziness and stubborness , i’m a fan of Efforts, output and fruitful Labour……i’m not a fan of passiveness, i’m a fan of positive changes…… ^PROUDLY NON-AKB^

      1. @Budd……… Still, i’m PROUDLY NON-AKB ……. These ain’t the time for riddles nor idioms …. The drums are beating, its time to dance to its tune …… Ouch! I had to reply u idiomatically, didn’t i?

          1. I never thumb down, everyone here on this site knows that. I give once a month a thumbs up for what I consider to be the most funny, insightful or smart comment.
            I made may point to the admin that this thumb system is childish.

      2. @Budd
        Well said dude. But you’re trying to reason with ignorance and xenophobia. Their stuck in that hamster wheel and they’re lovin it…lmfao

  5. Wenger probably lost it in the sense that players can’t be motivated by him anymore. Maybe, I am not sure about that. But there’s no way to hide the fact that our players are in a very, very terrible form lately. And everything started when Giroud and Debuchy fell injured. We did not recovered from that day on. And when Ozil also got injured things went down the drain. Cazorla and Ramsey are in terrible form, Welbeck is becoming a Giroud type finisher (Giroud still has a better first touch than Welbeck) and Mertesacker is probably stoned every game. Gibbs should be dropped for Monreal, Chambers played in the middle with Kos. If he’s fit anyway. We wanted to see Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski and so on yet when they came in had atrocious performance which means (at least to me) that the spirit at Colney is really, really low.
    If this winter we will not repair our defense then it is bye bye 4th place. No title anyway, Chelsea already got it and title is their to lose now.
    Sure, Wenger can be sacked but there is no guarantee that the things will not go faster downward. I am looking at them both (Wenger & Bould) and see no reason to be happy. Something is awfully wrong in the team. I can’t decipher what it is but for sure it doesn’t have much with the game of football. It begins from the board, goes on the bench and then in the field. It is like a plague, we are the new Man Utd.

  6. How can you blame our manager who has given such a lot to the club.He is not finished.He still makes great decisions.It was his individual brilliance that brought Sanchez to Arsenal.For me everything looks bright.Sanchez who was fed up with headless chickens around him at Barcelona is now happily plays with Sonogo.Premier league teams now allowed Arsenal to field 12 players (only if the 12th player is Ozil) . Why nobody blame Steve Bould?He could have reminded Wenger that there are three substitutions allowed in football.The only better manager I can find is Roy Hodgson who will play Chamber at right back for next England game also.Mean while Chambers yesterday claimed that he actually left footed and was played out of position.

    1. Really can’t tell if you’re deluded, joking or trolling here.

      For instance I think London, Ozil and our club image were bigger factors for Sanchez than Arsene being our manager. Really feel sorry for him atm. How can we blame the manager? Simple, he’s responsible for everything involving the squad and that’s due to himself making him the most important negotiator for transfers, he calls all the shots regarding the squad. If things go bad, of course we should blame the manager. I really wonder how fans can be that fickle and blinded through their love for the invincibles when the team that looks the most like the invincibles plays in blue and not in red atm.

      1. Fans this is not time for words this is time for actions let the banner start rolling…the next game fans should write there minds on banner not come on site n blab but when it com to action every1 sit n watch lick a sick puppy…..time for actions “Wenger Out” I don’t mind his going to hell…

  7. After we loose to man u in the same way as all previous games then its time for fans to turn up the heat on Wenger and board in last 5 mins of game we start booing and then say we want Wenger out say we want Wenger out and keep it going if necessary every game home and away Wenger is thick skinned but even he won’t be able to handle that it may take time but he will buckle and walk away then its job done!

    1. @ dan sadly that cant work especially with our fellow fans in Britain otherwise Wenger would have been out as soon as he went 5 YEARS at a top club without a trophy, has never won the CL and still gets the biggest cheque in the land. The just good for clapping when we score and sipping tea the rest of the team, there average at best and still live in the past that AKB!!!

      British gunners stand up for once and raise the white flag against this French old man.

      Save our club

  8. totally…

    Get klopp hes world class…Dortmund top of the league….

    and he will bring in Reus and Hummels in for freee

  9. @ dan…….. Too bad u still got patience in you to give wenger one more game…… How many games did Newcastle had to Lose b4 deciding pardew’s fate? …… I’m nt as patient as u are tho…. I’m willing to type wenger’s resignation Letter if granted the opportunity right now

  10. Why are some people still defending Wenger by saying he is still what we need and will turn it around???? We’ve been saying this for the past five or more years now!! Or stuff like we just need 3 players to turn us into a title winning team. If we had Ronaldo, Messi, Aguero etc etc in the team Wenger would still not win the title, can none of you get that into your brain dead heads!!! He is finished. Time for him to go. He can’t motivate any of our players anymore. He’s an absolute nightmare. Amazing in his earlier years at the club but is just drawing it out.

  11. I am a long time admirer of Arsene and for the most of our trophy drought I have defended his choices because of the stadium debt, some of our best players being greedy scumbags or simply not having Henry and Bergkamp upfront anymore, but I’m really baffled this season how the policy is going. Wenger and the board promised an additional center back after the Vermalen sale and we have heard f all from that eversince. I’m not even surprised at how quickly not buying a CB and/or DM has come back to bite us. Wenger has to go if the results don’t improve AND if he doesn’t get the promised signings in January.

  12. @katies, so we. Should stoke to the. Bad side????? you spud’s fan for sure. Leave our arsenal and go with your wenger.

  13. And no, the fans cannot get rid of Wenger. Name me one solid influence the fanbase had on club policies lately? The board and the manager don’t really care about the fans, as long as they keep buying the tickets. So no, only Wenger can get rid of Wenger.

  14. If you watch many games, you won’t wish le prof to be at the club anymore.the big but is the he is still the same damn good top,top coach. if the injuries are permanently solved, then the club will be competing for everything, if not if like bring klopp + PepGu +mourinho together, there will not be change. the time when the problem started, it was due to injuries, that bone-breaker,if it’s not solve, forget it. anytime mourinho is going for the league,he starts early like this. so May2015 here we are.

  15. Our mananger keeps on breaking new records this season,we know we are out of the race when it comes being epl champions but dont need to say that publicly,it kills players confince.

  16. Wenger should come out and admit his wrong doing in all the things that he should have fixed in the summer,since he finds it easy to point a finger to sanchez

  17. @rwrw
    If you can’t handle the loses. don’t try and come here cheering during the wins. You muppets act like we’re in a relegation battle. All because you’re pizzd off at the nationality of the manager.
    Get f**kn real…

    1. Nationalty of the manager? Are you on drugs?

      I think I will stop replying to you from now on.. You clearly need medical help

    2. @NY_Gunner, I’ve really been struggling to understand you these days… Are u one of those fans who take pleasure in watching Wenger doing all the sh*t he’s been doing? Do u f*cking mean we should celebrate whenever the club loses or draw a game we ordinarily should win?

      @RWRW, u got my sarcasm wrong yesterday!!! I’m not an AKB, never will be (unless Wenger starts doing the right things—- something I doubt will happen)

  18. Fans were complaining about ‘silent’ Stan, in addition to that we now have ‘silent’ Wenger.
    The only reason we lost yesterday was due to poor personnel deployment and extremely poor substitution management. In the last three seasons, Wenger made substitutions around 70mins, the fans complained and Wenger moved it to 80mins. What a pathetic manager.

  19. has anyone thought about an online petition to the board?

    this is the easiest way to show how frustrated the global fanbase is.

  20. Per on MOTD criticising the teams ability to defend again. Martin Keown was bang on he’s at the back watching the game and is the captain in Artetas absence so why was he not screaming at players and organising them? Everyone’s playing the blame game now.
    As for Wenger just sits on the bench rubbing his chin looking pensive.

  21. Listen people, dear fans, for the last 5 to 6 years we have talking about the same things…
    I will admit that the last 2 or 3 years we have been “insignificant” as a team/club on the domestic and European stage based on our status and means.

    I reckon that even if we had all the players we needed, we still will be an “average” team.


    I was in France this weekend and L’Equipe did a great subject about Klopp and Dortmund.
    The conclusion of the program was that Klopp did all he could with team and he was at a turning point. He needed to leave in order to improve because his own structure and understanding of the game because (and this is what is surprising) he is one of the best manager in Europe.

    Then Tele Foot (another football program) did a piece on Wenger and our current situation. And they analysed the all Wenger current and previous work.
    The conclusion was that Wenger had to leave (same as Klopp), but to retirement. They effectively describe the French manager as “overwhelmed” by the current landscape of modern football and he did not adapt (like Ferguson did).

    There is a fact (or are facts) about Arsenal… As soon as we will get our players back we will go on a run of games and clinch a top four position.
    This is, and I repeat, this is the only and main objective of the current Arsenal structure and NOTHING ELSE…

    One of the program even said that “Wenger did not win trophies, the players he had did”… I disagree with that statement, but I agree on the fact that what he did before does not work now and he is not willing to change his route.

    We are predictable, easy to figure out and we are in our current position (and the previous years) based on the pure talent and drive of some of our players (FA Cup win).

    Arsenal is not a top club (we were in 2006 and should have done everything to consolidate our place) and cannot challenge for any trophies.

    Wenger said ” Chelsea is above everybody else”… The man got some “balls” when you know that you could do something about it…
    Mourinho is above you and better than you (that is just a fact) and that is he is criticising the French manager because he knows that at any other club he would have been sacked without a glimpse of shadow.

    Some fans here said that Real Madrid and PSG wanted him (it was a sporting director position in both clubs, not managerial)…!! He would have not last 5mins in those clubs…!!

    Mediocrity has become a “normal” and “acceptable” routine at the club.

    I was listening to some fans on Arsenal TV after the Swansea game and I also realised that (true to the post) fans are the problem… You still have delusional “fools” who will tell you that he is the man for the job…!!

    Monk was up and down the technical line for 90mins. Wenger was sitting comfy and warm.
    I guess the £8millions we are gracefully serving him are not enough for him to go his “God Damn” job.

    Wenger said that Paul Merson comments were a farce… !!
    NO, Wenger is the farce… A deluded manager with no pressure who could not do his job even to save his life.

  22. We have no leader in the team.
    We have no leader on the bench (including the manager and that “weak ass” Steve Bold).


    We will just have to be patient and wait for his contract to finish and hope he will leave.

    This club needs a total overall from top to bottom.

  23. Wenger should just resign…there are so many potential world class managers on this site that can do a better job than him…..

  24. Ian Wright: “Bould isn’t allowed much say in training. I know he has recommended defenders to Wenger, but they haven’t been signed.”

    1. 6 defenders to start the season is a diabolical piece of management and that alone is worth sacking. The fact that we have absolutely no tactics and the players apear to have no idea of what they are supposed to be doing defensively is just embarassing and has been for 10 years. Wenger needs to walk away from this because sooner rather than later people will forget what he has done for the club and just rember the last 10 years of mis management. some people still think Wenger knows best, well answer this, 100’s of thousands of supporters, ex pros, ex managers, pundits even my old girl have been barking on about getting a holding midfielder. Law of averages suggest 1 opinion against a million doesn’t hold much hope for the one. I like Wenger but he is dated and one dimensional and football is not!!

  25. Hey look don’t you guys worry arsene will buy a CB and then release podolski for sanogo and not bring in CDM .HEY ARSENAL FANS DO YOU WHY MAN UTD FANS ARE PATIENT ABOUT NEXT PREMIER LEAGUE TROPHY?….. CAUSE THEY HAVE WON 5 TIMES IN JUST 8 YEARS .THATS HOW YOU MEASURE SUCCESS

  26. Ian Wright said if Sanchez carries on at this rate some team will steal him next season.

    I can’t agree more. Top players are NOT happy with 4th place. We lost so many top players and this WILL continue so long as we continue our quest for being slightly better than average. Players want trophies, not just money.

  27. The only way wenger will go is if we fail to make top 4,simple as that.
    I’m not entirely sure we are going to and I think some of us fans have almost got into the habit of thinking its guaranteed when it really isn’t this year. He does need to go because the modern game has changed but I don’t want him staying at arsenal,I feel he would still carry too much influence and a new manager would never be allowed to make their own has been brilliant for us but unfortunately for me the time has come for us to say goodbye.

  28. @ RWRW,my friend , may i applaud in the manner in which you put that vilest of people back in his box , i am of course talking about that out and out punk NY GUNNER. he has to be the most hated person on here . just to look at his comments and the amount of thumbs down he gets , and all so well deserved too . we have put up with this clown for so long now , all he does is attach other comments , but he has never anything constructive to say . poor old deluded fuc*ker , what a sad life he must have . plus he knows nothing about football . cant wait for the trolls reply to this , shoil
    d be most intresting . louder than loud is he who claims to know everything but in fact knows nothing .

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