Only this player is fit to be Arsenal’s next captain declares pundit

Former West Ham man, Frank McAvennie is convinced Kieran Tierney is by far the best choice to become the next Arsenal captain.

The Gunners need a new skipper after taking the armband off Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon striker is the second player in three seasons to be removed as the club’s skipper and now the search for a new one begins.

The Arsenal squad has several new players, and most of them have been in impressive form at the Emirates.

The older players have also done their bit, but Mikel Arteta is gradually phasing most of them out of the club.

It would not be surprising if the next Arsenal captain isn’t a player that has been at the club for long and McAvennie believes Tierney is the man who fits that role.

“It has to be Tierney, he’s the only option,” He told Football Insider.

“I mean, they are on about giving it to the goalkeeper, he’s the favourite. Really? Not for me.

“Why would you give it to the man who is furthest away from the action?

“That’s just my view. Tierney would have been made Celtic captain if it hadn’t been for Scott Brown.

“He had those leadership qualities years ago and he’s one of the most consistent players for Arsenal.

“It’s no secret, I really like the boy. He’s amazing in my opinion. I just look through that Arsenal team and I don’t see any other option.

“Tierney is a leader and he’s one of their better players.

“I think he deserves a shot at being the leader in that squad.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tierney is one of the outstanding characters in the current Arsenal dressing room.

He is also one player who most fans are convinced gives his all on the pitch in every match.

The Scotsman fits the role, but we cannot force a choice on Arteta. Hopefully, he will pick the right player that can lead this club to trophies.

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  1. I genuinely don’t see what the fuss is all about. It’s a distraction we dont need. A captain in a football team has no official duties – in the way a rugby captain is only one to speak to ref or a cricket captain sets the field.

    It’s a figurehead role and if there is no obvious choice, rotate it around depending on who is playing. When an obvious leader emerges (and I think one will eventually emerge out of Ramsdale, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Odegaard, Saka and Lokonga), pick em.

  2. No need to rush it. Vermaelen Koscielney Arteta Mertesacker Xhaka Aubameyang Gallas even Henry were all underwhelming captains often appointed because they were essentially yes men or the best of a poor set of choices. Tierney Gabriel Partey have only two or two and a half years service. Ramsdale and White have barely half a season. An interim skipper would be ideal till as Voyager above says one player through his play and leadership stands out as the future captain. Leave it till the summer at least. Lacazette should be interim skipper (if he wants it of course) which would seem to rule out his leaving in January even being offered an extension perhaps. But one thing for sure there is time plenty of time.

  3. The fact is a captains role has changed or evolved over the years. There are far more vocal players regardless of if they have the armband. Obviously some people don’t understand team dynamics, as someone said about rugby captains and football captains do nothing 🙄. They are the face of the team, talk to the media, help enforce the club and managers rules and philosophies on the players.

    In rugby there are 3 captains, a defense captain and forwards captain and the team captain. Generally the main captain leads by example, speaks to the ref and makes onfield decisions based on managerial instruction.

    The thing is though and it’s something fans often miss as we are not immersed in club life. It might not seem a big thing from the outside looking in. But it’s massive to the players, having the right captain or being captain is important to them. Some players it’s a burden on and can seriously effect form like Auba. Some players like Adams and Viera they flourish and it galvanises them.

    It is a big call cause it can create harmony and balance in the team. Imagine having a player as your leader who’s always late to sessions, when their in a slump never puts in extra hours. What inspiration and example is that

  4. Tierney is a great player, plays his heart out for the badge and gives his all on the pitch. He would make a fantastic Captain, a real team leader and motivator. However, I agree Arsenal need not rush into the matter and continue with Laca till the end of the season. If Laca extends his contract, well and good he continues as Captain, if not give the Captaincy to Tierney.

  5. Shock horror a former Scottish footballer calls for a present Scottish footballer to be made club Captain .
    Tierney no doubt plays with his heart on his sleeve but I don’t see him being that vocal and seems quite quiet to me plus we don’t need another captain who is always on the treatmeant table and ATM we have Tavares competing for his spot

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