‘Only want the best’ – Arteta defends Arsenal’s January transfer window

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has defended the fact that the club didn’t sign any players in the January window, insisting that the calibre of players didn’t become available to them.

The Gunners allowed a number of players to leave in the winter window, including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Calum Chambers, Pablo Mari and Ainsley Maitland-Niles, but despite their efforts, they failed to bring in a single senior addition.

Some believe that is a mistake, and time will tell if it hampers our progress as we look to challenge for a place in the top four, but the manager has defended the fact that they didn’t panic and waste any money.

While it should be better in the long-term not to have wasted any money in the January window, I can’t help but think that finishing in the Champions League would have had a bigger impact on our finances and, whilst also making us a more attractive prospect for players in the coming window also.

At the same time, it is glaringly obvious that we did make efforts to sign Dusan Vlahovic, while we also seemed to have tried to land a midfielder also, and while we didn’t bring in anyone, our squad depth will only come into question if we suffer injuries with just the Premier League to play in between now and May.

Do you believe our squad numbers will prove to be an issue, which could only be blamed on our transfer window decisions?


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  1. where have I heard that nonsense before?!? I stopped listening to this kind of managerial gibberish when Kallstrom arrived in North London wearing a back brace

  2. Spurs drop 3 points at home.
    So a point at Wolves would be great.
    3 points away would be fantastic.
    A real test of the “process” and the trimmed down squad.
    The players said they set a “high” finishing position while on their break.
    The talk needs to be walked tomorrow

    1. They had better be up for it. That result should ‘spur’ them on to take advantage of a really bad result by our neighbours

  3. “We only want the best players and the best people in this club “
    Absolutely comical.
    As he looked in the mirror and managed not to have a little grin to himself.
    Blah Blah Blah mr Arteta,some fans seem to cream all over your shallow words but I like to have a clear view on what’s on show ,and let’s be honest it’s not all that .
    Stop talking FFS and put you’re words into action.

        1. Not signing anyone in the January transfer market is a gamble so too with signing some of the targets I notice that was available, so all in all it’s not so much a bad decision if one thinks rationally, what I do like am seing happening is there seems to be a genuine intrest in only bringing in marquee signings and if that’s in fact what happening am on board 100%, am growing a little tired of successive projects , a marquee top striker and a commanding midfielder along with a competing right back is the way to go, in retrospect those two players Arteta tried to sign that went to Juventus is a good sign the gaffer maybe on to somthing, just imagine if he had manage to sign both the midfielder that went to Juventus and that Dustan striker and for that am truly slowly coming aboard the Arteta ship, he has got stuffs wrong like the Saliba case, just hope he can learn from that

  4. ManU draw, Spurs lose

    Exactly the reason we should’ve signed at least one player to help with our push for a UCL spot!

    Next year both will be better and we’ll have more games….why waste the opportunity when it presents itself?

  5. We should have signed atleast one midfielder if not a CF. I dont know why we did not pursue Guimaraes before he joined Newcastle. Anyway hope we have a injury free and red card free upcoming season and make a serious push for the top 4.

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