Onyekuru explain why he won’t be coming to Arsenal

The Nigerian youngster Henry Onyekuru has been very closely linked with a move to Arsenal for the last few weeks, but his latest comments make it clear that his agent is talking to many clubs all over Europe but he is demanding that he will be guaranteed to be playing regular first team football, something that Arsene Wenger would certainly not agree to given the choice of ‘world class’ strikers that we already have at the Emirates.

‘The first and most important thing for a player is to get playing time,’ Onyekuru was quoted as saying. ‘I’m still young and I still have a long career to pursue but now I need to play.

‘My agents are in talks with top clubs in the Premier League, Bundesliga, French league and others. If they accept our terms, then I’ll make a decision.

‘It’s not just about going to a big club and sitting on the bench. It’s not good for me, or being loaned to a club where I won’t play or where I will struggle to play.

‘The money can come later but for now, I just want to play to improve, not just to play for a big club.’

Onyekuru was in a relegation battle with Eupen last season, and he has already reduced his options by not wanting to be on the bench and has narrowed them even further by stating that he doesn’t want to play for another team fighting for their lives, which will probably also rule out Newcastle who have only just been promoted to the Premier League. ‘It was very hard for me last season in Belgium because we just got promoted and our first objective was to stay in the league,’ he continued.

‘Sometimes I would score two goals and we would end up losing the game. That was tough for me.

‘So I won’t like to go to a club where I will fight again just to stay in the league. I want to win trophies and if I can win trophies at my age, it will be good for me.’

So to recap: He wants a first team place. He wants to play for a club that can win trophies, and he doesn’t want a relegation battle.

He will definitely not be coming to Arsenal! Maybe to a top team in one of the lesser Leagues?



  1. I feel he wants to look at the sky with his tongue out then Arsenal is definitely the club for him. We have a coach that could help him achieve that.

    Otherwise probably best to look elsewhere

      1. Yeah, Sanogo was good enough to spread that news weeks ago!
        Good luck to him.

        1. Yaya Sanogo, another masterclass from Wenger, paying this guy’s wages for 3-4 years and scoring one goal against Dortmund. Unbelievable signing.

      2. Sanogo just stay freeze in the stand without saying anything will be more thsn enough to make the audience laugh hysterically.

  2. Hahaha ?? Onye-Bike- Kuru!
    He has change is tune since Arsenal didn’t up their original bid by 1million.

    Anyways, I watched some of his clips on YouTube when the rumours first came out. Normally these video clips supposedly make a player look better than what he is … ?? and all I can say is that he keeps falling over! ?? headless chicken without the wig, comes to mind.??

    1. I think his agent did some massive advertising using Arsenal to get his name out there, I doubt Wenger has ever heard of him for starters.

      1. the guy is more than 18 years . he looks like a typical mid 26 years old Nigerian guy

        1. First off, what has his age got to do with why Onyekuru may not join Arsenal? Secondly, why are you slagging off your own country man by saying he pretends to be younger than his actual age?

  3. Munich to test Arsenal with a £40 million bid for Sanchez.
    ?? 40? .. Not 60 or 50 but 40… Forking Jokes! ?

    1. And 100million and 70million for Lukaku and Van Dyk respectively. Lolz not any of them worth half of those amount. Then come the great charitable club Arsenal willing to accept 44million for Sanchez and 40 million for Bellerin.

        1. Even the spuds are better than us holding onto their players or been tough with negotiations. Imagine if we had Kane, they’ll be circling with 30 million pounds bid. Just look at Walker though he had lost his place to Wimmer but spuds still value him high enough.

      1. Look, price is not always the main factor. Look at me. I’m on £8m a year and can’t win ****

  4. £40 million?
    Test failed

    If Alexis wants £300, 000 pw and we only offer £280, 000 then that would be quite sad

  5. I don’t think that is an issue! This window is unlike any before. Wenger comes into this window as in my opinion the most under pressured manager. Not only does he have to show he’s changed his approach but that all the talk of: “we nees to capitalize on our strong finish”; ” I’ll buy top talent”; “I’ll make big signings” and so on is not empty talk. Not when you want to pump your chest and show your ambitions to your to star who seem delusioned with that and maybe now more than ever not holding Wenger and it’s squad the same way. Who goes out of the club will be important as well. And as much as I love a bargain like Rob Holding…the success rate of such transfers ain’t that high! Sanchez and Özil both came with big price tag and it is safe to say that they have in there own way delivered even if we didn’t lift any major trophies. Buying big names does guarantee more!

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