Oops! Have Arsenal messed up Alexis and Ozil contracts?

One way or another this latest bit of Arsenal transfer news could spell trouble for our club, especially now the situation regarding Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil and the ongoing attempts to get the two star Gunners to sign new contracts has been splashed all over the football media.

As reported by the Daily Mail and many others, the Gunners are now in danger of breaching English Premier League rules about wages, which stipulate that no club can increase their wage bill by over £7 million from one season to the next.

It is widely known that Arsenal are going to have to offer both the German playmaker and the Chilean striker a hefty pay rise to get them to stay and the report claims that could cost us an extra £15 million a year. So Arsene Wenger is backed into the corner a little bit.

The manager may have to accept losing at least one of these players to another club or if he does keep them he will have to remove other players from the wage bill and that could see us lose some key members of the squad. Simply releasing the likes of Lucas Perez is not going to be enough, so how will Wenger get around this one do you think? Taxi for Theo Walcott?



  1. Easy way around it. Increase the wages by £20-50k per week and Give the players a sing-on bonus for the differnce

  2. If that is the case then i guess it is time to be ruthless, release these players;


    Cazorla is my favourite Arsenal player, still wanna keep him around, that means we can promote players from within
    But i think the rules states that if any club were to increase their wage structure by that margin, then they must pay it from there tickets sales and all that…not a big problem for me

    1. Nooo, ?? it’s having favourites that has cost us titles, man. Stop it ??

      1. Henry was my favorite CF going back a few years, Vieira was my fav CM…
        Yes, favs really cost clubs.


        I think you confused a favorite because they have skill with Wenger Trust, I dare say for a lot of people, their favorite is their favorite because they excite them and they perform.

        My fav AFC attacker ATM is Alexis, was it Alexis who cost us the title?

        1. Hahaha Hey, don’t let me disturb you & your magic moment with your favourite Sanchez poster??

      2. But Cazorla is a fantastically unique favourite and surely he deserves one more season to see if he can still be useful especially when you consider Diaby and Wilshere…

        1. Why don’t you all cheap in and buy him a new pair of legs or something ??

          You guys moan when Wenger picks his (out of form) favourite ahead of someone else who is in form. ???

    2. SC is finished simple so just let him go. Stop with this be nice crap when yr time is up it’s up gone

  3. Now numerous sources are reporting that Arsenal are VERY close to agreeing deal to sign Lacazette… this could be true…

    1. Don’t worry about it for now, that was one of mine ?? You can ketchup with it later ?

      1. lmaooo! Look at this guy trying to claim rumours! You literally report everything you see, of course something is going to end up being right eventually. What a joke

        1. It was a joke ?? & well done for not noticing ?
          ?? they say that you are not famous until you have a stalker ?? so thanks again RSH ?? send me your email and I will post you a signed autograph of the crack on my ass ?

          1. now it’s a joke after I call you out, lol. Don’t let my comments get to you too much, I just think the confidence in everything you post is hilarious.

  4. Not exactly. I read this story earlier so I did some research. The question that prompted my research was; “How can ManU and others seemingly go over this every year?” The answer is simple. The wage rules provide for an “exception” when a club can show an “increase in commercial revenue. So Arsenal recently signed a deal with Universal as a “commercial partner. This deal will give Arsenal a significant commercial revenue for the upcoming season. Accordingly, it is likely that this deal with done with Sancez and Ozil Contracts in mind. This new Universal deal would qualify for the exception under the rules. Just like ManU’s deals in the past with other companies, etc. . .

    So no worries guys. . . .

    1. Your forgetting that Arsenal won’t be getting their usual champions league money next season and it also wasn’t mentioned how much money they will receive from their latest sponsor.

  5. IMO Lacazette is a pretty good player. He is quick agile , two footed , can pass , and is a very composed finisher, more like a French aguero…
    He did score a staggering 36 goals this season “also keep in mind that he missed one and a half months due to injury. Very much of an upgrade….

  6. Author forgot the part where AFC can make the money up elsewhere.

    “Clubs can exceed this £7m cap if they generate increased revenue from commercial income, player trading and Match Day income.”

    and BBC says
    “However, that only applies to revenue centrally distributed by the Premier League – essentially TV income – and does not cover extra money coming in from increases in commercial or matchday income.”

    AFC do have a good match day income… Our ticket prices are not the cheapest are they?
    Last report I read was that we generate around £100 million a season from this.

    Let us not forget that AFC has not been pushing the sales of many average players, this has kept our wage bill high while increasing year after year, pushing the bar higher and IF AFC can get some of those players sold then AFC will have no problem at all in not only paying Alexis and Ozil what they want, we can afford a couple more WC wages.

    Sounds scarier than it is.

    1. agree. We’re obviously trying to offload many players that have no use to us. Not worried at all.

    2. Thanks for expanding on that Midkemma. That makes more sense to me because only 7 million as a benchmark on the cost side but not to consider revenue would be hugely unfair to fast growing clubs. It could mean the likes of Spurs with much lower payrolls could never catch the other teams with higher payrolls. That would be a strange rule when it comes to financial health. It is only fair to set it off against other revenue.

  7. What a poorly managed club.Internally and externally everything is just shambles.If they can’t do well in signing players why can’t they do well in keeping the players they have?We have an owner who doesn’t really care about winning major trophies.We have a coach who’s clearly confused and always has no plan season after season.He wants success yet he doesn’t want to change.We have a fanbase divided within itself.Both sets of people justify their stances because they feel they know best instead of giving 100% support and just let the past be.We have players with poor mentality and weak character.A team that can’t even win the EPL even if presented to them on a silver platter.Are we really going forward or moving backwards or in fact did we even really start the journey?

  8. honestly i dont care if ozil stays or go..BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO KEEP ALEXIS..this gay has a lethal touch when it comes to the beautiful game..he always has an impact in each and every game he plays

      1. He is very close to his dog I’ve heard. This is a rumour and not fact like 99.9% of the media fairytales and justArsenal regurgitations.

  9. wenger just complete your contract and go and manage France national team..atleast there you will get to manage worldclass players like lacazzette and mbappe..which by the way i dont thimn you will get any one of them..so Arsenal fans brace yourself for only one signing this summer and that is..wait for it…MR. WENGER GRANDPA

    1. i think we get a striker, but nobody in midfield and wenger goes in thinking Ramsey is good enough. Cazorla and Ramsey will 100% be injured at the same time, some point in the season and we’ll cry for Elneny to save us ?

  10. I say (and this won’t be popular) scrap the expensive imports, and work with our homegrown talent (which there is btw). Restrict the number of non U.K. Based players and give the youth a chance to prove themselves and gain experience.

    Sack rudiculous wages and fees for players (put a cap on both) as the money earned by footballers is ludicrous to say the least. Then we might get some soul and identity back into our clubs. More chances you are likely to get a greater degree of loyalty where players pay for the badge and club because you grew up with it.

    All is see is financial institutions in the guise of football clubs that are watched in the main especially in the case of AFC by football tourists.

    Too much money and no spirit or heart.

    1. Yeah I agree. I can understand Sanchez wanting to go, he wants to win trophies but Ozil is holding Arsenal to ransom on the back of an average season.

      Let them leave for free next summer or sell them now because they won’t stay at Arsenal for the right reasons, Sanchez wants trophies, Ozil wants money.

      The problem is that if they sign big contracts, every other player in the club and potential players in the future will expect more money based on mediocre performances (Ozil).

      Wenger has two years and he needs to start from scratch if he wants to win the league or UEFA cup. There are at least 10 players that should be sold, with at least 6-7 up grades and the promotion of youth players.

    2. You say this just for Arsenal or for all PL clubs? If it is just for us we would drop further down the table but I guess 5th or 9th or 15th doesn’t make much difference. Personally, I don’t rate or watch the Europa League so anything outside the top 4 is all the same to me.

  11. Me I think alexia and Ozil let them go. A good team like Chelsea you can’t note the best prayer among others. But in Arsenal, Alexis and Ozil are noted and yet they are so selfish. They dominate the field work and yet they don’t support others to co-ordinate.

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