Opinion – 7 reasons why Arteta must be sacked now

7 reasons why Arteta must be sacked now by Konstantin Mitov

You can call it an agenda, or whatever you like, but I just can’t believe there is a way we can progress with Arteta as our manager, so here are my 7 reasons why I believe the sooner he leaves the better.


1) Our league position. This one, like most of the points should be enough by itself. We’ve lost 13 games, the worst record in like 90 years. Mid-table is not the Arsenal way.


2) The football we play. It’s not even boring, it’s depressing. The lack of ideas is unbelievable. The only time under Arteta where we played good football was between the Chelsea and Wolves games. Six or seven games in 18 months is not good enough for Arsenal.


3) The way we attack. I watch a European semi-final and I’m hoping Pepe or Saka dribble past 3 players on their own, because I don’t see any other way we will score. Luckily for us Saka made the most of it and we got a penalty. But let me tell you, if this penalty went against us, I’d be fuming. The fact it’s only individual quality that has a chance to help us score is scandalous.


4) The way we defend. Some people say Arteta made our defence better, but you see against Villarreal again – one pass beating our press, then 2 players easily taken out in the box and we concede an early goal again. It’s happened so many times this season it’s shocking. The corner that cost us a second goal, had Partey not even looking behind him. But if we hadn’t given the ball away so easily, we wouldn’t have conceded a corner in the first place.


5) Player favouritism. I can’t stress this one bad enough. We played without a striker, because Arteta doesn’t like Martinelli. When Gabi came on, our attack immediately had more purpose. Smith-Rowe was extremely poor, yet he played 90 minutes. Ceballos even being on that pitch was a complete joke, after he said he preferred Spain to England and said it will be difficult to stay. Might as well not take him on the plane back and we can leave Arteta in Spain too.


6) Lack of a backup plan. We are playing terrible, yet we don’t change anything. We actually played better with 10 man. We just don’t know what to do if things don’t go our way, which is ironic considering how many times it hasn’t. And Arteta says when we went 1 and then 2 down, it was difficult. Why didn’t we have that scenario down on our drawing board? We thought we were too good or something?


7) Late subs. Pep G might not like making early subs, but Arsenal is not Man City, a concept Arteta finds difficult to realize, even after more than a year. Ceballos was diabolical like he’s been in this competition more than once, yet we didn’t take him off, even though before he got sent off, he made a foul, that could’ve gotten him a second yellow. I’d have Elneny over him all day long. We should’ve been making changes at halftime, nonetheless. But we don’t do it and it’s difficult to understand. We rotate players, so we trust them, then why not bring them in and make a change. This thing with subs only after we concede, or minute 80 passes is really getting on my nerves. And it’s like fate is trying to tell him something, because the introduction of Martinelli brought more purpose to our attack. Auba got a chance immediately after coming on. Maybe if there were 30 more minutes for him, he might’ve scored one.


Arteta is extremely lucky to manage Arsenal football club. He shouldn’t be here. The Kroenkes won’t sack him, because they don’t care about this club, only it’s stock value. He is very lucky fans aren’t at the stadium. Why he’s given so much time and patience is beyond reason. He is truly finishing the job Wenger started and Emery continued. I sometimes think it’s deliberately done, to make us fans feel bad. We don’t deserve this. I can’t take another season like that. Arsenal made me love football and now I’m hating it. The person I become when I watch these games is not something I want to be.


As much as I hate the Kroenkes, they don’t play on the pitch or manage the team, although It wouldn’t make a difference if Josh K was in the dugout instead of Arteta, because he’d have just as little of an idea of what he’s doing as Mikel does. The reason they have to go though is that they allow this to happen and still back him.


I hope us fans can rally behind Daniel Ek and he finds a partner that can boost the reported 1.8 billion bid, because it won’t be enough. If people like Thierry can’t recognize the club, that tells something. Do you think, Paddy V would be happy in our dressing room at half time, or after the game, exchanging nice words? We are toothless and I can’t stand it. We accept mediocrity and there is always an excuse.


Enough is enough. Arteta and Kroenke out, Ek in.

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  1. Not sure how any sane person can defend Arteta at this point.

    Poor yet again, 18 months and the sad comedy of mistakes continue from Arteta. Every game he shows he’s not ready to handle this job.

    He should be gone at end of season; no way I give him any money for transfers. Shown nothing to save his job or inspire confidence for next season.

    1. Sells the wrong players and buys crap Runnasson waste of time and money Leno so many mistakes Watching Arsenal is like watching Shakespeare Comedy of Errors

    2. I don’t know who can still defend him especially when point number 5 in the article is absolutely true. He even needed not to send Saliba away.

    3. Challenging post to read if you’re an MA fan. We have to agree that results have not come our way this year, especially in the last third of the season.
      But I think there are lots of mitigating factors that can’t all be heaped on to MA’s plate. Our strikers and some other key players have had and continue to have a atrocious year. Injuries, both in the front and back, and sickness, have hit at the wrong time of year – is anyone even going to pretend that was our best 11?
      At the same time, our form in the last 5 EPL games has just collapsed – MA needs to take some responsibility for that, sure but so do the players.
      BTW I don’t agree with your comments about the Ks – they will def let MA go if they think he is making some serious damage to their asset/brand.
      MA clearly has high standards and the support of both the dressing room and management (for now) – I think he deserves another year with an improved squad.

  2. Unfortunately we are stuck with the current owners for the foreseeable future as they will remain in their American Ivory Towers and ignore any flak flying at them from the UK.
    As far as Arteta is concerned we might be lucky enough for the Owners to “get rid”….although their accepting of mediocrity is part and parcel of their set-up.

  3. Any fan who wanted Emery out because of bad results has no right (unless it is a hypocrisy of the finest quality) to say Arteta should be given more time or to trust the process. In your defense of Arteta tell me this, which club in the premier leagues of Europe top leagues will have Arteta as their manager right now?

    Spot on with all your points Konstantin.

    My biggest grief with Arteta is that he should have had the decency to refuse this job when Arsenal came calling. A man should know when the task is too big for him. He is embarrassing himself, he is embarrassing the club, he is embarrassing the fans and he is embarrassing the players. And this might even hurt his future prospects.

    1. Why would Arteta, an assistant coach of Man City at the time reject the opportunity to coach one of the biggest clubs in the world?? His decency cannot be questioned on that basis because its not a chance everyone gets so he took it believing he could excel just like any positive minded person would. He was off to a good start with improving the form of our team and winning the FA Cup in his first season. We would’ve finished higher had he been brought in earlier. Fastforward to his 2nd season things have gone downhill and the only reason why he’s still here is because Arsenal haven’t thought of sacking him else they would have.

      1. Why would Arteta, an assistant coach of Man City at the time reject the opportunity to coach one of the biggest clubs in the world??

        Because he was not ready. He is still not ready now after 1 and a half seasons. As you have pointed out he has even digressed from an okay start he had.

        “We would’ve finished higher had he been brought in earlier” If this was true then we should have been higher this season considering he has improved the squad with various players of his choice.

        1. If your readiness is based off experience then you can be ready and still fail as was seen under Emery. If he thought he was good enough to take the job then his decency can’t be questioned and even with his inexperience he still won the FA Cup. Even Lampard with his inexperience got Chelsea to the final in his first season and arguably would’ve won the UEFA Cup if he had Hazard. Of course we would’ve finished higher had Arteta come in earlier because we played better after Emery left. However last seson is not the same as this season. Its funny that you think he’s indecent for accepting the job.

          1. The problem wasn’t Arteta taking the job, can’t blame him for wanting it, it rests with the people doing the hiring.

          2. Kev you can’t say we would’ve finished higher had he come earlier and then going on to dismiss this season performance. You are trying to have your cake and eat it and not hiding that fact.

            That decency thing you have taken it too literally. It is just putting a little drama in the comment I don’t mean he is not a decent human being.

          3. @Highbury Hero I get what ypu meant by the decency thing but its laughable fo use that as a basis to say he should’ve rejected. If I was an average player who has supported Arsenal since childhood and they came calling would you expect me to reject?? Thats the same logic being applied here. Also if Arteta came in earlier in Emery’s 2nd season we would’ve finished higher on the table. I believe that is a logical assumption based on how we played when he came in. He also won the FA Cup and like I said this season is not the same as last season.

          4. I agree with you HH, from top to bottom. I’ve lost interest in football because of Arsenal and Arteta, I used to love football like it was something I couldn’t live without. They killed that fire in me and it’s sad. Reason why I don’t comment on here anymore, the people that can do something about it don’t read our comments. Boycotting tickets and merchandise in unison will get their attention. Enough of that mentality of if you don’t buy tickets, someone else will. Well then let the change begin with you and others will join. I’m sick and tired of hypocrites and mediocrity lovers on this site. This is worse than emery, yet some folks delusionally back Arteta, same people that wanted emery out. Hypocrites. The lot of them.

          5. Kev, one could argue that if Emery had been backed by the Board and discipline of players within the squad in his first season and particularly at the start of the second, Arsenal would have no reason to sack him.
            Being appointed head coach not manager, not having a say in player transfers in or out and dropping poor performing players and being forced to reinstate them, doesn’t indicate to the players that the Board supports you.

          6. Kstix good to see you again brother it has been long time. For all its worth you have been here long before Arteta and you will be here long after him.

            Don’t let his incompetence get in the way of you enjoying your team. His time will pass. Hopefully sooner.

        2. 100% in concurrence with all posts thus far. I have a concern with late subs….if a player gets 5 minutes??

          They must adjust in 2 minutes and get fine tuned to the game in the remaining 3 minutes?? Auba had a chance…had he been brought in much earlier? He is a natural striker with scoring instincts.. and he could have done better given ample time.

    2. Common HH, Barca lost to Granada and Villareal lost to Barca, so Unai and Koeman needs to be sacked?Every club is not Bayern or Chelsea.Tell me which manager wants to manage the mess over here?Dont mention Anceelloti, he has done nothing exeptional anywhere he has managed. The older version of Pep, went straight into already successful clubs. We just need to score a goal, keep a clean sheet and we are in the Finals.Too many negative people here stating with the perennial Kon.

      1. LC does Barcelona have worst results in 90 years and sit 10th on the table? Have Ancelotti really done nothing exceptional everywhere he has managed or you meant Everton ? Can you expand on that?

      2. Your take on Ancelotti is awful. You would know by by now that just because you walk into a team of great players doesn’t guarantee success. If you’re clueless then you’re clueless regardless of the player. Maybe if you have Messi you can do something but even that is debatable.

  4. You can come up with many reasons to sack him but the truth is you cant come up with ONE compelling reason to keep him.

      1. Here’s a couple reasons:
        Doesn’t have all or most of the players he wants, still has one more trophy (two if you count the Shield) than any other new manager appointed thus far, had to deal with transfer window in a COVID situation where the club has made a loss for the first time in many years.
        Arteta is culpable for many weird decisions leading to lost matches, but it’s hard to see any experienced manager wanting to touch the Arsenal with a foot long stick given the utter shambles it’s in, also knowing investment would be tight given the state of the COVID affected transfer market.
        Emery came into a shambles of a club too, but he at least had fans and a relatively normal transfer window, and didn’t have to deal with messy contract situations like Arteta did either.
        Our league position isn’t acceptable, but I wouldn’t put it all at Arteta’s doorstep. I, for one, am willing to see how he fares in more normal circumstances.

  5. No European football for the first time in 26 years is very close to becoming a reality… and I’m sorry, but right now, I’m really struggling to see how MA is the man to take us back to the promised land!

    I can’t believe I’m even dreading facing the Barcodes on Sunday!! Saint-Maximin running riot!!

    1. Say it loud Sue.
      Why are we entertaining this comedy.
      Any half decent manager will do a better job with the players we have.
      Arteta is turning into a terrible experiment.We can’t stand any more of his drama.

    2. Spot on Sue. How anyone can still back this arrogant guy is beyond me. He keeps breaking horrible records left right and center. And he still lives in the euphoria that he’s somehow a genius. Not his fault tho, only an unambitious club like Arsenal can hire an assistant coach with no experience whatsoever. Guardiola was youth coach before getting the job at Barcelona. What team has Arteta ever coached.?

      1. Hey Kstix 🙂 I can’t forget the 5 points dropped v Burnley, even though I’m desperately trying to!!
        It’s been a horrible season… records broken as you say and all those red cards!! I can’t wait until it’s over 😫

        Btw, it’s good to see you, I miss your comments!! Please come back!! 🙏

    3. Am just wondering, why there was no striker on the arsenal team against villareal? Why do u risk in such a must win game ,how can u put martinelli down ,a man of pace who can any time cause damage to the opponent, ceballos has been a liability in almost this Europa tournament, still you trust him upto now , saka is far better than xhaka in defense, every one knows that and xhaka is a good partner with party in midfield, why can’t Arteta atleast learn that ,arsenal is an easy team to organize and get goals but Arteta is breaking my heart every day , Arteta was a liability in the team during his time at Arsenal, playing like ceballos, full of mistakes, getting redcards etc , i think this man is just lucky but he doesn’t have any Idea about football, lets get Frankfurt coach for that flowing football.

      1. Watching us play now is so frustrating! I don’t know whether to yawn, scream, cry, launch the remote (or the TV!!), headbutt the wall 😂
        (Answers on a postcard please!!)

        More heartache on Sunday, Henry…

        1. Just scream sue, the silence will kill us inside 😭😭 we are no longer a joke! Football is a game we are supposed to enjoy and keep happy and our team is doing us the opposite.

    4. Dean Smith got AVFC club promoted to the PL… He’s the same that narrowly escaped relegation last season… And the same that has had the club performing at a different level this season…

      Emery, in his first season took us on a 21 game unbeaten run… And then… Even with Villarreal his first 18 games or so he attained a good points return per game, and then? Their current position on the Laliga log tells a story

      My point… or concern rather… We sack Arteta now (timing), and whom do we appoint? Which “top” coach is willing to inherit our average side? And what guarantee do we have that he can deliver? What guarantee would he have that you won’t call him names and push him out after an initial good run and then substandard performances?

      How do we suddenly worry about mediocrity now yet mediocrity was allowed to breed for years by the powers that be? Even the great Mr. Wenger fell victim to it even though he tried to manage it… A section of us fans bayed for his head and blood and he succumbed…

      We need solutions at the root and not leaves… One move which isn’t a long term solution on it’s own is changing the coach… Emery and Arteta moves have proven so… Push for it and before long you have Jose, the not so special one at the helm… Next we’ll end up seeking to switch clubs if all we need is instant results

      1. It’s not about instant results, well for me anyway. I knew things wouldn’t happen overnight, but my argument is we can lose games, yes, but can still play sexy football – we’re not even doing that! Why? Hardly any shots on target week after week… backwards, sideways passing… and I turn over to check on another game (Mancs v Roma) and they’re doing exactly what we should be doing!!

        And look at what Tuchel has done with the same players Lampard failed with… I don’t know who could come in and work miracles, but we don’t know MA is going to take us to the promised land either, do we?? And right now, I’d say we’re heading down the same path as UE..

        1. My major worry in MA is his arrogance. I could give him a chance if he played Balogun instead of Willian. Playing Willian tells me that he has no intention to build Arsenal but to destroy it.

  6. I have had enough of arsenal spoiling my weekends. I am praying we lose the europa league final and dont qualify for the champions league. We cant even beat midtable teams from continental europe. I dont want arsenal to be embarrassed any more by getting beat 5-0 and 6-0 by bayern or barca. Let the stocks crash, and we shall finally be rid of that american parasite.

    1. I was thinking that way as well but I can’t help it – I want them to win – even if it means that the wrong man for the job gets a lifeline.

      What is up with Partey and his shooting – does he need glasses? Does he think that he is an NFL field goal kicker? Some players take shots from stupid positions, Partey takes stupid shots from good positions. I think that he has been given a pretty soft ride by Arsenal fans on various boards. While his pass to Auba was beautiful, he was really poor last night, and is often pretty mediocre (but I guess that matches with the team…).

      1. Why have Parteys performances dropped like a stone since moving from a ream and manager that got far more out of him?

  7. Some people argue that Arteta needs more quality players to succeed, but I beg to disagree. Teams like West Ham, Aston Villa, Leicester City, etc that are all above us on the league table don’t have better players. This season has been nothing but total disaster,.We have lost too many games, and are still losing more .Our pattern of play is terrible, our coach is too rigid, too inexperienced, too myopic and too experimental. Time to part ways with him is now. Let him go and coach a championship side and build up his credentials.

  8. During the recruitment of the coach after Emery left, they left out the best coach Carlo Ancelotti who would taken the team to places

  9. Kronk should sack Arteta today and bring in Rafa before next Thursday to salvage a really bad situation. No European football for Arsenal is nothing short of the death of us under Arteta and kronk. This is a dire situation for the future of AFC.

  10. Nonsense, do you offer us a success guarantee if sack him?

    We are a mediocre club, and almost everything we do confirm how mediocre we are. Arsenal has been on a negative trend for several years, and the pandemic have made it worse.

    We can sack Arteta, but it will not change anything in many years, because without money you can’t compete on any level.

    1. No need for insults.
      Fact is we are not losing because we do not have players who can perform but its all about poor management and wrong team selection by Arteta.
      He should just take a walk and save us this mediocrity.

    2. Dont talk like a fool, go and see how much we have spent on players, go see how much villareal spent on there squad, go see how much villa, west ham, leicester, crystal palace and Everton have spent on their squads and most have done the double over us. We are in a poor managerial situation and that is blindingly obvious, he us doing NOTHING for the betterment of this team/squad.

      1. It’s not complicated to use money, and we have spent a lot on mediocre players. We started this season with 9 CB’s, but not a single top class or world class CB. We have Saliba who’s a promising prospect but not a proven PL player. At the moment Tierney is the only top class defender in our squad. More or less all teams ahead of us have better balance in their squad, and most of them have better defenders as well.

  11. Still can’t believe we didnt go for Ancelloti , he was available and we needed a Manager not an inexperienced coach by not going for a proven premium (and costly manager) it points to the fact that the problem goes higher than the manager , I believe Arteta was the perfect candidate because he costs peanuts and shovels all the blame on himself as opposed to Kroenks and their disinterest in this club.

        1. Agreed.

          At the time many siad he we needed an experienced hand t steady the ship with Wenger’s departure.

          We continually hear how bad our squad is, that’s nonsense, we have seriously good players in our squad, way better than many of the teams above us.

          What those teams have are better coaching and tactics than we do.

          1. I can name the seriously good players in our squad on one hand. Auba, Laca, Saka, ESR, Tierney. Of these 5, only one is a defender, 2 are kids, 1 of them is having his best season ever in an Arsenal shirt, the other probably their worst. Everyone else is average, sub-par, inconsistent, prone to moments of madness, or not been at the club long enough to make a fair judgement on. Every team above us is more balanced across the whole team even if the individual players aren’t better in skill level. They do the simple things well. Yet you’ll see the teams challenging for trophies have teams that do the simple things well, so complicated things well, and also have high skill levels. The Arsenal have a long way to go.

  12. If Arteta cant win EL he is a goner. He just haven’t done enough to warrant been at the helm at the start of the new season. The football he is implementing is nothing but basic grassroot football, nothing special. Rogers have less technical players at Leicester yet get far more out of them than Arteta is getting out of this batch. Win EL or Arteta definately out.

  13. Any one would think we are 3 points off the relegation zone.
    Yet Arsenal Arteta all of us fans are just two wins away from CL football.

    1. Wyoming, don’t mention relegation and give Kroenke ideas. He is already looking with avarice at the amount Norwich City is being paid for relegation and subsequent promotion. The problem with this current Arsenal squad is that they don’t have the mentality to fight their way back from the toughness of the Championship.

  14. ya I really agree with you like the point you said we are playing depressing football .we can no longer trust the process that is taking us backwards

  15. I’d like to be the first post on this thread that talks seriously and without an overdose of righteous indignation about our managerial position . My take is that I see both sides of the MA IN OR OUT DEBATE.
    I remain behind MA because I am a realist and unlike some on here see no possibility of an established world class name taking the job under KROENKE, even if offered(which it won’t be anyway, at least not in the near future).
    I also and of course see , as all others do , the many mistakes that MA continues to make with selections and shape. Last night he had a really bad night, picking the wrong team, wrong shape and not correcting it far earlier.

    All are bad and probably costly mistakes which will harm us and MA s standing in the game. Konstantin in his passionate, though one sided article, has accurately listed last night MA errors , so I need not repeat them, as I agree with all he said about last night.

    But only a fool sacks a manager when many of the signs are that he has special qualities which we badly need. Some refuse or are simply unable to see these qualities. After the many years of Wenger excuses for his players it does the heart good to see our manager be upfront in public and say what we can all see.

    No fan likes being taken for a fool by “I did not see it ” type lies from managers. I also see PROPERLY the sheer size of MA s task under Kroenke where money is not available to get badly needed quality players either in (or even out!)

    Firstly, you need to be upfront and identify where you are weak and face that problem full on and not pretend otherwise. (All my life I have detested double talk and this is why I am always upfront with my comments. I believe in telling it straight, no matter how difficult that is at times. And it is difficult but it must be done.)
    MA needs to have far more Prem experienced assistant coaches as sounding boards . My advice to him would be to swifly bring in some well known Prem (or Prem game educated) coaches to be assistants. They can better see wher he needs to make in game changes.

    Leaving the slow Ceballos on last night when we could all see he was having problems was frankly stupid and naive. Those sort of mistakes cannot go on and if they do then folk like me will change our minds as evidence mounts.

    I’ll tell you something; years ago I was Ozils huge fan. I loved his talent , his classy way of moving and his input into the team. But years of lack of fight and sheer laziness MADE me change my mind That is what a normal intelligent person does when faced with continuous evidence.

    THIS is where I am right now with MA. I remain behind him. BUT the repeated mistakes must lessen by a lot or I will change my mind with the evidence.

    My own opinion counts for precisely nothing of course and I REMAIN CERTAIN that MA will be here for the foreseeable future. Any one who fools themself that such as Allegri or Nagelsman would agree to work under Kroenke must be wearing a dunces cap!

    1. Like i said Jon in my previous post and you haven’t. Give us a reason (fact) why we should trust Arteta isnt a complete dud? Only one because there are may to prove why he is leading us to oblivion. You skirt around a lot telling us all the bad things he has to deal with but that is a managers job. Is he getting anything out of this squad? NO!

          1. Reggie I cannot give any reasons that YOU will accept, as you and I DO NOT SEE THINGS ALIKE , SADLY. I could give you a number that I think sound but it is pointless as, unlike me, you have a closed mind on MA, as your constant critical posts, even the many on this particular thread, show so graphically.
            I was doing my best in my post above to give a balanced perspective but unless you are prepared to even CONSIDER other options than the one you are dead set upon, a proper debate between you and I is impossible.

          2. Ok jon, i accept that you cant and still support Arteta. All i ask of anyone is to be true, practical and rational to what is going on because this is OUR club that Arteta is struggling to stop going south.

          3. As i have said jon i had high hopes for Arteta and wanted him to revolutionise Arsenal, i know now i was wrong and he isn’t capable.

    2. Jon-What exactly are these special qualities Arteta actually has?
      I would suggest only a fool retains a manager who is proving himself to be clearly out of his depth.

    3. He has been backed up in signing 7 players of his choice in 3 windows. Does Arsenal have to buy 25 players in one window for this talk of not spending to get rested?

      Of the 7 players signed Partey, Maghales and Willian are quality players (at least before they came here) any coach would improve results tremendously in their teams if they had them.

  16. Even an inexperienced manager would have taken off ceballos and made a couple of changes early on (two subs at 93 minutes) pathetic. Its looking more like the last days of emery and even him yesterday was shit, arsenal should have lost 4 or 5 to a better side.

    1. 👍 It was always standard practice to replace a player on a yellow card, when they looked like a “walking red card” due to their approach to the game.

  17. The Truth is bitter! Arsenal cannot go anywhere under Arteta. Honestly when he came, I was ready and willing to support him but it is evidently clear now that this team can’t progress under him. When you keep on repeating the same mistakes on and on, then it means you are not capable. Arsenal have regressed under Arteta! Bitter Truth!

    1. I also supported MA during his appointment since I thought he has little arsenal DNA but now he has proven me wrong …I hate his poor team selection & the type of football he believes in …we all miss Wenger ball…for now even when arsenal scores we dont celebrate coz you not sure the game will end in our favour

  18. It’s such apain watching Arsenal play football these days! I have enjoyed watching my beloved team in only a hand full of games this whole season. These include Leicester, West Brom, Prague away; Spurs, Chelsea , at home.
    These games give me some measure of hope that there’s something that can be done right at Arsenal with MA.
    Therefore I am willing to give him next season to undo all the damage of this season, failure which not even his most ardent disciples would still be following him.

  19. Alright, pretty much the mood is Arteta Out…While people like me who’re Arteta In remain in the minority, I can see why people want Arteta’s head…But let’s say we sack Arteta, then what?
    Does it magically solve all our problems? And BTW, who will we bring in? Do you think people like Naggelsman would take the job…If not, then which world class manager would like to take the Arsenal job given Kroenkes’ lack of investment…NOBODY
    This is precisely the reason we’re stuck with MA no matter what for the foreseeable future

      1. “But let’s say we sack Arteta, then what?
        Does it magically solve all our problems? And BTW, who will we bring in?”

        Answer the questions sir..unless

        1. You don’t read my post obviously because i have answered that question numerous times. Sir…

  20. In the player ratings article I criticized Arteta for the first time this season with justification.To those of you who are calling for his immediate sacking, pray tell me just what that would achieve before the return match against Villareal.Such action would be counterproductive before the most important game of our season, so for that reason alone, it will not happen.The absence of Tierney has thrown a big spanner in the works and has highlighted how unbalanced our squad is.Five centre backs who all lack pace .Two right backs who were not considered good enough to start yesgerday?Our slowest player of all being deployed in an area where he can be exposed.An attacking midfielder who has been directly responsible for giving away a number of goals in the Europa Cup this season being used in central midfield when he simply cannot defend.A complete shambles and yet I would not advocate getting rid of Arteta now because it would let certain players off the hook,players who are clearly not good enough for Arsenal.Every cloud has a silver lining, and if we lose out to a Villareal side which is nothing special it will at least hasten the departure of a good number of mediocre players and probably our inexperienced Manager.As for us thriving under someone like Ancelloti, he and other cheque book Managers cannot turn water into wine.It’s going to take some time to repair the damage created by incompetent management during the past6/7 years.

    1. Grandad, with all due respect, we are the lowest in the league for decades, lowest points total for decades, lowest scoribg figures for decades, lost the most games in the league for decades BUT now is the first time you have blamed Arteta! Talk about burying your head in the sand.

      1. Our dawn fall started several years ago, and got worse with Emery. Playing two seasons almost without a break and proper preseason preparations, during a pandemic, haven’t been beneficial to our struggling club. Facts you blatant are ignoring. Arteta isn’t without mistakes, but your writing is lacking perspective and basic understanding.

        1. Emery showed Arteta up last night for what he is, a fraud. We got lucky second half and Arteta was out manouvered by EMERY the man not good enough for us, with prem cast offs and over the hill la liga players.

          1. “Emery showed Arteta up last night for what he is, a fraud.”

            This is false. La Liga teams are well known to outplayer EPL sides

          2. How many times have La Liga teams played finals in CL and UEL last 15 years? They have dominated both tournaments. I have been living in Valencia and seen many Spanish games during last decade. At the moment Villarreal have better squad balance than Arsenal, but our key players are better. Next week we can probably play a better team than yesterday, but it will not be easy. I do expect us to win, but there’s not a big difference between Arsenal and Villarreal at the moment.

          3. Total rubbish boys, we are talking of Villareal with Emery as manager and prem cast offs and la liga has beens, not real madrid or barca. And please talk about last night not spurious history.

          4. Reggie – yes same Villarreal team that haven’t lost a single UEL game in this campaign, and lost 2-1 against Barcelona 25 April.

          5. AND managed by a manager that Arteta replaced as not good enough for us before we dropped like a stone in the league and got beat by them when thir squad is weaker. What on earth are you trying to defend!

          6. Mark, if you ook at the quality of the relative squads (say based on transfer value), Arsenal should have played Villarreal off the park.

  21. Please stop writing these stupid sacking articles. Yes Arteta makes a lot of mistakes, that’s obvious. Starting without a striker yesterday for instance. Or keeping Ceballos on the field or playing him in the first place. Okay, yes the late subs won’t win the mind of the players to.
    My point is: Arteta won thophies, Arsenal are playing better football, you don’t have to agree just watch a game from 1-2 years ago.
    We haven’t lost with outrageous numbers. Please hold your breath till the end of the season because this is just stupid.

    1. PLAYING BETTER FOOTBALL? really many games this season we have had less than 4 shots on target, sometimes less than that, including last night, one. Where are you looking? Our football is sterile!

      1. Watch Emery’s games. It felt like we were on the brink of collapse every minute of every game. Not saying GOOD football.
        And like ALL our experienced players are playing like nobody’s for good part of the season. If you look on the bright side it’s a world wonder we are where we are now and not in the relegation zone. At least I hope you have the imagination to see how Arteta wants to play and you would see the players just can’t do it.
        Getting sad over all these people screaming for the next coach which will not solve ANYTHING.

        1. WHAT! I look what is really happening not laid down dreaming in an afternoon snooze. We are dropping like a stone! Every week is a new low!

          1. Yes but sacking Arteta won’t solve the problems we have. What sign will this give to the players?

          2. Why wouldn’t sacking a rookie manager with no experience of managing a big team who is making more errors than not be a mistake. You dont make sense, he is failing.

        1. The Arteta worshippers are clinging at straws! Unbelievable there are folks defending that wannabe.

          1. I’m actually very critical of Arteta, but this calling from everyone to have him sacked is just crazy. It won’t help and the downside risk is massive. If all the players and managers would be sold or fired like a lot of fans want we would really be in trouble. Just tired of people who still think it’s normal for Arsenal to win 70% of the matches they play. And Reggie really, spamming this forum all day and then suggesting Benitez is just silly my man.

    2. David, “Arteta won trophies” is very true; however winning cup competitions is different to the consistent performances required to attain a high league position.
      As Napoleon Bonaparte stated:
      “I’d rather have lucky generals than good ones”.
      As with Napoleon and his generals at Waterloo, football managers can only take you so far being lucky.

    3. Are you out of your mind….there Is no difference btw you & the kronkes…you are people who are ruining our club …is sideway & backward passing what you call beautful football?? Oh Jesus …you just ruined my day ….why do we even have such fans like you who dont understand football

  22. It pains seeing us playing like this… almost half of the starting 11 is always questionable if not the tactics, our wins are hardly convincing… the team is just lacking that edge. Something must change. Always watching with hope tells one this is not a top team. Lets admit we are surprised we were score convincingly

  23. This has been the worst season that I’ve seen as an Arsenal fan. I didn’t know disappointment could reach these levels. We are looking more and more like a squad of mid-table players.

    And yet, I support Arteta. I don’t have any rational reasons. I like him and I like the atmosphere he brings to the club. I don’t have any more justification and I won’t pretend it makes any sense.

    Would I be mad if he was sacked? Absolutely not. Results matter and most fans are turning against him. But he will have my support until the bitter end.

    1. This. Every time we have a good run this season and were looking up we fumble again. There still is potential only hard to see now.

  24. So what exactly are you advocating Reggie bearing in mind the imminence of the return leg.Who are you putting in charge to prepare for the most important game of the season?In the longer term how many of the current player pool are of the quality we need to challenge the likes of Man City etc.Five or six at most?By the way I have disagreed with Arteta on his selections and the incorrect usage of Saliba, AMN, Willock and Guendousi for some time but I prefer to offer constructive solutions to get the best out of the unbalanced squad we have at present which no Manager on the Planet can turn into a successful team.Anyone can slag off a Manager but unless you come up with a viable alternative with the players available ,the criticism becomes tedious, at least to this 73 year old.That said Reggie, at least you have never wavered in your feelings towards our Manager .

    1. Grandad, i have done nothing but come up with my opinions to alternatives, i talk facts not dreams and i dont see any advantage in Arteta being in charge next Thursday than even Wenger, even though he was past his sell by date. I would be happy to bring back even wenger for the run in but like i have stated many many times Rafa is a magician with problem players tactics and sorting out problems. He was my choice instead of Arteta. Rafa is and was a realistic choice given our position, i dont pluck silly names like Allegri or Nagelsman out, im realistic.

    2. Grandad – thanks for another interesting comment. It’s easy to be negative, but without perspective and understanding it’s worthless to me. I’m looking forward to the next transfer window and a proper preseason. Next season we might not play in Europe, but I believe that can do us good in a short perspective. To perform in the league should always be our main priority with or without Arteta 🙂

      1. But we haven’t performed in the league and without European money or at least the promise of it it will impact our spending, i just dont get your logic, it doesnt make sense. Ask Nottingham forest and Leeds what young managers and no European football did for them.

        1. Jon, i leave the embarrassing and personal attacks to you. I stick to opinion and fact, i am a realist you know. If you don’t want join in the articles or dont like opinions different to yours and then make it personal, then you are sad. I only challenge the opinion until that idiot challenges me, then its personal, which it should not be. STOP AVOIDING THE OBVIOUS you tell us you are intelligent but you let your judgement get clouded by stubborness. I have no agenda but people like you who hide behind personal slur are definitely not intelligent. I tell you my reasons and FACTS why i want Arteta out, you have told us nothing but get annoyed because you cant. This Article is about 7 reasons for Arteta out, WHAT DO YOU THINK PEOPLE SHOULD SAY? Please jon write an article with 7 goid reasons why he should stay and lets talk about the facts why he should stay.

  25. I have to agree with Konstantin on all his points. This manager (if you can call him a manger) makes some ludicrous choices is his line up and has not got a clue in how to set up his teams. The fact we have been insipid and uninspiring is all down to the manager. Emery’s football wasn’t great but my word, Arteta’s football is league 1 at best. Even my kids are bored senseless of watching this team play football. WTF is he coaching. Any donkey can pass sideways and backwards. I watch our build up play and the amount of times our players are static, waiting to receive the ball is scandalous. The movement is shocking and when we do get into the final 3rd, we seem to run out of ideas. I hate the fact all our players need 5-6 touches before even making a pass. Again, what is he coaching. 1-2 touch football, makes things happen. 5-6 touches allow the opposition to get back in defence. All in all, his ‘coaching’ is weak. His teams mentality is weak and his inexperience is costing us dearly. I never wanted him as a manager but was happy to back him. However, he’s done such a poor job, he can do one!

  26. Last night I was truly angry with everything that Arteta did or didn’t do. I am intrigued to know the reason Arteta doesn’t pick Gabriel Martinelli. Martin Keown has gone a step further and claimed that Arteta dóesn’t like the lad! Nobody knows the truth here. However it begs the question why is Martinelli always sidelined and yet when he plays he is good? It was unrealistic to keep almost wholesale a team that had lost to Everton on Sunday. Any sensible person would have expected some changes. Arteta’s lack of urgency and indifference are costing us dearly.
    I am glad that Jon Fox has also seen that things are going off truck because he has so far been playing the game of patience.
    Many of us are not trigger happy and do not want to change managers every now and then. However if Arteta cannot put his act together there will be no option left
    I take exception to the assertion that no good manager can come to Arsenal because of Kroenke! I think this is mere conjecture brought about by some people’s strong dislike of Kroenke. Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and will attract any manager. Besides when the truth is told Kroenke has not been as stingy as some of us claim. If you look at the money Arsenal has spent in the last few years it is quite much. If the money has not been used to buy good players who do you blame, Kroenke or the technical team? Let us be fair in our criticism.

    1. David, Allegri turned down our approach before Emery came, as he said he would not work under Kroenke.

      Methinks you overestimate our CURRENT appeal to proven top name managers (under Kroenke), who will all expect to spend REAL money and so I cannot agree with your view on that subject.

      I also maintain an in touch owner would firstly never have appointed GAZIDIS AND SECONDLY, WOULD NEVER HAVE LEFT HIM THERE SO LONG TO WREAK SUCH LONG LASTING DAMAGE.

      So Kroenke IS to blame, as he OWNS us , for goodness sake. Who else should we blame – the tea lady perhaps!

      1. We could have had Ancelloti and Benitez to name just 2, there are more but they have won the CL national leagues and realistic and available and probably a bigger profile than wenger. We could have got Ancelloti when we got Arteta but we went for Arteta. We can attract a big name managers but we have to be realistic.

      2. jon, why did you stop supporting Emery, when he was not given the same backing and support Emery received from the Board and senior management?
        Why couldn’t he have turned it around from 3 losses in 8 matches and sitting in 8th position, with support in transfers and player discipline?

        1. Agree to some extent Ozzie but Emerys problem at Arsenal was communication and he didnt come over well in English.

        2. Ozzie, I supported Emery until it became obvious to all that he had lost at least the major part of the dressing room. I still maintain he is a good manager but his inability to learn and pronounce English in a form that is intelligible to all held him back.
          Much of his pressure was from self entitled fans , almost all virtual children in age but that adds up to a huge pressure in the end. I can see the same pressure building up on MA and on ANY future manager who fails to emulate WENGERS GLORY DECADE, TIL 2006.
          Some so called Arsenal fans are actually harming our club and my article (to appear soon on JA) will spell out how and why they harm us. I was truly saddened to see Emert leave as I still see a top manager in him. But sometimes the pieces just don’t fit and our fanbase , someof them, are spiteful and spoilt. Enemies of their own club, in practise!

          1. Thank you Jon, for your detailed response, to which I can only concur.
            Emery should have taken the same course as Bielsa and Ponchettino (in his early days) to use an interpreter, rather than practising his English in interviews.
            As far as “loosing the dressing room”, the Board and senior management failed to support Emery in disciplining the bad apples, as they supported Arteta, when it looked like recurring.
            As I said at the time the Board and senior management found it easier and less costly to sack Emery, than to address the underlying problems at Arsenal FC. Since these issues were not addressed, I foresaw an ongoing revolving door of managers until the Club is fixed and the right appointment made.

      3. Jon I need real evidence of this because Allegri himself claims that he needed a break. I might be persuaded by his version because up to now he hasn’t yet taken up a management role. We should not allow hatred for an individual to turn us into rumour mongers. I still give you the benefit of the doubt.

        1. David, I read the same reports cited by jon and provide you with the following sources found on googling “Max Allegri to Arsenal” :
          https://onefootball. com 5 Dec 2020
          https://www.mirror.co.uk 30 Nov 2019
          https://tribuna.com 4 Dec 2019 quotes David Ornstein regarding Allegri interview by Arsenal.
          I have also read reports that Max Allegri doesn’t want to learn other languages, so has knocked back offers from Spain to coach in Italy.

  27. Kroenke will have to go to give us any chance of a future. Arteta is clearly not mindful or experienced enough to be our manager. I’m sure that most Arteta supporters are now realising that. He must go at the end of the season. I don’t think there is anybody left who thinks that Arteta is the ‘ONE’. He will be leaving.

  28. Arsenal needs new owner like Abramovich of Chelsea Fc who is so passionate about the club not the likes of Kroenke who careless about ArsenalFc .kroenke out. We want see our beloved Arsenal its place back in Europe.

  29. Cannot sack anyone at the moment. If we manage to win Europa League with the season we’ve had it would be a major achievement and 2 trophies in 2 years in charge which is impressive considering we are a mid table team for the last 2 years.
    Also, if the club is bought by the new owner (if the reports are true) there might be some funds to improve the squad as well.
    True, last night decision to play with false number 9 was wrong, should have started Martinelli and Aubameyang and taken off Auba in the second half if he got tired (had malaria for the last few weeks).
    The team is not really good and we are scraping results but are 90 minutes away from a European final with this squad of players which I think is a major achievement so lets see what happens and judge at the end of the season.

    1. Gunner 89, should Arsenal progress to the Champions League next season, with these players, Mikel Arteta as manager and the expected financial support from Kroenke, the results will not be a happy sight!

      1. Ozzie, if Arteta gets us to CL next season we will win it because he will need to be a genius to get us out of the position we find ourselves in today. LOL

      2. God help us with this squad if we somehow miraculously get into the CL we will be the whipping boys no matter who we face so let’s have sober minds get an experienced coach an buy decent players that can perform at CL football consistently.

  30. On a night when all your season rest solely on, you went out and gambled on your team selection, can’t get my head around such act, don’t even know which name to call it,
    but then I saw why Arsenal sacked Emery cause the team was there to be spanked like Roma fc and he bottled it superbly, Arsenal midfield was like an express way so free that a 70yrs old can run through it and all Emery needed was asked his players to run more then the tie would have been over by half time and also on same night saw why we need to let go of Arteta if we don’t want to be spanked like Roma fc next season, this game was all you got to save yourself, save Arsenal and save the season and you went out on one of the biggest stages and experience a tactics you never tried before showing clear biased mind towards players too proud to admit your team is falling apart, accept your fault and make changes in time. WOOOW

    1. Last night slapped you in the face why we have struggled under Arteta. Completely incompetent managerial decision that are impacting our position.

  31. Is anyone surprised anymore by the decisions of Arteta?

    Yet more bush league tactics on display. Did they even practice this formation in their 5 off days? What idiot decides we are better playing with a false 9 than Martinelli as a true 9?

    We got by with Xhaka as a LB against a bottom club, and unsurprisingly lost the last 2 with him as LB.

    I don’t blame Xhaka at all, I blame the manager. He has Saka as an option who performed there admirably, and Cedric who has been better than midfielder Xhaka at LB.

    He could have went with a back 3 and Saka or Cedric as LWB; but no in his arrogant delusion Xhaka was the best option.

    Ceballos, who has been quoted saying he is ready to return to Spain, gets another start, plays like rubbish, and stayed on too long.

    Arteta’s decision making has been inexcusable this year, and he refuses to learn from his mistakes. Bad performances, regression, bad man management, poor tactics, poor selections, and some of the worst football I have ever seen from Arsenal.

    It’s not “If” he’s gone, but surely “When.” Even if ownership is absent they still have a love of money, and Arteta has to be killing their profits as much as he’s killing Arsenal’s style of football.

    There is nothing worth keeping in Arteta, and the sooner he is fired the better.

    1. Arteta will not be missed when he is replaced, like you say, how far are we going to regress before that happens. There is nothing to gain by keeping on a manager failing in his job.

      1. I feel your pain as a fellow Gunner. I also believe Rafa is a good choice (in fact should have been after AW) and have said so in the past: PL experience, tactical, winning mentality.

        But our owners are not going to get him. They believe in the model of offering a former player.

  32. Kudos to you Konstantin for continuing to highlight what anyone with eyes and half a brain should clearly know by now…imagine any other “credible” manager selecting that many offensive-minded players then employing such a obvious sideways passing defensively skewed tactical philosophy against a high pressing team…why would we expect anything different as this is the very same manager who’s chosen to take a team that has invested the vast majority of their resources on offensive players, then continually deployed tactics that relies entirely on the overachievement of our weakest tactical aspects…if this isn’t a perfect example of square peg in a round hole, I don’t know what is…like I’ve always said only the most offensively-stunted teams opt for a 4-2-3-1 formation without a counter-attacking component…pathetic yet expected…the only thing I despise more than self-sustaining model is a self-fulfilling prophecy

  33. I think he should be sacked too, Arteta will turn out to be a great coach but he is experimenting at the wrong club and I’m not surprised because Pep does that too but with far more quality players, a man city or a Chelsea squad would do well with how he wanted us to play yesterday but not this current Arsenal squad as we don’t have that much talent in the midfield. So my question is why not set formation according to your team strength and get the result? He gambled with his Job yesterday and will be shown the door if we don’t qualify next week and I’m sure he knows about it.

  34. Arteta should be sacked after the Villarreal game next week……whatever the result. That is the only way forward.

  35. Agree with all your points Konstantin, who would argue against them? Our playing style is beyond boring. In a perfect world, the Kroenkes would never have been allowed to gain full ownership of this club, and Arteta would have gracefully been given his marching orders after one too many cock ups. Mind you, Emery also highlighted the reason why he would have been a disaster for Arsenal. The fans dilemma of course is, how does the club get itself out of this mess? No easy answers there either but it should start with a manager who is not Benitez, a wider clear out of players than expected and four or five new signings who have been brought in without the smelly hands of Vinai and Edu.

  36. So, Arteta is to be fired. A man who works for such a parsimonious owner, more concerned about his LA Stadium than Arsenal FC.
    Arteta’s only crime being, he led a team of very average players, who struggled to score goals, to a middle table position, where they deserved to finish. He has got them to a semi-final in the Europa League, and is still in with a chance of reaching the final (which if they reach they will undoubtedly lose to Man United).
    This team needs a lot of money spent on it, money that does not appear to be coming any time soon. So, if Arteta goes, whoever takes over (and what top class manager would want to take on this team), will be faced with all the same problems.
    I will say ONE MORE TIME. it is the scouting department and Edu that needs fixing, to give Arteta some better players to work with. But that won’t happen, so stop all your whinging and get used to a future of middle table mediocrity!

    1. I disagree this team is not that bad, it is well capable of finishing in top 4. So Arteta has under achieved big time because of his favouritism and ignoring the merit. In order to stamp his authority he goes too far, why keep playing Willian when he was flipping everytime and then now this obsession with Cebollos, not playing Cedric and Martenelli when he is available. I don’t even want to start on Saliba and co. The sooner we see back of Arteta better it is.

    2. JE, Arteta is small minded as can be seen from the number of players he had exiled and those like Marinello and Sores who can’t seem to please him. Any new players would have to be crawling yes men if the intend to succeed under him.

    3. Spot on you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear👍.
      Arteta ain’t the issue.
      ‘Fans’ who think he is actually know very little about football and are in the main nothing more than entitled reactionary internet idiots.

      Rebuild is needed you don’t pull the plug on the manager without giving him a fair chance to do the job. It’s a big job not a quick fix

      1. Blink, that is why where we are this season because of idiots like you. If this clubs keeps on listening to fans like you we will be in championship soon. You and ur pals will still find an excuse in that as well “atleast tickets are cheap” 😂🤣

  37. I think we missed the boat again, we did it with klopp then we did it again with tuchel. Chelsea were in better position than us and won all their Champions league matches but lampard still got the boot, reason they have ambition and their owner is preactive rather then reactive. We should have sacked Arteta and signed tuchel. Excuse that we are not like Chelsea and we don’t want to be like them is actually soar grapes story for us. I would take the success Chelsea has had in last decade or so over keeping the failure of manager and not sacking them when they failed to meet the expectations of a club with size of Arsenal.

    1. We should have got pep before City. Sure I think pep, klopp and tuchel are more experienced and therefore currently better managers but they have far better squads.
      Look how Liverpool have suffered even with klopp at the helm this season.

      1. I am pretty sure you give the same job to Arteta at city, pool, Chelsea and PSG still he will be a failure. It’s not in him. Why do ppl give examples of Liverpool this season why did they not use the same example last season. Same happened with city last year as well fans were pointing to city performance but now this season they say can not be compared to as they have too much quality.

  38. Our board is stingy in these situation and they try their best to make sure no compensation has to be paid hence they try not to sack the manager unless it’s an absolute necessity.

  39. I will go to saying, he must be sacked after Europa League even Arsenal won the Europa league!
    For god’s sake we are 10th (Villa having a game in hand), that is the bottom half of the table!
    Chelsea would have kicked him out after the first 10 matches.

  40. Arsenal will join the manager revolving door, because it costs less to hire and fire managers (as the sacrificial goats) than to address the underlying problems at this football Club and hire an experienced top line manager to rectify the deficiencies.

  41. The article is floored.
    The squad needs a massive rebuild. Arteta has been unlucky to inherit a shambles and had to deal with the pandemic and injuries to key players.
    Next season things will start to take shape. League has been very poor but will be far better next term.
    HE has still managed to win an fa cup and get us to a European semi. Arteta is not the problem.

  42. 1) This is not a sufficient reason. It depends on context. The league position is mediocre. However, are the resources there to consistently ensure better performances? Any manager needs sufficient key players and enough time to mould a squad into a strong unit. There has also been a lot of turnover recently at Arsenal which makes the manager’s job even more challenging
    2) This is also related to available personnel. Several of the more skilful and imaginative players have been unavailable, key players (e.g. Partey) have been injured or inconsistent. There is inadequate cover for key players/positions.
    3) This is also related to the above i.e. personnel When your most in form senior striker is injured and the other is out of form you are bound to have difficulties up front. Arsenal has no established playmaker.
    4) This is very controversial. Most of the goals have come from individual errors rather than the teams setup. When two players can’t stop an attacking winger despite being in position that is down to poor player.
    5) This is a narrative based on certain people’s biases. It has been repeated so often that people trot this out every time there is a bad result whatever the circumstances. It is false and baseless.
    6) This is definitely untrue. The example given of Arsenal playing better with 10 is an odd one as evidently you have to play differently.
    7) This is probably the only one I can agree with in the context of the match against Villareal and Arteta’s approach to games. However, this approach is actually fairly common in the football and is by no means idiosyncratic.

    As some more honest and thinking fans have pointed out Arteta has inherited a shambles and it will take time sort things out. There is also a lot more strength in depth amongst the clubs in the premier league than many fans are willing to admit. There are far more teams with balanced squads than even a few years ago.
    The performances of premier league teams in the champions league over the last few years demonstrates what Arsenal are up against. A team like Spurs, (yes, them) got to the final a couple of years ago and now are struggling to get into the top 4. If you consider the strengths of other traditional rivals it is clear that Arsenal have a long way to go to challenge consistently for top honours. Foaming at the mouth about Arteta is not going to change any of that. Sacking him is not going to suddenly turn Arsenal into world beaters.
    It is possible that another manager could do better but transforming Arsenal is going to take a lot more than simply changing the manager.

    1. Hear, hear! I would say your point 4) is the most frustrating of the lot. I think it was something like 7 disciplinary issues (including VAR fraudulence, the David Luiz tackle, say) which effected the outcome of matches through the season, around 4 of which affected prem league matches. That’s a potential 12 points! What is Arteta supposed to do about that?!

  43. Well Wenger could not win with these players, neither Emery and you are surprised Arteta is struggling. We’ve been poor for years so why are you surprised?

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