Opinion: A win against Liverpool will be the perfect morale-booster for title challenge

Arsenal has made a fine start to this Premier League season after winning the FA Cup and Community Shield in August.

Mikel Arteta’s side has been one of the most-improved teams in the Premier League for some time now and they have won all their three games this season.

They have kept two clean sheets from those games and interestingly, both clean sheets have come away from home.

They beat Liverpool in the Premier League during Project Restart and they also beat the Reds to win the Community Shield.

The Reds have been the top side in this head to head fixture before the last two fixtures and those two wins show that the table is turning.

We face the Reds again at Anfield on Monday and I think that game will be a turning point in our season.

I expect Arteta to come up with a plan to earn another upsetting win in that game and if we succeed, it can spark a charge towards the Premier League title.

Every team that has won the Premier League has had a turning point, and this game can be ours.

If we can beat Liverpool, again, our players will believe that they can beat any other team in the division and they will make it happen.

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  1. It’s a kind of a win-win for us. Even if we were a top team, like Bayern, on a 20 game winning streak, it would still be extremely tough to get anything at Anfield.

    So although a win is fantastic for us, defeat isn’t the end of the world, especially as we already have maximum points as a buffer.

    I actually feel very confident going into this game, even more so knowing Henderson is out.

    1. Yes! Even in the unlikely event we lose, it’s only 3 points and we are not playing Liverpool every week.

  2. Watching Palace Everton game on Amazon. These handball decisions are pathetic. So now you aim a ball at the defender’s hand and it’s a penalty. VAR is ruining the game. As for the pen for Man U after the ref blew the final whistle … WTF?

  3. Although it’s too early in the season, this is our first opportunity to break any dreams of invincibility they might still be having. But if we draw or even lose, it’s not the end of the world. We wil try again.
    However one thing certain is that we’ve been able to instill fear in them. They won’t come against us with any nonchalance, which invariably can work in our favor as they are bound to panic and make a lot of mistakes we can capitalize on.
    On the other hand, a win against them might make us become overconfident to our own detriment. I hope with a manager like Arteta, we won’t fall victim to that vice.

    1. That’s It
      They Rained Bullets At Us At The Emirates – But We Won

      That Made Them A Little More Cautious When They Played Us In The Community Shield

      If They Don’t Get An Early Goal, The Game Will Tilt Towards Our Winning

  4. Henderson is nothing. Would’ve preferred Mane out. Mane is the most dangerous Pool player. Their success depends on how Mane plays.

    1. And Arsenal’s winning chances depends on how good auba plays in this entire season. Don’t forget Salah and World class midfielder of pool side either in form of Thiago Alcantra.

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