Opinion – Abuse of Unai Emery is starting to go too far

Online abuse causes Unai Emery to lose “masterclass” gig.

Unai Emery has been a subject of several fits of abuse both online and offline in recent weeks as the former PSG boss struggles to get the best out of his squad.

They are currently eight points behind the top four and below the likes of Wolves and Sheffield United on the league table.

Unai Emery was scheduled to speak in a “masterclass” at the London Football University, but the event organizers have cancelled his appearance due to the abuse they received since announcing that the Spaniard would speak at the event.

Unhappy fans of Arsenal have been voicing their displeasure in games this season, but taking it as far as to Emery’s other professional engagements may have been a step too far.

The event planners released the following statement as per Sky Sports.

“It is with much regret that we can no longer present Unai Emery to UCFB students this Friday.

“We have noticed that there were a number of negative comments aimed at Mr Emery when the guest appearance was initially announced.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind all students of the digital footprint that you create, which could impact you throughout your career within the football and sports industry.”

This is going too far in my opinion, what next? Abusing his family?

This is what happens when it becomes acceptable to hurl abuse at managers and players. When some fans see online Arsenal fans become celebrities for their vitriol it is no surprise that it feeds into everything else.

It is one thing to chant ‘Emery out’ or ‘you do not know what you are doing’, but beyond that, it is a disgrace.

This is now becoming embarrassing and Arsenal fans are starting to get a reputation as a toxic club. The sad thing is, that it is just a vocal minority that use a platform on Youtube to line their own pockets at the expense of the genuine Arsenal fan, like the vast majority on here, that express their anger in a dignified manner.


  1. Durand says:

    Decent respectful fans that disagree with club’s direction don’t make news. It’s the Neanderthals lacking self control that get the spotlight.

    They exist at every club, but Arsenal is hot news now because of the state of our deterioration.

    Disagree completely with the digital bullying of Emery or anyone.

  2. Daulat says:

    This is taking too far. Everything outside his occupation with Arsenal should not be of any concern to Arsenal fans. This is disgraceful really.

    1. ACE says:

      Before unfairly criticizing and
      stereotyping those Youtube posers
      lining there pockets at the expense
      of Arsenals clear dysfunction atm
      you might take a moment to glance at
      the most reason piece by Lee Judges
      and Kevin Campbell. Without ? the
      most well thought out, thorough 45
      minute analysis of everything that
      is wrong at the club atm. It isnt a
      hack piece of meaningless vitrol
      aimed at the board, Kroenkes, or
      Emery but a brilliant conversation
      between 2 articulate fans expressing
      there concerns at the club and what
      could and should be done to bring
      pride back to the badge.

      Kevin Campbell provided a painful
      summation that Arsenal fans around
      the world can relate to when he
      painfully expressee that he doesnt
      recognize Arsenal futbol anymore,
      that AFC lacks an identity and the
      board has been complicit in allowing
      that club DNA to erode since the
      move from Highbury.

      FANTASTIC little segment that I
      recommend to everyone on this board
      to watch.

      WTS, whats happening to Emery is
      sadly unfortunate but could of and
      quite frankly should of been avoided
      if the Raul and the board would of
      done there jobs weeks ago.

      1. ACE says:

        This was a response to the
        original piece, not your opinion.

  3. Nana Kay says:

    The board should announce they have parted ways with Unai already. That’s the only way to end this, beyond that, i don’t see an end to this. At least news like this would force the hands of those at the helm of affairs.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Well I hope this just a cover story, for Emery being/getting sacked, thus making his appearance extremely difficult.

    If it has been cancelled because of the abuse, then it’s the wrong move. They’re letting the extremist minority win.

  5. ThierryVanBergkamp says:

    The reality is Arsenal are going to go lose at Brighton and West Ham and we’ll be in Everton’s position by Christmas, and we’ll lose 120m quid worth of strikers.

    It could all be avoided and our season could be saved. But Emery or Nuno Espirito aren’t the guy’s to do it. We need an Allegri

  6. GunneRay says:

    Emery has just stated today, “He wants to connect with Arsenal fans in a bid to prove doubters wrong” and that “Xhaka comeback will be important for us”..

    I guess he’s still with us and the team tomorrow then. And Xhaka is staying! 🙁

  7. Mogunna says:

    It is a total mess created by Kroenke and fans still there taking it on Emery!

    1. ken1945 says:

      If only these now knowledgable fans had realised this, when targetting AW, who decided he had had enough of the personal and sickening abuse and resigned, we would still be a well run club, competing for the top four and CL qualification spots.

      THose of us who said it was Wenger who was keeping us in the top four and winning trophies until his last season, got some of the same kind of abuse on here, but at least we could reply and how time has proved us right.

      AW did it with kronkie in control from 2009, with EXACTLY the same situation we have now and with the emergence of Abromavitch and the sheik.

      Just as UE has had to buy according to kronkie’s cloth, so did AW AND he had the added burden of gazidis.
      All history now of course, but I clearly remember saying that one day the truth would out, it’s just a pity that poor old UE is not as good as AW was in keeping the ship afloat.

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