Opinion – AFTV complaining about Arsenal fans’ opinions is ironic


I do find it ironic how given that AFTV have built their success on saying what they like/don’t like about Arsenal, they get so uptight when it’s done back to them.

They’re allowed to bring banners to games, shout, swear, single players out, verbally abuse the greatest manager in our history, but it’s apparently out of order when the roles are reversed?

I’m only going off the clips that I have seen on social media, so if there were any acts of violence, let me stress that’s unacceptable no matter what your opinion is.

Yet from what I saw, there’s a lot of chanting from Arsenal fans’ towards Robbie with him trying to explain himself. Now I can imagine that being quite intimidating, but he can’t have it both ways.

He talks about what has happened to modern Arsenal fans’. That a generation of supporters are growing up being educated wrongly- but he’s contributing to that.

Sport should be fun and an escape. You are not entitled to win and that’s how some of AFTV guests act, entitled.

We don’t win so they want answers; want to have a tantrum; want an explanation to why they have personally been offended.

A lot of people including myself are passionate about their club, but I don’t feel the need to come out with certain language.

Is what happened any different to when DT turns around and verbally shouts at his fellow gooner for having an alternative opinion?

Was it nice for Xhaka to have someone shout down a camera for him to F off, while hundreds cheered? That was still uploaded despite being intimidating.

The player himself came out and spoke about how this was hurting him mentally. He was mocked for that.

In fact, Gary Neville, Hector Bellerin and John Cross have all tried to warn the channel they were crossing a line and were dismissed (the last two sworn at and mocked).

The club itself has asked for players to not interact with them, proving that someone in power clearly agrees that their content is damaging to the club.

Then there is Mr Wenger. On the eve of the Cup Final he warned he felt we were in danger of losing our values, and had felt disrespect from a section of our fan base he would never forget.

I’ll never forget a fan who’s made money out of verbally abusing Mr Wenger, not even having the class to stay and applaud him after his final home game.

Did this fan just go home? No, he couldn’t wait to run to the nearest camera and say ‘guess what I did’ swearing as usual.

The chance has been there to change, and they haven’t.

The response is always the same, it’s free speech and this is a platform for all Arsenal fans’ to have their say.

Well you can’t be selective, clearly some are annoyed by the channel and deserve to be listened to as much as if someone was picking on Ozil.

Change the name to Kroenke from AFTV in that chant – would Robbie have objected?

What really upsets the host is this is bad for his business, which like all businesses the priority is to make as much money as possible.

There will be sponsors who won’t be happy to see a divide, that suddenly the image of being the ‘voice’ of the people isn’t accurate.

Why do you think he was quick to try and dismiss these people as Yobs?

It’s easier to say that then look in the mirror and ask ‘what have I done to create that?’

AFTV is popular but compared to Arsenal it’s a fruit and veg store trying to take down Harrods.

Standing outside and bringing negativity to one of the biggest institutions in the world was only ever going to be tolerated short term.

Dan Smith


  1. Sorry but all I sense is jealousy from the author of the article. It’s not the first time something as juvenile as this has been posted on here.

    1. Ok, I’ve re-read this twice now and I’ve no idea how you think the author is jealous. Sounds more frustrated to me. Just to be clear, what exactly are you sensing the author here is jealous of??

      1. What on God’s green earth is there to be jealous of? The men on Arsenal fan TV are all generally considered to be of exceptionally low intelligence and merely act as a source of entertainment for other fans. They probably make a small amount of money but I highly doubt the author of this piece (who, unlike AFTV participants, is literate enough to string a sentence together) cries themselves to sleep because they are not a professional clown 😂

    2. I write incidents that happen and give my opinion
      I never asked for there to be an confrontation at the weekend
      So there was , it made the news , I wrote my opinion

      Going by your logic AFTV must be jealous of Arsenal

      1. To be honest Dan. there’s actually no logic to your baseless explanations as to why you write these articles.. I wish you would take a moment to think for yourself. you are one of Unai Emery’s big time critics, how would you feel if people came to you and told you to stop airing your opinion about him when he didn’t perform to your standards or to stop commenting or writing articles to criticise players. what do you things as little as player ratings on just arsenal do if not to criticise players. Players and people who have tried to shut AFTV up are people who hate the truth. The Truth is not something that would make you happy. The Truth will piss you off like it did to those people. And you won’t tell me there’s no money made from the amount of traffic generated on Just arsenal site. In the grand scheme of things anyway Dan, I’ve noticed you love writing controversial articles maybe to get people to talk or drive traffic. I sense that to be your ulterior motive. Or for what it’s worth, you asked to join AFTV a long time ago and they turned you down. well suck it up and move on

        1. Can I ask then what other people’s reasons are ?
          Was Garry Neville, Simon Jordan , Jhon Cross also turned down ?

      2. That does not make sense coz AFTV does not exist without Arsenal but Justarsenal and AFTV are competitors. I like them both but this article is sadly not the best. You have your opinion and I have mine just like you mentioned in the article.

        1. Dan, I don’t agree with every view on AFTV, nor do I condone swearing and other poor behaviour.
          Garry Neville accepted an invitation for a discussion with Robbie Lyle on AFTV, which was mutually respectful and went over extremely well, in my view.
          As far as people appearing on AFTV being all of low intelligence Graham’s match and tactical analyses leave many a so called professional pundit for dead. As I understand it, Robbie Lyle was a surveyor, Mo is an accountant, Lee Judges runs his own dry cleaning business and Kenny Ken is obviously no dill.
          As I have questioned before why didn’t those people express their opinions on the AFTV platform, rather than behaving like a confrontational mob?

  2. Yeah. Sore jealous article writer. Aftv is not to blame for where the club is. I believe if not for their voice, we would have been worse off. Remember how they promoted the “we care do you” campaign. Stop being jealous Mr article writer. We are one

    1. Yeah im jealous
      So is Jhon Cross
      Gary Neville
      Simon Jordan
      Hector Bellerain
      Arsenal fans who made the chant
      Arsenal who asked players not to interact with channel
      All jealous ?

  3. JEALOUSY JEALOUSY JEALOUSY!!!!AFTV represents majority of Arsenal faithfuls. This platform is our voice and it is here to stay big time and will only continue to increase in influence and popularity. For you lot who have got an agenda against AFTV, remember that not for this platform, Mr Wenger could still have easily remained manager till date and those mediocre board members and owner could have easily still be getting away with their disguised theft and trickery. AFTV IS HERE TO STAY!!! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it but be rest assured that you are just a cog in the machine, as millions appreciate this channel worldwide.. Peace out.

    1. I really hope your view isn’t repeated consistently. If AFTV is the platform to run the club from a fan point then we are in more trouble than I’d thought. Social media has a lot to blame and it’s not helping our club either.

      1. AFTV is not there to run the club, we are only creating something the club has failed to do for years, which is to give the fans a voice and if you re sensitive enough, you will notice that our once arrogant and nonchalant board members and owner are getting broken by the day. Arsenal fans deserve to voice their opinion after paying from the nose every year only to get served mediocrity and disregard from the owners…

  4. May be if Kroenke and the board members had done the needful,there wouldn’t have been AFTV… Blame the management for the demise of the club, not AFTV… AFTV is just an effect or reaction of the root cause of the problems (KROENKE). Get your perspective right and don’t let envy and jealousy cloud your judgement…

    1. I much agree with this comment. Many choose to forget that Kroenke is the direct root cause of much of the frustration we fans feel, which in some cases leads fans to turn against other fans, RATHER THAN calling out the true villain, Kroenke. Kroenke is still collecting huge and regluar money as he now owns us “100% and he, alone, can choose what happens to all that money. Most of any profit finds itself into his own pocket, either directly or indirectly. He is morally, though not legally – since business laws are designed to be largely morally corrupt anyway – a thief. Robin Hood in reverse!

  5. Admin (whoever runs Just arsenal site) this is getting boring and making me and some others get tired of Just arsenal as each day goes by. I’m less inclined to visit this site with this petty behaviour from your so called article writers who can’t get above their pettiness and glaring JEALOUSY for what AFTV accomplishes for us fans. Do you know how many lives AFTV has saved? Yes I’m gonna go in that direction. There are many times depression hits many concerned Arsenal fans after a series of bad games or poor transfer window because of the love and how passionate we are towards Arsenal. Watching other fans on Aftv voice out what you’ve been thinking gives you alot of hope that you’re not alone and you can move out of depression. So what right do you have to keep publish this half baked articles about another genuine Arsenal fans platform. I watch Robbie and the guy tries his best game in and game out to stay positive and spends money to attend games despite the constant betrayal on the part of the club. There’s no place on planet earth these guys won’t go as long as it’s Arsenal football club playing. These guys deserve to be praised if anything not criticized unfairly. I’m gonna make a bold claim right now and say that if i see another article condemning AFTV, that will be the last time I visit Just Arsenal site. And I’ve been on this site for close to 10 years now. I’m sure there are other people like me who are equally disappointed in you guys for putting out articles like this. Let’s talk strictly about matters pertaining to our club alone and the players. It’s not your business what another fans platform or website does. Imagine if AFTV decided to stoop so low to your level and start to criticise just arsenal specifically. we all on this site do exactly what AFTV does. And we have fans here who bully others. difference is AFTV is Tv and yours is articles.. Please stop publishing these articles I implore you to listen to reason one last time

    1. well, i am totally in support of you.
      One more AFTV jealousy article and you guys will be off the list of arsenal site i visit.
      There are many things arsenal to talk about, yet AFTV is their focus…godaaam

      1. Dan How sad and pathetic of you to laugh at something as bad as depression? Do you have any clue how many people die from depression? Maybe when you can suffiently grasp what depression means, you would understand what i mean by saving lives, what do you think they do at AA type meetings?.. they talk about similar problems which primarily helps people know they’re not alone. that’s the first step to help a person suffering from depression. AFTV talks strictly about football and it’s relation to Arsenal. you are the obviously envious ones straying from the purpose of why a football fan site is created. And if you’re too proud to take honest corrections, you have no business creating a platform that brings fans together. You should shut down and go be a pundit on talksport or something.

        1. Never laughed at anyone with depression
          Just don’t agree that AFTV saved lives ?
          Especially the content they produce being quite negative
          Why do you think fans chanted what they chanted
          Constant negativity is not what people want to hear

          1. Explain what you mean by negativity? If you successfully prove to me that the problems at Arsenal they rant about are not the same ones as what goes on here, then I’ll stop arguing now and agree with you

          2. Give you one
            Does admin post on here any swearing ?
            How does that saying Xakha F….off
            Claude swearing
            Dt telling fans to f off
            How does that help your depression ?

          1. Viju, it is an unfortunate fact that some people have committed suicide after their club or country lost an important sporting match. Two South American countries went to war over a football match, resulting in loss of lives. Football violence has caused brawls, stabbings and death. Unfortunately, to some sport isn’t life or death, it’s more important than that.

  6. yeah, sure… AFTV is the reason we are bad. Whats more ironic are that some fans want AFTV to stop being “toxic” by being toxic themselves. We’ve said just as harsh things on this site, so is JA just as bad and at fault now too? Maybe the players read this site. Or maybe we’re all slagging each other off for no reason when its the club hierarchy that has guided us into this mess.

  7. I agree, I would never watch that shit if Robbie paid me out of the cash he makes from YouTube. Speaking to alot of the football fans of other clubs they find his show hysterical and that’s why they watch it. I really dont think alot of his subscribers are actually gooners. There is no place for fans like him at our club, it comes to show something when our most continuous fan Piers Morgan comes out and backs him.

    Our job as fans is to support, theres nothing wrong with being pissed off when we lose. But when supporters of AFTV berate individuals within our team shows they have no idea about football at all. This is a team sport, you win as a team you lose as a team ok sometime players make De Gea type errors but they are human, sulk to yourself not air your frustrations to the world. When a mistake is made the player knows himself how bad it is and they are suffering already. They dont need a load of knob heads sending them death threats

    1. James, a lot of other fan channels of other clubs are far worse than AFTV, and would be hysterical to Arsenal fans. It’s rarely that laughter causes harm!

  8. How is AFTV different from this platform. Only difference is you dont have as much traffic as they have. You also make a bucks or two off this blog as much people come to this site innit? i have read consistently despicable worsds insulting our players here, from ozil, to iwobi to koscienly to xhaka. you are also guitly of the crimes you accusing them of. No blogs on arsenal or media outlet is holier than what AFTV have done. So stop calling them out. And i think justarsenal should stop posting about AFTV, why should they even make your headline? do you think posting about them negatively will suddenly stop fans from viewing the channel? dont you know that even negative publicity is publicity? AFTV just rented a space in your blog free of charge.

    1. Only difference is we don’t swear
      Don’t benefit from writing our thoughts either
      Also while !e writing this won’t stop people from watching AFTV, going by that theory us as well as AFTV shouldn’t chat about full stop going by your theory

  9. Yes Dan you are spot on.
    Robbie saying these people who opposed his show were thugs is so hypocritical
    when his own “show” has recently come to promote the thug culture.
    Recently the most regular characters are now either Muslim or those with African descent
    and those in back ground shots are also Black or Muslim.
    White people are hardly seen so you would think the game is being played in Nigeria.
    aftv now broadcasts a black gangster in the hood “truth”
    It has become a ritualized scripted “performance” where everyone
    is trying to be the next Deontay Wilder.
    Y’ unerstand what I’m saying blood, know what I mean Fam?
    The characters are usually half hidden behind caps or hoodies and the most
    popular ones act tough, swear a lot while they trash talk.
    But are BBC or Sky sport any different or any better because their “thugs”
    are usually white, wear suits and refrain from swearing?
    Just Arsenal too is littered with harsh comments and has its own regular Bully boys
    who dominate topics and intimidate those who dare deviate from the preferred narratives.
    Entering into the world of the media be it old school news papers tv/radio
    or online social media is a risk we take if we participate.
    Robby and aftv can give it but clearly can’t take it.
    My advice to Robbie and his hoods on aftv is harden up bruv stop squealing son
    yunerstan what I mean bro toughen up fam don’t be a howly bag blood.

    1. Please tell me how many of aftvs videos have you watched before you start judging on what race goes on and what doesn’t because there are a fair amount of white People that do go on it. And tell me 5 ways they promote gang culture because I honestly don’t understand where you are getting this from. Because I reckon you have only watched a couple videos and already started to judge all of them. Everyone here is just feeding on AFTVS fame and now haters .

      1. Waju, I believe Agu is being sarcastic! If I am wrong, hopefully I will be corrected, but then I would be disappointed in my lack of judgement.

      2. “You reckon I have only watched a couple of Videos”?
        You reckon wrong.
        I have been watching Arsenalfantv for 6 years.
        I have viewed 2,500 videos.
        How about you?

  10. Of course Kronke doesn’t like AFTV; they put a spotlight on him.

    Moving to Emirates but we lack funds still, why did we move again? His lies get broadcast and he gets held accountable.

    His mediocrity is acceptable only to him and the board, and he hates AFTV disrupting his piggy bank portfolio.

  11. seems to me that the author of this piece is absolutely obsessed with AFTV. if AFTV are that bad, then why not ignore them altogether, and give them no air time.DAN, seems like you have something against AFTV, would you care to share what is the story behind your hatred of them.free speech is free speech, while you might not like what somebody says, you have to grin and bear it , thats what free speech is all about. i am surprised at you for attacking AFTV, i know nothing about them, but you are going on about them shouting their heads off . i say take a good look at yourself in mirror young man.if free speech is good for you , then, it is also good for AFTV, regardless, if you agree with them or not.

  12. thats not actually answering my question young man. you clearly have a problem with AFTV, but yet you lack the balls to come out and be honest. typical of you , keyboard warrior.i have no idea what aftv ARE ABOUT, I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING BY THEM. BUT WHAT IS OBVIOUS IS THAT YOU HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH THEM, AND YOU USE THIS SITE TO PADDLE YOUR OWN CANOE. YOU SIR, ARE A HYPOCRITE.

    1. No there was a article about them other day so this was my opinion ?
      If you read your post , you never ask a question?

      1. well, i did ask you , DAN, what is the story about your hatred of AFTV. perhaps, you dont see that as a question, but i certainally do . so, i am giving you another opportunity to answer my non question. where does you haterd of AFTV come from young man. by the way, i want to stress that i am in no way connected with AFTV, ive actually never heard of them until you began to rant about them on here. the forum is alll yours sir.

        1. I answered , article was written on Saturday,this is my response to it
          If AFTV are allowed to have their opinion on Arsenal and your allowed opinion on me
          Why can’t I have opinion on AFTV ?

          1. okay DAN, thanks for the reply. i guess now we all know what you are made of . happy christmas to you and yours.

  13. So do you think articles such as this will unite fans? Admin you’re just making the matters worse. In short, this is not prudent from you to say the least!
    Hint: I don’t watch AFTV!

  14. I never watch aftv because I can’t deal with what feels like negative propaganda. Also – they interview a bunch of dimwits, it’s actually painful to watch.

  15. Another hater of aftv I wonder how you started u are clearly only gaining popularity over having ago at aftv so you are very hypocritical because you are saying aftv are only doing the same to the club they support arsenal. These fans spend fortunes on games home and a away and all they simply do is give there opinion after I really don’t see a problem with that. I’m sure if Robbie was white from the highest background of richness there would be no issue. The media and people like you are scared and intimidated because of there growth so have your opinion but don’t lie on one of my favourite YouTube channels

    1. Aftv are lauded by other clubs saying they are the best thing about The Arsenal. The bastards are helping to denigrate the best team in the world. Chuck em out of every game. AFTV are the real yobs.

  16. Those making it look like AFTV is the real Arsenal and anyone else isn’t need to think again. The Arsenal Football Club is the real Arsenal, not AFTV.

    I know AFTV wishes nothing more than to create the real Arsenal in their own image.
    But they need to know that without the real Arsenal AFTV is nothing. Can Robbie dare to not be called anything close to Arsenal and risk the consequences?

    The values portrayed by AFTV clearly resonate with some, which is not a crime in itself. There is freedom of opinion and association. But when that freedom and s hurting the real Arsenal and AFTV is blind to that, then we should all have a problem with that. AFTV, no matter how good some feel about their narrative is highly divisive an hardly represent the values of the real Arsenal (Victory Through Harmony) and I don’t see how they are working towards it. That they are this divisive is enough proof. If we all want Arsenal to be a better club, winning trophies and doing well, how is being this toxic and totally disrespectful of anyone not sharing 100 percent of their view, okay?

    They have made a lot of money via Arsenal Football Club’s bad times. Let’s not permit them to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  17. This is for Robbie. If you’re not a leech, feeding fat off the problems of Arsenal Football Club, prove it. How? Very simple.

    From the proceeds of your work on that channel, pay the running cost of your work, give away ALL of the rest to charity and it will become clear that you really are not in this to profit from the troubles of this great club.

    Do this and I will find it difficult to see you as a divisive parasite.

    1. The main devisive parasite is Kroenke. Too bad most of us don’t have a couple of billion to buy him out.

  18. how old is RL
    where did he sit at highbury
    what pub did he drink in
    who did he go with
    lets have answers to these questions
    a good business man but no body ever seen him before 2012

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