Opinion – Anything less than three points for Arsenal today is unacceptable

Only three points are acceptable for Arsenal today.

Since Mikel Arteta came on board there has been a clear improvement in the way Arsenal play and in their attitudes, however, reality now has to kick in and nothing short of a win at Burnley is acceptable.

There is no point saying the lads did brilliant and you can see that Arteta’s methods are working if we do not leave Turf Moor with all three points this afternoon.

A loss would mean that Arsenal would be 13th and just six points above the relegation zone. Think about that for a minute.

A draw would mean Arsenal move back to tenth and just seven points above the bottom three.

Now, there are some, myself included, that does not believe that top-four is completely out of the question, unlikely I admit but not impossible.

Well, a win would see us eight points below fourth and so if there is a belief among some of us that eight points can be made up with the games we have left remaining then we have to accept that by not winning and being just six or seven points above relegation, then that prospect is not an impossibility as well.

Of course, I do not believe that Arsenal will be relegated, I have not checked with the bookies but I suspect the odds on that would be close to 100/1 but it does underline my point that nothing short of a win today is acceptable no matter how the team has played.

Only results count now, improved performances and attitudes is no good for anyone when it’s points that are so desperately needed.


  1. Sergio says:

    I agree with you that we should win this game. However Burnley away is not easy.

    Yes they just lost to Norwich at home but the two games before that they beat Utd away 2-0 and Leicester at home 2-1.

    I’m not saying I’d be happy with a draw or less, but to go as far as to say nothing but a win is unacceptable is a bit much. Either way, I think we’ll win today.

  2. McLovin says:

    We can’t lose. Today is a,cup final. Final game before the break.

  3. Francis says:

    I read an article on Untold Arsenal comparing the number of fouls and Yellow cards received by Burnley and Arsenal..
    Burnley: 270 fouls 39 Yellow 0 red
    Arsenal: 258 fouls 58 Yellow 3 red

    So today I expect a very physical game with constant and deliberate fouling from Burnley not allowing Arsenal to get into their rythm and the referee ignoring all that Burnley does…
    That is why I believe we will be very lucky to get a win

    1. Admin Martin says:

      They make Arsenal fans look pitiful with their constant peddling of conspiracies. I find it embarrassing.

  4. David T says:

    If the ref behaves then yes we will win

  5. Davars says:

    I’m happy to see few optimistic comment here comom arsenal

  6. Leka says:

    They dont look like a winning team. Very boring game.

  7. Bur says:

    Fluuck n ell that Guendouzi is dung get rid,

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