Opinion – Are Arsenal set to lose our Star players next summer?

Arsenal are in danger of losing their star players next summer; that is my fear

I don’t know why I keep having this fear of tomorrow when it comes to matters concerning Arsenal. Whenever Arsenal is about to start a game, I start getting worried; worried that we will lose the game… I can’t just help it but I am a human being, after all!

Another thing that gives me so much fear is the belief that almost all our stars will dump us next summer if we don’t start showing genuine title winning ambitions! Let us reason together, if you were a Lacazette or a Bellerin, would you still want to stick with a club that is not adding to your trophy cabinet? Won’t you rather jump at any offer from Barcelona, come next summer?

In all honesty, I wish this will be the case but with Emery still in charge of Arsenal’s team selections then we may just resign ourselves to fate to see us through. Has anybody noticed that our star players don’t feel motivated to play for the club again? Is this a sign that they have lost the interest in playing for Arsenal?

Over the years, Arsenal has been known as a feeder team to the bigger clubs; we develop star players, make them marketable, but won’t show the ambition to win a trophy, and then we sell them to a bigger club and make meagre money out of them. Does anybody relate with my school of thoughts? Are we about to continue that pattern this season? I am afraid to say it, but yes!

Unless Arsenal becomes ruthless this season, Emery will remain in charge, and we will keep declining, especially in away games, and we will miss champions league qualification by the whiskers. God forbid, I am tempted to say, but then, can I help it? I pray we don’t get to the point where our players begin to question our ambition and dump us for another club. What are your fears?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Jdawg says:

    There shouldn’t be any fear just acceptance that we are a 5th/6th placed team. Come on guys where have we finished the last 3 seasons, be realistic! The only hope of getting champions League football is winning the Europa. The club know this just not the fans. Fans are living in a fantasy world!

    1. Uchman says:

      Very deluded statement,after spending over 200m pounds we should remain a 5th/6th club,even when man u and spufs r having their worst season for decades, we should remain a 5th/6th club? U guys r bunch of hypocrites for real 5 seasons ago we finished 3rd it was labelled a failure, 4 seasons ago we finished 2nd it was labelled a failure, 3 seasons ago we finished, 5th just a point behind Liverpool we won the fa cup amid Wenger. Sanchez and ozils contract uncertainties which affected the dressing room with massive unrest from fans in wanting Wenger out,then come a new manager with a massive warchest and a calmer environment u still believe we r a fifth/6th club,what nonsense,the events of Wenger’s last two seasons was a case of distractions than ability, we should be competing with the title with our current recruits anything short of that is massive failures and the coach deserve to leave,I hate hypocrites and pretenders,emery has failed woefully and he deserve to leave,any coach that can’t get us competing have no business being here!we r not as bad as Leicester before emery arrived,they v not done better than us in the market ,the difference is the ability of the coaches,

      1. dammy says:

        best comment yet…I still believe some of us need to apologize to that man called Wenger…. hypocrisy at the highest level is what we fans are exhibiting by aiming for top 4 when that was what caused the wenger out brigade to be very vocal….

      2. Jdawg says:

        Lol this did make me giggle. I agree with you and I hope we finish top 4 but let’s be realistic and point to what’s happened the last three seasons and currently. Tottenham and Man United have nothing to do with the teams currently above us so that statement is pointless. Good day to you sir, let’s just keep supporting our team. Just don’t lose sleep there’s more to life than getting stressed over the gunners. We will finish outside the top 4 and I would put money on that too

  2. gogo says:

    I just believe arsenal has got a pre agreement wit an elite manager but are keeping it secret even to Emery. So its only natural for them to claim their support for him, to get the best out of the current situation… I’m just blindly trusting our board cos i know Raul is prudent.

  3. gotanidea says:

    The ones who don’t want to play for Arsenal anymore can leave

    1. dammy says:

      am sorry Mr gotanidea you need to quit this mentality of old where players own allegiances to clubs one way or the other…. this century we are in players are mercenaries…. they play for the money…. you will never get the best players to play for your club thinking that way….no one wants to see Arsenal going down…. it’s not just about commitment of the players…. quality players are also important….so am not of the opinion anyone can leave…. that statement doesn’t show enough care for the club….is like saying you love your wife no matter what then you in turn won’t cater for her to see her continue to look beautiful…

      1. towny254 says:

        It’s all about money today there are very few who are loyal today the Arsenal players have been in the Wenger comfort zone with the likes of OZIL and co Emery is trying to get them out of the comfort zone and some players don’t like it hence sell them they are not bigger than the Arsenal football club

  4. jon fox says:

    Realists ALWAYS face facts, however unpleasant they be. That is why realists do not self fool and indulge in blind unfounded optimism and look soberly at both our pros and cons. I have always been a realist, in life, as in Arsenal matters. I call it entirely as I see it and without any fear or favour. We have many pros. a number of them long term advantages over lesser clubs like LEICESTER and even Chelsea and Spurs. We have a huge world wide fan base; a world class and true eminent elite club status that very few – and only United and Liverpool in England -can rival. We have half a very good squad with many players of real talent. QWe have an iconic and modern stadium AND we are slap bang in thre middle of thegreatest city on Earth which natuarally attracts talent, in football and all other areas of life from all across the globe and always will. We speak as natives the worlds language which virtually all players from the entire globe know they will need to speak if they are to come to London. These-and there are others, less tangible but still important- are massive plusses nd we downplay them at peril of losing true perspective.

    On the minus side we have a dreadful owner, an inept and oddball manager, half a rotten squad, a culture of player entitlement, a long term averion to defence planning (and this goes back a full decade) and many who simply lack will to win, commitment and love for the shirt. We are far from alone among Prem clubs in this respect but I suggest we are right now the very worst of all. We are, simply put, waiting to be bullied on the pitch and frequently are, even by far inferior clubs and players like Sheff Utd and Watford. And others too!

    The main obstacle preventing major changeb is of course Kroenke and that weill remain whilst he owns us. The second most urgent problem is the foolish decision to let Emert stay as each day he stays, we regree further . Importantly we are inimminent danger of losing our better players, esp Auba ,Laca and demotivating FURTHER, those who DO care pasionately. esp Guendouzi, Laca, Martinelli, Torreira(who is being disgracefully misused by our oddball manager) and others too.

    The solution to ridding ourself of Emery is in the clubs hand. The only solution to ridding pourselves of Kroenke though is a mass long term boycott of the ground, merchandise and waging a media led campaign of war against this owner to force his sale and – sad to relate, being a realist – by extension the club itself. At least for a while. Things will need to get worse before we can cleanse the cancer that controls us. Realism can be bleak; it can be awful and almost impossible to face head on. But my dear fellow Gooners, it MUST be faced IF we, all of us, wish to have “our Arsenal back.”


    1. gerry burke says:

      as ever JON FOX, youve hit the nail on the head. but beware of backlash from a certain chap who adores mr.wenger to this day , and defends his actions still. i wish you could be a spokesperson for us fans, i would certainally vote for you and support you , if there were such a role ever to become available.i think our club have far too often, in the past, dismissed us fans , but without the fans who pay to get inside the emirates, and purchase the merchandise, there would be no arsenal. i am not talking about the money that is made by the turnstiles clicking , forget the money. without a fan base any club would not exist for too long.i agree that all fans should boycott the ground in an effort to get rid of the money grabbing knonke and board.but that will never happen, arsenal fans seem to think that no matter what they do it will be in vain, time to think otherwise.i live in southern ireland, so i cannot get to matches, it is the fans who turn up at the emirates week in week out that really have the power.

      1. jon fox says:


        1. ken1945 says:

          Oh dear Jon…. just a few weeks ago you, as a realist, was telling everyone that UE was still the answer, despite being told by unrealistic supporters like myself, that he wasn’t.

          If you want to be taken seriously Jon, stop trying to belittle others with such simple, childish statements like I do “indeed adore Wenger”.

          What a plonker that makes you sound Jon, with your three degrees I would expect so much more intelligent respones.

          Just for the record Jon, I admire Arsene Wenger for what he has done for our club in the twenty two years he reprsented us…what a pity you, as a self proclaimed realist, is incapable of realising that fact.

          1. jon fox says:

            Best I say nothing in reply to your vitriolic post above.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Instead of not replying Jon, perhaps you SHOULD explain your post.

            I cannot, for the life of me, understand why YOU cannot understand the difference between adore and admire…so let me explain in plain english as per the Collins Concise Dictionary:

            Adore = to love intensly or deeply.
            Admire = to regard with esteem, approval or pleased surprised.

            I DO hope this clears up any misunderstanding you might have had regarding the proper use of the english language when trying to belittle someone – something I fully expected from your co-realist, but certainly not yourself.

            Vitriolic = severly bitter or caustic…yes Jon, you certainly got that meaning of my post spot on.

            Surely we can debate in a more mature way, as the posts timed at 6.00pm and 7.07pm prove?
            As a realist, I believe we can, if we ignore the silly, childish posts of others who do the opposite.

  5. ken1945 says:

    Jon, so pleased that you still see the world wide appeal that our club has, even in the worst situation since the days of Billy Wright, so the pros are agreed.

    I also must acknowledge that you do not mention past personnel, when dissecting our problems and that means we can discuss the contents, without childish mention of anyone who has left the club.

    This is about today, not yesterday or last season or even a decade ago…so let’s look at what you are saying and propose:

    First of all, like it or not, kronkie hasspent a lot of money – invested over £250,000,000 in agreed players fees this season and also spent roughly that equivalant since the new regime was set in place.
    He has also sanctioned the complete overhaul of the backroom staff, with all the money that entails, both in redundancies and new salaries.
    He has invested an awful lot of money in our club and, of course, as a businessman he expects to get a return on his investements.

    Now, is he an ideal owner for The Arsenal? No, because he doesn’t understand the passion, the history and the culture that is our club…but is he the reason for the position we find ourselves in at this moment in time? I really don’t think so.
    The person that I blame for all of this mess, is the guy who set everything up, appointed the new regime and then left – gazidis.
    From the moment he succeeded Davivd Dein, the man has been responsible for everything that went wrong off the field and most certainly was behind the club’s failures in the transfer market.

    UE was his appointment, let’s not forget that. It was he who, at that time, had the final say in the appointment and it was gazidis who recommended him to kronkie and the rest is history.

    It is UE who is creating this backlash from the players, with his tactics etc, so why kronkie should be targetted is beyond me.
    Of course you are not saying that UE is not to blame, but kronkie doesn’t warrant the targetting that you are setting him up for either.
    We are being told time and time again about kronkies other sports clubs, his ranch, blah de blah and that he doesn’t take an interest in the club…so what?

    If he gives the kind of money I have suggested above and appoints a CEO to run the club, that is the person we should be targetting our frustrations at.
    No idea what raul etc earn, but if UE is on a reported £6,000,000 a year, we can only hazard a guess as to what the new regime in total cost – edu didn’t arrive for peanuts did he, and yet we as fans, are so flippant about what that would have cost kronkie, we just demand he gets him in and have no regard to the cost…just as this David O’Leary situation is a perfect example of this:
    Another new head on the board, another cost to kronkie, but the cry goes out he’s not supporting the club?

    Let’s just be realistic Jon, when decrying the man.
    Your probably right in saying that he wasn’t the ideal owner, but let’s be honest and start laying the blame at the feet of those who are spending his money and making a complete laughing stock of our club.

    By the way Jon, please don’t take this personally because it isn’t meant to be aimed at you in particular…I find it insulting that all these “fans” who tell us “supporters” that we shouldn’t attend matches and spend our cash at the ground, always seem to be those who don’t actually attend matches and spend money anyway.
    So easy to suggest one does something, when it doesn’t affect the person suggesting the action.
    Let individuals support and protest in the way they want, as you so often say…we live in a democracy.
    If I have any “power” at all, it’s my presence at games when I support my club through thick and thin, remembering that I am priviliged to have a season ticket and SUPPORT my club…just as you and I did way back when we drew a crowd of just over 4,000 people to a game at Highbury against Leeds.

    1. jon fox says:

      A well argued post Ken. I am bound to say that I completely differ on Kroenke, even though what you say is true about spending. I just believe that ALL clubs should be run by people who support them and care what happens to the team and the fans, not just for his investment. I intensely dislike Kroenke and what he stands for. To me that sort of owner needs to be forced out.

      Totally with you on the dreadful Gazidis and always have been with you, as my many posts while Arsene was still here regularly said.
      I admire(in a perverse way) your loyalty, to a club that has been and still is being badly run. I am not the sort of person who ignores and continues to show devotion to things and those who run them, which I don’t approve of and which cares nothing about me or us fans in general. I do not criticise the new regime, as I am unsure who is precisely responsible for what. I firmly believe the real villains are Kroenke and Gazidis. I also believe our club is betraying us fans big time and feel blazing anger at those responsible. I cannot bring myself to attend as things presently stand and at least until Emery is gone, given the shambles we watch each week on the box. I prefer to wait and urge change before again giving my time and money to people who just do not care. Sad but realistic till my dying day. At my age I do not believe in Father Christmas or the tooth fairy and have little hope things will completely change until and unless Kroenke is gone.
      Sad beyond belief but I remain and always will a realist. I was 15 when Billy Wright had that 4554 against Leeds and knew no better. I do now!

      1. ken1945 says:


        First paragraph: If every club was run by someone who supported them, many, many clubs fans would disagree with you – look at Newcastle, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Wimbledon, Portsmouth, just to name a few owners who professed love for their club, but had no idea how to run them.

        On the other hand, look at clubs who have benefited from rich owners with no history linking them to said clubs – city, chelsea, manure, liverpool…all have stay away owners, but have been very successful.

        2nd: Jon, I am not ignoring the situation am I? What I am saying is that you are being unfair in your criticism of our owner, who you admit has put an awful lot of money into the club and, more importantly, is still doing so (edu and O’Leary?) – that is totally different and you used a slight of hand to insinuate otherwise.

        If you are blaming gazidis, then I agree – however, he left over twelve months ago and we are now witnessing a regime that is in charge of a club in freefall, including the coach…but are doing absolutely nothing about it, except backing UE (the man you are slating at every opportunity) and ignoring the fanbase by doing so.

        How do you explain supporting our club from the 50’s Jon, if you believe today what you did then, namely, ignoring the fans, running the club badly etc etc?
        Surely you didn’t approve then, but you still went and that time was even more disastrous than now, if you look at results.
        Wasn’t that because you were an active supporter and not a stay at home fan who urges others to be the same? How can you say you influenced anything regarding AW, when you didn’t attend with any actual protests?

        Just as you don’t believe in Father Christmas and the tooth fairy, surprisingly neither do I Jon.

        You were convinced that when the ex-manager left, along with the “dross” you despised and the backroom staff that were useless, you would have your Arsenal back – the appointment of UE was the best thing since sliced bread – Ozil would be gone by July 19 – UE was to be sacked by now and all this while kronkie still owned the club!!!

        None of this has happened and so kronkie has become your target once again.
        You might be proved right this time, but I firmly believe he is not the culprit, rather the new regime that gazidis introduced and who are letting the fans down at this moment in time.

        1. jon fox says:

          Oh well Ken , we must agree to differ totally. I also never said “Kroenke put an awful lot of money into the club”. That was merely your incorrect interpretation of what I said, which was precisely that I agreed with you on him spending money. I NEVER SAID IT WAS ENOUGH. I accept he has put an amount of money in , which by comparison to his total wealth is not much at all. AND NO WONDER, AS HE IS A BUSINESS MAN, AS YOU SAY, AND HAS SEVERAL SPORTS FRANCHISES . He cares nothing in his heart for Arsenal; it is only another investment and that fact is why I do not support him. What other clubs choose to do is of no interest to me, Arsenal wise, and I judge our club on what it does or does not do. NOT ON HOW OTHER CLUBS RUN THEIR AFFAIRS. Your interpretation of what I said is your own approximation of what I actually said and is largely inaccurate and not in context. And yes Ken, I was wrong about Emery but unlike some folk, when I make a mistake I do something to rectify it. I cannot personally sack Emery and only wish I could. I would have done so weeks ago. Though I cannot in truth say I have much ,if any confidence in the new regime, I do not know who decides things, like sackings, and so the buck stops with the owner, as it should in any business and were he not totally absent, no doubt he might well have taken action. That is IF HE CARED AT ALL, which he does not. I also think Wenger disliked Gazidis and knew after a year or two that he was a poor replacement for the admirable and disgracefully ousted DD. But Arsene took the company line and could have chosen to fight for his friend who was the energy and briliance that got things done, outside of team matters. But he did not stand up to the owner and the then board and that was a huge mistake. Had Arsene been pro active instead of reactive we might well have avoided most of the appalling Gazidis years. Sigh!

  6. ken1945 says:

    Jon, it was you who said that ALL CLUBS should be run by those who support them, then you say your not interested in other clubs when I give you examples of why that isnt necessarily correct.
    I’m only answering your points Jon.

    Secondly, you agreed with me when I said kronkie had “invested an awful lot of money in our club”, that isn’t an interpretation AND I also never said it was enough, you really are getting confused on this.

    You are certain that the fans got AW away from the club, but you do not know who decides things like sackings under the new regime? Are you hinting that the fanbase isn’t as strong now?

    Wenger should have been more forceful with the board and DD, but he wasn’t and I wouldn’t/couldn’t defend him on that score, but he then had to fight gazidis at every turn and, just maybe, that was of more importance to him?

    However, kronkie has given more support to UE via transfer money, than he ever gave AW and that is why I cannot believe your assessment that he doesn’t care for the club is realistic.

    I have changed my mind about him at this moment in time, believing I might have been too eager to see him as the ev il owner we could all blame.
    At the moment, it is without doubt the new regime and the coach who take that pedestal.

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