Opinion – Are these three staying fit crucial to Arsenal’s title chances?

Are These Three the Fuel to Arsenal’s Title Charge? by Daniel O

Arsenal could repeat Leicester’s 2015-16 title win this season. Before that season, anyone who predicted Leicester would win the Premier League would have been considered hopelessly optimistic, but they did. Arsenal finished fifth last season, and much was said about Arteta’s project being doomed. This criticism appears to have inspired the Spaniard to change his tactics as well as to get it right during the summer transfer window.

Arsenal did not come just to play this season; they have won game after game, with only one loss and two draws in 17 games. Although many are afraid to admit it, the Gunners are on course to win their first Premier League title in 18 years. So, what can stop them from doing so? Only injuries can.

Ian Wright names Arsenal trio Thomas Partey, Martin Odegaard, and Bukayo Saka as players who, if fit for the rest of the season, could ensure Arsenal win the Premier League.

“There still may be a chance that Arsenal may try and sign somebody,” said the Arsenal legend on the Kelly and Wrighty show.

“Saka’s done it [this season], Partey, Odegaard [have done it].

“Those are the ones; if Partey, Odegaard, and Saka stay fit, which is going to be very tough, then I think Arsenal have got a very good chance of winning the league.” Do you agree that the trio may be the fuel for Arsenal’s title charge? If not, who do you believe is or is not?

Daniel O


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Arteta on two points dropped by Arsenal and the transfer window

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  1. For me it’s not only these 3 but others as well that make this team tick. But if it has to be one then it’s Partey we don’t have a replacement for him and we can see the drop in our performances plus points when he is not playing. Others I think Arteta can bring in players like ESR, Viera, Tommy, Tierney etc and change the system a bit to soften the blow. But to loose anyone from playing 11 to long term injury will for sure have an impact on season run no matter who that player is.

  2. We were the better team, end of. Newcastle defended really well. We could’ve had a penalty or 2, sometimes decisions go against us and sometimes they go our way. Newcastle has only once lost this season so this point is not as bad as ie. Southampton draw.

    Time to move on! We are 8 points ahead, City plays Chelsea, Spurs, United and Spurs again this month, they won’t win all of them.

    We need to focus on Spurs, United and Everton games. Against Oxford we should field our B teamers:

    ———— Turner
    Cedric Holding Tomi Tierney
    ———- ASL Elneny
    Nelson – Vieira – Marquinhos
    ——– – – Eddie

    Bring in ESR, Martinelli etc. to keep match fitness

    1. To my knowledge, Nelson is injured. And playing Saka against Oxford will just be plain abuse. Eddie also needs a rest.
      I don’t know the rules, but maybe we can reinforce team B with some younger players (Arsenal U21).
      Tells a lot about our lack of players when we can’t even assemble a team B without mishandling our senior players.

      1. Why would Eddie need a rest? He’s 23! He is a professional athlete and should not need a rest. It’s a ridiculous attitude. He needs to play and hopefully continue scoring. And who you gonna play if he is rested? We aren’t exactly blessed for striking options.

  3. If 10 outfield players cannot tap the ball into their opponents goal in a period of 90+ minutes and the gaffer remains clueless just doing some animated gestures, sorry folks I’m not convinced about our title credentials, ambitions are good to have but reality is that we may not lift the jug if this continues.

    1. Who do you prefer to replace MA or which gaffer in EPL has the clue to lift the jug you are talking about?

      No one is compelling you to support Arsenal. If you know you know trust MA, just stop supporting the club.

    2. People like you, who write such arrant nonsense- in this case about MA “remaining clueless , just doing some animated gestures” -are not only very obviously dull witted and unintelligent, but are also a disgrace to the name of our fanbase!
      With our team under MA currently well clear,even of a club like City, with such a deep squad, endless money and the worlds best manager, and yet MA is, in your warped opinion” clueless, then I despair at the viciousness and ignorance of fans such as you.
      I can only conclude that the 22 in your profile refers to your IQ! SHAME ON YOU!

    3. I’m nt sure you watched the arsenal vs Newcastle match, who could we have brought in to change the game, we had 3 Newcastle players each on Saka and Martineli, they practically defended for 80mins,
      Even Mancity were 3-1 down when they played,

      1. Jon, i need to thank you for your not so kind words.I have been silently observing you insult most people/writers out here, except the few dullards who are in sync with your opinions.
        Admin Pat, you are adding words in my mouth, nowhere have I said to replace the gaffer.
        Folks, admit that the gaffer was clueless, he could not figure out how to breakdown their stubborn defense. He signed Viera for 34M GBP, keeps him on the bench. Does he have no faiith in him? Why did he sign him? The only change being White/Tomiyasu? Compare the costs for Newcastle and Arsenal in terms of transfer fees and wages. The picture is clear where the fault lies. Peace!

        1. @Gunner22

          You are correct with your assessment, it takes someone of great intelligence and to have your underlying of things.

          I look forward to more insightful posts from intelligent members on this site,such as yourself.

  4. Read on twitter rival fans saying Arsenal has no single MVP that they could target, ’cause everyone is good and capable of either scoring or creating chances. Long may it continue

  5. We seem to be pretty well covered in terms of keepers and back four but the loss of Partey would be a huge set backEnd lack of a viable alternative to him is a concern, as is the lack of pace in our engine room.Odegaard, Xhaka and Zinchenko are all doing well but none of this trio and back ups such as Lokonga and Elneny are blessed with speed which is needed to recover the ball quickly and to protect the back four.Liverpool are suffering as their aging first choice midfield trio are one paced hence their apparent interest in Bellingham and possibly Rice .An athletic backup for Partey does not seem to be on our agenda this transfer window but it ought to be.

    1. I think yesterday showed just how thin we are up front in the big games until ESR and Jesus come back.

      Agree that Partey staying healthy is the key to this season and wonder if the lack of transfer noise on a DM is because Edu has someone lined up in the summer.

      I’m thinking of Wright’s comment last month that he has it on good authority that a top Prem player has agreed to join if we make CL. I don’t t see Tielmans at that level but maybe Rice.

  6. In my opinion, the indispensable players are currently Jesus, Martinelli, Saka, Partey, Magalhaes and Saliba. I bet our squad rotation players will be good enough to replace the rest of our key players

    By the way Admin, please return the close button of the mini video (the one with “Continue Watching” message)

    The mini video always blocks my phone screen view and there is no way to close it now

      1. Thanks Admin

        If possible, please remove the mini video as it makes my phone battery draining faster and it gets unmuted sometimes

  7. Gunner22 we have to lift this big jug at all cost at the end of this campaign, this opportunity may never presents it self for a long time.

    The Ukrainians seems to be twisting every bit of blood out of our arm.

    But good sense will prevail, maybe the kid is waiting until his birthday to hand in a transfer request.

  8. With Jesus becoming fit and ESR coming back as well probably in next game we will be fine. That gives us the option of bench. Plus I am pretty sure we will sign players in Jan to give us the push. I am amazed how anti Arsenal pundits just completely ignore the facts and January window to state Arsenal won’t have the depth to compete even with United. Gary the joker thinks Man united will finish above us and are more of title contender 🤣😂. I’ll wait for two more games before Martial gets injured, then Varanve as well then Rashford will be back to his own below avg performances. I just hope we don’t go into panic mode pressured by fans to sign Mudriyk by paying over the odds, if Chelsea want him for 80 million they can have him. There are better cheaper options available plus I don’t think he will improve our team much this season.

  9. Whether the three are fit or not, the only chance arsenal has is to have quality back ups for Partey, Saka and of course, Jesus. Anything short of this will see us at best, top 4.
    And why is it that our admin others are not analysing the match against Newcastle? Are there no player(s) to blame?

  10. Whether the three are fit or not, the only chance arsenal has is to buy quality back ups for Partey, Saka and of course, Jesus. Anything short of this will see us at best, top 4.
    And why is it that our admin & others are not analysing the match against Newcastle? Are there no player(s) to blame?

  11. Partey, Gabriel, Saliba, Saka and Martinelli are the players that make things work. Jesus does as well but Nketiah brings a different threat to jesus. We dont miss jesus goals but we miss his link play. Although, if Nketiah keeps up what i saw last night, he could also become a big player. The more games Nketiah get, the more we will see if he is good enough.

    1. By far the most reasonable comment on this thread. Would add Zinchenko, White and Xhaka, personally. Think White’s performances and role has gone underrated in particular but that is me.

  12. If we don’t get some quality backup players we may not win anything. Surely the Newcastle game showed we need more depth in our squad. We needed them on Jan 1st. C’mon we need to strengthen.

  13. We need Jesus or another quality Striker
    Also we lack quality in depth. If more 1st Team players get injured, I have little confidence in our alternatives sadly

  14. Saying, could Arsenal save the season without Saka,Odegaard, and Partey is similar to saying could crops grow without water. Nuff said.

    1. 3 or 4 hundred million spent the last 2 seasons and we are still short of quality backups.

      Why spend 30mil on Viera if you do not trust him vs a defensive Newcastle?

      Our lack of squad depth would be our undoing. It cost us top 4 last year, lets see if they learnt any lessons.

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