Opinion: Are we already putting too much pressure on Houssem Aouar?

Arsenal is on the verge of completing a move for the French midfielder, Houssem Aouar.

The 22-year-old will join the Gunners as a midfielder in demand and he is expected to be one of the final jigsaw pieces in Mikel Arteta’s rebuild.

After Arsenal lost to Liverpool on Monday, some fans online were claiming that the Gunners need him as soon as possible.

While I think that this team needs an injection of some new blood, I don’t necessarily agree that one player will change our results.

Some fans are already of the view that Aouar will make us a brilliant team that can beat the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City as soon as he joins us.

Why are we already putting the youngster under undue unnecessary pressure when he hasn’t signed for us yet.

This type of expectation is very dangerous and it can actually make us impatient.

With that in mind, when Aouar eventually starts playing for us, we may expect too much from him, even more than he can actually offer us.

We are going to have a great season and we will probably sign Aouar too, but let’s not expect him to work a miracle as soon as he joins us.

I mean, it never worked out that way with Nicolas Pepe, did it?

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  1. Arsenal needs this guys Houssen and would be perfect .I would also prefer The burners to go for welfred Ndidndi rather than Thomas partey and georgino because it would take time for partey to cope with premier league copled with his age also likewise georgino ‘s age I think like this we would be able to compete for the tittle

  2. Yes definitely. We should have put the money up front and got our players earlier. It would have given them time to bed in. Also we’ve bought Saliba and Gabriel, but played Holding, Luiz and Tierney as a back 3 against Liverpool. I kinda knew we would get beaten. Anybody else?

  3. Its not that pressure is put on Aouar, it is only that his inclusion in the team will make Arsenal a better team in the midfield and enable us to win games. And every player is different so no comparison is fair with Pepe. Aouar is completely different to Pepe.

  4. I think Aouar AND Partey could make a huge difference. i think Aouar alone won’t make that much difference (a little).

    What we really lack is players with the ability to turn players drive the ball through the middle of the park on the dribble. Add that and our creativity is improved immensely. Until we add that we will struggle to play through the middle and continue to push things wide to the wings. Aouar helps this a little, Partey would help that a lot. Together I think they would create an exceptional combo. Still if i had to choose one it would be the Ghanian!

  5. We really don’t know how or if Aouar will improve us. If he will adapt quickly to the EPL, or flop like Pepe…Yeah, we got took on that deal.

  6. I’ve never seen Aouar (or Partey come to that) play, and I doubt if 75% of the people who comment on blogs (and appear to know him intimately) have either, but will accept a professional knowledgable appraisal, and still eagerly await one.

  7. Nicolas Pepe is a left-footed RW who scored a lot of goals from the wing and he’s also quite tall as a winger, so he’s a rare breed and he was a type of player we didn’t have. Whereas Houssem Aouar is just a CAM who can play decently as deep-lying playmaker like Ceballos/ Cazorla/ Nasri/ Fabregas and tends to produce merry-go-round passes

    Lacazette is a good false nine, but I think we’ve paid too much to Lyon for him. So Arsenal had better forget about Aouar if Lyon keeps playing hard to get

    Besides, Wenger collected creative midfielders like Aouar after the Invincibles era, such as Fabregas, Nasri, Cazorla, Rosicky and Ozil. Despite having those fancy central midfielders, the highest position we got in EPL was the runner up when other big teams were at their weakest states and we struggled to enter the top four most of the time

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