Opinion: Are we being smart by developing Ceballos for Real Madrid?

Arsenal is reportedly close to agreeing on another loan deal for Dani Ceballos claims the Guardian.

The Spaniard spent the last campaign at the Emirates and he helped Arsenal win the FA Cup.

The Gunners have maintained that they will like to take him back on loan again and the player also seems keen on a return.

The latest reports claim that Arsenal is putting finishing touches for him to return to the Emirates for another season on loan.

One thing the report adds is that there is no option for Arsenal to sign him after his loan spell, and that is a concern for me.

There are two of many reasons why clubs send out players on loan, one is that they want to get him off their wage bill since they no longer want him.

The other reason is that they know that he has potential but they cannot give him the playing time required, so they send him out to develop further.

For Ceballos, I think that the latter is the case, how good is that?

I know that Ceballos has been important to us so far and he will still be a key player when he returns, however, wouldn’t it be better for us to sign a player or develop one of our own?

I am excited that Ceballos will be back, but I don’t think it will be a smart decision at the end of the day, especially when he eventually leaves us as a much better player.

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  1. Short term loan, hopefully with option to buy next summer, we send players out on loan to develop & we don’t have a lot of cash right now, we need him let’s be honest, I get we’re developing him for RM however he might end up wanting to stay especially if ZZ is still at RM next season

    1. I agree, we have an abundance of young midfielders who with another years experience, could fill his spot. Joe willock, Smith Rowe, Gendouzi.
      I’m backing Smith Rowe.

    2. GoonerDean “. . . Short term loan, hopefully with option to buy”!!!???

      Article: “One thing the report adds is that there is NO OPTION FOR ARSENAL TO SIGN HIM after his loan spell, and that is a concern for me.

      1. GunnerJack I personally don’t mind another loan for a year, by that time the finances may be very different & we might still negotiate an option to buy regardless of what “the report” says, if I remember correctly we were told that he was going back to RM as they wanted to weigh up the squad, from what I’ve read Dani has turned down 2/3 offers of a loan elsewhere which is very positive, we might buy him next summer we might not, but in the current situation we’re not paying a loan fee & just his wages alone, so cheap & post lockdown he was our best midfielder so glad he’s back tbh

    3. I don’t think it’s to do with Zizu being at Madrid, Madrid will be getting rid of Modric, Kroos and probably Isco in year or two year time because of age factor and just to blow breath of fresh air. As a result I see Dani to be called up as regular in Madrid team if he performs well on loan. Problem is taking players on loan from clubs like Barcelona and Madrid is there heart will always with them, when they come calling everything in past will be forgotten. I don’t blame them either probably most of the football players in world grow with dream of having to play once in life time for Madrid or Barcelona. So in short we should either buy a player who we can rely on and build team around for years to come or develop our own Academy graduate. Saka has played in so many places since his break through and his qualities remind me of Santi why not try him in the CM position.

  2. Something I have been saying for a while now.

    The question we should also be asking, is why doesn’t Ceballos insist on a clause that gives us the opportunity to sign him permanently as well?

    1. Ken, his heart is currently set on Real Madrid; maybe he can have a change of heart?
      Currently a cheap option and will give Arsenal a close up opportunity to compare the progression of Ceballos to home town Emile Smith Rowe.

      1. Depending on the loan fee and salary we have to pay, this may not be that cheap. And it may even be expensive if we include the opportunity costs.

        Hope we have inserted a clause for early termination and get loan fee return pro-rate, in case he does not perform as we wish.

      2. That does not make sense, you are sending your home grown talent ESR probably to a lesser club while you are providing all playing opportunity in your own club to a loaned player. Then you want to compare the progress of both to each other? It’s not even about heart, can you point a single player who have turned down Madrid or Barcelona when they come calling…it’s like the best company in world in your field want to hire you that too on better salary…my guess 99% will just leave. Same goes for footballers, Madrid is way bigger club then Arsenal and any player who plays for them have more chance to win trophies n personal accolades, why would they stick around with Arsenal for …winning FA cup. Before it was Wenger who was probably a one of the reason to join us and we were qualifying for Champions league every year now we don’t even have both. I trust and like Arteta but he is not a house hold name yet who player will be dieing to sign for.

  3. I must have thought about this a million times already. Unless there’s an option to buy in his loan deal, I don’t think we’re being smart having a player who has and will have a great impact on the squad on just a season long loan, he should be our player permanently. Because the more he shines for us, the higher Madrid increases his price tag.

      1. 👍👏 I really do not see the point. If he’s crucial to the squad (which I believe he is) then we find a way to sign him permanently even if that requires installmental payments.

  4. We have players out on loan as well and we’ll keep some to learn from Ceballos as we as raise funds to buy our own. Our current financial situation doesn’t allow us to spend 100mil + so we doing the best we can. Of course we developing him for RM but he’s giving us a push into the top 4 at the same time. No a bad move according to me.

  5. Ceballos will never be a starter at Real. He does not have the skill set, range or potential to run the mid-field in a big club like Real. Ceballos will not enjoy the same success he had last year playing for arsenal because the opposing EPL players know him by now. He is an ok player and works hard but let’s not go overboard.

      1. Toreira and Matteo have their respective strengths. Am sure they can be used instead of Ceballos in different situations. In fact both of them will thrive if we create a system that suits their skillset.

    1. Agree, what we have seen so far from him last season is being inconsistent and not the kind of quality which will propel us into top 4. There are way better options out there then him. Actually I think we have better options in our current squad then him.

    2. Thank you. At last someone who talks sense. Ceballos is not even fit to play for Arsenal, never mind Real Madrid. I don’t see what Arteta sees in him. Zidane wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole. He simply isn’t good enough. Real Madrid fans call him ”the king of the lateral pass and the backward pass”.

  6. He is a player that Arteta is clearly in favor of. He knows our system and showed after the restart that he can perform well in the PL. Given he is well respected in the club and Arteta likes him I am ok with it and it allows us to then try and go after our big MF targets but still have a fallback if we fail to secure them.

        1. And Arsenal had first right of refusal on Fabrigas on his return to the EPL, which Wenger did not take up.

  7. We are using him and we need him becouse he is a good player. He adapted well in the last games and was one of the best. Now we need to sing Aouar and this tranfer window is a succes for us. I liked Thomas alot but him and Ceballos doesnt make sens. We dont have that luxury. For Aouar we can use Guendouzi this is the reason why i think we can sing him. And we need to sell as more as we can becouse we have to many players that we dont use but they are good too. Hope to raise some funds to ecuilibrate finances.

    1. Arjan, Ceballos and Partey “dont make sense”? They are totally different types of players, which you will hopefully see if we are lucky enough to get Partey at the Arsenal.

  8. Unless we are getting some permanent options in our midfield, I would say let’s keep having him even on loan.

  9. What does it matter whether Ceballos is bought or loaned? Infact, we should be extremely thankful we will utilize his skills for 2 years now without having to buy him. We could have also bought him, he stays for 2 years and decides to leave. Personally, I don’t care whether a player is loaned or bought, the important thing is that he can contribute. Besides, we loan out our players all the time. Why do we feel we should have other clubs developing our players but not the other way round? Are we special? If Bayern can use loaned players, why not us?

    1. Nice one, QD. Not like we won’t be gaining anything from it, is it?! He was superb after the re-start!
      Apparently there were other offers on the table, but he opted for us. I’d say he has a soft spot for us also!
      It’s a shame we can’t afford the 22m, but I’ll welcome him back with open arms and will sing about estrella/paella until my heart’s content now 😜

      1. @Sue
        Is it the Arteta effect? Seems he’s convincing players left, right and center to ignore other offers and join us! As for Ceballos I think the club hopes he will decide to stay after his loan and we won’t have to pay much for him, but we will see. He did very well in the 2nd half of the season and if he can replicate that maybe the £22M will be found hehe.

        1. I reckon so, QD. Everyone is buying in to his philosophy!! 👍 Something big is brewing at the Emirates 🙂
          With a bit of luck that money will be found eventually.. but right now, we’ve got a season to enjoy!! 9 days to go….

      2. Sue, and Ceballos scored a pearler of a goal to earn us a win in the FA Cup quarter final against Sheffield United. ⚽

      1. The one big flaw in your thinking though, is RM – he’s their player and they are, obviously, not willing to sell.

        Also, of course, the player sees himself as a RM player, waiting to be in their team.
        Meanwhile, it seems, The Arsenal will do.

  10. Dani Cebbalos? Well, yes. Because to have halve of a loaf of bread to eat and kill hunger, in place of not able to have the whole loaf of the bread to eat and get belly full will after all be better than to have no bread at all to eat to stay in hunger if one couldn’t get the whole loaf of bread to eat.

    This is how I see the proposed 2nd coming of Dani Cebbalos to Arsenal on another season-long loan deal this summer transfer window. Since Arsenal can not get a far better than Cebbalos for the central attacking midfielder role job in team maybe in Houssem Aouer 22 to sign him this summer due to his high asking price transfer signing fee. Or even get the proven top League central attacking midfielder specialist in Philippe Cortinoh to sign him on a season-long loan deal this summer. Consequently, Arsenal will be compelled to make do with the little they can get in Dani Cebbalos in the transfer market this summer to manage life with him. Oh dear me.

    And let us Gooners not be too quick to blame Real Madrid for maybe their not inserting the option to buy clause for Arsenal in the loan deal after it has expired. This is because us don’t really know what might have transpired between Real Madrid and Arsenal during the negotiations for the loan deal.. Maybe it could be is Arsenal who don’t want the option to buy clause inserted in the loan deal but us can’t say.

    1. Originally, RM walked away from a second loan deal, because apparently Arsenal only offered no loan fee and paying half his wages.

  11. That is true, I remember seeing Dani play in the U21 European Championship final for Spain a few years back, and boy he was good. I always hoped he would play for Arsenal the way he controlled that game it was as if there was no one near him the entire game!
    So hopefully we can sneak an option to buy there and he fulfills that undoubted potential of his 👍

  12. Dont think this is a big deal. It allows us to pursue other targets and not waste our transfer money on a player that could be loaned to us instead. Let’s remember that Ceballos wasn’t good for us until after the Restart so the jury is still sort of out on him. If we can get our other midfield targets, AND ceballos on loan, that is a great accomplishment.

  13. We are simply on the second short-term date with a RM player. We will be going to the movies, to the clubs, to the parks, but there will be no expensive wedding ceremonies; and after dating for a year, we will go our separate ways. Sounds like a great deal to me!

  14. What is value of buy clause if we cannot fork for 25mil for Ceballos. Give 25 mil to RM n he will be ours. If we cannot afford 25 mil for Ceballos then how we expect to sell AMN for 25mil n Martinez for 20mil. Everything regarding management of Ars seems to stupid and funny.

  15. Stupid Q. If Dani Ceballos become a better player at Asn’l it’s good. Just good. It’s good for Dani himself, it’s good for Asn’l – and it’s good for Real Madrid. It’s a Win-win-win. Stupid Q. Try again.

  16. Someone that Said Benrahma is better than. More skillful than, stronger than and scores more goals than. How many goals and assists did Ceballos contributed to Arsenal last season. Let’s stop this hype the guy is such an average player. I would have preferred Martin Odeegard of real Madrid. You say he is 23 that’s why Madrid is not playing Ceballos, Valverde is just 19 and he plays regularly. Mendy came and sent Marcello to the bench. Rodrygo is 17 and he plays regularly for Madrid keeping Bale on the bench. Arsenal need a Benrahma or Szoboszlai kind of midfielder that can assist and score. Check all Arsenal midfielders, none scored up to 4 goals last season. Too bad.

  17. Cabellos and Zidane do not get on at all apparently is the reason why he dorsnt get playing. While hes manager Cabellos wont play.

    Having him for 2years for basically 5m isnt bad deal at all. He may push for a move to us permantly if we get UCL this season as he enjoys Arsenal.

    Great deal all round. Hes a deep lying playmaker where as we still need an out and out playmaker/creator aka Aouer. Iv a feeling that’s just smoke though with no fire as hes expensive or we can do a installment deal over 5years.

    Partey deal is simple. Pay the £45m release clause and he is ours, apparently he wants to come also so that’s a plus.

    1. Lousy tackler, as most Asn’l players. We must learn how to bring the opponent down, without interference with the law. I think Thomas Partey could be a good teacher. That’s one good reason to get TP to Ashburton.

  18. Isn’t the purpose of loaning players to improve them? It’s why we regularly loan our brightest young future stars out isn’t it? If we get Dani for another season and develop him into a Madrid first team player then we’ve obviously been outrageously successful and have created enough goodwill to continue to regularly have these deals with one of the best clubs in world football. I’m up for it.

    1. Another great comment. I just dont see the downside of this loan. The fact we are in good standings with Real Madrid and have been for quite some time is only to our benefit. If there is ever a playeer we are competing w/ anoter EPL side with we get an advantage of this good relationship.

  19. Everything boils down to economics. If we had the money to buy whoever we wanted, Dani probably wouldn’t be a player we’d have gone after in the first place although he still is a decent player. If he helps us get back to the top four and we get some money by qualifying for the champions league, we may then decide to buy him or move for someone else. For now a loan option even if we can’t buy is a good investment for us.

  20. I don’t think there is anything special about him otherwise RM would not be loaning him out again. Honestly his stats do not stack up, he has played 100 La Liga matches with 7 goals and 4 assists. Total games for us 32 with 1 goal and 2 assists. In contrast an aging Santi has played 70 La Liga matches with 15 goals and 19 assists!!! His stats for us is 129 played, 25 goals and 35 assists. My point being, we need a more offensive player not a ball carrier.

    Anyway who am I to question things, Arteta obviously rates him so let’s see what pans out at the end of the season. In my eyes it’s a catch 22 situation, if he doesn’t develop we’ve wasted money but if he does he either goes back or RM are going to raise his fee. Apparently he’s currently rated at close to £30m!!! IMO the loan system works well for young players trying to get playing time to develop and for teams fighting relegation. In the main big teams tend not to go down that route. Maybe this sounds like a broken record but I just love it when we give our youngsters a chance to make it too the top which will also have a knock-on effect on the younger Academy players.

  21. People are missing a little bit that as of the end of this season, he only has two years left on contract.

    IE they either sell him or keep him, this is just a stopgap for them, they pay no wages, if he becomes a worldie they keep him if they don’t they sell him.

    It also works for us because it gives us a ready player who has already adapted to the prem, in a key position that knows and buys into Artetas philosophy.

    We can’t go out and buy a ton, so why not have a stopgap whilst our finances get better an better (Mesut).

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