Opinion: Are we sticking by Arteta because he can do the job or because we hope he can?

Mikel Arteta made a great start to his managerial career when he won the FA Cup and Community Shield with an Arsenal side that previously couldn’t beat the likes of Sheffield United.

Unai Emery seemed to have lost the dressing room during his time as the club’s manager and the fans had turned on the team as well.

However, Arteta came in and inspired the players to put in some fine performances for the club.

He was backed in the last transfer window, this we hoped would help him get us back into the top four.

When Arteta was winning those trophies, it was easy to forget that he was an inexperienced manager, after all, why question what is working?

He is now struggling to get his team to win games. Arsenal has lost 6 of their opening 11 league games, and they are currently outside the top ten.

The club has reportedly handed him a vote of confidence despite the run of form (Goal), isn’t that questionable?

Managers keep their jobs by winning trophies and matches, Arteta is being kept because he is a long-term appointment it seems.

As fans, we have been starved of success and we need a manager that can lead us back to Premier League glory and Champions League football.

Is Arteta that man? I don’t think so.

The club has to face the reality of the situation which is that Arteta’s inexperience is catching up with him and he should be replaced and not kept because of sentiments.

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  1. I can’t put my finger quite on why but this is perhaps the most annoying article I have read on this site for quite some time.

    To answer your question, at least I think there is a question, I’m supporting Arteta because I think he has the potential to be a great manager and hate teams that change managers like underwear. We were never as good as many thought we were when we beat City, Liverpool and Chelsea last year and we aren’t as bad as many think we are now.

    Has Arteta pissed me off with some of his decisions? Of course he has.

    Is he definitely going to succeed? Nobody knows.

    Does he deserves time? In my opinion yes. Ask Southampton what can happen when a struggling manager is given time.

    1. You’re right there Trudeau.

      I happen to agree with you on Southampton and wrote as much a while back.

      I have also thought that this season will throw up some surprises, as the CP v T game proved and as Fulham are showing as I write (even though Liverpool are fighting back).

      There is a long way to go and changing managers in the way that Watford did ( 9 managers in 5 years) can’t be the answer. It also begs the question on who the club could attract without the necessary funds to do a Man City?

  2. I honestly think we have to go backwards to go forward. We needed to sort out things defensively and we have improved in that area. The offensive area has taken a hit but i honestly believe the fixture list has not helped us man city away, Tottenham away, Liverpool away and man utd away in the first 9 games. We haven’t had a chance to build up our confidence. Hopefully we can build on the defensive side and go on a bit of run.
    I would like us to go with a front three of saka pepe and auba and we need to move to a back four and play smith rowe in the 10 role.

  3. He has already shown he is capable so he will do it there is no doubt about that. Starting today he is going to slowly win the confidence of all who doubt him and the team ( and rightly so if I may say).

    Our league position is not as bad as some people would like to believe. A good run of form in one month will take us back into contention and it is my belief and view that run is starting today.

    Unay was also given a vote of confidence shortly before being unjustly fired (they should have helped him deal with the players stinking attitude at that time but the cowards took a cheap way out as is their custom).

    Those who want Mikel fired want a quick solution which won’t come with a change of manager.

  4. This is just another ploy to put more undue pressure on the manager who took over the team in the middle of the season. He is not even given a fair chance. And people expect him to do a job with the rubbish that Arsene Wenger left behind. I will back Arteta and hope gets a fair chance. You can really see that he needs a team right now to back him up. He needs time to get rid of the Mafia(players) that is running this team. Allow him to do his job. You also see the media’s agenda in trying to get him fired. First it was Ozil than it was Saliba. I don’t see Saliba making any waves in the under 21 team. I personally am not really a fan of Saliba I think that he is overrated. So please allow MA to get rid of the rut in this club. His stance has been clear from the beginning, discipline and performance. This has been the problem at Arsenal for years. Now finally we have a manager that want to change things around and now this. Come on!! Really?? How much are you guys getting from Ozil for these articles, I’m beginning to wonder 🤔. We have Arsene Wenger commenting on Ozil and how MA should use him. This is crazy!! Have we forgotten that the same Wenger could not get the best out of Ozil. Give the man a decent chance please? At least let him build the team he wants. Not Wengers bunch of deadwood. That has been crap for years now.

    1. Dboy, let’s just go along with your AW crap for a second and think about what happened before and since.
      AW last season was awful and he left a squad of players who finished sixth in the league.
      When UE came in, eight first team players were signed to improve that squad, only three of whom still feature in the squad – Leno and Aubameyang.
      Since that initial eight, players like Tierney, Gabriel, Partey, Saliba, Willian, Pepe, Ceballos, Martinelli, Mari and Soares have also been signed at a cost to the club of over £200,000,000 plus.
      We have also seen the following players from the academy (incidentally signed under aw’s reign) of Saka, ESR, AMN, Balogun, Willock to name a few.
      Of course, MA also talked Xhaka out of leaving for a reported £35,000,000 fee. transfer.

      So tell me, first of all, what deadwood AW players has MA not covered with his or gazidis’s signings and secondly, with the players now at the disposal of MA, shouldn’t we be higher than 15th, playing better football tactically and not enduring our worst start to a season in decades?

      I support MA, but not blindly blaming others for his mistakes by the way.

      1. BUT YOU ONLY CLAIM YOU FULLY SUPPORT MA KEN. In fact you are not a fan who TOTALLY supports himall the way, as I am, as you constantly say you have doubts about this or that which he does .

        No sensible fan denies he has made mistakes but now it is the time to get FULLY behind him and back him all the way, and not give the many “MA out dunderheads” added ammunition. Just my view on your many MA posts ,which seem very unsure to me, despite your protestations of FULL support!

        1. Jon, you may wish to follow blindly, while I just present the facts to Dboy.

          There is no way I would proclaim 100% confidence in any manager who has the players listed above (plus Luiz who I forgot) and find ourselves in a relegation battle now – you carry on doing so my friend, I am a realist.

        2. areta.needs.time to rebuild the team

          losses are expected..

          if you want big spending then support city

  5. All the arguments put froward as pro Arteta have no base

    1) He has massively improved us defensively, how? We have conceded 14 goals in 11 matches how can you say we are much improved defensively. In actual we have gone back massively in attack with a slight improvement in defensively.

    2) He has the potential to be great manager, if you take loosing 6 games in league out of 11 matches to some sort of great potential then I am lost for words.

    3) he has proven it before? When has he proven before he has no previous track record and winning an FA cup can not be a thing which makes him into a great manager. If this was the case then as I said before De Matio should have been hired as he won champions league with Chelsea or we should not have sacked UE as he took us to the UEFA cup final which is way bigger achievement then winning FA cup.

    4) Changing manager is not the Arsenal way and we don’t like clubs who change managers like under pants? Well the clubs which ppl are pointing to mostly are Chelsea or Madrid both have won more trophies bec of this strategy then us. Club is bigger then the manager we are not here to make Arteta into a great manager we are here to make Arsenal into a European power house again. None of us will mind if we win trophies after trophies like Chelsea no matter how many managers we go through. This is project Arsenal no project Arteta.

    5) Not enough player quality? Well no one seemed to complain about that when we won FA cup and last season league games. Our squad is full of international, most of them regular for their national teams. Plus isn’t it the responsibility of manager to get the best of players. Didn’t Renieri won League with Licester how many well known super starts did he have in the team. Even now do you really think our squad is worse then licester, Man United or Spuds.

    6) Not supported by owner, we have spent net £443 million in last 5 windows more then so many others clubs. We just went out and bought a £44 million player straight not to mention all those other signings if Gabriel M, Mari, Cedric plus William on high wages. What more are we expecting from owner. This window it was only Arteta and Edu dealing with transfers no one else was involved so what more power can you give to a new inexperienced manager.

    Bottom line is, this is football and it’s a result driven business, you don’t produce you will loose fan base, mega TV rights , big sponsorship deals, money from Europe etc etc. It is better to change a manger to achieve results then spend more time and money on a project failing project.

  6. Are these not the same JustArsenal editors who have supported Mikel Arteta when the going was good for Arsenal and himself when he managed the Arsenal teams to win the FA Cup at the end of last season that made Arsenal to qualify for this season’s Europa League, and also have won the Charity Shield at the beginning of this current season.

    But are now all within a short period of time have forgotten all two major achievements that Arteta has achieved for Arsenal in the short period of time that he’s had in his managerial career at Arsenal.

    And have now started to castigate and berate against him as if he’s already an outcast Arsenal manager wanting him sacked so that Ozil can be reinstated to the team in January next year. Ehn?

    However, Arteta is still at Arsenal. And he’ll manage the Gunners team that will take on Burnley at Ems in the PL this night.

    So therefore, whichever it is thought should be, but notwithstanding, since Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Tottenham have all dropped valuable points in the PL yesterday and today. And similarly, Liverpool are current looking could drop points today as well. Therefore, it has become pertinent for the Gunners and Arteta to make some points gain tonight in the PL on their 5 big rival clubs by beating Burnley.

  7. It’s obviously the latter. My optimism in Arteta has been shrinking since the Leicester home defeat. That one really hurt because Arteta was beaten by a simple game plan,which he then had no response to. For me it was a reality check. Aside from the Man. U game there has been a total collapse since then. The same players get preference and the football becomes more and more predictable. And yet,and yet I can’t say Arteta out now just yet.. Something in me wants him to succeed, believing that he has the ability to push the club forward. At the same time though if someone above made the call to fire him I would probably support it. However knowing Arsenal FC in 2020 it would probably be a Sam Allardyce or even the return of Arsene Wenger. Either way they would be backward steps,which would take us another 20 years into the dark ages.

    1. Aresen Wenger is man with a lot of dignity and self respect. He will never return to this club as a manager. He has not even visited the clubs once after the way some stupid fans and board has treated him. Among most of the football club fan base I have never seen them insult one of their own legend like we did n are still doing some times. I guess the level we are at we should be getting Tony pulis or Big Sam.

      1. he should go manage Everton where usmanov and morishi will back him

        or Leicester where they build squad

  8. Arteta cannot do the job. Hope is killing us. We’ll keep on hoping that he’ll turn things around. We are in the verge of relegation. We should all open our eyes because the whole team is drowning, and we fans are drowning with it

  9. ‘We’, as in the club, are sticking by Arteta because the board wanted a yes-man willing to go along with the agenda. Otherwise there was no logic in appointing a person with no experience of the job to lead such a high profiled club such as ours in a period of transition.

    We, as in us fans, are not sticking by him, certainly not all of us. I, for example, was willing him on to succeed, despite my initially reservations about the appointment. However, the evidence are too strong that it is not working now, so it may be time to call it a day. This article is a prime example of a false premises leading to a false dichotomy. It is false that fans are sticking with Arteta, so the question is irrelevant.

    Arteta might well have the potential to be a great manager, but to fulfil his potentials, he must improve on his man-management skills, among other things. Arsenal is too big a club for him to make constant mistakes which to learn from, and I wish him all the best in his future managerial career at a lower profiled club where he will have the necessary time to develop.

  10. I am a big fan of Arteta but recognize the unfortunate combination of the size of the job to be done at Arsenal and his inexperience. We have had years of poor decisions leading to an avergae squad and we are a chaotic club with frequent changes of personel in key area’s (gazidas, Raul, Sven – all key figures who came and went). It doesn’t help that Edu is also inexperienced.

    I would or will plead for time and patience with Arteta. However it would be naive of any Arteta fan to suppose he could be the one manager who can survive losing the dressing room. Once the players turn on a manager there is little he can do. Look at Mourinho at Real and Chelsea and Man U. Once the team stops playing for the manager or buying into his style there is nothing that can be done. As frustrating as it is that paid professionals can down tools simply because they don’t like the boss.

    So, let us Arteta fans, pray Arteta has the skills to keep the dressing room united and believing in him. If he can manage this, he might prove those of us who believe he can learn on the job right.

    If he loses the dressing room, we can not afford to stick with him for too long.

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