Opinion – Arsenal are in danger of seriously overpaying for Mudryk


For the first since the winter transfer window during which Wenger tried to pay 92 million euros for Thomas Lemar, there seems to be some level of seriousness in the recruitment of players in the January window which is almost upon us. This is good news to the ears, as is shows that lessons are being learnt, and corrective as well as preventive measures are being taken, to not only prevent a repeat of last season’s failure, but to also remain competitive enough to improve our chances of winning the Premier League trophy.

The injury to Gabriel Jesus definitely provoked the need to bring in a forward and with reports of Arsenal’s interest followed by a formal offer for Mykhailo Mudryk, it is clear what the club’s intentions are. To the surprise of many, the player’s club, Shakhtar Donetsk, have reportedly rejected a bid of around 55 million pounds for the 21-year-old, while demanding around 100 million euros for him.

This is as sickening as is annoying. How on Earth is he worth 100 million? To make matters worse, the news of the rejection came at almost the same time with the announcement of Liverpool’s deal with PSV for Cody Gakpo, a player of the same age bracket but with more experience, appearances and goals, who most recently has performed very well at the grandest football stage for his country at the World cup. Amazingly, his signature was secured for less than Arsenal’s initial bid for their own target. Does it mean that despite tremendous progress on almost all fronts by the club – we still lack individuals with excellent negotiation skills at the administrative level?

Thank goodness Aaron Ramsdale and Ben White came good for the Gunners, but initially the general thought was that Arsenal over-paid for both players. One had just one season of premier league experience under his belt while the other was in the championship after suffering back-to-back relegation with two different clubs. Here again, is another case of the club attempting to pay a premium price for a player who has never played outside of the Ukrainian league.

I am honestly being tempted to ask why Arsenal didn’t go all out and on-time for Gakpo as we faced his club twice this season. He performed quite well against us, and more impressively, he is very capable of playing multiple positions across the frontline. Meanwhile, bringing in the Shakhtar star would probably mean the repositioning of Gabriel Martinelli to a more central role, a process that could take the player a while to get used to. All being said in essence, is that Gakpo would have been a more natural replacement for Jesus had we gone in for him. We would have signed a quality and proven goal scorer in the Dutch man.

It remains to be seen how this next few days or weeks of negotiation will pan out. But with Shakhtar already asking for more money, it is clear that Shakhtar will be overpaid. One can only hope that this will not be another case of Nicolas Pepe or ‘Martinez to Man. United’. The decision to push harder for the player or move on to other targets has to be made very quickly if Arsenal is to avoid a familiar end-of-the-season as that of the previous season.

Ibiniyi Victor


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  1. 100m euros is about £90m and still way too much
    I find the transfer window frustrating. I’m not a fly on the wall and unless the journalists are being briefed then it’s all speculation. Partey came out of the blue so we don’t know who we are in for.
    I’d be surprised and disappointed if the club parted with that much money

  2. Too much money being asked, but hey it seems Arteta and Edu are really convinced about this lad.

    Top teams pay top money and the funny thing success is never guaranteed. But I also think if you’re going to pay that amount go for at least Sane,

    1. Putting in a transfer request makes no difference to the amount of money Shakhtar want for him. We should walk away!

  3. Its simple we put a take it or leave it improved bid on the table, more money upfront and some good add-ons. Not more than 60m total.

    If they refuse, up to the player to do something or we move on. Other good players out there. We are not chelsea or man utd to throw money out the window.

  4. They have to get this signing right.
    We messed up before Arteta with the stupid Pepe backhanders signing.

    Personally, I don’t think they will lower the price much more.

    And if it happens it’s got to be soon.
    Not like our last-hour rush.

    And while this drags on it’s restricting what we can do in the market.
    We might have to walk away from this one.
    We need players quickly.

  5. Throw money out of the window? When Mr Wenger spent insane amounts on Ozil, Xhaka, Laca, Mustafi – all bang average players in their day at their clubs, neither frighteneing the openents nor being the MVP of their teams, no one commented on throwing money out of the window! Add 16M spent each for Ox ,Chambers, Gabreil, Perez, Welbeck. 10M for Petr Chech and the other dross that pulled up our iconic jersey only to frustrate us and fill their pockets. Selective in chosing words?Different yardsticks for different managers? Face it PAL, Mikel is here to stay, Mikel is here to change the destiny of our club for good.Be part of the movement or be apart form the movement started by Mikel.

    1. @Loose Cannon
      I see AW still rummages around in your head, causing delirium.
      And AW had already changed the destiny of AFC, while Mikel was barely playing youth football…
      Just sayin.

  6. If he’s really that good then maybe pay the money? But it’s a massive risk no doubt. It all sounds a bit unlikely to me.

  7. What SOME people do not take fully ENOUGH into account when valuing a players worth, is that players worth to the CLUB THAT IS CHASING HIM.

    Players are not like cornflakes or tins of pineapples, where any club can go in and pay what is demanded for their food, where pretty much the same price applies wherever you goand to every customer( within reason).

    The point I wish to STRESS – and STRESSING a word is WHY I use capitals, not because I AM SHOUTING!!! – is that a players particulars value to say Arsenal may well be a lot more than it is to say Spuds. That many seem obvious and indeed it OUGHT to be . But so many who comment about a players value, intranfer fee cost, FAIL to accept what to most of us should be an OBVIOUS point.
    So let us presume we DO land MUDRYK, and we pay, for arguments sake £ 60 million and he then plays a key role in out title chase and perhaps even gets us over the live, then HOW MUCH would his value be THEN!!?
    Ben White is a perfect example of how many of our less discerning fans said we had way overpayed for him. But look how well he has done.

    If you go out for a restaurant meal and the bill is a bit steep, whether or not you consider that evening worthwhile is based on HOW memorable and HOW enjoyable a time you had.
    The bill is quickly forgotten , PROVIDED the experience was agood one. IF, HOWEVER, the meal was rotten and the experience bad, then you do not go there again.
    So, it all DEPENDS on how MUCH VALUE a player brings to your team.
    I do wish that extremely easy to fathom,though rather basic intelligence level of valuing players could reach MORE GOONER BRAINS THAN IT DOES CURRENTLY!.
    Fortunately for us all, MA and Edu have a grreat abundance of wisdom and we can rely on then not to overpay, for what they think ANY player is worth.

    1. God bless you that analysis., what if Gakpo turns out bad for Liverpool will he be considered cheap or waste of money, if the said player make a big difference for Arsenal, then i don’t think any money is too much

  8. MM really worth that amount of money considering the nature of transfer market now adays. If arsenal are not ready to pay that amount of money to shakter donesk anitht too team in England will pay it and the end the player will come to hurt us . Please let clamor for the purchase MM for us not lose what we think is in our hands (Epl title)

    Hon. Judeen Olorunfemi

  9. I understand Chelsea are now interested in Mudryk and they are in a position to pay “silly money” for a talented player as yet untested at the highest level.With Man Utd having invested an amazing £85m on Anthony who does not impress me at all, the £35m Liverpool coughed up for Gakpo looks a very sensible piece of business which is the norm for a very well run Club which operates within its income and is not dependant on the whims of billionaire owners.There are other, better value for money alternatives to Mudryk which I hope our recruitment team will pursue.

  10. It is a big risk to spend such amount of money on a player that has never played at any of the top five leagues. Who knows what will be his output when he comes?

  11. Honestly Im gonna let Mikel and Edu handle this. Whatever they decide is perfectly fine with me. I’m looking at Mudryk’s age and skill level, and wondering what if he comes and vastly improves like Gabby has done? Wouldnt we be quoting Mbappe level transfer fees in 3 seasons time? To me price doesn’t matter when it comes to very young skillful players.

  12. Shaktar donesk board are just greedy that’s all , the player does not worth 55m but they rejected the offer

  13. I just want to believe that this is not another Pepe situation. We have over priced him already. I think it’s time we move on to other targets. If Nketia continues to impress, I think Marcus Thuram will be a good cover pending when Jesus returns.

  14. It feels as if £55m was already too much, but his personal terms also have to be a factor. “Total Cost of Ownership” is the bottom line.

    Looking at his YT showcases I’m seeing a raw talent not a guaranteed PL performer – although some of the footage looks a bit old so maybe he’s matured since then.

    Due to his club being silly, it will be understandable if things now go quiet until nearer to the end of the window. It would make sense for Arsenal to look at other options in the meantime.

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