Opinion – Arsenal are long shots for the title but it is not an impossible ask

Arsenal will enter the new season looking to end the campaign in a top-four place at the minimum.

Mikel Arteta has, however, made the Gunners such a good side that one cannot help but think that we might also challenge for the league title.

After winning the FA Cup, our players will be full of confidence ahead of the new season and the new signings will also be keen to make the team better.

Winning the Premier League is getting tougher with the last three seasons seeing Manchester City and Liverpool earning not less than 97 points before they can win the competition.

Ahead of the new season, there will be predictions on the teams that can win the competition and unsurprisingly, Liverpool and Manchester City have been given better odds of winning the trophy.

Manchester City finished 18 points behind winners, Liverpool, last season, but Bookies are backing Pep Guardiola’s side to reclaim the Premier League title from the Reds this season with their odds at even money.

Liverpool is next with a 6/4 odds to win it, while Arsenal comes in at a distant 5th with 50/1 odds of winning it, same as rivals, Tottenham.

The Gunners are preparing hard for the new season and having a look at how we ended last season, we might surprise the bookies when the campaign gets underway.

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  1. Arteta is rebuilding this team so if we get all the players we are linked with then a title challenge will be possible.


    Willian, Aouar, Pepe,

    Xhaka, Partey,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Saliba, Bellerin,


    This team can win the league

    1. You want to bench Saka who created most chances for us and also highest assist provider for Willian. I don’t understand some Arsenal fans they prefer an old Chelsea reject to their own home grown more talented player.

    2. if we get the required players, build a good core of players we have a chance…..

      it take 2 seasons for rebuilding

      the same for chelsea and city

  2. We are miles away from winning the prem and expectations should reflect that. We are not challenging for the prem this season whatever happens. Realistically top 5 or 6 and win EL. Everything else is out of our reach.

    1. Why is it necessary to reply to a
      honest thread with nothing but

      Since MA took over the reigns @
      AFC, the Spaniard has led a rather
      average collection of talent to wins
      over Wolves, Liverpool, Man City,
      Manure and Chelsea, while raising
      the FA Cup along the way. Arteta
      in a rather short period of time has
      successfully implemented his AFC
      blueprint for current and future
      success. Will this blueprint come
      to fruition overnight? More than
      likely NO… BUT if MA is able to
      add Gabriel, Partey and maybe
      Aouar to Willian and a resigned
      Auba before the close of the window
      WHY WOULDN’T Arsenal be a
      CHEEKY pick to be in the thick
      of the title race?

      1. Because one swallow doesn’t make summer, its all ifs and buts and we are too far behind in the league to think we can make it all up that easy. The is a thing called dreaming and then there is reality. The reality is, people expect too much from too little.

    2. As long as Ozil, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Mustafi, Luiz, Socrates, Torrera are on board, there are more chances that Leeds or West Brom. may win the EPL than AFC with those error prone, lazy uninterested players.
      We won the FA because the core – Ozil, Torrero, Kolasinac, Socrates played no major part in it. Remember the humiliation in the League Cup to the Pool youngsters? or that home match to Oly?

  3. I can’t really believe any Arsenal fan will start talking about winning the league this season. What level of delusion is that? Even if we get all Arteta’s targets, they’ll need to blend in and adapt first.
    This is how you guys place expectations that aren’t realistic then you start complaining after a month

    1. Exactly. If we get the right players and it all comes together, then perhaps a top four trophy. I’d be chuffed with this.

    2. It is not wrong to have hopes after we’ve gotten the right players in and the wrong ones out. And what do you mean they need to adapt first. They’re professional footballers, not some quirks picked off the street. It is very feasible to win the league in their first season(others have done It time and time again, even with new managers). It is not wrong to hope. What would be wrong is moaning if we don’t end up winning it (on the part of the fans) and not putting up a fight at the very least for a top 4(on the part of the club) after the acquisition of these players.

    3. exactly…

      get the players, blend it and form the core

      that will take at least a season or two

      most fans thinks this is fifa20….

  4. Optimistic or what? It will be an achievement for MA to get into the.top 4. The EPL landscape has changed in the past couple of years, apart from the usual top teams we now have to contend with teams like Wolves and Everton who could be funded by Usmanov following his remarks in a recent interview. A big test for MA in his first full season.

    1. even if a club is heavily funded….

      new players need time to adapt and blend in

      building a squad dont come instantly

      although city already has a few world class players in the team, pep did not win in his first season

      he signed 17 players in three windows and win it in his second

  5. Whilst I don’t think Arsenal will challenge this season, looking further ahead, we have a great chance with Arteta. He has already proven himself in the big games, and with a trash squad! Imagine what he can do with his signings, and better quality players.

    I feel very confident we can make the top 4 this season, and maybe another trophy as well?

  6. Man Utd have entered Gabriel Race and Now Gabriel needs more time to think…
    Damn…. Man Utd can easily sweep us aside because They have much more money to offer Gabriel and 2nd is they are in Champions League..
    It seems AFC need to start finding another defender…

  7. Its gonna be a steep hill for us to finish in top 4, as long as we still value players like Xhaka, Willian, Mustafi, Ozil and Torreira highly

    1. Willian is yet to play and you consider him a bad player. C’mon man, cut the crap. Tell me the truth, you are a troll right and I guess you are laughing right now

  8. We’re heading in the right direction and one thing’s for sure – we’ll finish higher than 8th!!

    Auba announcement this morning? 9 or 10am?? Or is it just wishful thinking??

    1. No Sue you’re not. It appears we do announcements on Fridays now. I think it would be Gabriel announced first before auba’s extension.

        1. Sue, now I’m worried. The rumours that penalty utd are now favourites to sign Gabriel is not seeming to go away. I hope we don’t mess this up. We waited too long. We should be called Dragging foot FC with all of this.

  9. We finished 8th, 43 points behind Liverpool. In other words, we needed 73% more points to win the title. If we happen to win the title next season, it will be a bigger surprise than Leicester winning the title.

    Please don’t be delusional and have any aspiration of winning the league next season. Best case scenario, we will be challenging for the title in three years time.

  10. We can challenge for the league. The team just need to blend together and we minimize the mistakes at the back.
    I would suggest we continue to play 3 at the back. Adding Thomas Partey to the squad should be the priority. There is no movement in that aspect. We have to sell two out of Holding, Socratis and Chambers.
    If we can’t get Partey, then we better play David Luiz in defensive midfield.

  11. Look at our position and latest result, combine that to our signings Luiz & co, and you get full picture even tho you blind or totally dreaming.

    If Auba takes all this time, he is not convinced to stay and waiting to see options offered first.

    Gabriel agent wants do exactly that before making a move.

    We should not be after Chelsea rejects and extend one but get rid of all dead hoods instead of add up some.

    We are looking like a grandpa team with talented young player forced to watch instead to play & gain experience we don’t need from players not at top level anymore.

    Arteta wants to keep up with his group of players and plan.

    Few wins & Cup got him & a portion of fans believe this team can compete for titles or at least finish top4.

    I do tend to agree and get logic behind such belief but I look at reality this has blinded us from: We had half of season, several chances to reach CL then EL football in EPL since Arteta in charge.

    But we went from belief and hopes of CL to lose or draw against so called small teams and killed our CL hopes, done same with EL.

    This shows our limits as a team including coach who makes choices, decisions, picks team.

    Too often we saw some unreal, scary shaky formation and poor results…

    Signing Luiz should have alarmed us a year ago but here we go again with same mess…

    Show ambition is what Chelsea and teama do on market. Ziech, Werner, Havertz on the way and are on Koulibaly as City.

    If Auba extends, it is for money only, it is no ambition in a midtable team not active on market. He will play for his Golden boot and cash up, enjoy London life which does change from a city as Dortmund, a hole…

    Arteta just wants to keep it up with the flow, or he will not sign Luiz nor Willian but get rid of all dead hoods.

    If in charge, looking at such requests and plan to keep up on same basis; I would get rid of Arteta and all his dead hood, let them all sign to another club he can coach them at. Cash up and build a team to compete and progress each year.

    Officially put Auba 50M on sale who wants to upon right opportunity for him, Xhaka 25, Torreira25, Mustafi 15, Greek hustler 15, Miki & Elneny 15, Holding 15, Luiz 0, Pepe 40 who showed to not be at level in EPL.

    That’s 200M. Bellow value & low price for most players means good opportunities for clubs buy and for us to get rid of all of them.

    Buy Koulibaly, Partey, Said Benarhama and bring Leipzig young talented coach. If Arteta can sign Luiz and keep all that old same BS we suffer from for years; he is not the right coach.

    Coach : Leipzig guy

    Bellerin Koulibaly Chambers Tierny.

    Niles Partey

    Nelson Laca Saka

    Sub & rotation: Lille kid, Mari, Saliba, Rowe, Said, Willock, Martinelli, Kolas, Ceares, Bellogun (academy)

    Some will question Ozil, he doesn’t seem to leave and solid midfields he can rely on behind him is only way such player can focus on playing his role of assist provider and scoring. He did not lose his football overnight but our disastrous CB and lack in defensive midfield which either ways can’t make up for a swisscheeze central defense area. If Partey or any top defensive midfield comes in to stand in front of Luiz & Greek hustlers, it won’t make any difference, he can’t defend 3 men.

    For the one who may question Laca or Chambers, he is a leader to inspire young attacking players and help them grow, bring experience in attack. Chambers would be my first choice as Saliva or any new comer needs time to adapt and settle, before to compete for that spot.

    Mix of young talents and top players with experience on each line of the team is way to go…That academy deadly striker must come into first team, show his talent and go on a smart loan, not lose him as it seems to be the case for not add him into first team. His goal records & numbers are impressive as his power to be further develop, at upper level. .

  12. Title, maybe not, but surely a top 4 finish with the FA Cup, the League Cup and EUL trophies a distinct possiblity. Get Gabriel, Partey and a creative midfielder.

  13. I think we should go for the EL, that’s one European trophy, something we have been lacking for a long time. EPl champions? It’s not realist but who knows? No one thought Porto could win CL in 2004.

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