Opinion: Arsenal blaming covid19 for their sackings makes no sense any more

Mikel Arteta has recently defended Arsenal’s decision to sack a number of their backroom staff this summer despite being active in the transfer market.

The Gunners have been one of the teams who have reacted to covid19 pandemic with strong measures.

Firstly, they managed to get their players to take pay cuts, a majority obliged.

We saved more than £5 million from that pay cuts and I expected that to be enough to cover the wages of our non-playing staff for the year.

The club will eventually make 55 members of staff redundant citing the same covid19 that has affected the finances.

It was embarrassing for that to be put out and even more embarrassing when we confirmed the free signing of Willian.

Now we will soon complete a move for Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille, yet we want to claim we have lost money due to covid19.

The club needs to be bold enough and forget that narrative now.

Everyone knows that we have more money than we are claiming to and I think we should be bold enough to say we are firing members of our staff because we want to restructure the club and change how we operate.

This has not been the best of periods for the Arsenal board.

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  1. Why bring this subject when we’re in. a jubilant mood
    Let’s discuss CS trophy for now. We’ve won more tropies in one month than Spurs in twenty years

  2. Ime , It is silly to claim, ignorantly too, if I may speak plain truth, that the club is NOT losing money because of Covid. All businesses are, apart from many food stores and a very few other businesses. Football is haemorrhaging huge sums of money and Arsenal is no exception. I do not disagree with the rest of your post but on the point of us not losing money, you are profoundly wrong!

  3. Move on, this is unusual times, its football and every club will get rid of people but they will also have to keep buying future assets in the meantime. The working staff for any football club are totally different in value and worth than the footballers.

  4. Companies allocate certain budgets to certain departments of activity such as capx and opx which work independently of each other.

    I expect this of Arsenal where they have ring fences budget for certain activity and the income reduced to cover salaries for operation staff just wasn’t being covered.

    These are hard decisions to make when in business.

    1. Correct, we dont understand football finance but the people who make the club money are the players.

  5. AW said the club had become inhumane. When he started there were 80 max 150 staff. When he left there were 750…Were all of those people necessary?

    1. Exactly right, NY_Gunner, this is a restructuring to a leaner structure to cut overheads.
      As jon says Covid19 has had a massive effect on the economy and professional sports are exempt. Arsenal is in a better position than most, because of its cash reserves. Some clubs won’t recover from lack of gate receipts.

  6. We’re all of those people necessary? No …because they are out yet the team is performing and maybe better than before.
    Did their presence take us to the glory land and is their layoff going to cause the team badly? A big NO.
    This is a football club. The playing body and technical staff are and must be paramount to any other department.
    Why is it that teams don’t buy new directors, scouts etc every year but rather players? Tells you how important an asset they are and the need to always improve that space.
    It is therefore out of place for people to want to make a case out of why the ordinary staff is layed off due to financial challenges yet new recruitments are being made.

  7. However difficult the decision was to make redundancies without re-investing in the squad there is no future

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