Opinion – Arsenal can win the FA Cup and the Europa League this season

Winning the FA cup and winning the Europa league would do just fine. by Lagos Gooner

Listening to Arteta talk about how important winning the FA Cup is gladdens my heart. I have always believed Arsenal can still win a trophy at the end of this season, despite our current form. Arsenal being one of the heavyweights in Europe, would be doing their reputation a whole lot of good if they end up winning one or two trophies this season.

Arsenal should be fighting for every trophy that is available; winning the premiership title should be our major target but as far as this season is concerned, it seems totally impossible at this stage of the season. However, the FA cup and the Europa league remains a very possible opportunity of winning a trophy and I am certain we would win those two because we have the players. All that is needed is the mentality and the self belief from the players. Now, let me state the reasons why I am so sure we would win these two trophies.

The FA cup is a competition that Arsenal has been very successful in. We have won 13 FA cup trophies and we happen to be the most successful team in the FA cup. The last time we won an FA cup was the last time we ever won a major trophy. The FA cup seems to be our piece of cake and it will be a crime if we don’t get to the semi finals of every FA cup competition every year. Under Wenger, we always did well in the FA cup; we enjoyed lots of FA cup success under Wenger and this became our only option whenever we were out of the race to win the premier league. Arteta played under Wenger and he won an FA as captain of Arsenal. Arteta was also a coach at Man City when they won the FA cup with Gaurdiola as his boss. So this is an opportunity for Arteta to make his name at Arsenal and from the way he sounds positive about Arsenal taking the FA cup serious, I want to predict that we will win !

The Europa league, like I have always insisted, is not a competition a team like Arsenal should be playing in. This is our time to make an impact in the competition. In the past two editions we got to the semi final and final of the competition, respectively. This season we should take it a step higher; we should win the competition and bid it goodbye. Winning it will give us a European trophy and also qualify us for the UEFA Champions league. There is no better motivation needed to win the trophy than it being an avenue for us playing in the Champions league next season. If we don’t win these two trophies I will consider our season a failure, no matter our league standings, at the end of the season.

Sylvester Kwentua


      1. I`d take our 1st eleven to beat Scousers reserve team, Sue, unlike Everton`s miserable pathetic lot, our youth gave their youth a harder game in the league cup!

  1. I agree that the mentality of the players is vitally important as this was the case when Leicester won the PL. I’m not sure there is enough time left in the season for Arteta to weave enough magic to come away with two trophies but one could well be achievable.
    We should have more idea what our team’s mentality is like after tonight’s match

    Regarding whether the season would be a failure without winning both trophies I would take issue with you. Considering where the club was shortly before Xmas I would think that a top 6 spot is a success

      1. Arsenal getting back into the CL is of course our goal
        At the moment there are Liverpool, Man C and Leicester who look comfortable at the top
        Arsenal are currently 9 points behind 4th placed Chelsea. I accept that all the teams above us up to Chelsea are reachable; I just think that unless there is a collapse, the top four this season is beyond us
        I would love to be wrong

  2. We have become a good cup team over the past 5 years or so. We have a chance in both competitions, but i will keep my money in my wallet this time and leave the bookies alone.

  3. Two trophies? Unlikely considering our injury list. The Europa Cup will be my choice if we were to win one, for obvious reasons. We have 13 of the other one!!!

  4. I would priortize winning the UEL over the FA cup. As that would guarantee us UCL football next season

      1. If we can’t make top four this season and without winning the europa league to guarantee UCL football, I would want us to focus on the EPL mainly next season because it seems the europa league is a distraction to make top four, without being in the europa, they’ll know its either top 4 or nothing. Arsenal shouldn’t be playing in the Europa league, seems we fans are already resorting to qualifying of the Europa league, for me its UCL football or nothing

  5. Even if we don’t win a thing, this season will be a success purely because we appointed one of the best young coaches around. The improvement in performance after just 3 games is the most encouraging news out of the club for YEARS. We are not at the level of Liverpool, and won’t be until after at least 2 transfer windows. Too many things need to happen to other teams, who are not coached by mugs, for us to reach top 4. But we should try, by playing Arsenal foorball, which we will do under Mikel, and the rest will follow.

    1. I strongly believe top 4 is still within reach, if we can get 4 wins out of 5 in the coming fixtures, im sure chelsea, spurs and united will drop points, a win at stamford bridge and a win a spurs stadium will go a long way for us in the race for top 4.

      1. Then you are fooling yourself, as so many fans choose to do. God knows why! Why did you omit to mention that WE TOO will drop points? Answer: Because it doesn’t suit your self fooling agenda!

        1. Its belief and hope, even if we do drop points, picking up against chelsea and spurs away from home, if we can be consistent we can still finish top 4

  6. I think only liverpool is confident at the moment,no other team is safe(except for maybe man city).The 3rd place and the 4th place will have a good race until the end.We have to keep winning and i think we have a good chance(it all depends on how we capitalize the momentum we have got from the performances of the last 3 games)

    The europa league is not as easy as we think it is.Its funny how many fans of the PL think all other leagues around the world is inferior to them.PL has a high tempo,that has to be agreed.But never understimate them,for me many of the uel teams have good structures,plans and fight within them.

    Even in the ucl we all saw how much liv and man city struggled against serie a sides(which many think has a boring game play)

    1. I’m sorry but MC and Leicester are 8 points ahead of Chelsea so I honestly think that it would take a monumental collapse for either of those two to drop out. Not impossible- just unlikely
      Chelsea have had a few wobbles but they are still 5 points better off than MU who are in 5th. My guess is we could finish 5th at best but my fingers will be crossed

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