Opinion: Arsenal cannot allow Giroud to break our hearts again

Arsenal will take on Chelsea in the final of this season’s FA Cup.

We will go face to face with Olivier Giroud yet again after we sold him to the Blues a few season’s back.

Football has a way of bringing us back together since he left and this final will be the second final that he could play against us.

He emerged victorious in the last final, and he even scored as the Blues beat us to win last season’s Europa League final.

As we face them again in the FA Cup final, for me, this is our chance to get revenge and the worst thing that can happen would be for us to lose and for Giroud to get on the score sheet once again.

After watching our drive towards the final and especially our performance against Manchester City in the semi-final, I am confident that we can get a result against the Blues.

I don’t know what to expect from Frank Lampard’s team, but I trust Mikel Arteta to mastermind a game plan that should get us the trophy.

Even more importantly for me, I want our defence to ensure that Giroud doesn’t get to score against us in that final and break our hearts once again.

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  1. Damn right we can’t!
    What a horrible night that was back on May 29 last year… it was inevitable that OG was going to score and when he did, it was like a dagger through my heart, so I could watch no more!
    Then the mocking afterwards enraged me a little… so this game is HUGE!!!

    Revenge is sweet and all that… plus I can’t bear Azpilicueta (or his tongue)… so to get one over on them would be a joyous occasion! Come on Arsenal, let’s do it…

    1. on that fateful night we had Ozil on the pitch, Chek between the sticks. Cheer up Sue, this year we have Cabellos and Big Emi. We will bring the cup to its home.

      1. Could be a whole lot worse, LC, we could have De Gea 😂 Reassuring knowing Emi will be between the sticks…
        Do you know if the kick off time has been confirmed yet?

        1. How ironic,not so long ago De Gea was being praised by every pundit and their dog for using his legs to stop shots…,now he is getting slaughtered for not using his hands!

  2. Sue,

    I thought I was the only one who hated Azpilicueta’s tongue…lol

    I’m super sure Chelsea camp are feeling the same way we feel right now…
    We have to go all our and be very aggressive on the front foot.
    I so much love Giroud but he is getting his ass whooped this time around…Coyg!!!

    1. You are not alone Goonerboy. I hate anything and everything even remotely related to Chelsea.

    2. Haha no, you’re not alone, GB!!
      I’m all for some Giroud & co ass whooping! That will be very satisfying…🙂

  3. I always preferred Giroud to Laca but it is what it is! We must prevail against Chelsh*t!

  4. Isn’t this ironic? Fans used to deride the guy when he was our player, now we are scared of him! Go figure.

      1. I’m scared of him because I Iook at the Arsenal’s potential CB’s Giroud will face.

  5. The have no hazarD, our team will be so much more competitive due to these last two wins, maybe 4 if AFC players put there collective heads together and win out including the FA Cup!

  6. l know that we had to release GIROUD to Chelsea as part of the deal to sign AUBA, which obviously has the turned out to be the better deal, but he will always stay fondly in Arsenal supporters hearts come what may.But we have to make sure that we forget he played for us once the whistle blows on the day of the final, and l know that David Luiz was a good mate’s with him but all that has to go out of the window & he is going to have to defend like he did against City on Saturday in the Semi -Final and keep Olivier at bay whilst our midfieders and forwards are also going to have play well because Frank Lampard has got Chelsea in to a fine tuned team,but l think we can beat them!!!!!!

  7. We would’ve beaten Chelsea at Ashburton were it not for the referee conspiracy. They struggled to get a draw against 10 man us. I see a comfortable win for us in the final.

    Nonetheless I wish we would lose so we can focus on the EPL title next season.

    1. So called “Highbury Hero”, this is the FA Cup Final FFS and you want Arsenal to lose!

  8. I wanted to play Chelsea in the FA cup final,the reason being that as good as they can be when in sync but losses to West Ham,SU..showed inconsistency,naivity and certain mental weakness when they get frustrated and not getting their way, reminiscing of Arsenal not do long ago people talk about our defenders but theirs have also mistakes in them,Ruddiger,Zouma, Christensen, not much experience there,Lampard recent comments that experience was overrated will hopefully come back to haunt him!

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