Opinion: Arsenal could do much worse than sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is set to be a free agent at the end of the season currently, although AC Milan do have the option to extend that by a year, and I believe he would be a more than decent proposition for Arsenal this summer.

It would be easy to call me crazy here, but I’m not one to shy away from my own thoughts. Yes, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is 38 years-old, turning 39 early into the new season, but on ability and experience, he is still a huge asset to his current club, and every club before them.

The Swedish living legend is currently playing in Serie A, having joined on a free transfer from LA Galaxy in January, and despite struggling to settle in initially, he has now scored 9 goals and five assists in less than 1400 league minutes.

We are currently stacked with options in our attacking areas, and are eyeing ways in which we can free up funds to bolster our weaker areas of the team, and assuming we will be able to persuade Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay on beyond the summer, Alexandre Lacazette could we be sold.

Replacing the French striker this summer should retrieve us upwards of £50 Million to invest in other areas, while Zlatan could be acquired for nothing, albeit on a fair wage.

The fact of the matter is, AC Milan have lost only twice since the arrival of Ibrahimovic, with that form seeing them leap up the table to steal sixth place and an all-important Europa League spot.

His effect in and around the squad, not only on the pitch, should not be discounted, and given that in his last season in the MLS with LA Galaxy in 2019 he scored an amazing 31 league goals in his 31 games, whilst playing the full 90 minutes on each of those occasions, should tell you that he is showing no signs of aging.

If AC Milan are stupid enough not to trigger his contract, should Arsenal make the bold bid to bring him back to the Premier League?


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  1. A big Yes, the man is a winner, the man knows how to win matches, he is from another universe along with Ronaldo and Messi. For a year, would be fine, to come off the bench as a big target man, something of an option B against physical teams. Plus his size itself is intimidating. And let Mikel complete what Arsene failed to do, to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

  2. No mishmash, please. Get Partey! Ibra was over the hill the short year with Mourinho. Now he is almost 40, and slow as a sloth. We are building defense here. Not some kind of exotic garden. Get Partey!

    1. So we don’t like Ozil because he’s in his 30 and a high earner
      So let’s get a 39 year old who.I assume would want allot of money ?
      Just as well get Cavani for free

    1. No Dad, I’m not ok. I’m getting sick of all those dead bodies nasty people throwing at us, and think that we would like to build a +50 team with. Why not reuse our own golden boys instead, Thierry, Patrick, Dennis etc – if we are bound to be the old peoples home of football?

  3. OT.. Ake off to City then… 41m….
    Let’s hope we have some news soon…. and don’t have to wait until the last hour of the window!!

    1. UEFA is really corrupt organisation…. how City’s CL ban was overturned?? And If they are not guilty then why they have to pay Euro 10 Millions as fine??
      And if they are paying fine because they are guilty then how their ban got overturned… and here we go again, after all these FFP violations they are again signings players like hell…
      Pép is such An overrated manager I have ever seen… even having unlimited money to spend, his team no way near in Title race..
      He only like to manage teams having unlimited funds to spend in Market or there is competition in league, Like he managed Bayern Munich.. He can’t run a team having self sustaining model

      1. Teams which pretty much manage themselves! Would love to see how he’d get on at, for example, Burnley!!
        I don’t mind Pep though…. and I don’t think the scousers will run away with it next season (or bloody hope they don’t anyway 😂)

    2. @sue happy Bournemouth received that amount for ake.Good business.I was gutted to see that ethical club miss safety by one point,They play open football.I Don’t like times like Brighton so boring and am surprised how they have survived they are the new stock city in EPL.

      1. Yes, LD, I’d rather they’d have stayed up and Brighton had gone!
        That’s big bucks for Bournemouth… hope they spend it wisely and come straight back up. But so many uncertainties – Will Howe still be there? Will they hang on to their best players?

    3. Unfortunately this means John Stones will be offered to Arsenal as he has worked with Arteta before!
      Why aren’t Arsenal going for Malang Sarr, as he is a young talent on a free.
      Why are Arsenal linked with Imbramovic or Fernandes when the Club has Balogun starring for the Academy and wanting to leave Arsenal because of lacking opportunities?
      The tragedy is that the most important thing for Arsenal this transfer season, apart from Thomas Partey, is to try to build a transfer kitty by selling the underperforming high wage squad players.

      1. I hope not, Ozzie, I don’t want Stones!
        There certainly are some crazy goings on at the Emirates right now… I just hope Raul has something up his sleeve, as right now it isn’t looking that great!
        We have to get it right during this window… or we’ll slide even further down the table…and I worry we’ll never get back up

  4. Just remember, Ziatan Ibrahimovic “doesn’t do trials.”
    All we have to do to determine whether a prospective transfer to Arsenal will eventuate is look at if Kia Joorabchian is that player’s agent. It appears that this agent virtually has a seat on the Board given his influence with Raul Sanheili.

  5. I think we should ask Arteta to play in midfield along with being a Manager… Anyway we need Midfielder…. Why not to play him… At least he is younger than Zlatan …

    1. Thanks, Kedar. I think you are on my side. I want us to buy players between 20 and 30, players at the peak of their performance. Young ambitious men, who are prepared to give all they have for Good Old Asn’l. Yeah, the club is old – 134 years or something like that. A fine old club represented by young strong men.

  6. The misery of 8 incompetent Central defenders at Arsenal needs a commission of inquiry.As for Ibra simply no chance,we don’t want that snob

    1. Let’s hope William Saliba will be the beginning of a new era, the era of real good CB:s in Asn’l. At least, he is built as one. The centerbacks should be towers and WS is 6 feet 3.

  7. I will prefer Edison Cavani, he will fit in to replace Alex Lacazett if he leaves this summer. This will also ease pressure on our young strikers as they develop

    1. Definitely a clash of ego is imminent.Ibra is almost same age as arteta.MA couldnt handle a ibra wannabe(guendouzi).With ibra’s pride as high as the empire State,MA won’t even see that as an option even if Milan pay us to have him.

  8. Arsenal!? 🤣 Come on. Why on earth would Zlatan choose Arsenal?? Remember: “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions. ” and he walked away from Wenger with no doubts. Zlatan is a king and belongs in clubs like Grande Milan.

    And I’m an Arsenal supporter. 😊

  9. One thing i know about zlatan is he is a winner,a man with extreme confidence.
    Whenever you feel down just watch his interviews you will get a boost.Love the guy…😂👌

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