Opinion – Arsenal do not need rejects and have enough quality in defence

Arsenal have better quality at the back than some of the defenders being touted for a move to the Emirates

Arsenal has been linked with a number of defenders over the past few months and some of the players that have been linked have been ridiculous.

Players like Dejan Lovren and Chris Smalling has been linked with a move to the Gunners and I have to admit that signing any of these players would be ridiculous looking at how far we have come.

Mikel Arteta has made some improvements to the Arsenal backline and we can comfortably sell any of our current options for higher than what Arsenal has been asked to pay for Lovren and Smalling.

Shkodran Mustafi has been rejuvenated at the Emirates following the arrival of Mikel Arteta and the German should be given more prominence.

Pablo Mari has been a class act in the games that he has played for Arsenal and the Spaniard looks set to keep getting better.

William Saliba will be joining in the summer and the Frenchman has proven this season that he would be a success from the get-go.

Calum Chambers started Mikel Arteta’s reign looking to finally be reaching his potential. His injury was a big loss to us, but he would come back stronger.

Rob Holding is injured at the moment he was beginning to show his class and I’d rather have him on my team than any of Lovren and Smalling.


  1. We don’t need them…
    Next season we will have.

  2. I remember under Arsene Wenger managed Arsenal, Chris Smalling was a CB Arsenal target. But he couldn’t sign him for Arsenal principally because Man Utd who was Smalling club then will not sell him to their rival club side Arsenal. And I think even Smalling himself wasn’t prepared to join Arsenal. But now a lot water have since passed under the bridge that could see Arteta managed Arsenal now not interested to bring Smalling to the Emirates Stadium I would think.

  3. Plenty in terms of quantity but only one of real quality and he has yet to kick a ball for us.

  4. We fans need to discern fact from fiction. Who can be so naive to imagine that of all the defenders we currently have we can go for the rejects of other clubs? That phase is passed. I sincerely don’t believe that we need any central defenders. Perhaps we might need a full back but even there with Bellerin, Soares, Tierney, Kolasinac and Saka who has done well there I think our need is also limited. The areas where I believe we need quality is midfield and the wings. As Arteta gains a foothold in the team we shall realise that we have more quality than we had ever imagined. Look at Mustafi and Xhaka as good examples of players that have rediscovered their potential under Arteta. Soon Pepe will be firing on all cylinders because of Arteta’s influence as will many others. Arsenal’s situation can only get better under Arteta.

    1. Xhaka?…..where had he improved? He is atill as clueless under MA as he was under UE, remember we bought him over Kante…..he should be sold a pity we did not lwt him go to Germany

  5. No more defenders!

    We need more creative players! more in the midfield and if necessary, RB!

  6. Well…. I hoped we won’t sign Luiz, but here we are, and I hoped and prayed we would sign Ziyech, but again, here we are. Little do fans’ opinions matter when it comes to decisions at the club, and that’s why it’s annoying when squad (especially team selection and formation) problems that have blindingly obvious solutions go uncorrected for long periods. most times, I just wish whatever the club does, and whomever the club signs end up paying dividends. I try not to bother myself too much about things I have little to no control over. Here’s to hoping for a better, no, glorious season for Arsenal next year. COYG!

  7. Absolutely no more defenders. We have Louis, Mustafi, Socrates, Mari, Chambers and Saliba to come next season. Please invest in defensive midfield and a creative midfielder. Here’s to football starting soon and the virus getting wiped out.

  8. We have enough defenders BUT we do NOT have enough QUALITY defenders

    There’s a difference between quantity and quality

    Our defenders are average at best. That’s not good enough

    Also Saliba is an unknown factor. We have no idea how or if he will be able to adapt to the Premier League

  9. We need to get rid of

    Who are coming after the 3 mediocre players named in
    picking order, past seasons.

    Bring Koulibaly and Ake, keep Mari, Saliba. We do not need to pall up mediocre players but bring youngsters as Saliba and from youth system into team.

    We can’t have do Mav as Holding and Chambers before him if we not playing them; useless!

    Sell Auba and Xhaka, Laca Torreira as they still wanted, lock up that CD, we have enough talent in middle with Gendouzi, Niles we are totally waisting, Willock, Rowe, Ozil who won’t leave and can be used.

    Bellerin Koulibaly Ake Tierny
    Niles Gendouzi
    Nelson Nketiah Saka

    Willock, Rowe, Martinelli, Pepe are all able to play and compete others, as Saliba, Mari. We could keep Laca for his leadership but then a youngster be left out.

    Still looks as some players may not have enough first team football. Pepe was a useless buy as we saw Nelson stepping up and brought him back quicly from Germany for that.

    Why sign Pepe then, to bench him or play him for his price tag over Nelson?

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