Opinion – Arsenal don’t need another error-prone defender

John Stones!! Not another mistake prone defender please by Lagos Gooner

Good morning fellow Gooners all over the world. Let’s get straight to the point! Who has also read about Arsenal’s strong interest in buying the Manchester City defender, John Stones? According to online sources, Manchester City is ready to offload Stones for 50 million and Arsenal is one of the front runners in his pursuit.

Yes, we need defenders at Arsenal and we should be going for defenders who have played at the highest level and who have won virtually everything in football; but in doing that, we should try as much as possible to get an improvement on the current set we already have at Arsenal. With Stones costly mistake in Manchester City’s game versus Aston Villa in the Carabao final last weekend, one will be tempted to ask what the Arsenal transfer team see in a defender who plays just like the ones they have currently.

John Stones was bought by Manchester City to solve their own defensive issues but according to online sources, Guardiola seems to be tired of seeing the defender’s face at the club and he is willing to sell him. I have nothing against Stones, but I have my reservations about Arsenal wanting to buy him. We don’t need him or rather we need somebody more reliable.

Stones could offer composure in possession and can provide width in defence, although he has proven error-prone throughout his career. Also, The Gunners have had too many mistake-ridden defenders of late. Stones can provide stability and cause less defensive errors, but he could also be a risky purchase and we don’t need another risky purchase right now. We need to get it right this time around, in order to avoid coming back again next transfer window, seeking another defender.

Instead of going for Stones, we can re-access the defenders we have currently at the club, keep those with prospects who are ready to play for the club, sell those who don’t meet up to Arteta’s taste and then search for real defenders who we can comfortably play in high tempo games, and who would not make silly mistakes that will cost us points. We still have Sokratis, Luiz, Mustafi, Pablo Mari, Holdings, and Chambers. These players, if properly motivated, are better options than Stones. I hope the Arsenal board knows what they are doing this time around.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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  1. Yet another rehashed article about Stones, and the answer is still the same as the other day when it was previously asked. NO! NO MORE CONSTANT MISTAKE ON LEGS CB’s!

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