Opinion – Arsenal fans losing the plot wanting the team to lose

Wanting Arsenal to lose so Unai Emery is sacked is madness.

Using the words losing the plot or madness may seem a bit strong but I cannot think of another way to describe Arsenal fans wanting the team to lose just to get Emery out.

First and foremost it makes no sense at all. If Emery does not get sacked because the team is winning then that is a good thing.

If by some miracle the team goes on long winning run scrapes into top-four, wins the Europa League and the FA Cup then that is a very successful season. That is what winning means.

I get the argument that Emery could lead the team to a couple of wins, then they lose again and so on. That would obviously make finishing top-four beyond reach but even so, that is still no reason to want the team to lose.

If that was to happen and Emery is still in his job then that is down to the board and if they cannot get it right at this time, what makes you think they will make the right calls with another manager in charge.

When you start going down the road wanting your team to lose to get the manager sacked a line gets crossed. What next? lose so a player gets dropped, hope a defender concedes a penalty so he gets dropped. I am sorry, that is madness.

Put it this way, if there was ever a circumstance that a loss to say Liverpool at the Emirates means Tottenham could not win the title I would still want Arsenal to win.

I don’t care about other teams, I care about Arsenal. I want the ladies to win, the youth team to win, I want to win in friendlies, in charity games, in testimonials. Literally in every game at every level no matter the circumstances.

Once that Rubicon is crossed where a loss is the desired outcome then trust me on this, you can never step back. Once you want that there will be another time. Is that really what any Arsenal fan should want?


  1. Completely agreed. Rapid fans and a team in disarray don’t make Arsenal more attractive to the elite managers we would like to see replace Emery.

    Hoping for a manager who can find the magic formula that returns our possession play and offensive power whilst fixing the defence is all well and good. Wanting the team to lose, however, risks creating an atmosphere where our top players don’t want to hang around any more either.

  2. Is painful as a fan for wanting your team to loss but if it can remedy the problem of the club by sacking Emery its welcome if not more season would be wasted for us to be in the top four again. Am praying for Arsenal to loss tomorrow so that Emery van be sack

    1. It is not very civil and human to wish bad for another person/s. The man will be without a job which is nothing to rave about.Opinions like these incite players to under perform, be callous and sabotage the club. Don’t these players earn thousands every week? Are they not responsible to those who pay them?Cannot the players be true to themselves and their profession? Players playing with the motive to fire their boss are the scum of football, sadists to the core and belong to the jungle, not decent society. Sorry Kelleson, I do not agree with your opinion.

    2. We lose tomorrow though I still doubt he’ll get the sack, our board keep on saying that they are always going to stand by him unfortunately. It’s hard to accept but at this stage I think we’ll just have to accept it.

  3. Like cutting off your hand to spite your face. Very juvenile response to the situation. It says a lot about those who think that way and how their real life is. SAD…

  4. These were the fans who insisted Arsene Wenger should leave.To me Arsenal fans are incompetent about football and the managerial aspect of the game. They are not patient enough,the lack game spirit and the soccer dogmatism

    1. No idea what any of this means but if a Draw or loss to Norwich means emery out of the door then that is fine by me … in 18 months he has not only had a poor points total but has brought the worst football to arsenal in many a long year … that combination is unconscionable and patience is not the answer …

    2. I don’t totally agree that Arsenal fans are incompetent or impatient compared to the fans of other clubs.

      Speaking of understanding managerial aspect of the game, I doubt majority of Liverpool or Man City fans know any better than Arsenal fans do, it’s just about the results and Arsenal has been lacking results for quite a time now.

      Add to that, our head coach can’t settle on a solid tactic, formation or a team selection so that our fans do actually have something to contemplate about and believe in. In fact his decisions has put question mark on whether or not he actually knows two shits about tactics and player management. That is hardly a stuff to reinstate faith and belief in fans who have been stranded for supporting this club for over a decade without proper results.

      And again Arsene wasn’t without fault, his tactics were becoming too predictable to be competitive. And now, Emery’s tactics are too unpredictable to be practical and reliable.

      If the fans are still rooting for the good of same club, as they were doing some 15 years back, I think they have been pretty darn patient considering the drought of trophies this club has seen during that period.

  5. I don’t normally agree with the idea of hoping your team loses, but in this case it does serve the greater good, especially if we land the right manager…the sad part is this club has been so frustrating, from a fan perspective, for so long it creates this very type of cynicism…dragging their feet, band-aid solutions, deadwood on the payroll for too long, never properly addressing obvious weaknesses, allowing a manager to stay well past his best before date, no ownership investment, the great Emirates lie, the 4th place cup, playing people constantly out of position, square peg in a round hole nonsense time and time again, using the press to disparage our best former players etc…when will this club finally put on it’s big boy pants and right this ridiculous shit storm…you would think a club that spent so much time praising the importance of our previous manager, wouldn’t act in such a cavalier fashion about his replacement, who was clearly not up to the task…he should have been sacked at the end of the season on the heels of our atrocious road record, which led to us missing out on a top 4 spot, and our pitiful performance in the Europa final…frankly I’m not convinced this club knows what’s best for itself, which might only occur when we cut the head off the proverbial snake and get an owner who actually cares about this club and it’s ultimate success

  6. Fans are not fans if they want their team to lose, they are not worthy of being called fans. Part time fans are not needed, they are idiots and not proper fans at all.

  7. Sometimes you have to decide which you support; the team and its next match or the club and what is best for it in the far longer term. Anything that delays Emery leaving is not welcome to me. Even if that means winning several games in a row, which will not happen and even if it did, will still not save him. But the greater good is not always just winning the next game. Realists know this well!

    1. Realists my backside, you ain’t no fan if for whatever reason you want this team to lose. I suppose you have never heard of thick and thin, you should always whatever be disappointing when we lose and happy when we win, if not, you are not a fan. I cant accept any person that is a true fan wants us to lose, rediculous. You are not a realist and it isn’t a good excuse either.

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