Opinion – Arsenal fans need to be patient with Mikel Arteta

Since Mikel Arteta arrived he has created a new feeling of positivity amongst the Arsenal players and fans, but perhaps we are all expecting him to have the Gunners challenging clearly for the Top Four next season, or even higher.

But the Arsenal legend David Seaman thinks that we should not expect miracles overnight, and we can not expect anything more until the Spaniard has had a chance to instil his philosophy into the team that he has inherited. It does not look like he will have much money in the summer, so he can only try and train the players he has now to get his very best out of them. Do Seaman is urging Arsenal fans to be patient with Arteta for the moment.

“[Arteta] can’t get players in now. He will try to revitalise them, but he’s coaching them now,” Seaman said.

“It’s not like you can go in and change it overnight. He needs a lot of time to coach and he will do that.

“I like him as a manager, I like what he says and, from what I’ve heard on the training ground, it’s really good as well.

“I think it’s going to be a bit of a longer process than what a lot of people thought.

“In the summer, or at the end of the season when the transfer window opens, it’s going to be a big test for Arsenal as to who comes in and who goes out.”

That all sounds like simple common sense, but in this era of social media everyone wants instant success handed to them on a plate.

Arteta needs at least three years to mold the team into the shape he wants, but can most Arsenal fans be prepared to wait that long?


  1. Of course he has to be given time but alongside strong financial backing.
    What I disagree with is the last paragraph saying he needs 3 years to mould the team, that imo, is too much, I humbly think this pre-season and all next season is enough for that.

    1. In answer to the issues raised Loose Cannon are you suggesting that our first team squad is comparable with those of Man Utd and Chelsea?.If you are, you are sadly mistaken, for the likes of Mustafi, Socratis, Luiz,Xhaka, Torreria and Kolasinac would never make their squads .I am not suggesting that Man Utd and Chelsea do not have their weak links, but most of them do not make the first team on a regular basis.Basically Arteta inherited a very poorly balanced squad of players with many really talented youngsters being tarnished by mediocre defenders and midfielders.It will take Arteta at least two more seasons before he can decant the poor wine from the bottle, and we ,as rational fans , led him our support during this transitional period.Stability in Management is vitally important for our Club, because, unlike Man Utd and Chelsea we do not have the financial resources to hire and fire when the going gets tough.

      1. Grandad, my only worry is that Arteta keeps playing crap seniors when he knows their not good enough. We bottled the ECL last year and this year too. These seniors lost the league cup to Pool,s youth team.They are not good enough yet they get selected. Be brave play a younger team, if we lose at least we tried something different.These seniors should be made to train alone.Does he have the guts to put the seniors in their place? I doubt so. and that will be his undoing.

      2. Grandad I always agree with most of your post but I will never agree with you saying Chelsea and man united have better qualities players than us. We have Leno Chelsea have Kepa and united have De gea who has not been that good this season, we have a better striker than both teams in aubamayang, when you compare our youngsters with both Chelsea and united we definitely come out on top, I mean we have Martinelli who was on form before arteta for reasons best known to him decided to bench him for 4 matches, we have Saka, we have Niles who was also on form before arteta bench him,the only area that Chelsea tops us is in the defensive area and that you can even argue on. All we need is consistency from the players and the coach, if he can bench the likes of Martinelli Sokratis, Niles, then he shouldn’t have any problem benching the likes of Luiz Xhaka ozil.

  2. OMG, we do have internationals playing for Arsenal. Most of the players – Leno, Socrates, Mustafi, Luiz, Tierney/Kolasinac, Xhaka, Torrera, Ozil, Pepe, Auba, Lacazete, are all internationals and came at a price. I would say it is a luxury to have an all star team, but results fail to prove so.Why? Because there seems to be no ruthless system in place at AFC when players under perform. Check the teams above us excluding City and Pool, check their quality and ours? Why are we not among the elite despite having elite players? The coach has to be ruthless. Arsene was too soft and got what he deserved. Unai tried to enforce discipline, but had to bear the brunt of the player power. The system has to be shaken from the top. I feel Arteta is tough with the younger players, soft on the senior players, and there lies the problem. Please him on the training ground irrespective of match day performance. Arteta is lucky to have some great players like Saka, Nelson, Gabriel and some prospects like Guendozi, AMN and Willock. Lampard in his first season with an average squad is fourth, Utd. with all their problems are above us.Why is it only Arsenal coaches /players need time?So are we to accept mediocrity till then?

    1. LOOSE CANNON, YOUR DEFINITION OF “ELITE” IS WAY OUT OF LINE WITH TRUTH. We have a few , just a FEW decent players, one or two good players and just ONE, Auba, who is elite. The rest are average, poor or pitiful. I am interested in the precise names that you consider to be “elite” and challenge you to name them!

      1. Jon, the above mentioned players came at a price not cheap hence in that view I call them elite due to their wages and transfer fee.Of them only Auba is a good performer. My take is that if the rest are on high wage and transfer fee, there should be a system in place to ensure they grind results every week. This is what I want Arteta to implement and not be tough only on the juniors.After all I just want my club to succeed that includes Area too.Would city accept mediocrity every week? If we have to regain our glory we should start flogging these players just not accept what they do.Let us not look at excuses for not grinding results.After a poor performance does anyone forfeit wages? Why do we accept the mediocrity of the players?I want Arteta to be tough with every single non performer not just a select few.I want my club to be at the top.The Ol. loss hurts me very bad even today.Sorry if I have hurt anyone on this Portal.

  3. First off, saying we have “elite” players (internationals or not) is to say the least stretching a point.

    You cite Chelsea & Manchester United (or “Utd as you put it, as though there are no other “United’s” in the league).

    Solskaer employed (full time, previously being caretaker) March 2019 – 42 pts

    Lampard employed July 2019 – 45 pts

    Arteta employed DECEMBER 2019 – 37 pts (with game in hand on both of the above).

    One winter transfer window for Arteta.

    Give the man time.

    He has just arrived, and is working with what he has inherited which is at best average.

    As for being soft.

    Last year we blew it big time., needing one win in the last eight.

    If anyone thinks M A is going to drop experience , whatever fan pressure and opinion is being brought to bear, they are very much mistaken.

    Look at the league, unbelievably we could potentially still grab some sort of European involvement – some would argue a pointless exercise as we are simply not good enough for either competition, but tell the bean counters that.

    As we have somehow “stayed in touch”, I fully support Arteta continuing to use recognised first team players, using the younger lads intelligently (yes. a couple of substitutions could have been made earlier of late).

    This current squad will be disbanded no doubt, but over what period of time – the very time that Mikel Arteta should, and will be given.

    There was a lot of talk of M A’s inexperience when we gave him the job him. That fact is undeniable.

    But for me, in one way , he had invaluable experience. Working for who it is argued is the best manager in the world, and being immersed in an extremely successful environment for over three years.

    Such experience as above equally doesn’t come along every day.

    I feel your pain, and for over 50 years and counting, have had many periods of equal frustration.

    But here, in my opinion, we have a young, promising coach (yuk, manager for me) GIVE HIM TIME.

    1. So fed up with this knee jerk stuff, forgot F.A. cup quarter final.

      I really don’t know what people expect from the guy in just over EIGHT WEEKS ????????

      Oh, let’s get stuck in on Arteta.

      Should we have clawed back Liverpool !

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Your comments are right on the money – even the ‘coach/manager’ crack!

  4. I think most of the fanbase would agree. There’s nothing to freak out about yet and I think he’s doing a good job so far. Restoring some confidence in this side after the previous damage that was done was a big task but I feel like it is slowly being achieved. A lot of Arteta’s summer spending will come down to who we can sell though. He wont get as much funds as Emery got last summer.

  5. MA needs time that we all know and one thing that has been impressive under him is the organization and structure of the team.The style and tactics are being worked and soon we will be a top strong side

  6. Lenohappy and Loose Cannon , thanks for the feedback.We may have to agree to differ when comparing the strengths of the square mentioned.I personally feel we at the top of the tree when it comes to attacking players and in terms of talented youngsters.I mentioned our squad being imbalanced and it is in that we do not have one top quality centre back, nor right back and the same applies to our midfield.Basically I think we three are singing off the same hymnsheet because I am all for .givng our youngsters a chance at the expense of the experienced players who have let us down during the past 4/5 seasons..Arteta will get it right before the season is out by which time I hope we have a settled back four of AMN, Holding,Mari and Tierney with Saka being moved up to the left wing and Auba at CF. Let’s hope we turn over the hammers tomorrow.

  7. M.A has done really well, he has made arsenal much difficult to beat and he deserves nothing but accolades for that. It took kloop 4 years to achieve this feat at Liverpool. We need to give M.A time as well. Not to forget. I still can’t believe some fans wanted Jose as the Manger of arsenal. Spurs rushed and signed when they saw that we could get him. They thought they were being smart and from how terrible spurs are right now it’s turning out to be a very dumb an hasty move. While it’s too late to rule him out the man looks like a shadow of his former slef. I’m glad I never for a second entertained the thought of having him as my manager

  8. Absolutely agree, he knows our lack of UCL football has hurt us financially and has said as much. Although I don’t think the situation is as dire as most media seem to think. We don’t have a bad squad by any means, and our defense has been getting stronger with each game under MA. When Saliba, a potential world beater in my opinion, arrives in the summer I think all we’ll be missing is a big solid DM and a playmaker. Otherwise, we have enough firepower in front that Saka is playing at left back, and beautifully too.

    Arteta has got the Arsenal machine fired up & purring again and I can’t wait to see what more he does with enough time. I sincerely hope we all can give him and the players the chance to build something special.

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