Opinion – Arsenal fans need to be positive that we will still get to the Champions League

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Hello Arsenal family. I bring good news to you. Despite all the gloomy atmosphere surrounding Arsenal at this moment, I want you to know that at the end of the season, we shall all smile and rejoice because something good will happen. I believe so in my heart. I pray you can share the same optimism with me.

Now, let us start asking ourselves these questions: 1. Do we think Arsenal FC will not qualify for the UEFA Champions league next season? 2. Why do we think so? 3. Don’t we think we are being too negative at this early stage of the season?

I know a lot of people will want to tear into me for asking these questions with obvious answers but if we are to sit back and reflect, we will realize that things are not as bad as we may think they are.

Arsenal has no business playing in the Europa League, and I am quite sure the whole of Arsenal is thinking on how to avert another season of no Champions League football. Things may now look bright right now, but I assure you that nothing will stop us from playing in the Champions league next season.

Even the players know what it means to play in the Champions league, and they will do everything within their power to play in the Champions league. Some of the expensive players have realized how important it is for them to live up to billing. What is the use of earning big bucks and not delivering on a consistent level?

Even Emery knows he is living on borrowed time and will do everything to make up the lost ground. I see us going on a winning streak as from next week and I pray it happens because we are tired of being losers weekly.

What I am simply trying to do is build up our optimism and faith, because we need that a lot at this critical period of the club? Hope your faith is as strong as mine at this critical moment? One love, and please let us try to be optimistic at all times because looking at the positive side of thing, is all we have got at the moment…

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Nope!! Emry out! The football is too negative and he is not charismatic enough. Pep, klopp, Lampard, rodgers, all play attacking football. The liverpool fans love llop as he is charismatic same with pep. Rodgers and Lampard less so but Lampard has already won the hearts if Chelsea with his football a long time ago and leister are a small club so even staying in the prem is a achievement based on the last 5-10 years.

    Even if we got top 4 fans wouldn’t be happy. Emry lacks the Va va voom. Wenger had elegance and style and even pushed other managers. Emry cannot communicate well and plays way tok negative. Our next manager must be someone with a big personality and attacking football

    It must be next
    Erik ten Hag
    Freddie L
    Or thiery henry

    Maybe arteta but my gut says no

  2. It’s still possible mathematically to get a CL ticket through EPL, provided the our competitors lose a lot of the upcoming games. Since it is highly improbable, we would most likely only be able to get a CL ticket through EL now

    Had our problems lied solely on our defense, I would be able to think positively. Unfortunately our inability to control the games and our dull attacks have made the situation worse

    The only positive thing I could think of is Emery’s vast experience in European football. He could still turn the things around in EL, as long as the players don’t bottle it again in the final stages

  3. Emery will not lift the gloom, he has no idea what he is doing the whole first team squad setup is a shambles,other top clubs would have sacked him by now,we will not get champions league while he is here.

  4. Whilst I applaud your optimism Sylvester and I don’t mean to be rude, I think you are deluded. The club is in a complete mess at present with empty seats at every game (albeit prepaid by season ticket holders peed off with the football), a manager who doesn’t have a clue what his best team is and what formation to play. We are losing players from the academy because they see little point in staying for the future, first team big names basically slagging off the manager on social media, with Raul, Edu and co appearing to do nothing to stop the rot. The stadium is, and has been for ages, just a soulless concrete edifice with a classless name, the Emirates! Ashburton Grove has more class and meaning. Can anyone honestly see us getting any more that 4 points maximum against our next three opponents, Southampton, Norwich and Brighton? Then we have Man City and Chelsea shortly after. If Emery is still here at Christmas we won’t even make the EL let alone the CL next season and will be closer to relegation than to top four. Get rid of Emery now, pay him off and install Ljungberg until we can employ someone who knows what they are doing.

  5. I HOPE we finish in the Top 4 or win Europa league as ALL real Arsenal fans should do

    However, there is nothing that Emery has done so far this season to lead me to believe this will happen

    If he would at the very least play all of our best players (ie. Leno, Tierney, Bellerin, Holding, Luiz, Torreira, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette) and not start Xhaka, Mustafi, Sokratis, Niles, in most Premier League matches that would make a difference

  6. There is no chance of qualifying via the league with Emery in charge. If he lasts the season, we’ll be nearer the bottom three, rather than the top four. We’re already 8 points off 4th spot, and if we continue in the same form, we’ll be around 12-15 points off 4th by Christmas.

    Even if we got rid of Emery now, it’s a big ask, and it’ll be almost an impossible job if he’s given until Christmas.

    Our only hope will be via Europe.

  7. Well I like your optimism and deep down inside me I want us to finish 4th and win the Europa League also but I love to be realistic and I don’t think with the way we are going we can even make 5th position.

    I don’t see Chelsea or Leicester dropping points anytime soon so it is going to be difficult

  8. Rejoice? Faith and hope? Is this the church of AFC?

    We will be very fortunate if we end up in the last spot for the champions League. Because of attitude, will and ability or lack thereof. Nothing more..

  9. I wish I had your faith, the media says Emery has a month to turn it round, so we will see where we are come Xmas

  10. I actually think Emery can do it..Delusion for me is to that Ljungberg,Arteta or Henry will do a better job…that is true delusion. Ask Man utd when they appointed Solskjaer. There is a big difference between a manager and an assistant manager.The exception to this may be Lampard but i do not think he is going to get top 4, He got beat 4-0 to man utd, the team that cannot score…& every team that is of similar strength to his…he loses. It is still early days as well..only 11 games in…heck last year Man utd went on a 17 game unbeaten run? while we went on a …was it 19?20? cannot remember the number but it was whole lot more than Lampard has managed so far but both Arsenal & Man utd finished outside the top 4. 27 games to go guys…the next 3 games looks promising as well, we should be getting 9 points before Man city who i think we cannot beat…while Lampard has man city next…another 4-0? Haha don’t worry guys, not until at least 19 games played when everyone has played against all teams at least once will we know where we stand…so far despite how seriously negative in nature arsenal fans are…i think we are just about doing ok…If Leceister or Chelsea are still in the top 4 by 19 games played then i’ll be impressed…

    1. After 19 games and if Emery is still in charge we could be 17th. And yes, we should be getting 9 points from the next three games but I’ll have a wager with anyone we won’t get more than 4, if we’re lucky.

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