Opinion – Arsenal has no discipline under Arteta, no wonder we drop points

Arsenal lost two men in their 2-1 loss to Wolves, but the red cards aren’t something new since they made Mikel Arteta their manager.

Before the Spaniard took over at the Emirates, the Gunners had one of the worse defences in the league.

He set about correcting that. He has done so, but it seems to have come at a cost.

Arsenal is now the most undisciplined team in the league, judging by the amount of sending offs they get.

After seeing David Luiz and Bernd Leno get sent off in their game against Wolves, Opta Joe revealed that Arsenal has had more Premier League red cards (9) than any other team since Arteta took charge of his first game on Boxing Day 2019.  

That number is six more than any other team has received and goes to show you that this Arsenal team has disciplinary problems.

It is not exactly a bad thing to always get players sent off, because it could be a sign that the players are willing to do the work needed to get results.

However, when the results are not getting any better, it makes almost no sense.

We had two red cards and lost the game. We are also very far from the top four and that is no surprise when you see how many points red cards have cost us.

As things stand, these Arsenal players simply need to learn how to get the results by playing clean, as playing dirty isn’t helping them to achieve their goals.

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  1. well, last nights red cards wasnt down to poor discipline was it?

    Luiz was hard done by and Leno was fool.

    We have had some rather Harsh red cards this season, Nketiah’s and Auba’s red were both imo, HARSH!

    I never like seeing our players sent off but i can take it as to me it shows they are committed and ready to fight.

    Lets not forget how dirty Arsenal was in the first half of Wengers tenure.

    Patrick Vieira could easily lead the Premier league bad boys for red cards in a season by a country mile.

    If they find that happy medium between commitment and rash, then I am ok with that, should then reduce the cards we get

  2. Possibly one of the most ill-thought out and inaccurate opinions I’ve seen expressed online a a long while 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤬

  3. Its funny how the media love to take digs at arsenal like during the latter days of Wenger reign we were labelled soft with players deemed not contributing enough fast forward to artetas tenure we are labelled indiscpline so what do the media want?

  4. Your article is naive and one dimensional but hardly surprising given the headline. You take a look at how many red cards and say arteta is teaching players to be ill disciplined. Yet you take no notice of the stats that show arsenal receive a card for half as many fouls committed by Liverpool or Leicester you also conveniently forget to look in depth at whether all the cards were correct decisions and never consider referee incompetency and inconsistency as an issue that may affect these figures.
    You also forget to look at each incident individually and see if it’s warranted or incompetency

  5. Luiz gets red cards because he can’t run & opts to foul those fast strikers. There is also too much pressure on centre backs which should be repulsed by a good midfield & a menacing front line as in Liverpool( Mane, Fermino& Salah). Our front line doesn’t frighten opposing defenders& miss a harvest of chances.

  6. Not about discipline but him trying to show world he is right to play Luiz!

    Leno is not making such errors every other game, we feel secured with him.

    Mess starts with Luiz, game is lost..

    i know many do not agree, so hey, let’s see how long this stuborness will last.

    If he appeals for Luiz red card, means he wants to keep him in! Let’s ser!

  7. Ill discipline is something i touched on weeks ago on our bad run, silly tackles, foul throws, wasted dead balls, silly yellow cards etc etc. Its just basics and good discipline that great teams have. We aren’t a great team and until we get more professional we wint be a good team.

  8. ever since his appointment, I’ve been very curious about the evolution of Arteta, the manager…some like Tuchel’s protégé, Nagglesman, went out of his way to put his own stamp on his coaching style so as to avoid obvious comparisons, whereas it seems like Arteta has unfortunately decided to pay homage to the Wenger he played under, instead of either channeling Arsene’s earlier incarnation or even taking a page out of Pep’s Guide to the Footballing Galaxy…shoehorning players, picking favourites, laying blame at the feet of match officials, shipping out strong personalities, relying on overpaid “old” Cheski players, using the term “unlucky” far too often, bringing in injured players(Ryan) and the strategic over-exaggeration of potential score-lines to deflect attention away from the actual reality of the situation…now I’m not saying that all of his actions have been horribly misguided, as I agree with the methodology behind a few of his decisions, like ridding the cub of the likes of Guendo or expressing his displeasure with the seemingly double-dip nature of the call on Luiz today, but I believe a disturbing pattern has emerged…I would be far less concerned if the hierarchal structure of our club was far less reflective of the post-Dein Wenger years, but we did give Arteta the Manager title and not the more logical coaching moniker…if this is the case, and we’re actually looking for Arteta to restore the manager-centric model that left us in a shambolic state, then we have failed to heed the lessons of the past and are likely destined to suffer a similar fate

  9. How can I possibly argue with such well thought out, in-depth responses…maybe you Mensa candidates didn’t understand my point…it’s not that I’m suggesting that Arteta can’t get the job done, I just worry that we’re setting ourselves up for disaster because we’re simply expecting too much from a novice manager…we need to have checks and balances in place so that we don’t have a repeat performance of what occurred once Dein had left the building…after all Wenger was far more experienced and even he couldn’t handle the job when left to his own devices…you must admit there are some interesting similarities between the two managers, which could be problematic…even Willock said that he was pleasantly surprised by Bruce providing him with a detailed plan day one, which was clearly a knock on Arteta’s glaring lack of an overall plan(or at least communicating one to his players)…I think it’s imperative that there’s more than one credible individual in the room when decisions are being made come the summer because we simply can’t afford another elongated slump before Xmas for the third season running

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