Opinion – Arsenal has the best young players in the Premier League

Arsenal youngsters are arguably the best crop of any Premier League team.

Arsenal had a tough season and until Mikel Arteta became our new manager it could be argued that there was almost nothing special about the team. That is no longer the case.

Almost all the publicity about Arsenal towards the end of Unai Emery’s reign and Freddie Ljungberg’s stint were negative. Credit has to go to Arteta, there has been more positive news than negative news about Arsenal since his arrival.

One thing that Arteta has done this season has been giving Arsenal’s youngsters a chance to prove their worth. Gabriel Martinelli has been Arsenal’s most outstanding young player this season for his obvious displays for the Gunners however, I don’t think he is the only Arsenal youngster that has been in fine form.

I reckon that we have the best set of youngsters in the Premier League at the moment. Our game against Bournemouth in the FA Cup showed yet again why our youngsters are the best.

Both of our goals on the night were scored by two youngsters in Bukayo Saka and Eddie Nketiah. Martinelli didn’t score in that game, but the Brazilian was at his usual best in terms of hard work.

Matteo Guendouzi and Joe Willock also put in fine displays and not for the first time either.

I admit that there are good young players in other teams, however, I don’t think they rely on their youngsters and give them the chance to play as Arsenal does.

I know some will point to the youngsters at Chelsea, Man Utd etc but in my humble opinion, they are not as good as what we have right now and certainly not in the same number.

I expect Arteta to continue to develop the careers of our young players and I expect them to become big stars for us from next season.

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  1. 1. Martinelli
    2. Saka
    3. Willock
    4. Guendouzi
    5. Nelson
    6. Nketiah

    Super star players. Our golden generation. I agree with the article

    1. Remove Willok and Nelson from this list. How many goals & assists does Willock have on the league this season considering the amount of chances he’s been given? At a point he was playing ahead of Toreira under Emery. Cant believe you rated him above Guendouzi. Him and Nelson need 2 more years with U23s or on loan.

  2. We cant look at other teams, it is not our concern. We have a group of young players who actually have the tools to make it with this club. It is now upto how they develop and how our manager can influence them. In my opinion, Saka, Gouendouzi, Willock, Martinelli, Nketiah, Nelson and Amn have the ability but they need to be given good coaching and time in the team to see if they can develop. For me Saka, Gouendouzi, Willock and Martinelli are all well capable to be trusted and given the necessary tools and time to develop them in the first team. The only problem we have is, we don’t seem to produce or have any under 21 year old defenders at the club coming through the same.

  3. Willock did quite well yesterday. Based on what we got atm, he looks like the closest thing to Ramsey. If he develops well, he seems the midfielder with the likelihood to provide more attacking play and goals.

  4. One thing i like to point out is the valuable education they get from their senior players apart from their coaches is also a major source in their success.

    People criticize senior players for their performances and judge their character on what they see instead of finding out what was asked from them senior players and how they brought it into the team,on and off the field.
    Guendouzi saying laca and auba are like brothers to him.
    Joe willock praising ozil on the impact ozil is having on his performance
    are just few examples of what seniority can bring to the team.

    One thing is for sure,there is a “wider” picture and quite a lot dont see it.

  5. Ime, it will take a bad game before you and some our fans to call those youngsters garbage again and then comes an opinionated articles asking for them to be loaned out or demoted to the age group league.

    1. Nothing winds me up more than idiots slagging our youth off for a bad game. We wont ever get youth through with mindless morons not understanding our youth need to learn. GIVE THEM TIME.

  6. I completely agree with your analysis Admin. I admit that I had my doubts about Arteta primarily because of his lack of experience. I don’t have any doubts left, he is doing a wonderful job with our youngsters who are playing with a confidence that belies their age. This can only be good news for the future of AFC.

      1. Mikel Arteta is doing well for us and get being us hope. He has done a good job rescuing us from plunging into the abyss of relegation and shame.

        Pray, who brought him ( Mikel Arteta) to Arsenal? There is no way you can talk about the progress of youth in Arsenal and you won’t mention the Wenger years.

        Yes, our youth are great. I wouldn’t compare them to Chelsea or any other team. They are Arsenal and we are proud of them.

        Imagine if Wenger didn’t pluck Nketia out of the hands of Chelsea? He probably wouldn’t be where he is today. And the young man has a long way to go.

  7. Whilst agreeing with much of the article, it is very clear to me as a realist – though I WISH IT WERE UNTRUE- that Chelseas many young players, collectively, are well ahead of ours. Abrahams and Mount are already England players and it is fan bias to pretend ours are,in totality, as of right now, ahead of theirs. Sory but it is true.

    1. Not going to agree or disagree jon but they are playing regular in the prem and learning and are a year or two older.

      1. Lampard took the decision to blood the youngsters during the transfer embargo and by doing so has, as you have stated, given them that regular playing time in the premier league. Arsenal through injury more recently, have also had to rely on the youth coming through and with Arteta’s influence have flourished. This can only be positive for the future.

        Is there any reason to suspect that they may not carry on improving as the Chelsea youth have done? Isn’t it wonderful that they are rising to the challenge and their future at the top level.

        I know from reading your posts that it angers you that our youngsters are slated.

        1. Sue, i hate it big time when people slag our young prospects off and very talented players are forced out of football or clubs. They are learning give them a bit of leeway. They are not fully fledged professionals yet, at least not in the experienced side. Sue, they are our future hopefully.

  8. I absolutely agree with that opinion and l believe the Arteta philosophy will take our team to another level .

  9. Whoever it was who had the foresight and ability to recognise and sign these players at an early age, should be mentioned as well.

    Freddie performed miracles with them and I was so pleased MA kept him on – just reward for you.

    Anyone know who actually gave them their first professional contracts?

  10. Just looked it up and it was during the AW reign – what a mess he left us in, it will take three years, on top of the present four since he left , to sort this out someone recently claimed.

    At least MA is doing what UE couldnt do, using the assets (young an senior) he inherited.

    1. My thoughts exactly Ken1945. You took the words right out of my mouth!

      Many will never readily admit that Arsene Wenger laid the foundation for this and future benefits for Arsenal. Many of our promising youthful players came here because we have a history of giving youth a chance.

      That has Arsene Wenger written all over it imo.

  11. We have a very good young team which hopefully in the next few years will realise its potential. I’m very exited about Salilba, Willock, ESR, Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah, Guendozi

    Bellerin Salilba XXX Tierney
    Willock Torreira
    Pepe ESR Saka

    Guendozi Nketiah Nelson

  12. we have seen it before when Wenger used to play youthful team but nothing tangible happened until in 2014 when we started buying the likes of ozil, trophies started coming up again.

  13. and since 2006 the only English player that made it was Walcott, the rest were and are just avarage

  14. We have a very good crop of young players that can develop into good premier league players. Right now i see only martenelli, saka and guendouzi part of the 1st team squad as they have more good/decent games than bad. Willock, nelson, ESR need more development to reach their level.

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