Opinion – Arsenal has to do all they can to keep Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Keeping Aubameyang is crucial to Arsenal bouncing back to better days.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been linked with a move away from Arsenal with reports claiming he wants to win more trophies before he retires.

The Gabonese attacker has top-scored everyone at Arsenal since he joined and he showed against Bournemouth again why he is probably the most important player at Arsenal right now.

One thing that keeps the top teams at the top is keeping hold of their star men and the reason small teams never become big teams is because they can’t seem to keep their top stars.

There is a major risk of Arsenal remaining outside the top four and probably even slipping further into mediocrity if they allow Aubameyang to leave.

Aubameyang’s 12 goals in the league this season is just one goal less than half of Arsenal’s entire league goals this season.

The 30-year-old started the Bournemouth game on the left side of our attack, yet he was the one who popped up with the important equalizer despite making room for Alexandre Lacazette to play centre forward.

He may not be getting any younger, but Aubameyang remains one of the best goal scorers in the world and Arsenal have to do all it takes to keep him on.

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  1. Not a bad idea to keep him but if he wants to leave, he can still go for a decent fee, but thinking that he will run down his contract will make him a rebel.

    1. Yes, Arsenal should have learned from Oxlade-Chamberlain’s and Sanchez’s case. It’s useless to keep a want-away player, no matter how good the player is

      I just hope we would get a good offer if Aubameyang doesn’t want to extend, so we could get a younger one like Erling Haaland

      1. OX was sold for a tidy profit… by Wenger, if I recall correctly.

        Alexis was a tragedy, and he knows it.

        1. Alexis was a tragedy for Arsenal.
          Wengers botch up was a disaster for Arsenal FC.
          Same goes with the Ramsey debacle.
          Wenger knows it but won’t admit it.
          For Alexis it has been a huge success.
          He gets half a million quid a week year till July 2022
          Meaning he will pocket 65 million pound whether he plays or not.
          At present he is at Inter Milan joint top of Serie A.
          Right now he is injured but still pockets 500,000 quid a week.
          Alexis is laughing all the way to the bank.
          The man sent to replace Alexis is being paid 177k p/w to play in Italy.
          What a disaster by Wenger.
          In London Wengers overpaid under performing dross
          Ozil Xhaka and Mustafi are still dragging the club down.
          Emery was a genius to get 5th and make the EL final.

  2. @Ime, sorry but you made me laugh with the comment “there is a risk of Arsenal remaining outside of the top four”, as we have no hope of getting anywhere near top four my friend. Anyway, I agree we do need to keep hold of Aubamayang, he is the main man when it comes to goals but he went on strike at Dortmund to get a move to us, so let’s hope he doesn’t do the same to us to get his move!

    1. Lol…GB regarding your last statement, i hope so.
      You know, I mentioned it few months ago when everyone came out calling Koscienly all sorts of names and questioned his dignity for leaving that way, and I wrote an article and in that article I pointed out every single fan ignored the fact dat PEA went on strike, refused to train, just to get his move away. He did all that midway through the season!!
      Fans kept mute as long as he was coming to us, months later after getting served the same dose of medicine, this time by Koscienly, fans cried foul and tried to crucify the man.
      Months later again now!! you and I are wishing Aubameyang doesn’t serve us the exact same dose of medicine.
      Funny isn’t it?

      1. The thing is Eddie also is that Kos wanted to step down a level, spend more time in France and be around family more I can’t have a bad feeling about that tbh.

        Sometimes you have to do the right thing for yourself and upset a few people.

      2. Koscielny is one of the player’s I’d say served us very well and didn’t leave us for another club. He played through injury several times and put his body on the line time and time again. He really earned his money. He also never complained when it came to signing contracts and was not even paid equivalent to the quality he showed for us in his prime. Even before he left us it’s been in the news seasons ago about how he wanted to return to Ligue One to finish is career. I don’t know why people ignore this truth. He clearly told Arsenal he wanted to leave but Arsenal really didn’t want him to that’s why we signed Danid Luiz as a cheap fill in.
        Obviously as the captain what he did was wrong but when people have an agenda context won’t be considered

        1. Sorry… Koz was not wrong. The rest of the management was totally wrong.

          Koz saw the stupidity of playing Emery ball and wanted none of it. Playing from the back is what cost us a goal in the the last 1-1 tie.

          We are an attacking team, so for example, the ball should go quickly to a pre-loaded wing to use our speed. We would have won these games without Emery ball.

          Koz organized the backline along with Czech. Now we have no one back there to lead the back line and the goalie as Leno is too young.

          I feel sad that Koz was treated with no loyalty by the fans. We have not values or loyalty. Most fell for Emery ball, without reading the stats: highest shots on goal conceded in all of Europe! He should never have been hired at Arsenal.

          1. He already told them he wanted to leave instead the club slapped a £10m price tag on him when he was old, injury prone, full of errors and even past his best. Arsenal didnt even sign David Luiz for that amount yet they chose to make Koscielny stay by slapping a price tag on him whivh wasn’t going to be met. That was enough to tell me the club wasn’t loyal even to him. I find it funny how everything is framed to put it on the player though. I just wish one day we would get all the reasons behind his actions because with Arsenal I know there’s more to it.

    2. Let’s be real about it and cash in ASAP. I firmly believe that Laca can do a great job. He was our player of the season last season if I’m not wrong. I don’t see why he wouldn’t do the same again.
      From Auba’s transfer, a defender like Dunk can come our way and sort out the leaky defence that’s a bigger problem.

  3. He might be our best goalscorer, but I’ll sell him if the good offer comes. Look no matter how many years we keep Auba, this club will remain stagnant if we fail to rebuild the core and defense of this team.
    We need every player on board as we intend to move forward now. Honestly I won’t bat an eyelid if we fail to get into Europe next season. I’ll so much love we don’t even make it to the Europa next season if we can’t make top four.
    Let’s focus on building this team and being a top team in the league.
    I followed the U23 a lot, plus we could get other experienced strikers. If PEA refuses to Renee his contract I’d sell him off myself if I could.
    This is Arsenal, We lost Henry later on, We lost RVP at his best, we lost Cesc, We lost Rosicky and Santi, I wouldn’t give a phuck if we lose any player currently. They all play for the money anyway.
    I just want players ready to fight for this club every game.
    If PEA stays then good, if he refuses, then I’ll gladly arrange his flight ticket next to Xhaka’s

    1. AFC should for once act like a Big Club and take off the kid gloves when negotiating contract
      extensions. Offer Auba a 2 year extension @ 200K week and give him the choice to sign or leave
      in January. Auba is a hell of a goal scorer but as EDDIE mentioned in his post AFC must begin
      to SERIOUSLY rebuild the defensive core of this team. Saliba and a healthy KT are the first
      steps but IMHO RB, CB, and CDM need to be addressed in the next 2 windows. If the club were
      able to move on Auba, Xhaka, Bellerin, El Neny and Mustafi for around $150M and significantly
      upgrade these positions with the following players what Arsenal fan wouldn’t be excited about
      the short and long term direction of the club?

      D. Upamecano–$50M
      Y. Atal–$25M
      I. Sangare–$25M
      M. Dembele(Lyon) $40M

      $140M spent on four young, exciting players that have the potential to be difference makers at
      the Emirates for the next 5-10 years.

    2. Eddie you think like I do. I have never, NEVER, as in NOT EVEN ONCE EVER, seen ANY point in playing a player who will not fight 100% for the club and for personal pride. So many dim fans keep on wishing that so and so will start fighting hard, even though years of evidence to the contrary stares themn in the face, Self foolers, all of them. And as for the deluded Ozil fan club, they are beyond hope. Without all eleven on the field giving there absolute all, all the time, you might as well not bother fielding a team at all. Some of the excuses made for bone idle players are laughable, or would be, were they not so pathetic.

  4. If he wants to go…. Go, and make sure we get a decent price for the sale.

    If Arteta is building a team similar to Man City or Barcelona, I honestly doubt he’d go for big bulky powerhouse CM’s like you guys have been mentioning like Parley, Sangare etc.

    He’d go for a more clever, industrious, mobile and technical CM.
    Think Gundogan, David Silva and De Bruyne, or Xavi, Iniesta or Rakitic.

    Who would be a suitable candidate?

    I can only think of Aouar, since Pep praises him so much.

  5. This takes me back to the Ozil contract negotiations, when we were told exactly the same thing….we must do everything we can to keep him…so we did…he was offered a reported £350,000 a week and the fans were very happy, because we proved we were a “big club”.

    I’d love to know what the limit would be, both in salary and time, to ensure we keep auba and prove we are a “big club” again.

    1. I’m sorry but the Ozil case was a totally different one.It only proved to some fans we were a big club but not me. It was cowardly of Arsenal to not let Ozil leave. We made our bed but didn’t want to lie in it. They deserve absolutely no credit in Ozil signing.
      Who was it that let Ozil and Sanchez run down their contracts such that they had a lot of power in the negotiations?? Arsenal probably knew Ozil wasn’t worth £350k but still gave it to him knowing that there was a big chance it could backfire on evidence of his consistency. However, Sanchez was worth that but it was clear he didn’t want to renew his contract. Arsenal made their bed but cowardly didn’t want to lie in it because it would show other clubs we were a big team but deep down a lot of people knew we would likely regret it. Now if Aubameyang asks for a similar bumper pay will they will they sell or give it to him??

      1. Players running down contracts is what Wenger predicted. Ozil is well worth it, the problem is the rest of the team, especially at the back, that was leaking goals. When Emery got to us, he brought with him the horrible record of highest shots on goal allowed… so it got worse.

        1. Ozil worth it?? Then I must be watching a different player. The excuses and the pointing of hands to others is just a pathetic excuse but when the standards drop these are some of the things expected so it makes sense

          1. You do not know much about the #10 slot in football. Nor do you know our DNA as an attacking team.

            Areteta noted yesterday that Ozil created at least four good chances. (Did you watch the game? If you did, then you know nothing about football, as you missed what the coach saw.)

            After running out his contract, Ozil was paid the transfer money that we would have to pay another player to come. The problem is we pushed Wenger out, before he could get another CD for Koz. So Koz also left…

          2. I may know nothing about football but your analysis is worse. Ozil was good yesterday but he wasn’t as great as you’re making out. It’s just that when you aren’t used to good performances even the few decent ones would be hyped. It is for the same reason why many think Xhaka was great yesterday despite having a decent performance. I’ve never seen such pathetic excuses being made for a player. You might think you know more football than me but at least I don’t lie about a player just because I’m a fan of him or not.

      2. kev, that was the question I asked you, what will they offer and for how long?

        As a long term critic of Ozil’s reported salary, what would you do to keep auba at any cost?

        As for rhe bed making, the club (under gazidis) let the contracts of both Sanchez and Ozil run down…as you well know.

        I don’t understand your “backfire” comment…are you saying that The Arsenal (under gazidis) offered the reported £350,000 IN CASE his consistency became a problem?

        Your reasoning seems completely jumbled up my friend, why would offering such a ludicrous salary, knowing they would regret it, show we were a big club?

        Auba is refusing to sign a new contract, the clubs stance is, if any player refuses to sign a new contract, he will be placed on the transfer list – hence no more Ozil/Sanchez situation – what would YOU DO?

        1. “As a long term critic of Ozil’s reported salary, what would you do to keep auba at any cost?”
          He’s a good player but I won’t lose sleep over him leaving. If I was Arsenal so would probably sell and get a striker with a more complete skillset. However, if I wanted to keep him it would definitely be below £300k.

          “I don’t understand your “backfire” comment…are you saying that The Arsenal (under gazidis) offered the reported £350,000 IN CASE his consistency became a problem?”
          I’m saying he wasn’t the most consistent player to be offered such a contract thus the club knew it could backfire. Surely Arsenal didnt only consider how he was paying that season??

          “Your reasoning seems completely jumbled up my friend, why would offering such a ludicrous salary, knowing they would regret it, show we were a big club?”
          Arsenal didnt necessarily know they’d regret. It’s about probability. Ozil wasn’t the most consistent player. Offering him such wages means they believed he could be consistent.Arsenal have also been known to lose their best players to top clubs. It’s not as if Wenger hadn’t spoken about it. They tried to show power by signing him to a bumper contract while also knowing the backlash had they failed. They didn’t weigh the positives and negatives of the situation well. They took the easier route.

          1. kev, thanks for the reply.

            1. WHO would you buy, what would he cost and what would be his salary – remembering that you would want him to have a “more complete skillset”?
            If you offered him £275,000 a week and he kept missing chances like the one at Everton, would you say he was bleeding the club dry?

            2. Ozil won player of the year in 2015/16, was consistently one of our best players thereafter and signed the new contract in 2018…so where was the gamble in offering a new contract (ridiculous as it was)?

            3. It wasn’t seen as a gamble though was it? It was heralded, by the FANS as well as the club, as a sign of our commitment to the future. Isn’t that what we should be doing today?

            4. It is so easy to be wise in hindsight though…what if they had let him go for nothing (as they did with Sanchez of course)?
            You claim it was the easier route now, but that wasn’t the case back then and I can only imagine the outcry if he auba left and scored hatfulls of goals…the outcry would be that we were cowardly and wouldn’t pay the player what he was worth and that we always make mistakes in the transfer market and with contract negotiations – I believe that will be the case with auba, WHATEVER HAPPENS

          2. The answers or replies are according to the numbers.
            1. Truth be told I can’t specify the striker we should buy atm. That’s because of the question of a striker that is realistically available. Some players need replacing in our squad but I can’t tell you all that we need to sign to replace them. I know it’s a lazy answer but I also have my faults. My point about if I was to keep him is to cater for the scenario where Arsenal tried with realistic targets and failed or if the club thought it was worth it. The salary wouldn’t matter in that case as long as it was below £300k.

            2. Ozil was great in 15/16 and at times even legendary but where was he in 13/14, 14/15, 16/17, most part of 17/18, 18/19 and even for most part of this season?? He signed the contract in the 17/18 season after a great run of form and then reverted back to his old self for the remainder of the season. I just want us to get the facts straight. In between 2016 to 2018 I wouldn’t call Ozil consistent to be given a bumper salary. Surely you won’t deny that??

            3. The general consensus was that it was a show of power but I also believe the club knew he wasn’t worth that hence why the negotiations dragged on for a very long period. You might call it “negotiations” but remember this was even with Ozil wanting to stay with Arsenal and being happy in London.He made his stance clear long ago. The club out of fear of Ozil going to Utd and wanting to show power decided to give him a bumper raise which backfired. Only a small group of fans actually believed we should’ve let him go because they focused on the issue of us not letting our best players leave rather than look at what it would do to us in the long term.

            4.You might say its easy to be wise in hindsight and I kind of agreed with you. However, for every decision you take the positives and negatives should be weighed. It was Arsenal in the first place who let Ozil run down his contract. If Ozil had been one of the most consistent Arsenal players before that contract was handed to him it would’nt have been that bad of a decision. If I told you I was one of those hoping at the time that he be let go for free rather than sign a contract he want worth I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me. The opportunity cost is that we wouldn’t be getting another player who might actually be playing better. Double the cash will now be wasted in signing him up and probably signing someone in future to replace him. As for Aubameyang I urge the club to be wise. You can’t have it both ways. If it backfires they’ll be heavily criticised. Lemme ask you this, do you think if Arsenal had actually properly replaced Van Persie and his replacement was banging them in do you think fans would’ve come for Wenger’s head?? Probably not because we replaced adequately and that us the problem with Arsenal. They don’t replace adequately.

  6. Arsenal owner is all about cash, knows he won’t get much if he doesn’t sell him fast.

    Auba has nothing to do with such a messy and crazy club Arsenal became in 18months since Wenger left.

    Why ruin his carreer and joy for football in such a mess? He is ready to win it all, not Arsenal at all!

    We can sell him, Xhaka and Torreira and get that Norway kid for future and Koulibaly and Kurzawa to help sort our catastrophy in defense!

    Cheap owner doesn’t have to spend a dime and we will be fine then.

    1. Mogunna, Arsenal became a “messy and crazy club” well before Arsene Wenger left, ie a lot longer period than the last 18 months; running contracts down, not replacing Gilberto Silva with a DM, selling Van Persie to Manchester United, buying Cech and no outfield players, replacing exiting players with others with poor attitude and weak physicality and mentality.

  7. If Aubameyang doesn’t want to renew his contract we should sell him. A club of our size shouldn’t be held to ransom but then again it’s Arsenal we are talking about. When a big club sells it’s best players for good reasons there is still a sense of optimism because you know they’ll do all they can to replace that player. I don’t know why we almost make ourselves look so small in such situations. Aubameyang isn’t even irreplaceable. He’s extremely limited in skill set and his style is highly dependent on service. He’s not the kind of striker you can say is carrying your team because of his style of play unlike a player like Van Persie. Everyone in our current squad is replaceable. I wouldn’t shed a tear if one of them leaves. I’d keep Leno though as I think he’s been our best player this season

    1. kev, Sheer common sense. I agree with your views and esp on Leno. I would not shed a tear if any particular player left, It is not as if we have Henrys Bergkamps, Pires, Vieras, Adams to lose. We have a bunch of either young and fairly promising players, some half decent , but only decent(which is NOT good, merely decent) and several clowns, almost all in so called “defence”, plus one top player in Leno. I would shed a tear to lose him. But no other, not one! Except, maybe, MARTINELLI, WHO LOOKS THE REAL BUSINESS. We are miles away from being top four material which, being a realist, I know full well.

  8. Not really bothered if he stays or goes. If he wants to go them please do, if not stay and fight with us. There isn’t really any player in this squad I’d lose sleep over losing though.

  9. I think we should let him go, but for once try to get good money for a player we sell. We need funds to rebalance out the squad. We are heavy on decent strikers and light on creative midfield players and quality defenders.

  10. Before any addition made we have 3 games Chelsea, Man U and at Palace on 11th, we are 6 points, 2 games from 18th spot; relegation!

    That should be main and real concern.

    We in a very critical zone, if we do not make a change to this same losing formation; it will simply be same result.

    It is no way to win, defending all game long!

    We tried it all, but not 4-1 with Luiz infront of CBs. On Emery last game, we did and it was an amazing start until Luiz injury! We were all over their half, waves of attacks.

    Once Luiz is in that spot, he helps those 2CBs and play forward, allowing other midfiwld to do so!

    It is unreal that nor freddy, Arteta noticed that big change! Not even our own Eddie here :)!

    1. I agree with Luiz being part of of the 2 in the 4231. However, not in the role you mean.

      The 4-1 would involve Torreira as the cover for the back four. With othe 1 Luiz would play as a holding player with the ball to supply the front four maximizing Ozil’s threat to supply the final ball.

      Luiz also is a great header of the ball. When we go wide with Ozil, along with a winger and the wing back to form the triangle, Luiz is the aerial threat that will require two defenders to worry about. That opens space for shots on goal from just outside the box (if Pepe is a winger), and for the final ball (from Ozil). Ozil becomes lethal when there is a serious possibility of using his lofted ball for a header ala Giroud. That is how Alexis was deadly on the ground. Those days we lacked a right winger as Theo was bad and Ox headless–there is video out there with Ozil frustrated with headless chicken runs.

  11. Does Auba even want to leave, I think fans expect him to want to leave because of how deadly he is in front of goal and how bad we are at the minute. He might actually like this club and like living in London, and want to see this club improve with himself doing what he does best. Every player waits for a big offer esp at the end stretch, Ozil done it, Ramsey done it, others everywhere do it. I wouldn’t hold that against him because the guy does his thing as good as you could expect, even better. It might be the fans projecting their own thinking onto the situation or the tabloids stirring it up. If you were Auba, would you stick around, this is probably where it’s coming from.

    He deserves an increase in wages, he almost always delivers, that last goal ..he makes that look easy but that came at him quick and the accuracy was great. I don’t think Auba would be one of those players that gets a big increase and stops pulling his weight, even Mkhitaryan we got out the door and he could’ve sat on our bench with a nice big salary but he didn’t want that. I don’t think Auba is one of those players, he’s too good at what he does, once we don’t go mad with the offer we should really try to keep him. Tie the extras if we can to his production rate, even when we are bad his productivity is second to none.

  12. It would be great if we keep auba and get him on a longer contract but if not, get a good fee for him and reinvest. Every club needs to move on from previous players whoever they are when the time is right. Great player but if he isn’t happy it would be wrong to keep him. I don’t want him to leave but if you are to trust Arteta then you have to trust he can get a player in to replace him.

  13. regarding ozils performance yesterday, you know what they say, one swallow does not make a summer. we have some chaps on here beating their chests as if ozils performance was world class !. oh , how i wish it were, i would like nothing better than for ozil to find his original form.but fellas, please stop banging on about him as though he is our saviour, one decent game in a season does not warrant hope.and please keep the chest pounding for when lazy ozil does actually win a few games for us . this chest pounding is not good for some of the older gentlemen on here, it can be harmful to your health. so,wait a while , and , lets see how the greatest number ten in the world strings a few good performances together. then, and , only then, should you mimmick gorillas.

    1. He kept possession well put a few good balls through for 55 mins but he refused two chances to shoot instead trying to pass when it wasn’t the right thing to do. He isnt scoring goals and regardless of what people are saying on here he isnt assisting either. Plenty of players are creating chances our players are spurning so to say Ozil created chances that players spurned in hiding the truth. He isnt bringing goals to this team and when he isn’t he is pretty much redundant because he doesn’t bring much else. His assists and goals scored this past 18 months is shameful.

      1. Reggie Good try and you speak the plain truth. But you will never convince those who just refuse to see truth, however much you try. Those Ozil fanclub are way beyond hope, They see what they want to see and never mind the bitter truth. Truth is NOT for them.

  14. Keep Auba? Seriously? Because he has 12 goals/ You don’t watch football.Arsenal is playing with 10 players always because of him.Sell him now!

  15. However, I’d convince Auba to stay on for £300-350,000 weekly.
    With Arteta in charge, I can hope for the right mentality, proper player selection to suit correct tactics and sell dull and weak players for better replacements.
    Aubameyang spearheading Arteta’a final team in the next 2 seasons is an assured goals galore. He’s still got game and on top form. Arteta will surround Auba with good players and Arsenal will smile again.

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