Opinion – Arsenal have a great opportunity to offload flop and land quality ace

Anyone else think it’s ironic that Zaha hands in a transfer request just hours after Everton make a bid for iwobi?

Off the record people talk behind the scenes, Zaha wouldn’t’ have taken this action unless his advisors believed a move was a realistic prospect.

I find it hard to believe that Arsenal and Everton value Iwobi at £40 million yet wouldn’t at least offer £70 Million for the Eagles midfielder.

In my opinion, Zaha is better than two Iwobi’s and that has got me to thinking that this is some sort of machiavellian ploy.

This could be a tactical plan from Goodison, forcing Zaha to act by pretending they have interest elsewhere, which would then unfairly unsettle the Nigerian international.

That said, the scenario I’m dreaming of is that we get an unexpected £40 million for a player surplus to requirements and have decided to put that towards the Zaha fund.

If those on Merseyside are genuine then it would be foolish not to take the money they are offering for Iwobi.

I find it hard to believe that we would get anywhere near that in 12 months time.

This is an opportunity too good to miss and we should do all we can to sell Iwobi and then finally make a proper move for Zaha.

Dan Smith


  1. This isn’t ironic at all, it’s coincidental. As for Arsenals valuation of Iwobi, well, that’s about 30% on top of that of Everton. £40m for a squad player, bit much don’t you think? Don’t you Gooners get too excited, Iwobi was an extra on top of Zaha, who hopefully will be at Goodison next season.

    1. You paid over the top for Walcott, you’ll pay over the top for Iwobi hopefully. Goodison? Dumping ground.

      1. Maybe Everton are happy with Walcott’s performances and decided to try their luck with another player from our academy

        1. Walcott wasn’t from your academy, he was from Southamptons, and no, we’re not happy with him we want our money back, he was bought by a demented Dutchman and he’s crap.

          1. Mickey Blue Eyes, as a Toffee fan you will not know this, BUT for almost the entire decade plus long time he wore our shirt, (please note that I did NOT say he played, but merely wore our shirt) I and my family routinely referred to him as Weed Walcott or sometimes just The Weed! He was the most lazy, bone idle weed ever to wear our shirt and I started watching Arsenal back in 1958. I do not exaggerate either, as I see you now realise for yourselves at Goodison. More fools you for buying him and ridding us of a huge waste of space.

      2. Don’t know if anybody read it but great letter from Carl Jenkinson to the Arsenal fans about his regret at leaving a great club and praise for all the supporters. Just like to say, well done Carl, you weren’t our greatest right back but you always gave 100%. Good luck for your future with a great club Nottingham Forest and you’ll always be welcome back at the Emirates. Carl Jenkinson, True Gooner.

        1. Nice one, Kenny!
          Yes it was touching and made me feel quite emosh!
          Hope it works out for him… once a gooner, always a gooner!

          1. Right as well Sue, just to put a bigger smile on your face, bit of breaking news (The new Kev) Kevin Tieney is flying to London tonight after Arsenal and Celtic agreed a fee.

          2. About bloody time, Kenny ? was beginning to think we’d missed out on him!
            But like you said to me a little while ago – be patient!!!
            I’m very happy about that!

    2. You are not the team coach neither a management staff to know or decide that Iwobi is surplus to requirements. We the management know his true worth that is why they have rejected a bid of 40m. You don’t know more than the coach, the sporting Director and the owners of the club do you?

        1. Personally, I am amazed to read how degrading you have painted Iwobi.
          If Iwobi is really that poor; I guess players such as Mhyki, Elneny, and Mustafi wouldn’t make the grade of BEEN WORSE

        2. The difference between Iwobi and Zaha is media. Zaha that couldn’t make Ivory Coast first 11 in just concluded AFCON competition. If Iwobi is that poor, no one will bid for him. How come no one is biding for Ozil, Miki, and Co?

        1. Do Everton know what exactly they will buy with Iwobi?And they seriously want to give us £40m for him?Wow-Raul and Edu have become Legends in this transfer window.And Everton will have been mugged right off.Still-he will look nice in a shell suit I suppose.

      1. Jay, Even Trump knows more about Arsenal than our OWNER! And Trump knows nothing about anything, unless it is female and therefore gropeable.

        1. Jon, if it’s not Trump it’s Corbyn. Please leave the politics out,this is a football forum. We’ve all got different views on Brexit and politicians, we should keep them too ourselves

      1. Kev you said in the last post Luiz was a no go due to Chelsea not wanting him to go, sky are saying Chelsea are willing ?

        1. Sky say Chelsea are willing?Haven’t seen that yet.I believe tomorrow everything will become clearer

      2. Think he’ll do well there, looking forward to watching him bang in plenty of goals in the coming season

  2. Iwobi can still be a good squad player. I think players like Mkhitaryan, mustafi, elneny and maybe ozil should be sold first to make way for better players like Coutinho or paulo Dybala to come in. But its not easy due to their high wages.

  3. Iwobi is more ready and better than zaha at his age 4 years ago. Im sure he would do great this season, now he is a senior and the best to come for him.

    Everton will be happy to get him now as Lukaku few years back!

    Leave zaha alone, we have no money; palace refused 70M cash for him; asking 85 we bet 45 in payement plzn.

    1. Been hearing how great Iwobi will be for couple years now, always followed by excuses.

      Iwobi still can’t shoot worth a damn 2 years later. His decision making is woeful still after 2 years.

      Iwobi still can’t crack starting 11 when we had no wingers last year.

      He is a squad player and will continue to be. He’s more likely to hold up progression of Martinelli, Nelson, and Saka than he is to cement his place.

      Forget the midfield too, Ceballos is miles better and so is Willock. Who in their right mind would rather see Iwobi?

      Not to mention Guendouzi, or ESR valued at £25 million at 19 years old. Sorry but no place but bench for him, and it’s foolish to scoff at £30 million for a bench rider.

      We could put money to so much better use than wait for Iwobi to “develop” when he’s shown nothing but dribbling. We have 3 youngsters who can dribble with greater potential than him.

  4. IWOBI is a quality player he improves every season.. in 2yrs iwobi price will be 80m
    Arsenal must not sale unless Zaha is posible

      1. I don’t like this erroneous narrative that all Nigerians like Iwobi. I’m a Nigerian and I know he is not worthy to be a starter in any top six club. A lot of Arsenal fans here don’t extol his football brain either. Thanks.

  5. Your wet dream is too good to be true

    I predict Iwobi would stay and Zaha would move to Everton

  6. To me, Everton turn to Iwobi because Zaha wasnt available and now it seems they will get their main target, on another thought CP might not want to sell to EPL and especially a direct rival like Everton. I think Zaha may be too much a dream to have, at this moment but, anything is possible.

  7. Maybe Arsenal saw that if they sign David Luis, he will after all not be the kind centreback they want to have at the Ems this summer. Hence, negotiation between Juventus and Arsenal to have Rugani transferred to Arsenal on a season long loan is reopened but at whose request I can’t say. It could be Rugani himself after noticing he could have limited opportunities to play for Juventus next season in Serie A is the one who is trying to force a move away from Juve to Arsenal. Or it could be Juventus who need money to balance the books have soft pedal in their initial stance and tell Arsenal to come back to negotiation table again for Rugani signing. Hmmm.

    1. Why not go for both Rugani and Luiz. As mentioned with Liverpool by the likes of Sky Sports, the team is only as good as your backups. As we have seen over the years with Bellarin, Cazorla etc when they break the team will struggle. Luiz also has experience and could bring a winning mentality

  8. I think the problem is not Iwobi because he can still be considered a good squad player. But players like Mkhitaryan, elneny, mustafi & maybe ozil should be first to leave and this will clear up space for better players to come in(etc Zaha, Dybala, Coutinho). But for now its the defense that needs strengthening. Lets hope for the best.

    1. Dave,
      Sorry but iwobi is a squad player. If we sell him and replace with Zaha the ozil miki grant then become those squad players. Since they were starters ahead of iwobi then surely our ackup or squad players has also just improved? No?

  9. Please don’t sell Iwobi without a replacement. It’s a long season ahead. Last season he amassed a total of 51 appearances for our team. I don’t know how many other players did more. Against Chelsea in a woeful Arsenal performance,, he was the only to offer a semblance of a sparke in Baku. He is only 23, his best is yet before him.

  10. @dansmith hello you can keep dreaming all you can I think arsenal value zaha at 55 and value iwobi @45 and I think Everton know Fraser and they are not going for him , now let’s get back to zaha/iwobi comparison ,zaha rated @80 by palace is 27 and any club buying now will get a player with diminishing value which means no resale value: iwobi on the other hand is on the rise @23 valued at 40+ who is not far from being a zaha himself and whose all round game is a better player than zaha tell me why Everton chose iwobi as the alternative to zaha when you talk about dribbling iwobi is up there with zaha stamina, composure, close control, and can pick a pass on goal scoring issue he will improve just as zaha improve with age and I believe Raul will not be fooled into buying zaha so Everton can steal our gold.

  11. Iwobi is not a flop. For all those raving about Nelson, he will never be half the player Iwobi is. I will screenshot this post to show you guys when the time comes. Good in Germany but bang average even at last season’s preseason. I don’t know what the English fans see in him that we are not seeing. He can’t beat his man.

    1. Same question I keep asking myself everytime his name pops up. Same goes for AMN, Willock, Nketia. They will never make it at Arsenal, those English kids hardly ever make it at Arsenal

    2. Player Iwobi is? What type of player is that exactly? Can’t shoot, bad decision making, and hasn’t improved on either of those in 2 years.

      If he had we wouldn’t be playing Auba on the LW would we? Even with no wingers Auba still featured on LW and continues to do so. Unless you’re suggesting Emery doesn’t know what he’s doing by starting a striker on the LW.

      Iwobi and £80 million in couple years? Then Nelson and Martinell will be worth £50 million or more from also riding the bench.

      Please do screenshot so when Iwobi is 27 years old you can still talk about him developing and his potential.

      Iwobi looks like another Walcott minus the speed and goals, but hey Iwobi sure can dribble can’t he?

      Take the money before Everton wake up.

      1. ??well said Durand ,the crap Walcott used to get on here and he’s twice the player iwobi is and his stats back that up.

      2. Martineli yes, Nelson No. Rubbish hyped up English boy. Everytime have seen him play he is just rubbish. Nelson my foot. Have watched football so long to know he won’t amount to anything. Running around and disappearing in matches.

  12. Now that some competition is starting to emerge/develop we will see if Iwobi has what it takes to wear a good number. Nelson, Saka, Nketiah, Rowe, Martinelli, as well as the big three.

    We still need a fourth one that operates behind the three and when in tight matches or versus a CM three he drops in and helps out our CM two. Ramsey was good at that. Iwobi could try a run for that spot because I don’t think we’ll be buying for it this season nor will we acquire Coutinho not if a big loan fee is attached.

    Iwobi would not neglect his defensive duties if played there, he’d add some muscle cos he’s a cumbersome player. He’s not a creative genius but I think he could keep the ball rolling and our game would be quicker than when Mesut plays. He can dribble and he might find passing more suitable with three direct options rather than trying to beat his first man out wide. If I were him I’d make a play for that role just behind strikers. I’m not comparing them (Iwobi-Ozil) I just don’t see us keeping Ozil around as his contract dwindles, at the least we will try to fill this position eventually otherwise Ozil has no incentive to leave. It is not ideal having a playmaker that you aim to keep away from away games and physical matchups.

    A 30m bid was made for Iwobi, many would take that but who says yes to the very first offer, they never accept our first offers. This could be another route that I would not be totally against if it meant we get a stronger player for the left or to play behind strikers. Iwobi is not the finished product yet, he may never get a good grip on finishing moves off, but he can improve all round in outer midfield. That is where he is best, outer midfield, he can dazzle, he can use his strength and dribbling, his passing could and should be improved on, he could become more rounded out there and that is why some people believe he can play more centrally one day.

  13. If some of the comparisons put forward between Iwobi & Zaha are to believed, then why wouldn’t Crystal Palace just ask for a straight swop??

  14. Thanks goodness you are not the coach. “”When I ask Nacho Monreal and Sead Kolasinac who is the player who you feel better on the pitch when he is playing, they say to us: Iwobi,” said Emery, according to The Independent.
    “It is because Iwobi can open space on the overlap for them.
    “So I think Iwobi is giving a lot for us. We want to play and we want to create our philosophy and I think for that Iwobi is important. ”But he needs to carry on improving and he knows that the situation can still improve.” I know just one thing, I told him after the game he made the difference,” Pires told Standard Sport. “He’s a great player, very fast.“He finds good solutions on the field with his vision. He has good mentality and spirit. Of course, he’s young but he’s learning very quickly.
    “Arsenal with Alex Iwobi and Alex Iwobi with Arsenal have a good future.”(piers). “He is not a typical winger and I think he can play in the No10 role,” Wenger said.
    “He turns the game forward, he passes the ball through the lines very well, he has a final ball in him. I think he has all in the locker to pass and give the final ball. Wenger continued: “What you want from him now is the finishing – that’s still a little part that is missing in his game.
    “He is too nervous at the moment when he has the possibility to finish.” But of course what do I know, you know better than all this professionals.

    1. And yet somehow a WC striker (Auba) plays on the left wing. Iwobi couldn’t break into starting 11 when we had no wingers.

      Let’s see how Iwobi fares in a competition with Martinelli and Nelson. No more talk, no more excuses, let results on the pitch show the meat of the matter.

      I’m sure the excuse will be “but midfield is his best” Ok, then lets compare Guendouzi and Willock to Iwobi and results.

      1. How many players had more appearances last season than him? Iwobi was everpresent on the left when we played with wingers, Auba liked drifting to the wings to give us width when we played 3412, and when we did play with wingers he filled the right hand side. Competition from martinelli is good and will push them both to improve but I still think we’ll find he won’t easily displace Iwobi if at all. But what do I know? And Nelson won’t cut it on the left, right wing is where he comes alive

      2. Talk about Auba playing LW… Was Iwobi the problem or we needed to fit in our best player last season (Laca) and Auba in the starting 11? Hence, Auba moved to the wing at times…

  15. Everton should have go for Fraser instead of iwobi, lol how some fans think I will never understand the same fans said Ramsey will never see a better club than arsenal no he’s going to be playing alongside Ronaldo, they say Chamberlain runs around like headless chicken, that headless chicken is playing now at Liverpool, Giroud only plays because of arsene wenger the same giroud scored against us in the final, if only arsenal have a good striker ozil will flourish but, arsenal bought lacazette and aubamayang still ozil only scored 2 assists last season, no one can buy iwobi more than 10million he will definitely end up in the championship,Everton just had a 30million bid rejected now the next excuse is that iwobi was used as a bait to get zaha lol, get a life bro, your iwobi obsession is getting boring.

    1. Exactly. So much critism of our players. I wonder whether some people here watches the same arsenal matches that I watch. In the Europa league final, who sparked the light into our game? IWOBI. Everton should please buy iwobi so that he’ll spitting on haters faces when they play us.

      1. Truth is, we seem to rate other teams’ flops even higher than our star players. I am sure we would have been begging for Unai to sign Iwobi for £100m even if he was a bench warmer at Barca, Real Madrid, Juventus or Bayern Munich.
        Only Arsenal would sell a player like Laurent Koscielny for €5m, and yet to pay £35m for Mustafi.
        Iwobi might not be top notch yet, but he is not a flop either. If we would put sentiments aside and try to be objective, we would notice a steady improvement in the players game. With good coaching, I believe he has the potential to become a WC player.
        So hate him all you want, we can’t doubt the fact that he was one of our most consistent players last season. Add goals to his game and Iwobi is not a player you want to have playing for the other team

      2. Truth is, we seem to rate other teams’ flops even higher than our star players. I am sure we would have been begging for Unai to sign Iwobi for £100m even if he was a bench warmer at Barca, Real Madrid, Juventus or Bayern Munich.
        Only Arsenal would sell a player like Laurent Koscielny for €5m, and yet to pay £35m for Mustafi.
        Iwobi might not be top notch yet, but he is not a flop either. If we would put sentiments aside and try to be objective, we would notice a steady improvement in the players game. With good coaching, I believe he has the potential to become a WC player.
        So hate him all you want, but we can’t doubt the fact that he was one of our most consistent players last season. Add goals to his game and Iwobi is not a player you want to have playing for the other team

  16. Sell him, pop a ribbon on him and drive him to Liverpool and use the money to improve that awful defence!

      1. Sue the more I think about it, it might not be as bad as you think he snuffed out Auba and Laca quite easily in the EL final ok it’s not what we wanted but it’s him or Mustafi ? he’s a goal scorer too! I really couldn’t stand another season watching Mustafi making error after error ? I read KT will become a gooner tomorrow ? watching Celtic ATM and they are an awful team ?

        1. How can you say such a thing, they won 7-0 at the weekend ?
          I bet you’re tracking his flight right now, just to make sure… so you won’t have to read any more articles about it ?
          I laughed at a picture of 2 clowns online saying it was Luiz & Mustafi ?

          1. Arsenal have agreed a fee with Celtic Sue KT is on his way ? it’ll be Sok and Luiz and Holding Luiz ? maybe we’ll get a surprise tomorrow Umtiti on loan ?

          2. Haha how do we know he’s flying ? ? Must be such a relief for Kieran to get out of the SPL playing against Falkirk and Motherwell etc to Liverpool city Chelsea ? some fella said there isn’t a gulf of class between the SPL and EPL ??? we could get Coutinho for 80 mil that’s my pick Sue ?

          3. Because he was spotted at an airport ? yes at least he’ll have a challenge down here, they runaway with everything!!
            I’ll be amazed if any others come in tomorrow (besides KT & DL)

          4. Oh haha maybe he works there bit of extra cash on the side ? Coutinho is signing isn’t he ? ? Sue it’s not over until the fat lady sings even though I can hear her in the distance ? spurs looking to spend over a hundred mil tomorrow? They spend that already shouldn’t ffp be looking into them and don’t they have a billion pound stadium to pay for ?

          5. Haha!! ?
            I can’t see that one happening, but if you’d said in June that we’d have spent this much & bought all these players, I would have laughed.. hard!!!
            Wow! Been a great window… not sold on DL.. he was the only Chelsea player I liked, because of his hair & how comical he was..? I’m not sure how to feel about that now ?

          6. Well people were screaming for Dunk the fella plays for Brighton a small club with no experience of winning anything now we have a player who’s won basically everything and has experience galore and also working with Emery! I’m happy about it Sue but that’s because our defence is rubbish anyone is an upgrade ? well you’ll have his name printed on your new shirt I have no doubt about that ? exciting day tomorrow Tierney providing he passes a medical Luiz and Coutinho it’s all guns blazing at the Emirates ?

          7. You know the only thing I can’t seem to shift is… when they sold Cech to us (as he was past his best!) that is one transfer I wouldn’t have minded not happening, if I’m honest!
            Will it be the same with DL?? Why would they sell to us again?!
            Then I guess Saliba will be with us the following season.. jeez if our defence is even worse, then there’s always the January window haha!! Happy about KT though & can’t wait for Hector to come back! ?

          8. Bells is a long way off from returning yet though ? I actually watched the ACL operation on YouTube ? well Luiz wants out and maybe the fact he’s played with Lampard and now Lampard is the manager is a bit weird for both men ? ? I bet you’ll have it done before the Burnley game ??

          9. Oooh really? You watched him sliced & diced? Are you a vampire?! ??
            I don’t like the comments about if there are any last minute hitches, or if he fails the medical (KT) I’m scared now.. hahahaha!!
            I might do ? hell I might even get my hair done like his!!

          10. No haha not bells just the ACL procedure itself it’s more or less keyhole surgery like most operations now and you go home the same day ? haha bet you had that hairdo back in the 80s ??? well those medicals are pretty stringent Sue he’ll be proded and scanned from head to toe and if they find something that looks too serious that will be the end of it but I’m sure they already have his medical records and won’t put them off ?

          1. It wasn’t an actual operation on person it was like a computerisation video ??? hahahaha no I have no plans to see or have that done ?? yeah Sue I’m thinking Leno AMN, Soks, Luiz and Monreal with Xhaka, Torreira, Ceballos, Coutinho, Wilock and Aubameyang ?

    1. Lol it looks good in writing though ? well Suzanne I will bid you goodnight we have an important day tomorrow medicals and unveilings so goodnight sleep well and don’t have nightmares about Guendouzi and Luiz squaring up to each other ????????

      1. Hahaha crazy hair nightmare!! You sleep well too, Kevin! Let’s hope for a great day tomorrow, hey?!!
        Goodnight ????

          1. Haha I know Sue no mention of Luiz or Tierney kind of getting worried ? your man has left Southampton ?

          2. Sue, did you hear Celtic fans saying how we’re a small club compared to them ? Saying stuff like we have no fans outside England ? and they’re a Champions League team and won the competition! Also Tierney to Arsenal is a step down ? they have to be the most deluded fans on the planet they play in a crappy amateur league and won the European cup back in the 60s most of them weren’t even born then ? they have 670,000 twitter followers compared to our 14 million yeah ok Celtic are a bigger club ?

          3. Sounds like sour grapes to me, Kev! Gutted at losing him… they’re in a 1 team league! Imagine them in the PL… I’d love it, they wouldn’t be winning 7-0 down here!!
            Funny ain’t it?! ?
            90 minutes left….

          4. You can still watch him play for palace Sue ? I know I hoped they would have signed him can’t believe we turned down 30 mil ? he’ll probably score a bullet header against us ?

          5. We turned down 30m, Kev.. that’s just sinking in! I’m gutted!!
            Jeez I’m getting fed up with waiting for the confirmation ?

          6. I hear Aubameyang and Lacazette signed new contracts Sue ? yeah apparently Tierney is done Sue ? we’ll never get that offer again ?

          7. Well even if it isn’t we can sell for silly money after all Lukaku went for 72 million and he couldn’t hit a barn door ? haha Sue did you see Darren Farrelly doing Zaha video on YouTube hilarious ?

  17. Would take Luiz over Rugani, but still a very tepid end to our defender search. Arsenal must revisit this issue in January. Luiz is like putting a loose band-aid on a gaping wound. But Rugani would’ve been sticking your finger in the wound.

    1. Why would we want to sign Luiz not even a upgrade on what we have the manager and board are absolutely clueless on what a top class cb is so rest assured with all these clowns at the back it will continue to be a circus so depressing!!

      1. I’m sure they’re aware Luiz is not a top CB and they are taking the stop-gap approach to avoid having to rely on Mustafi and Chambers. Simply, they couldn’t pull off a deal for at top CB this window. I feel like the Pepe chase took a lot of time and money from our budget and that hindered our search. A Tierney/Sokratis/Luiz/AMN backline has issues, but it’s what we have to accept for now. We better be back on the market in Jan thouguh, and hopefully sell some more deadwood before the end of summer.

  18. @Admin, your headline is a shame. You used to word flop for someone who is clearly one of our most hardworking player last season. Do you guys hating on Iwobi ever wonder why he played the most number of games than any other player in the team last season. The guy is clearly improving, he’s homegrown, isn’t injury prone, on a low salary compared to the so called big boys underperformers. Doesn’t mind being played out of position but still gives his best, defends, attacks, doesn’t complain being substituted. The only thing he lacks is the final ball which will obviously come as he continues to develop. it’s a pity you all prefer to judge him on one negative over the numerous positives he brings to the team. And remember, he’s still only 23yrs.

    1. “Remember he’s still only 23”
      Bloody hell mate he will be retiring soon
      At 23 he should be setting the world alight ,but he’s not is he .
      We have 3-4 younger players who can already do a better job .
      look at Willock and compare him with Iwobi ,no comparison,and we have only seen glimpses of him aswell .
      I would have snapped Everton’s hand off for that 30 mil ,I just hope they come back with another offer then we can finally be done watching him play for us.

      1. @Dan Kit, How many players set the world alight at 23? and how do you know those you mentioned are better than Iwobi? I have read on comments on Iwobi several times and they have all been negative like he doesn’t ever do anything good in your eyes. so I don’t think there’s any need debating with you over Iwobi cause what you feel for him is just pure hatred, you along side Phil

        1. Same Sue ,really don’t get why the 30 mil was knocked back ,have a bad feeling we will be stuck with him this season now ,oh well hopefullly tomorrow he will be in a blue shirt and we are 40 mil better off

      2. Willock Willock Willock, nelson nelson nelson, all you have seen is a glimpse of pre-season, they haven’t played a full season in the top flight and you want to compare them with just a pre-season. leemaaaooo. your lack of objectivity and dislike is too evident.

  19. Hearing some people slate iwobi here is so disheartening. Iwobi created lots of chances for arsenal last season. He’s still only 23 with his best years ahead of him. I really do not want them to sell him or even swap with an individual player like zaha.

  20. Well according to your almighty transferchecker on Twitter, Luiz and Tierney will sign tomorrow.
    Luiz is all of Edu’s handiwork

      1. Yea Sue I just checked now.. glad she’s fine and I saw your message bout doing anything to help get her mind off the stress whenever she’s here.
        Count me in.
        It’s a new season, meehn I’ll bust the jaw of any player who messes our game up and it gets to Pat

  21. Alex iwobi sales is good for me i don’t know about anybody else coz all this years in the senior team no improvement for him.even 30 millions for him is excess for everton not to talk of 40 millions.anyway the money is good news to we gunners we will use the money to sign daniel rugani

  22. skysports just reported that keiran Tierney is enroute to London to have his medical. welcome to the arsenal.

  23. We have to sell Iwobi the boy is simply not good enough take money and get ZAHA or everton soares

  24. Tierney and Luiz deal agreed on skysport so we get an good Lb and a cb as a stop gap to Saliba. Luiz can also play from the back.

  25. Prefer to see:

    Leno; Bellerin, Holding, Upamecano, Tierney; Willock, Torreira, Ozil; Pepe, Lacazette, Aubamayang.

    Now that’s a team that WILL compete. Don’t see what others see in Xhaka – he gives ball away far too much, commits fouls in dangerous places and often commits howlers which directly lead to goals against us.

  26. Arsenal best 11..

    Aubameyang… Lacazette…

    Martinelli… Cabellos… Torreira… Pépé…

    Tierney… Sokratis… Luiz… Bellerin…


    3rd place secured!

  27. Apparently, Arsenal will pay Chelsea 8million pounds for David Luiz. If you ask me, I will say this is good business.

    1. Surprised he was that cheap. If his wages are also reasonable, I can stomach the transfer. As long as Arsenal revisit this issue. All in all a solid window for us. A top defender would’ve been the cherry on top, but Salheni did well.

  28. This headline is very faulty, Iwobi has one of the highest appearances last season, can play any position you put him in, doesn’t complain yet some so called fans label him as a “flop” maybe Arsenal fans truly deserve the exit behavior Koscienly Gave them..

  29. 8million for David Luiz is good business, am sure he will improve us and he’s better than mustafi although a bit of a wrestler like Socratis but luiz is better than nothing.

  30. A defense consisting of Tierney, Luiz, Sokratis, Holding, Bellerin is a better defence than what we had before. Tierney is a huge talent and was our top target, and Luiz is a very experienced and a really good ball playing defender with excellent attacking skills.
    It has been a great transfer window for Arsenal IMO.

  31. Acually Zaha is worth 1.732 Iwobi’s exactly at today’s exchange rate. Saw it on currency checker.

  32. The article is about iwobi seeing that someone bid for him ,this as nothing to do with Ozil or any other arsenal player .
    I agree with the headline He is a flop .

  33. Our best starting 11:


    NO ONE at arsenal is stupid to sell IWOBI, not even at $100M!!!
    Those hating, keep dreaming…
    Aubameyang will never be a left winger we need. PLAIN and SIMPLE and Mkitaryan IS NOT a No. 7 and he’s better than anyone else in the No. 8 position.
    Mustafi is a better Right Back than AMN and the lousy Bellerin.
    I even wonder why all of a sudden Bellerin is now a good RB!!!

    Good day DREAMERS!!!!

    1. Mustafi at RB?
      No Lacazette?

      When all players a fit;
      Bellerin Holding Luiz Teirney
      Torriera Cabellos
      Iwobi (or Ozil)
      Pepe Laca Auba


      Get sold of Mustafi & Elneny. Smith Rowe on loan along with Nkeitah

  34. Whatever you think of Iwobi 30 or 40M would be good business , it is foolish to reject that amount for a player that will now become a bench warmer,i am surprised Kroenke’s eyes never lit up and told them to take it,a worry with Luiz is his sell on status, i believe he is 32 so not too many years left at the top could be a panic buy but at least he is a defender.

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