Opinion – Arsenal have to do something – but what?

Enough is enough! Arsenal needs to grow some balls; we are losing it all.

Watching Arsenal play on Saturday was an eyesore. For Christ’s sake, are we really a football club or what? Must we struggle against every football team in the planet? What will it take for Arsenal to win a game of football? If playing football is such a hard thing for us, should we try just focusing on other sports and leave football alone? We have to do something soon.

Arsenal football club is a big franchise and the more we lose games, the less we become attractive to corporate brands. If we don’t improve, I see us losing sponsorship benefits and probably a fan base. Just yesterday, a friend of mine who has been an Arsenal supporter for over 30 years, vowed to stop supporting Arsenal, until they get their way right. How bad can this get?

When I hear people say Arsenal will turn a new leaf soon, I ask them, “how soon?” I am tired of watching games with my heart in my mouth; I am tired of being scared to wear my Arsenal jersey proudly; I am tired of leaving football viewing centers with a sad heart, caused by the failure of Arsenal to win a game; I am tired of seeing our players run around the pitch like clueless chickens, and I am so tired of losing my appetite after every Arsenal game.

While watching the game on Saturday, I noticed how uninspired and unmotivated our players are and I couldn’t help asking myself, “How did we get here?” Do we need to sack the coach before our players get motivated? Do we need to change our team of psychologists? What exactly should we do? Can somebody please tell me before I lose my mind? My Arsenal has always been a team of flair and positivity, but this Arsenal team is just a team that dishes out heartbreaks. With the way we are going, are we even going to win another game this season?

If we are to sack Emery before the team gets back to normal, please let us do that now. If we are to sack several of our players, please let us do that now! We should also please ask the owners of Arsenal to please show us some football ambition, and do away with this coach and bunch of players, who don’t look interested to play for Arsenal again. What can we do to get back to winning ways please? Someone must be able to do something?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Emery or the next manager has to slow the tempo down and plays with short passes. Emery tried to change Arsenal’s method by employing direct passing and he failed

    The idea is good, but the players are not accustomed to fast tempo. We need a head coach who can balance the things out

      1. In the last match, Aubameyang, Lacazette and Ozil were pretty far from our midfielders and our wingbacks

        Unfortunately our attackers’ first touches and ball controls were too lousy to handle the direct ball from our defense. Hence Soton players took the ball frequently and this made them able to shoot a lot

        When Wenger was at Arsenal, Ozil and Sanchez often dropped deep to get the ball. The team played with slower tempo and short passes at that time, but the next manager should create a more balanced system

    1. Slow the tempo down! If we go any slower we will be going backwards…….oh, we already are……..
      For goodness sake, any team can play quick tempo, you pass and move, pass and move, it’s not rocket science.
      I assume our players know how to run?

      1. Because Aubameyang, Lacazette and Ozil are not technically gifted enough to receive direct balls from our defenders, we should stop the long balls from Luiz, Xhaka and our fullbacks

        The team had better go back to the slower short passing strategy, when Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott were instructed to receive the short passes from our defenders

        Slowing the tempo down like this is much safer than trying our luck with the direct balls, but we still need better wide players who can pierce through the opposition’s flanks

        1. I’m sorry but you are talking absolute rubbish. You’re saying those players you mention are not technically gifted enough to receive direct balls. Have you gone stark raving mad?

        2. @gotanidea: I might agree on Laca and Auba not having excellent first touches, but you bringing Ozil into that is so desperate from you really. Ozil is known for his brilliant nuanced touches all throughout his career.

          You are one of the most desperate Ozil hater I’ve seen. Your statement that Ozil is technically gifted to receive direct balls is just WOW. How do sleep at night knowing Ozil is back to playing every game now? I feel for you.

  2. You get that feeling, arsenal will conceed Penalty next weekend, am sure we are at the top log of penalty conceeded this season. This is what you get from doing a simple thing in a complex way. You want go turn defender into attacker and attacker into defender thereby making players lose their identity and the primary responsibility.

  3. I don’t think he’ll be sacked today or anytime soon for that matter,Arsenal want him to see out his contract and don’t want to pay for breeching their contract…think of it don’t you think they would’ve sacked him by now if they really wanted to….mmm..its so bad that wen we concede,lose it doesn’t hurt me anymore even if ts Southampton, Sheffield all these poor teams, I’m mean its clear that Emery’s the problem and some of the players Toreirra looks like he doesn’t want be there Aubameyang not interested…I still say get rid of Emery and the players attitude will change,don’t think they want him there they don’t understand his tactics his English is very poor never connected with the fans…

  4. Bring Xhaka back into the team. At least he can pass the ball. Leno
    Bellerin Mustafi Luiz Carney
    Xhaka Guenduzi Ozil
    Auba Lacca Pepe

  5. Fix the defence ASAP, we conceded goals in all PL matches bar the first game. The problem was apparent last season too, but we had Auba and Laca both fit and they bailed us out. I admit Emery is trying all sort of things, but they aren’t working and he just makes new mistakes. Against Leicester for example, he instructed his players to man mark the opponents but there was a moment Ricardo the right back cut inside to the center and every player was like OMG OMG what should I do lol. And what did Emery thinking instructing Ozil to man mark Ndidi, it will never work and Ozil should have given a free role, to position himself to receive passes so he could launch swift counter attacks.
    And where’s the logic in fielding three centerbacks against Southampton and still leaking goals.
    In my opinion there are three things Emery should do:
    First, bench Luiz because he’s a liability given his lapse of concentration. Second, Sokratis was good but he started to feel the pressure and it affects him. Third, playing Guenduozi-Xhaka as the holding midfielders will slow us down, they are physical but make transition from attack to defence slow (and vice versa). Guenduozi-Torreira and both cannot deliver passes. I think Willock-Torreira is the best pairing (because Ceballos is injured right now). In the last match, Torreira was quick enough to play his way out of trouble and he covered a lot of ground. Willock first touches are good too and he can deliver passes and score goals. But whatever I said, Emery will stick with his golden boy Guenduozi. He is good if we face opponents that like to keep possesion and we sit deep, other than that he is too slow.

    1. Worse, you accuse a long-standing user on here of being a Spud. We have found that once that insult is used the conversation soon turns nasty. I so want to avoid that on here. We are creating a list of comment do’s and don’ts to make it easier for everyone involved, especially me.

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