Opinion – Arsenal have to enter the January transfer window for a creative player

A creative player is more crucial than a central defender in January transfer window.

Arsenal have not really been the fans of the winter transfer window but it seems if they don’t make use of this coming one, their season may end in a disaster.

The team has struggled for goal this season and it is not because we don’t have players to finish off chances, but the team has been struggling to create chances.

With the arrival of Dani Ceballos over the summer, we all thought that he would finally become the creative driving force that we have longed to have for a while now.

To his credit, Ceballos started his Gunners career brightly but he faded mostly after his first two games. The smart thing to do now is for us to cut our losses and bring in another creative player.

Mesut Ozil has recently returned to the first-team picture, but if we are frank with ourselves, Ozil has gone passed his best and we cannot afford to rely on him even though he is still a capable player.

We have now gone six games with just one win and the game against Leicester City could easily be another loss, we need a creative player to rescue our season and We have to sign one in the next transfer window.


    1. You seem not to realise it but he will be sacked within a fortnight. He has clearly lost the team and the crowd. The regime have, IMO, already decided to sack him. I fully expect Freddie L to be appointed caretaker head coach for the remainder of this season and they will then see how he goes, with a permanent appointment made once season is over.

  1. Ceballos hasn’t got the chance to play regularly as no 10 yet. He often plays as an LW and he doesn’t have the pace to play as a wide player

    If Arsenal are ready to splash some cash, they better get Wilfried Zaha

    We need a pacey trickster that can hold the ball well on the wings and the one that can give us free kicks/ corners

    1. Ceballos has been disappointing so far.
      He is as bland in the final 3rd as everyone else in that midfield when it comes to threading them Bergkamp / Cesc passes we had come accustomed to.

      I just feel like everything is just dormant and all over the place with Emery.

      No excitement. No other attacking midfielder will change the whole daze / fog Emery has gotten up into. The whole club seems to be drowsy at the minute.

      1. A strong physical DM for me all day long. Combined with Chambers, Luiz or Guendouzi in midfield, this would allow Ozil the opportunity to earn his money as the “creator”. Arsenal have enough fire power up front, particularly with the young players coming through from the Academy.

    2. Ceballos ‘often plays as a LW’??
      For Arsenal? You’re joking right? Or are you one of those who thought our 4-4-2 with Ceballos at the front of the diamond was actually 4-3-3 without bothering to watch the match?

      We don’t need another winger. Martinelli’s and Saka’s progress has been astounding. The problem as admin has pointed out is the lack of creative passes even reaching our front three.

      But with Ceballos’s loan being for a whole year, and Ozil still being here, we won’t get anybody. Unai uses only one of the two so getting a third option for 1 place in the team will not happen.

  2. I agree with Ade. I am afraid that it doesn’t matter if we don’t change the coach. If we change the coach I am not sure creativity is as much of a problem because then we can actually use everyone properly.

    Don’t think that Zaha is the answer on creativty either (don’t get me wrong, he is really good) as we have pretty strong options up top and some depth with younger players. He isn’t the “greatest” need. We won’t be better if he shows up right now.

    If creativity is the problem regardless of coach then attacking mid would be the choice – and I am not sure that is the problem with us right now. I think that there is creativity available and can be put to much better use. Right now the way we are going and structured Messi isn’t going to help us that much (and I only slightly jest).

    I am still stuck at the back, strong defensive mid or centre back. And I think with a better coach the defensive mid “problem” may go away.

    So as always I end up back at central defender. There are always better players, and if we are top tier rolling in petro dollars we buy them. We aren’t top tier so we have to prioritize. I do think a better coach means that the biggest hole is central defense.

    1. Of course our worst hole is in CB and has been ever since Sol Campbell left. The MAIN reason Wenger was sacked was his competelong term inability to fix the defence. This clown Emery has achieved the impossible; he has actually made a dreadful defence EVEN WORSE. AND EVERY OTHER DEPT WORSE TOO. He will be gone within a fortnight, with probably Freddie made caretaker head coach.

  3. Change the coach. People are saying Ceballos hasnt been playing well. Has anybody besides Guendouzi and Auba in this whole squad?? And there isn’t a lack of talent amongst the squad so I really don’t think personnel is the big issue. The truth is we are not getting anybody significant in January so we need to find solutions with what we have. And I dont think Emery is the man to find them.

  4. A centre back and DM should be our priorities to improve our woeful defending which is the laughing stock of the PL.We must get the spine of the team in order before we can make real progress.

    1. Exactly, our only weak point is CBs, but beside Umtiti which would defenetly be a plus, it is not easy to get top defenders on winter’s transfer window. Koulibaly has enough of italy racist monkeys, we must get him, but Naples won’t let him go in middle of season, they still in CL. For now Umtiti would help a lot, paired with Holding with Chambers infront of them, we would be very much secured and able to focus on scoring, win games.

    2. GDad,

      Couldn’t agree more with your assessment, splashing a ridiculous sum of cash for an Isco
      or Madison would be a waste under this manager and his defensive mindset.

      Upamecano and Sangare(Toulouse midfield destroyer) would be fantastic signings in January and
      add much needed athleticism, pace and steel to the middle of the pitch. They wouldn’t come
      cheap, probably costing in the neighborhood of $75M but if Arsenal were able to move along the
      likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, El Neny and even Torreria(like the player but seems to be unsettled
      in London)for a decent sum they could potentially cover or substantially offset that expense.

      This lineup with either Freddy L or Arteta @ the controls would be quite intriguing…


  5. Our worst defense since I can remember and we need another creative midfielder !…………Count Emery must have bitten your neck !

    We need a f##king Captain CB with balls of steel who will grab any pussy by the throat and tell them to man up and fight for the badge !

  6. When Arsene Wenger resigned, it was because he realised he had lost the dressing room, fans and the owners one objective – the CL… he did the honourable thing.

    Now it’s time for UE to do the same and why kronkie would give any more money for this regime to spend is beyond me.

    We have Ozil and Cebs to the end of this season for the creativity side, if both are played correctly.
    We have a back four of, potentially, the backbone for the remainder of the season (Bellerin-Chambers-Holding-Kierney) with Selibas arriving next season.
    We have a forward line that should be scoring goals for fun.
    We have a DM Iin Torerria, who, again, if played in his correct position, has proven to be a very good player and enormous young talent that needs to be nurtured.

    We have the players, we dont have the manager – so if there is any spare cash, pay UE’s contract off, appoint Freddie to the end of the season and then let whoever is in charge decide who they want.

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