Opinion – Arsenal must do this in the January transfer window

The focus for fans of all clubs when a transfer window comes around is which players their respective clubs will buy and that is understandable, however, Arsenal should take a different route this January, in fact, they must.

You see, there are a number of clubs, both domestically and internationally, that need reinforcements, Newcastle United, Barcelona, Juventus etc. all need new players and desperately.

That puts clubs like Arsenal in a good position to offload some deadwood and players surplus to requirements.

For example, Tottenham are looking to offload Dele Alli, a player whose value is almost zero these days and yet he has been linked with a move to Newcastle, according to Teamtalk.

Now, if they can offload a player of such low quality then surely there are players that Arsenal can do the same with.

We all know who the players are that need showing the exit door and that should be Arsenal’s focus this winter because clubs will no longer be so desperate to sign players in the summer, relegation, European qualification etc. will have already been decided by then and desperation is no longer such a factor.

So, in conclusion, Arsenal need to look at the January transfer window as an opportunity to fine-tune the squad by offloading unwanted or dare I say, disruptive players and boost their transfer fund for an expected busy summer.

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  1. Doubt there will be much business in January. The clubs who can afford our players don’t want them and those who do want our players won’t pay our price. Unless Newcastle go crazy on salary they won’t take Auba + they can get Laca for free in July. Arsenal wants at least 50mill for Pepe. but no club will pay over 30m. Torreira is now worth less than 7m but Arsenal want 15m minimum. No one will pay a penny for Mari Bellerin Elneny or Cedric. Nketiah will wait for a free and a decent salary. Niles Chambers Holding home grown quota.
    So our business will likely be restricted to Kola let go on free and Balogun on loan.

  2. Doubt if Newcastle will sign Auba. Most likely the Club seriously interested in him is Barcelona, but his wages are a problem for them even if Arsenal are ready to sell him at a lower cost. As for Elneny, Mari, Kola and Soares, Arsenal must accept whatever they get for them. Nketiah will most likely move in the summer. I doubt the Club will be ready to sell/loan Chambers, Holding and AMN as they meet the home grown quota. Personally, I would like Laca and Arsenal to agree to a contract extension, he brings so much to the game. And now with Auba as good as gone, Laca is the only seriously senior player the youngsters look upto.

  3. Barca £15m or a few young player exchanges for Auba.

    Laca & Eddie should both be shipped out even for between £8-£13m, Elneny also even for £1m, same with Kolasnic.

    Matteo, Mari, Lucas, Dino & Bellerin al will get us something in the summer, money wise, even if it is small. Leno also but could fetch £15m for him. AMN id like to keep tbh instewd of a measly £5-£10m for someone whi is handy across the midfield & defence.

    Pepe wont be going anywhere for £50m, £25m possibly due to performances as we will never recoup 60% of that £72m shady deal.

    We need CF, Winger, CM, RB & Saliba returns for CBs position but all this wont happen probably until the summer. I can see a quiet January with a few out.

  4. Those capable at looking at the wider football picture across the globe in this pandemic, will realise that far more clubs will be actively seeking to get costly waged players out of their clubs.

    Many clubs will be chasing a select FEW real top class PLAYERS and most clubs will fail to achieve this.

    We thinking fans have long ago realised the pandemic has utterly transformed the world player market, which has collapsed in financial terms.

    But this can be to our benefit, every much as it works against us. Many fine players – perhaps not world beaters but decent standard anyway – will have let their contracts run down or out , thus releasing them on free OR very low money transfers . This will also work both in and out of our favour.

    We must accept that our several still here dross players will be unsaleable or very nearly, but I repeat that it works both ways.
    I, for one, have long known that. It has changed the market worldwide but not necessarily worked -in totality- against us.

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