Opinion – Arsenal need a world class coach to give us back our identity

With so much annoyance in my heart, I am writing this to sound out a note of warning to the Arsenal board. I don’t care if Emery is sacked today or next century, but no matter when they do it, they should please replace Emery with a world class coach that can immediately impact the team. We don’t need a coach who has an idea; we need a top coach who can get Arsenal moving again.

Just some weeks ago, there was this story of Jose Mourinho being penciled down as the person to take over from Unai Emery. Obviously, the media were just looking for stories to sell but this was a joke taken too far. For starters, Jose Mourinho, is not the type of coach a club like Arsenal should be hiring. He has a negative approach to playing football, he is problematic and very troublesome (no pun meant.) He will give us trophies, no doubt, but apart from winning trophies, what we need is to get our identity back and maintain it. We must not subscribe to negative football, all in the name of winning trophies. Whoever started the Mourinho joke must have had some crazy ideas in his head but thank goodness, the board has come out to deny ever meeting with the self acclaimed special one. Is he even a world class coach any more?

Several other names have been thrown at our faces by the media; even though the Arsenal board has come out to openly back Emery to remain in the job, until at least the next winter transfer. I personally don’t have issues with the names being bandied around, but please, I am against Arsenal just hiring a coach that will end up failing us, even before we start celebrating his appointment. When Emery was announced, not a few fans were impressed with his choice, but many just accepted because they were ready to give any coach, that wasn’t Arsene Wenger, a chance to train their team and lead them to success. Now, how has that worked for Arsenal? Should we have got a world class coach instead?

Patrick Vieira, Mikel Arteta, Steven Gerrard and others, are all good coaches at their own level, but at the Arsenal level, they are not needed, at least for now. I won’t want to mention names but I know a club like Arsenal can still get a world class coach, who will be excited and ready to work with this mixture of young and exciting talents at the club. Is Brendan Rogers going to agree to leave the club he is at the moment, to come coach Arsenal? Will the current Tottenham coach agree to coach Arsenal? If the answers to my questions are no, then Arsenal had better start looking at coaches that are worthy of the Real Madrid’s, Juventus’ and the PSG’s level.

But just how many top world class coaches are even available right now?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. how do a coach classified as World Class?

    Rogers has not won anything yet

    Is Ranieri considered World Class by fans?

    he has won the title on a budget…knows the league and the country

  2. It’s not world class it’s a winning manager with experience of doing so. If we were winning without playing great football we wouldn’t be complaining it’s because we are not winning and are playing with no direction or fluidity that has graced the Arsenal playing field for years.

    We have a massive problem and it is Unai unfortunately. I like the guy alot but hes not the man for the job at Arsenal I’m afraid.

    Managers available is Enrique, Allegri, Mourinho (no for me) and could we really lure a manager from another club I’m not too sure. We are not that attractive as we once were.

    For once we cant blame Stan for this one as Unai is a good pick but not what we need.

    1. Sean, I am curious as to why you like him a lot. Do you actually know him or are you impressed by his football here? It can sensibly only be his previous achievements, surely? If it is not exactly THAT, I am puzzled why you like him. It is certain that most Gooners cannot wait to be rid of him and his shapeless, slow paced, exposed type of football, where we are constantly looking like conceding and not much looking like scoring. Nor is there ANY attractive football. SO WHAT ON EARTH IS THERE TO LIKE? How you can,(and presumably from your point of view, sensibly) argue he is “a good “pick” is astounding!

    1. Enagic – Look at Real for quite a few seasons they had world-class players but had not enough success and thus went through manager after manager.

      You can have the best players in the world but if you don’t play a style that suits them and if you can’t get them on the same page and play like a team, you will win very little.


    I have a lower definition of World Class
    1. Won either Champions League or A league title (From Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga or Ligue 1) within last 5 years
    2. Managed a big club
    3. Won at least 5 trophies
    4. Won more than 1 League title
    5. Had a good run in European or International tournaments Champions League, Europa League, World Cup or European Championship

    ie these are examples of World Class in MY humble opinion:

    1. If you manage PSG or Bayern you have to be poor not to win a league title. If Emery had not been in charge of PSG, Monaco would have never beat them to the title.

  4. Like what Man United and Chelsea did, Arsenal must take a leap of faith and trust one of their ex-players

    Man United and Chelsea could have hired Enrique or Allegri. But they chose to hire fans’ favourites that were trained by their legendary coaches instead

    Football fans are very impatient these days and they can’t wait for another Alex Ferguson managing the team without any major trophy for six years. Therefore we need an ex-Gunners that would hopefully not be crucified by the angry mob within six months

    1. gotanidea, I love this post of yours.
      Yes, we should go for one of our ex-players – Vieria, Freddie, Thierry, Dennis. Arteta etc


    2. At Gotnoidea
      Where did you find this masterpiece this is the best post I have seen in a very long time. Thank you for some common sense.

  5. What identity? The famous “1-0 (NIL) TO THE ARSENAL?”

    Or the WENGER era passing football that was amazing to watch for about 15 years (1996-2010).

    But Arsenal is more than 100 years old.

    What is this Arsenal identity i keep hearing?

    1. What about bringing Arsene as caretaker with Freddie learning the ropes from the one and only Arsene. Could we be any worse off than we are now? Maybe we were too quick to put up our Wenger out banners.As the saying goes be careful what you wish for!!!

  6. Just an opinion here. Arsenal could have got Pep or Kloop when they were free, before they joined MC and Liverpool respectively .. but wenger refused to go. I believe they were interested to come to Arsenal.

  7. How about brendan Rodgers as manager,
    Freddie as assistant.
    Tony adams as defence coach.
    Tierry henry as strikers coach…

  8. What world class manager actually mean? Is mourinho world class? What did he exactly do with Man United? Is ancelotti world class manager? What is he doing with napoli? Going with so called world class manager is not quarentee of wining anything rather is trying to play safe. Playing safe is not strategy, it’s cowardice
    Remember, the higher the risk the higher the expected return, it’s either take higher risk of vieira, arteta or safe choice of allegri,mourinho etc

  9. We lost our identity about 10 years ago.Identity seems to be the current buzz word with pundits and certain fans but what exactly are you meaning?If it means playing attractive attacking football yet losing, I would prefer a solid defensive unit which can churn out one goal wins in mind matches out of ten.We need a competent Manager for sure, but more importantly we need quality players to replace a host of plodders who are currently in our first team squad.There are a number of experienced, mediocre players at Arsenal who will never improve regardless of the calibre of our Coach..

  10. I know some coaches who would make fabulous choices. These coaches are always right, when in a bad position they always manage to end up on the right square, hopping from one answer to the next in an unparalleled swifteness, they flow like no-other. Somehow they never have the wrong decision, it’s uncanny.

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