Opinion – Arsenal need serious investment or remain mid-table

Arsenal Must Break the Bank this Transfer Window by AI

Football is truly a simple game. Two teams of eleven players each line out on to a green field to kick at a leather ball. At the end, the club with the most talented players win.

Of course, it’s not always that simple. But we all recognize how overwhelmingly true it is.

With that perspective in mind, Arsenal are in real danger of losing their position at the top of the English football league. Having enjoyed the largely exclusive privilege of fielding highly talented footballers for decades, Arsenal are now facing a real threat of being overtaken on that front.

The attack may seem fine but the team strongly lack solid talent in the middle of the pitch, a very strange thing for a team formerly coached by Arsene Wenger. We’ve always had really talented midfielders in his squads and we have always taken the on-ball security this provided with some laxity.

Now, with the departure and decline of so many midfielders, this will be the first time in a couple of years that Arsenal seriously need to reinforce right in the middle.

On top of that, the defense, while almost complete, requires one more central defender to ease the pressure on a 19-year-old coming to a new league and a new country for the first time.

All of this requires serious investment and even though we might have plenty of players up for sale to generate some cash, it won’t still be enough unless our owners make a financial intervention to keep the club in elite company when it comes to talent rosters.

Or we could decide to buy smart, instead, which is fine but essentially a gamble on each smart buy turning out well.

Either way, Arsenal need to replenish its squad talent and a good investment from the Kroenkes would be timely.

Agboola Israel


  1. GB says:

    Break the bank? The banks are broken trying to prop up the economies of countries fighting the covid 19 virus. The whole transfer system will change drastically when football comes back, probably next year now, with reduced revenues, lower tv deals and after spending on covering costs while not having any income. Lower league teams may disappear, while the likes of us operate on vastly reduced budgets.

    1. Mohsan says:

      Nothing new for Arsenal then, now I see what Arsenal board have been trying to emulate all these years….what will we do if world is truck by a virus/disease n we have little to no budget to operate with…don’t worry we have been operating under same conditions for years n years now.

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