Opinion – Arsenal need to keep Henrikh Mkhitaryan next season

Henrikh Mkhitaryan remains a top talent that could still do a job for Arsenal.

Arsenal and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have a fractured relationship and his latest comments about Arsenal breaking the promises they made to him won’t have helped that relationship.

However, I still believe that the Armenian has something more to offer to Arsenal before his current deal expires.

If Arsenal fails to agree on a fee with AS Roma over a permanent move for Mkhitaryan, I think that it won’t be a bad thing and I strongly believe that the Armenian has a lot to still offer this Arsenal side.

He struggled under Unai Emery last season and although he looked to be on the right path at the start of this season, he was still shipped out on-loan.

The thing is, almost everyone struggled under Emery and it would be too harsh to judge him for his performance under the Spaniard.

Now that Arsenal has a new manager who plays a different and more positive style of football I think that Mkhitaryan should be given another chance.

He has four goals and one assist in five starts for Roma on loan this season and he even scores goals when he returns from injury nowadays.

I strongly believe that Mikel Arteta can nurture his talents and get the best out of him next season.

Arsenal also needs his experience. I am not saying his contract should be extended, but I think making him see out the last year of his deal might just help Arsenal get value for their money at last.

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  1. With Pepe/Saliba installments kicking in next year, and may be one of Mari/Cedric/Ceballos getting a full contract, we will be on a shoestring budget in summer. Granted, we have new manager, but dont expect us to keep spending big since we have some high wage earners and no CL. Best will be if we can get some cash from one of Auba/Laca and tie the other down longer, sell Mkhi, Mustafi and Kolasinac to give Arteta some cash/wage to operate with in the transfer market.

  2. You must be joking surely to want this idle, non effective player to stay with us. Sell him for whatever he will fetch but get rid, for sanitys sake! He is not an Arteta player, as he is far too lazy.

    1. He hasn’t been here for sometime, so we can do well sell him altogether in view of his age. But to call him idle, non effective, is very harsh imo.

      Mhiki was playing very well under Wenger. I remember, at a point our fans were mocking ManU for giving us a better player in place of Sanchez who went into a goal drought.

      Mhiki lost his confidence when UE came because of Unai’s confusion tactics, and as a result sent on loan.

      1. And is is of much more worth on the playing ground than Ozil. End of story. Unfortunately Mkhitaryan will move and Ozil will stay to run down his contract.

      2. Simply don’t agree. To me ,he is too lazy. I cannot in all truth call it any other way. Any player whose heart and full commitment is not evident is faking being being a proper professional. Ozil has been doing so for at least four years too. As for losing confidence, highly paid pros are not five year olds in a school nativity play having a stage fright tantrum, but highly trained professionals who are CONTRACTED to try their best for every moment they wear the shirt. That is how life works in the TRUE professional life of ANY self respecting occupation, and certainly in one where devoted fans pay through the nose for the “privilege” of watching their “heroes”. It is called self respect and any human with any TRUE self respect does NOT EVER, NO WAY, cheat the fans. Geddit? I doubt you are old enough to remember an honourable hard working era, before the snowflake generation!

    2. Haha, that was good Jon!

      But he is for free, that’s a great deal, writer is a genius! Lol!

      At least we get to laugh a bit!

    3. I am going to have to side with Jon Fox here.

      What an outrageously bad take this is.

      The guy is finished at the top level and by the sounds of it does not want to come back. Clear his wages and get a transfer fee. I’d much rather see Nelson, Saka, Martinelli, Willock, Smith Rowe be given minutes than see Mkhi line up again.

  3. I agree with you. He has always been a good player but unai couldn’t fix him properly into his system. Mikel played with rosicky and santi, and I can see a glimpse of the little Mozart in him and I think mikel sees that too. To be honest, we haven’t really replaced rosicky and santi cazorla and that has been more of a problem than the defence people so much complain about.

  4. Myki, isn’t part of Arsenal and the cicumstances we acquired him were bizarre and not very well thought out. He is on fortunes and i presume we are paying part of his wages, probably a big part. Myki, if we can, should be outed this summer, he isn’t an Arsenal player as far as im concerned but i wish him all the best.

  5. Myki started his Arsenal career really well then got injured once return what ever the reason he was never the same, Myki was probably the hardest worker when he was fit and I honestly think he would make more assists then Ozil and has more passion also he always look more dangerous with the ball and had great link up with Auba

    1. True talk tas wen Mikki came we were all singing praise of his hard work good cross , eye for goal and his sharpness so why all this negative comment about him . I remember he perform more for arsenal than Sanchez did for man u

  6. I find it very annoying when people suggest one or both Auba or Laca should be sold because of a run of bad patch. Strikers who are more like brothers? Cant we dream of big players for once. Fickle minded fans always want to talk about selling players. I rather they see out their contracts and leave together. You need injection of experience too on your teams. Kids don’t win championships.

  7. Mkhi was on the slide at Man U so we got him further down the slide and through bad transfer business. He actually played well under Emery who had a brilliant first season. It’s unlikely any one will buy him with only a year left on his contract and also pay his 177k p/w salary. He is a lost cause and we will lose substantially when he too goes on a free. 😡

  8. hes on the long list of nothing players that still remain a presence at this club. We don’t need him. Many of our senior players we do not need and they only remain because we cannot find anyone who actually wants to buy them.

  9. This guy is more productive than that useless Ozil….
    He is good on one on one and has a good quick feet….

    I just don’t know why Milkitaryn is so much unwanted and disliked…

    Milky is a baller
    if Arsenal does not want to sign any baller in that central midfield, then Arsenal must keep Milky next season

  10. No, we shouldn’t.

    We need to sell him this summer, because:

    A) he’s playing decent at Roma so someone could actually pay for him. Take anything above £10m

    B) he’ll be a free agent in 2021, so better to salvage some millions out of this whole catastrophic Sanchez-saga rather than pay his 180k week wages for another year and let him walk free

  11. Miki will definitely suit Arsenal and is a ball playing midfielder Arsenal so badly need. Better than Ozil and is more hard working. Arteta will surely improve him and Arsenal should allow him to come back.

  12. The idiots from the board literally wasted a chance to cash-in on the 200k-a-week under-performing player. Everything above 0 pounds would be amazing, let alone 8.5 million quid. Arsenal board being dumb-dumbs yet again.

  13. Despite being misused and abused, Mkhi did a lot for Arsenal. How has Arsenal faired since his departure? He’s doing fantastic at Roma, despite injuries. Why? Because he is being allowed to play the game of football without the bizarre restraints of UE (or Mou). If Mkhi comes back, Arteta would do well to follow the practice of Roma’s Fonseca and let the Armenian just play.

  14. Hey, all you wonderful Arsenal fans. As usual, we have completely opposing views, and about 50/50 as well. I will not try to repeat here the superlatives or derogatory comments used to describe Mkhi. Reminds me of Özil arguments. Suffice to say that I will be happy about the judgement exercised by the management, which includes Arteta, as to whether they sell Mkhi or keep him. Who are we, really, to argue if THEY believe that he can add value based on what he is doing at Roma?

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