Opinion – Arsenal need to put Emery out of his misery

Emery needs to be helped out of his misery; he needs to be sacked now!

Several years ago, i enrolled in the boy scouts! I had a leader then who was once a naval officer, before retiring to train a group of young boys to be rugged boy scouts. I remember one of his war-time stories that he told us then; and this story in my opinion, seems to be exactly where Arsenal finds themselves.

According to my leader then, one of the battles he fought in changed his perception about helping humans. One of his comrades in arms got seriously wounded in an ambush. His team were able to repel the attack of those who ambushed them, but not without life threatening injuries being inflicted on his team members. Moving forward, his captain then noticed that one of his team members was seriously injured and he was slowing them down. He asked his soldier if he would be able to continue, and his soldiers’ response, was not positive. When they got to crossroad and didn’t know what else to do, the rest of the team decided to help their co-soldier by killing him and putting him out of his misery.

Now, Arsenal is not a military organization nor is Arsenal a security organization, but in life, certain decisions need to be taken, for sanity and progress to be achieved. Emery needs to be helped out of his misery; he needs to be sacked now! Do I sound harsh? Well, I am sorry if i do, but i am just being bluntly honest here.

Let us reason together. Do we really believe that Emery knows what to do to turn things around? Do we think he has even studied his team well enough, to know how to change things and where to start from? He has a record of going from bad to worse and to terrible, in his previous clubs. Once Emery starts losing ideas on how to move a club forward, he never recovers. Does anybody know what caused his parting of ways with PSG?

Watching our last football match against Southampton, one would have noticed how clueless this man was, at any point in the game. Now, we don’t need a coach who obviously needs some coaching himself, at Arsenal. Or do we?

Sylvester Kwentua (Lagos Gunner)


      1. Actually I was referring to the creed of the US Rangers: I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.

        This begs the question, are we killing Emery because he is falling into the hands of the angry fans? This would leave the fans as the enemy.

        So I can see the parallel, with the boards being Emery’s pals who realize he can’t go the distance and Emery being the wounded soldier but who are they saving him from?

        1. That’s interesting, our rivals who are supposedly our enemies won’t be bothered at all, that leaves us with the fans as you said. So I guess that’s true lol.

  1. I think it will take a long time to fire him if we stay mid-table. I think he will finish his final year of contract. We will have him next season I’m afraid

    1. Pretty sure we will not have him next season. But no doubt the man should have been gone and no doubt that it has now cost us CL qualification via the PL. The only remaining questions are IMO; when will Raul and board act and who will they bring in. Will they write of the season and turn to Freddie or will they act like Spurs and at least attempt to bring a long term replacement in?

  2. The board have surprised us with Lacazette, Aubameyang and Pepe transfers. Therefore I believe they would surprise us again by hiring an unemployed high profile manager, to calm the fans down

    Enrique and Allegri are out, so only Pochettino and Benitez left

    1. Benitez is not unemployed and earning a fortune right now. Poch would rather go work his farm than manage us.

      We have to poach a manager.

  3. Now it’s being reported that Pep doesn’t want Arteta to leave City. Another says he could replace Silva!
    Nuno… where did this come from??
    Who knows what to believe!

    I’m thinking ahead to Sunday. Not particularly keen on Norwich. Remember a few seasons back we drew 1-1 with them.. and I was devastated, felt as bad as if we’d been relegated 😆 I think it’ll feel a whole lot worse on Sunday! Imagine if we ship 3 or more goals 😳

    1. Yes, that’s almost a given, we just cannot keep a clean sheet in Premier League. The only time we successfully keep a clean sheet is the very first match of the season against Newcastle, that’s more than three months ago lol.

      1. Shocking!!
        Chris Sutton made me laugh (Yes I know 😳). He said “The knives aren’t out, the claymores are out!” And for once, he’s right!

        1. 👍👍👍

          I got curious and googled the article, it turned out he was talking about Silva and Pelegrini too. I think those three should arrange a session and pray together 😂🤣

  4. For what it’s worth, I happen to agree with most of the following quote (although “stunning” is a tad far fetched but perspective is important there) ;

    ” Nuno Espírito Santo has taken Wolves to stunning heights, and it’s not surprising that he has been linked with a handful of high-profile jobs.

    With Arsenal putting in yet another lacklustre performance against Southampton, Unai Emery’s job is at risk and the bookies made Nuno favourite to take over on Monday.”

    The 45-year-old is coming in on SkyBet at 6/4 to become the new Gunners gaffer, with former Arsenal captain and current Manchester City assistant Mikel Arteta coming in at 7/2.

    Former Juventus boss Max Allegri is currently third favourite.

    I would fully support Nuno coming to us, I really like this guys work.

    Would also take 2 or 3 Wolves players in a heartbeat – Cody & Nevas spring to mind immediately (yes, Wolves players instantly improving the Arsenal !).

    Wolves are a well organised pacy direct side, who we have been very lucky to get two consecutive home draws against and shipped a 3 – 1 hammering away. A very good outfit who play in the Arsenal mould (or rather the way we SHOULD be set up).

    Before this broke, I was saying to a Wolves mate only yesterday how I’d take Nuno in a flash.

    “Prem fresh” and ready to go, yes please Santa !!

    Also his agent is a well known “super agent”, who set up the deals for a number of Portuguese players to join Wolves (which has undoubtedly worked for them).

    Yes, it’s often unpalatable dealing with these people (agents) at this level but time to join the real world I guess.

    (Would he come to us right now……………sadly, who knows ?!?!)

    1. Yes, he is proven in Premier League and his achievement is no small feat given the resources at his disposal. Arteta is a gamble and Allegri is a good manager with plenty of experience at the highest level but I fear he becomes another Emery. There is too much similarity.

      1. I also wonder about Allegri’s ability to learn or speak English. Also, he is unproven in the PL and used to manage a club that is top of the league both in talent and financial means. He won’t find that with us.

        My dream would be Brendan Rodgers but I think there is no way he would drop Leicester mid-season. That would constitute self haring.

        1. Yes, it bewilders me why Emery didn’t appoint a translator like Conte did, he accepted his limitation and won a title. Contrary to popular belief, I think Emery is tactically adept. He won EL three times, it couldn’t have been lucky streaks, so maybe it’s the implementation.
          Brendan Rodgers would be good, Leicester play free flowing football and they are attractive to watch. But yeah realistically he would stay there rather than join us.

  5. Yes I agree that Nuno is an interesting one, I also like his style and he seems to get the best from what he has,something Unai really does not do,and I think I would be happy with that appointment if it happened but I fear that the board will go with Allegri purely because of his track record and availability.

    1. Don’t assume Allegri would want to come to us. He want’s to win major trophies. That’s not something we are about.

  6. I thought Emery would be a good appointment (given we have the ultra parsimonious Kroenke as owner). I was wrong. I would like Emery to be replaced. Decent man but seems out of his depth. Notwithstanding, how can one blame a coach when so called experienced professionals behave as they did for the first Southampton goal. That had nothing to do with system, tactics etc. That was just appalling, sloppy, careless, incompetent, stupid, uncaring. What decent manager would take over this bunch without the guarantee of funds to replace them?

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