Opinion – Arsenal need to start offloading the deadwood

Arsenal has just landed Willian and they are close to agreeing on a deal that will see them land Gabriel from Lille (ESPN).

The Gunners have also gotten back William Saliba from his loan spell at Saint Etienne and Mikel Arteta is now saddled with a rather big squad.

The Spaniard is looking to get the Gunners back inside the Premier League’s top four and it is understandable that he has been trying to get as many good players that are available.

However, while we add top players to help Arteta achieve his goals at the club, we have to know that selling or releasing the players we currently have at our disposal is also very important.

We currently have seven centre backs and being that it is a position that we have struggled in, I won’t be surprised if a new defender joins our team.

That will then make our team just too big in that position.

The Gunners have not been open about players that will leave, but the likes of Sokratis and Shkodran Mustafi will have seen the handwriting on the wall.

I would like us to tell these unwanted players that they can leave and even more than that, actively try to sell them in this transfer window because every single week they remain on the payroll the club is losing money.

The sooner Arsenal starts selling the better it is for the club.

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  1. Mustafi, Chambers, Sokratis, Elneny, Mkh, Guendouzi and Ozil if we could get rid of all in this window that would be amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Getting their wages off the books will be a relief….any transfer fee they bring will be an added bonus…

    2. Selling Guendouzi and Ozil ahead of Torrera, Holding, Kolesniac, Luiz, CΓ©dric Soares and Pablo MarΓ­ will certainly take Arsenal to the promise land. NOT!

      1. Luiz signed on for another year so he’s going nowhere and Ozil unfortunately won’t leave either! Kolasinac, Torriera and holding should be moved on too.

      2. somebody needs to tell me what ppl see in Guendouzi. I mean, he had a good start to his Arsenal career, but he’s hardly done anything after that. I think a lot of his reputation comes from media hype.

        1. Nice, so when you can not see something in a player that most of ppl see and you don’t like a player then everything is media hype but when you think player is good then that is fact lol! Obviously there is something that’s why he was called in French squad and top clubs around in Europe are after him. He is a star in making, very talented kid, we should not look at short term benefit and should keep him…otherwise we will be crying again the one who got away.

          1. He would never sign a new deal as he has fallen out with the board and manager, so the longer we keep him the less bargaining power we’ll have when we try to off load him! So sell him now.

        2. “somebody needs to tell me what ppl see in Guend ouzi.”

          That should give you a clue who is right and who is wrong.

  2. We have so much deadwood it’s going to be difficult to off-load in one transfer window. There is still plenty of time but bringing players in will mean players out first. No easy in the current climate!

    1. GunneRay, normally I would agree with you as what you say makes perfect sense.

      But it seems that MA is bucking that “out before in” trend, with the signing of Willian, Saliba, Soares and Pablo, with not one player leaving the club to date.

      As far as I am aware, the club have not officially put any single player up for sale and, in fact it seems, have announced that AMN is staying.

      I wonder if the owner, having been finally alerted to the shinanigans (?) that seem to have been going on at the club, realizes that he has stumbled across a gem in Mikel Arteta and has decided to back him to the hilt, by doing the opposite to the norm?

      The reports are also saying that deals for Gabriel and Partey are also nearing conclusion (fingers crossed), so it does seem that the kronkies are investing heavily at last, getting a squad together that can challenge for the title…and then start to offload players…only my opinion, of course.

      Nothing to do with your post, of course, but I really detest the term “deadwood”, as these are players who are deemed not good enough for our club and are to be sold, because they are surplus to requirements – Does any player who leaves a club come under the term “deadwood” just because they leave it?

      1. Where has club announced AMN is staying? Great news if true.

        I hope you’re read of the situation in right. Certainly feels like Arsenal have been active earlier than usual…

        1. Trudeau, I did say “it seems” to be honest as I was going by Kev’s post….and don’t forget MA has said he wants AMN to stay.

          I also look back at the cup final and the way they embraced each other at the final whistle – there is a definite chemistry between them and AMN has responded to MA….let’s hope I haven’t jumped the gun and if I have blame Kev!! LOL

      2. Ken Several thoughts at random about your post. Firstly, you are an old romantic and softy where our club is concerned; the deadwood comment shows your philosophy. Though I largely share your distaste of the term deadwood, I admit to using it and the reason is that I am not a softy with players in general . I consider that all of them are hugely well paid and not just our club, obviously.

        My attitude is that they, all of them, no matter whom, are hugely priviledged to wear the shirt- and no one forces them to play for any club if they don’t so wish- and as we are supporters of THE CLUB first and foremost and the players only second,(a long way second behind the club too) I will always put the needs of the club before ANY player. That sums up my attitude to the latter Wenger decade and to Ozil, Walcott , Mkhi and all half only tryers.


        HE WAS CONTENT TO LET Gazidis do his best to destroy us and did nothing for all those years til he finally left on that glorious day! He probably HAS been advised that in MA he has a special diamond now in charge and may take that into account but only slightly so, IMO. I just do not see him throwing money at the club which he has starved of funds since coiming on board in 2007. No previous real evidence, you see!

        I have not heard that it has been officially announced that AMN is staying , so is that fact or mere hope, as I do not know?
        Finally Ken, are you going either to the opening game at Fulham or to our first home game with WEST HAM? I DO HOPE YOU ARE AND WISH YOU ALL GOOD WISHES, AS EVER.

        1. Jon, as yet there has been nothing from the club regarding the season ticket situation and it is fairly obvious why.
          If the situation is resolved (coronavirus) then I will be down like a bat out of hell to see The Arsenal once again at the Emirates.

          Not sure about the Fulham game though, as it is nigh on impossible to get away tickets, unless, like Phil, one is a member of the away supporters club…of which I am not.

          On now to kronkie and my personal views regarding his tenure.
          I agre with you that he hasn’t shown any indication that he is a hands on and supportive owner….up until now.
          To date, we have signed three players under MA and, if the rumours are correct, we have another two about to be signed…along with Aubamayang signing his new contract.

          That is a huge layout of money from kronkie, while there has been not one player sold to cover this outlay.
          Now, for me, that has to mean that kronkie IS supporting MA in his vision, especially if we consider that we are being told we have no player of any real value in our squad (apart from Auba).

          As for AMN, Arteta has said he wants to keep AMN and with raul going, it is said he now has more influence and control over who stays/goes…again my opinion, but I would be amazed if AMN leaves now and Kev said he’s staying so it must be true!!!

          Gazidis? The biggest reason we have suffered these last three years for me. Kronkie believed him, let him ruin the structure of the club and then b******d off, allowing raul to continue his “great work.”
          At last, kronkie has been alerted to this and, perhaps, he has now decided to protect his investment by supporting MA?

          Finally, Deadwood and my commitment to club over player.

          During my career, I have had to make people redundant, because they didn’t fit into my future plans – I would never had dreamed of calling them “deadwood”, just because my plans had changed.
          Rather, I would have thanked them for their services, made sure I did everything I could to help them find a new position and praise their efforts to anyone who were interested in employing them…if that was the case.
          To call them “deadwood” would have been an insult and sour any future relationships, especially if they joined a rival company and related this abuse of power.

          As for club before player, if one supports The Arsenal, then that is as clear as day. I have never come across one supporter who would say otherwise and that is why, when/if a certain player (no name no pack drill) is once again selected to play in an Arsenal shirt, I will be watching with interest the reaction of certain people on JustArsenal.

          Safe and well up here, but just had a big outbreak of coronavirus at a chicken factory about 20 miles from us, so we are being very careful – hope you are safe and well down there!!!

          1. Ken, Thanks so much for the update. You make a well put point about Kroenke so we will all wait to see but I repeat I am not confident, as I just don’t think leopards change their spots, esp after all these barren Kroenke years, financial support wise.

            You make a good point that no employer should ever call its workers “deadwood” but no one at the club will have done.

            Football fans, however, are in a unique position compared to supporters of any other (non sports club) business and we speak our real thoughts with little thought to “vicarage tea party” language. That is just fan reality and I recognise that and never try to be a goody two shoes, though I hope I am a decent human. Decency includes being VERY self honest, I would add.

            PS just in the last hour or so on Sky Sports it has said that both ManUtd and PSG have both contacted GABRIELS REPRESENTATIVES TO REGISTER THEIR INTEREST.

            So now we will soon know whether your Kroenke hopes bear any fruit and you know my opinion. KEEP SAFE KEN!

          2. Ken.. it’s been mentioned that the weekend of October 3 could see fans return. We are at home to Sheff Utd..
            Apparently the Government have set a 30 per cent capacity limit… and it’s even been mentioned about no singing or chanting! Yikes!!
            Who knows.. we’ll have to watch this space! One thing I’m sure of though, being a red member, I doubt I’ll get a look in for a while, tickets will be snapped up in no time!!

          3. Thanks Sue, I have a feeling that the club will be playing it ultra safe and the older fan will be seen as a high risk catagory – but as long as we can see a start back to normality, then I’ll watch it from behind the sofa!! 🀩

  3. What made me laugh was all the chav fans ripping it out of us, saying Willian’s past it blah blah blah… now Chelsea want to sign Thiago Silva on a one year deal, option of a second year!!

      1. I like the promo ad 😝 I hope that answers your question hahaha!!
        What do you think of it?!
        Walking Dead or Dexter 🀣

        1. American Psycho Sue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well I have the face mask of it already πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ watching sky sports news all bloody day still no Gabriel I haven’t even attempted to clean up yet 🀣

          1. They’re keeping us dangling, Kev… I’m still waiting for Auba to be announced, sigh!!! It has to be tomorrow!!
            Well you’d better purchase the shirt to go with it πŸ˜‰

          2. Yeah from a cliff edge 🀣 I hear that’s done Sue and is just a matter of time until it’s announced, hopefully Partey is announced on the same day πŸ˜ƒ haha yeah that’s the plan Sue 😜 have you purchased the home kit yet ? πŸ˜„

          3. No I don’t like the vicar collar Sue but I will purchase the bruised banana shirt online at some stage it’s my favourite kit πŸ˜„ you tuning in for the Europa League final tomorrow? I think Sevilla’s dominance of the competition will come to an end tomorrow πŸ˜‰

          4. The second half, Kev.. as I have to watch Married at first sight Australia, first 🀣🀣
            Which way do you reckon it’ll go?! I would’ve loved to have seen Lukaku get a brace against the Mancs, but Sevilla had other ideas πŸ˜‰ I think it’ll be close, with Inter just nicking it

          5. Haha Sue of course you can’t miss married at first sight Australia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m glad they’re out I couldn’t handle the pressure of utd possibly winning the Europa League πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hear utd have made an 11th hour bid for Gabriel and he’s considering moving there πŸ₯΄ if he wants to go play for the PE teacher then so be it πŸ˜‚ yeah it should be close Sue as Sevilla are well drilled defensively I’ll go 2-1 inter and Lukaku scoring twice πŸ˜„

          6. I made a Mikel Arteta wallpaper put it up on Zedge I’m loving it and even using it myself πŸ˜‚ waiting for Partey and I’ll make one of him too πŸ˜‚

          7. I reckon that’s a load of crap about United coming on for him, Kev!
            Will Auba finally be announced today?! πŸ™
            Um…what is zedge?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        2. Careful what name you put on the back of your new one Sue, for all we know each and every player on our boos at the moment could be put on the bonfire!!!
          Think I’ll just wear THAT Tshirt and play safe.

    1. Sue, I also watch from behind the sofa, too often for my liking too. But all I ever see is a nasty tea stain and plenty of cat hairs. Perhaps I need a better grade of sofa eh! But having beat all of Liverpool, City and Chelski from there recently I have now got a season ticket there.lol.

  4. Cb- sokratis, chambers (I think we should keep mustafi, he was greatly improved in the second half of the season)
    Lb- kolasinac (he’s on very high wages to be second choice for KT)
    CM- Elneny, torreira, guendouzi
    Cam – Ozil, mkhitaryan
    ST- Lacazette (though not deadwood, we need more money to reinvest)

  5. Both l’Γ©quipe et french football have reported that despite numerous interested parties Arsenal is the only club to have made an official bid Guendouzy plus cash and that Lyon are looking for a fee around 60M euros.

    1. In 30 games in which Xhaka was on the pitch, there have been 13 wins and 11 draws – and only six losses. Arsenal scores an average of 1.67 points per game when Xhaka pulls the strings from the center. Only 1.23 if he is missing – like last time due to injury or like last fall when he was not considered for a short time after the fan scandal by the then coach Unai Emery.

      With Xhaka on the pitch, Arsenal conceded fewer goals (1.10 per game, compared to 1.77 without him), conquered more balls (58.5 compared to 57.4) and played significantly more often to zero (11: 2).

      However: Xhaka’s absence has a positive effect on the offensive. Without him, the team scored 2.08 goals per game. With him only 1.5.

      1. Interesting stats PAT! I was surprised too. Never have much rated Xhaka at all but he is playing at least safer these days. Still too predictable, slow and ponderous for my ideal but I guess we are stuck with him for some time to come.

  6. These rumours can drive a person crazy…….you hear and read so much stuff most will build you up, some will leave you anxious , angry, hopeful and even confused. I hate the Transfer Windows.

  7. I would hope that a lot of hard work is going on behind the scenes to remove our poor performers but realistically, apart from Guendouzi and Torreria, there is unlikely to be much interest in the likes of Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac etc.To generate positive vibes ,our recruitment team will be obliged to heavily discount the book value of these players and in the special case of Ozil, release him for free with an undertaking to meet 50% of his salary for one season.The usual financial parameters have to be thrown to the wind in the face of the financial implications of the Pandemic and the limited transfer funds available to our Manager.If we dig in our heels for what we believe to be market value, we will not be able to clear the decks for a better quality players.

    1. ” and in the special case of Ozil, release him for free with an undertaking to meet 50% of his salary for one season”.
      And why should Ozil accept that deal? That’s a 9 mil hair cut he doesn’t have to take.
      And why should Kronke accept that deal also? He looses 9 Mil plus he has to spend additional money to replace Ozil. All that with the club loosing money already.

  8. Icw, Ozil would still receive his 350k per week, 50% would be paid by his new Club and 50% by Arsenal for one season.Arsenal would be reducing their outlays by 175k per week, and as they never play Ozil, they do not have to bring in a direct replacement.I hope this clarifies the position.

    1. Gee what a good deal for everybody. Kronke will have to throw away 175k /week just to get rid of that cancer called Ozil. And if Ozil is such a bad person why would any other club pay 175k/week for him? Just forget it. Ozil will play his last year at arsenal and Artera won’t have a choice but to play him because without his services arsenal does not create any chances.

      1. ICW, We DID RATHER WELL INCLUDING A CUP WIN WITHOUT HIM IN THE LAST SWATHE OF MATCHES. Once MA had finally decided – having previously given him every chance to prove himself – that he was irredeemably uninterested in anything other than himself. A sponger , pure and simple and I am almost certain he will NEVER again wear our shirt competetively. Barring a catastrophic injury run in midfield.
        I am counting the days til this leech is forced to leave when his contract ends and cannot wait for that glorious day when this sponger is no longer here to drain our funds for nowt in return. That is one of many reasons why I am a realist. Shame you are not one too.

    2. Man u and PSG enter race fir Gabriel according to sky sports no deal is ever straight forward when it comes to Arsenal!!

  9. bro u are right……I thought likewise that Guendouzi should be allow to stay…but it seems we are looking for short term success,Guendouzi is still quite very young and a good player so y selling Ur future and brought in aging player…. it seems we havnt learn from Gnabry sales’

  10. Gee talk about hate on display. Allowing yourself to go so far as berating a person you never met or known is remarkable. None of Ozil team mates ever said anything wrong about him or his commitment to the club or work habits but you take a rumor started by a low life journalist and you build a false story around it. As for him not wearing the Arsenal shirt again prepare yourself to be disappointed. Ozil will play because he is the best you got and nobody can take that away from him. Don’t let hate blind you, it’s only a game.

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