Opinion – Arsenal need to stop buying old geezers from their rivals

Former Arsenal legend worried about rumours linking Aguero to Arsenal


Although the Manchester City forward Kun Aguero would be an exciting addition for any squad, he has reached a point in his career where he spends more time on the sidelines rather than on the pitch.

Mikel Arteta might be tempted to lure Aguero to Arsenal in the summer, but the former Gunners defender Nigel Winterburn has claimed that those rumours worry him.

Speaking to FreeSuperTips, as quoted by Goal, the 57-year-old who made an astonishing 440 appearances for Arsenal, said, “Listen, I have no problem with age with players and he’s proven quality.

“But over the last season and a half, he’s had a lot of injuries. And that would be my big one worry and it also would depend on how you want to play.

Winterburn said that he fears Arsenal will soon not be considered a top six club

“You can’t doubt his quality of what we’ve seen. Within the Premier League, it would be a free transfer, but then the wages. Are you going to get that money back? And then a lot of people were saying, but then are you stopping the progression of other players?

“There’s been a lot of debate with [Eddie] Nketiah, who was in and around the team at the start of the season, but we haven’t seen a lot. Is he going to be good enough?

He continued, “I think there’s so much going on at Arsenal in terms of securing players’ futures and moving on the players that you don’t think are going to fit into it. I think it’s going to be a massive turning point for Arsenal for next season and where they go.

“Will they even be regarded as a top-six team anymore? That’s quite frightening for me to think about.”

Arsenal already have the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Folarin Balogun who can take the reins from the likes of superstars such as Alexander Lacazette and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gunners should have a clear strategy of the type of players they target. But one thing should be certain in their transfer strategy: To not buy old geezers from rivals.

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  1. How some people will even contemplate the idea of aguero coming to the Emirates is beyond my reasoning not after seeing Willians who even have a better injury record

  2. Yes, better gamble on unknown or young players and buy 25-ish years old players

    However, I don’t mind if Arsenal are approaching Arkadiusz Milik, Florian Thauvin, Donnarumma, Depay, Emerson Royal or Benteke

    1. Benteke? Really? Now this surprises me GAI if I’m honest. You seem to know your players, especially those outside the Premier League, yet suggest Benteke. He has hardly been a reliable scorer

      1. Benteke isn’t prolific, but he can easily hold off the opponents and he’s very good in set-pieces. He could be Arteta’s plan B, as what Giroud did to save Wenger in the second half of the games

        If the more skillful CF is having a drought, Benteke could also make us attack with a different method. I bet he’s willing to sit on the bench too

      1. Maybe not as our main goalscorer Sue, but as an alternative if we can’t score from open play in the first sixty minutes

        1. Ok GAI- somehow I don’t see us going for him but finances will be down this year so who knows.

  3. I agree with Nigel, but anyone who thinks we have a striker better than Aguero is delusional.
    That being said, it’s tempting.. very tempting, but no I don’t want him, not because I doubt his ability, but becay u doubt his fitness and he’ll want to be on high wages.

    Btw Yash

    “Arsenal already have the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Folarin Balogun who can take the reins from the likes of superstars such as Alexander Lacazette and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.”

    Isn’t that a bold and exaggerating statement?
    Martinelli no doubt, but what have you seen from Balogun that makes you put him on same wave as Martinelli? And saying he’s ready to take over from PEA and Laca? Based on what facts?

    1. Eddie- sometimes you have to go with a hunch, and I believe this boy “could” just turn out to be a top striker. I’ve seen him in a few youth team games a few years back and he knows how to score that’s for sure. A far better prospect than Nketiah who has consistently failed to deliver.

  4. I would like the club to only use players from the academy for the next ten years. Players would all play in the U19/U21 then go on loan for 2years.
    We should not give any one a full professional contract before their 21st birthday.
    Thus we save mega millions on over priced imports. Then we should set much lower salary levels, shorter contracts with demanding win bonuses. All the players will there for will be ‘one of our own’ creating a much closer bond between player and fans something which has been missing for far too long.

    1. @Wyoming- FFS go and see a doctor PAL. You are obviously delusional if you seriously believe this. The very fact that only a tiny number even make it through the ranks from youth level to first team tells you everything you need to know.

  5. OT: given that Saliba was registered in Arsenal’s prem squad last and this season, it looks like both him and Martinelli will count as homegrown at the end of next season.

  6. Could not agree more.In the absence of financial muscle, the acquisition of talented young players is the way ahead for Arsenal.

  7. Let’s develop martenilli, Nketiah. Aubameyang ain’t leaving the club on the money he’s on so let’s focus on getting him scoring again. What we truly need is a centre forward who can score goals with his head. We need a old fashioned centre forward, a number 9 that can feed off Tierney/chambers crosses and challenge defender in an aerial duel.

  8. There is a reason why City decided against renewing his contract and it is not because of his age (Fernandinho Company..) it’s definitely his injuries Aguero is similar to Hazard the older they get the more muscles injuries they get and need longer to recover it’s a no for me.we need to stop being seen as a semi retirement club

  9. It puzzles me(in a sense) that this false rumour of us possibly wanting Aguero keeps appearing here, as it is clearly nonsense and we all know it.

    My “in a sense” means that the ACTUAL TRUE reason it appears is that, as ever, this JA site is desperate for any article, however ludicrous and improbable, to fill space otherwise left vacant for even a full hour. God forbid!

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