Opinion: Arsenal needs influential figures but Lacazette will not be missed

Arsenal has been making good progress in recent weeks and it is mostly down to some of their impressive youngsters.

Experience is also very key in every dressing room and that is why the likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have remained a part of Mikel Arteta’s plans.

The former will be out of contract at the club at the end of this season but has continued to enjoy plenty of game time.

Lacazette has been on a pleasant run of form in some matches and obviously plays like a man with a point to prove.

His performance may have impressed some fans enough to think maybe he can be useful as a squad member at the Emirates into the future.

However, the only way a striker should impress is by scoring goals and Lacazette doesn’t have enough goals in him.

His seasonal goal return since he has been at Arsenal has been less than some wingers get at other clubs.

The Frenchman’s presence is a huge plus in the Arsenal dressing room, considering that he has had a long career.

But if he has to guide someone on how to score goals, he should really start with himself.

Arsenal needs a striker that can score even more goals than Aubameyang, so keeping Lacazette just because he is an experienced presence to mentor others makes little sense.

The former Lyon man also deserves to play regularly and he can achieve that at another club.

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  1. Yeah, sleep for 2-1/2 years, last 6 months wake up , hoodwink to earn a bumper contract. It worked for Ozil, will it work for Laca? No! Mikel is not senile.

    1. He doesn’t score enough and his passing is so poor he makes all his hardwork non-beneficial. He can’t pass to save his life

    2. After, signing a bumper new contract, goes back to factory settings, performance wise..besides Ozil, Auba is a classic recent example in my opinion..

  2. Contrary to popular belief, drogba wasn’t a big goalscorer aside from two of his eight seasons, yet was one of the most influential strikers in PL history. If Laca was a pure goalscorer and nothing else, you’d have a point but it’s interesting our up-turn in form coincided with Laca coming back into the team – if we didn’t have him right now, it’s quite possible we’d never have recovered from the poor start to the season. If he goes, we need a proper replacement (and I’m not saying we couldn’t get someone better). Only then would be not be missed, but you could say that about anybody – right now he’s a key player

    1. @ Davi are you serious, you mean Drogba of Chelsea that we know? That he wasnt a big goal scorer? i guess you are just being bias but i guess you think Rooney was…

      1. He had 2 seasons of 20+ goals, the rest weren’t anything special on that front.
        This was one of my favourite players to watch (despite playing for Chelsea), so I’m certainly not biased against him. Over the course of his career he wasn’t a big goalscorer, but he was a great player.
        Rooney himself said he wasn’t a natural goalscorer – like drogba he had one or two seasons when he scored a lot but generally not a big goalscorer

      2. I didn’t click on this – were you trying to insinuate something on skin colour there? If so you should take a look in the mirror. Not everyone has this on their mind all the time

  3. I’m afraid the writer of the article is way off the mark with his assertion that a C.F should be judged solely on the number of goals he scores.Tell that to Klopp who plays Firminho in a deep lying role which is a throwback to the great Hungarian national team of the 1950,s a side which defeated England 6-3 and 7-1 in the space of two months.In case it has escaped the writers attention,Man City are doing quite nicely without a recognised striker and will probably continue to do so.No, Lacca is a far more accomplished all round footballer than our Captain who’s attempts to link up play are invariably unsuccessful and results in moves breaking down.Lacca is on the same wave length as ESR and Saka and has been instrumental in their development on the pitch.I could not give a dam who scores for Arsenal as long as we win, and along the way play attractive football.

      1. Grandad 100% right – If MA was to play him more, rather than sticking with Aubameyang, we would have seen many more goalscoring opportunities.

        By the way, how much did MA award Aubameyang with?
        A reported £300,000 and week – YES he learnt from the Ozil debacle alright 😂😂

    1. Lacazette is a fighter, he troubles defense, stronger than Aubumeyang who doesn’t want to get feisty at all. Laca should stay.

  4. I would like to keep Lacazette for 2 more years. They should offer him a 250,000 pounds weekly salary.
    He is not scoring much goals but he is contributing to the flow of our game play well. He has won us about 2 or 3 penalties in the last matches. His strength and hold up play is valuable.

    January or Summer window, Dusan Vlahovic should be bought to bolster up the striking department, as Aubameyang and Lacazette are getting older.

    This would be an ideal move for me.

  5. A CF doesn’t have to score many goals, as long as he can be the main pivot in the front line. For instance, Firmino and Lukaku

    Lacazette’s hold-up and link-up ability will be sorely missed, since nobody else can do it better than him at Arsenal. He’ll be very dangerous if he joins Man City or Liverpool, because of his playing style and their mature systems

  6. Lacazette won’t be missed? Absolutely No! For me, I will pick Lacazette ahead of Auba, any day. If Laca was playing with the best of players, he could have been more recognized as a superb baller than he is at Arsenal. Auba in a match where other players aren’t playing well, doesn’t exude any quality to suggest he is an extraordinary player. But, in Lacazette’s case, I have witnessed him display magic even when other players fails to, most especially against the biggest of teams. Lacazette since he’s been playing for Arsenal, hasn’t lost any penalty, despite that impressive record, they still refer to have Auba take the penalty kick ahead of him. Fine, he doesn’t score as much as Auba but what he transmits into the team is quite huge. I think he is the most industrious player in that Arsenal team and no one else comes close, which also play a part in him not being able to last 90minutes. A person who knows football well doesn’t need to be told, how crucial and/or important Lacazette is to Arsenal. So, my point is , Lacazette is the most radical player in that Arsenal team and in his absence, Arsenal will struggle as a team.

  7. In my opinion, Aubameyang should leave, he’s style of play, puts other teammates at risk, increases their work rate , on the other hand, Lacazette’s style of play reduces work rate of other team mates, enhances their skills,

    Imagine having this formation with this guys;

    Tomiyasu- White-Gabriel-Tavares


    Saka- Lacazette- Smith-Rowe


    Subs: Tierney, Martinelli, Balogun, Saliba, Holding,

    I’m sure we would give Liverpool, Mancity and Chelsea, a real run for the title,

  8. Incase you didn’t notice,

    Lacazette was the main reason we didn’t totally miss Partey, he’s hold up play was exceptional, while Aubameyang was busy costing us open chances.

  9. Lacca is one of the reasons we are improving as a team and developing a style of football. Our improvement is around Lacca.

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