Opinion – Arsenal players need to start taking responsibility

Now is the time to act up and stem the tide.

The international break is almost over and by this weekend the premiership resumes its league games, and it will be time for clubs to start fighting for points that will aid them in ending the season better than what they gained, last season.

The top clubs will resume their fight to qualify for Next season’s Champions league qualification and our dear club Arsenal, is still in the mix. Now, is the time for Arsenal to look at themselves in the mirror, hit themselves on the chest and vow to start making the fans happy! Now is the time for everybody involved in running Arsenal to start doing things right and place the club on the right path of victory.

Arsenal’s strongest area is the attacking department, and this is the department that needs to spearhead the revival, starting from next week. In as much as the defence has been the problematic dept in Arsenal so far, we need to also ask the attackers why scoring of goals seems to be a difficult task, in recent times. Aubameyang has not been as prolific as he used to be, and this should be a cause of worry to everybody involved with Arsenal. Lacazette although just came back from injury, the few games he had been involved in before the international break, has not been up to his standards! He probably needs more time to get back to his best, but time is not on Arsenals’ side at this moment. Pepe came to Arsenal with so many promises but has not delivered as at this time of the season. Many will argue that he needs time to blend into the team and into the league but time, is not really our friend at this particular moment. Pepe, Lacazette and Auba, need to start leading the attack fruitfully.

The midfield is a vital part of a team and when the strikers find it difficult scoring, the midfield steps up and score the goals. In every team, the midfield has to be on point, if winning of trophies is the target. The great teams of the past, had midfielders who bail the team out, whenever they are finding it hard to score goals or create scoring chances. We need Ozil, Guendouzi, Ceballos and co, to start taking responsibilities and start leading the team to win games.

The defence of a football team is more crucial, if not the most crucial department of the team. A team with a defence that leaks goals as much as Arsenal does, will find it hard getting positive results from games. Of recent, Arsenal has been conceding goals and this has derailed our season so much. David Luiz, Holdings, Chambers and Sok, need to up their game fast. We can’t keep conceding cheap goals and expect the team to win games! No, it does not work that way.

Enough of the lacklustre attitude! Enough of the “I don’t care” attitude from the Arsenal players! It is time for Arsenal to start acting like men and stem the tide! COYG!!!

Sylvester Kwentua

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  1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    The latest fake news circulating in today’s fake mass media outlets this evening reads: Arsenal sack head coach Unai Emery and appoint Mauricio Pochettino, the former Tottenham Hotspur head coach as the club’s new head coach. But this must absolutely be the fake news of the year that’s being circulated only by the fake mass media outlets. For, I’ve not read any confirmation to this fake news in any of the mainstream mass media outlets such as the JustArsenalnews and others. But could there be a bush fire without smoke?
    More anon.

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