Opinion – Arsenal players owe the fans after such a torrid season

Arsenal will look to win the FA Cup again when they face Chelsea in the final this weekend.

It is a brilliant twist of fate that the Gunners who had been struggling for much of this season can now win a trophy to end this campaign with.

Mikel Arteta joined the club late last year, and he has masterminded a good turnaround in the club’s fortune.

The Spaniard has turned a team that had been low on confidence into a side that has beaten Manchester City and Liverpool in consecutive games.

The Gunners have missed their chance of ending this season in a European place via the league table, but they will play in Europe next season if they can win the FA Cup, and obviously, I hope that they do.

I think that the players need to know that winning this Cup will be the best gift they can give to the fans who cannot be at the stands to watch them.

Arsenal fans have endured a torrid season, and it is only fitting that it ends with a trophy.

As the players prepare for this game, I hope they think about how much the fans deserve to have a good end to the season, which can only happen if we win the FA Cup.

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  1. Stop saying that the Spaniard turned around the team. By finishing in 10th place does it show that the coach has made any significant improvement in the team? Besides that, players like Xhaka don’t worry about fans because he can insult all the fans full of stadium

        1. Dude your like alittle fly that keeps buzzing around ,very annoying ,if you want a conversation where you can act like a grown up I’m all for it ,but please stop hanging off my every post .👍
          I’ve never seen someone post so much in a short amount of time as you .

  2. Jon, while I agree with you completely with regards to Mikel Arteta, your observation regarding your ability to judge a good coach?.
    Unai Emery immediately springs to mind and I know you will quote Arsene Wenger back to me!!!!

    Age is no indication of a superior person my friend, as I’m four years older than you 😁😁😁

    What a strange remark about the country – why would that make any difference?

    1. Ken, I remember when JF said Ozil would be gone as soon as Arsene left. I said at that time there was not a chance in ***. My rationale at that time were based on statements from his management team. JF obviously knew better. He is never wrong or if he is he never admits it.

      1. patH, my friend and sparring partner Jon Fox sometimes forgets what he says, then when it eventually happens, tells everyone how right he was!!!

        However, Jon’s Gooner stories from way back are only rivalled by Kenny Rolfe’s – I’m starting to forget what happened yesterday!!!

        1. Are you, Ken, trying to brush off Jon’s remarks? You wrote an enlightened article about the abuse that Ozil has received …. As a friend and sparring partner of Jon perhaps you could whisper in his ear

        2. @ ken1945 please do not compare my friend Kenny Rolfe with Jon,Kenny Rolfe is my Arsenal history teacher my Dm is full his lecture on arsenal old days,he explains everything football to me like a 2yr old and one day he will be honored by the arsenal trust me.

        3. Sorry my lud, I wasn’t lecturing you, just giving my twopennuth as us oldies would say!!!

          I will try and be less honest next time, so that I do not offend your history teacher and/or yourself my lud!!!

    2. Ken, in defense of the choice of Unai Emery, he was and is a good coach. Where he was in retrospect a poor choice for Arsenal was that his lack of fluent communication skills could not be overcome.
      In answer to the subject of this article, yes the Arsenal players do owe the Club an excellent effort in the FA Cup Final, because for the last six games of last season and for the start of this season under Emery they downed tools. Even some later games under Arteta their performances were completely below what I expect from Arsenal players in commitment and concentration. Being not good enough is one thing, not giving your best given what you are earning is another.
      In my 58 years of following Arsenal I have never seen Arsenal players down tools, be so unprofessional and tarnish the badge, even in the days of Terry Neil. I hope I never see it again.

  3. I have to agree, people cannot deny the improvements made under MA,also our 10th position finish is not fair on him either don’t forget he is our 3rd manager of the season,had we started with him we would definitely had finished higher,I truly believe that even with the same squad!!

  4. Well we actually finished in 8th, and how many
    wins over Pool and City did Emery have during
    his tenure @ the Emirates?

    Any knowledgeable Arsenal fan realizes that the
    current roster of talent @ MA’s disposal simply
    isn’t good enough to seriously challenge for the
    EPL title and CL futbol BUT to unequivocally
    dismiss the noticeable improvements that
    certain players and the team as a whole has
    made under the Spaniards watch is somewhat
    shortsighted IMHO.

    Give MA the defensive equivalent to the
    talent Lampard is bringing in this summer and
    watch AFC return to its rightful place in the EPL.

    1. The major problem was and is midfield (no DM and no goal threat from CAM) as well as CB.

    2. “Any knowledgeable Arsenal fan realizes that the
      current roster of talent @ MA’s disposal simply
      isn’t good enough to seriously challenge for the
      EPL title and CL”

      Based on your statement above isn’t it right then to say Unay was unfairly sacked? As he had the same squad Mikel has.

  5. Why players alone?, the manager is also responsible for example if he tinkers with the line up that will put his job on line whether you like it or not.Perfect opportunity for MA to win the fans otherwise they will take a u turn on him like they did to Emery when he lost to Chelsea in the final.

    1. My lud, the reason we fans turned on Unai Emery, was his chaotic, toxic, rudderless, unfathomable and left us in a possible relegation situation.

      I wish Unai all the very best for the future at Valencia, but in my opinion, anyone who judges Mikel Arteta over seven, coronavirus infected months and one cup final, must be a little shortsighted – just as Jon Fox eluded too in his post I rest my case.

        1. @ken1945 I don’t want to pull an uppercut punch on a rookie coach,he’s our own we owe support to do what is right.Time is the best judge

        2. Ken, I just hope Mikel Arteta receives greater support ftom the Board and senior executive than Unai Emery did. It does not look positive given Arsenal’s apparent refusal (2 unsuccessful bids thus far) to meet Thomas Partey’s buy out clause of €50 million, for a player both Emery and Arteta wanted.
          Arsenal are becoming a joke with their transfer negotiations, also exemplified by the Aubameyang fiasco (will he or won’t he for £250k per week!)

          1. Yep, ozziegunner, the new regime is like watching a Brian Rix farce.

            If we can’t afford the player, then look elsewhere.

            However they weren’t responsible for the tactics and results on the pitch – another example of the farce I mentioned.

  6. Jon, you were making a lot of sense until you introduced Top Gunner’s country of origin bit. That was in bad taste.

  7. And Arsenal fans owe some players an apology. How most of us treated Granit, Mustafi and Mesut is very cheap to say the least.

    1. Criticism was justified based on their performances at what they are paid to do, wouldn’t you think?

      1. Criticism is okay and the players need it if they are to improve but when the criticism turns into abuses that extend to the family in case of Granit that is going over the boundaries.

          1. If they can’t improve its up to the management to ship them out. It does not justify the abuse to them and their families.

        1. Totally agree, Arsenal pay the player, not his wife and family. They should be off limits.

        2. Absolutely correct HH, but when the tables are turned Xhaka style, indignation is the result.

  8. Lord Denning, could you please confirm who you are referring to in another article as the “deluded one/”
    It seems I have upset Jon, by questioning who you are talking about.

    He says its AW, but I said it could be either UE, MA or AW…it may, of course, be someone else.

    Thank you in anticipation my lud.

  9. I hope Jon Fox can be brave enough to apologise for his comments. Everyone has a right to his/her opinions however stupid they sound to you, you can attack or counter their opinions but personal insults with trying to Lord over them with the seeming superiority of your comments is wrong. I know you’re not racist and I know that you’ve been very expressive on multiple counts of your disgust for racism but your comment was on the border line of contradicting everything I thought you stood for. As much as I disagree almost all the time with ken1945, he’s one of the most sensible persons to have a debate with who doesn’t try to show he’s a know it all or tries to forcefully suppress people’s opinions the way you do. I’ve known Ken to almost always come to ozil’s and wenger’s aides anytime they are being critized but he does that without derailing from the points of arguments. not talking about how long he has been an arsenal fan or how the young generation know nothing.

    1. This is also Dan’s problem of belittling other people’s comments. Every time I call him out for it my and his comments get deleted. If he think he is that knowledgeable why don’t I see him managing Barcelona or working for FIFA? All of us here are just regular folks commenting on our favorite blog of our favorite team. We did not say we are experts to be required to write philosophical comments about football.

    2. Kstix, at the end of the day, we are all Gooners, passionate Gooners – I’m willing to bet that when we win on Saturday, whoever plays, you and I will be ecstatic, am I right?

      1. Of course Ken, as long as we win but that goes without saying, we are often times the architects of our destinies.
        If you want to make a delicious meal, You’ve gotta use the right ingredients in the right amounts and cook it well. So does starting the best players tomorrow give us a higher chance of success. As a coach who’s the cook should know when to make the right substitutions or change tactics… etc

  10. How can you determine if the team has improved or not? Is it not by its position on the log? Dont be told what to think by the media

    1. People believe what they want to believe. If the team has improved we should’ve seen better results and rank higher on the table. They are talking about invisible improvements.

  11. I concur Ace, we can all criticize individual players and the team in general without name calling etc.

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